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In this file photo dated Thursday, 18, 2012, protesters opposed to abortion hold placards in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Credit: Peter Morrison/AP.)

LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Northern Ireland politicians should “do all in their power” to prevent the Oct. 21 imposition of legal abortion in the province by the UK Parliament, according to the bishops of Ireland.

Northern Ireland is under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, but was exempted from the Abortion Act of 1967 that legalized it in the rest of the UK.
In July, the pro-life protections in Northern Ireland were removed in a series of amendments to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill, that had the primary function of dealing with the exercise of government functions in Northern Ireland, since the power-sharing agreement collapsed in January 2017. The amendments would also impose same-sex marriage in the North, which is already legal in the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

This legislation could be stopped if the political parties in Northern Ireland could resolve their differences and restore the Northern Ireland Assembly to take over governance of the province.
In a statement released on Friday, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference called on the UK Parliament “to recognize and respect the right of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the citizens who voted for it, to have the primary role in legislating in this area.”

They also called on Northern Ireland politicians to do all in their power, including restoring the Assembly, to prevent the imposition of this legislation, “so that the primary value of every human life would be protected and that a voice be given to those who to date have had no voice in this debate.”

“Human laws do not determine what is good or true,” the statement said. “What was true in advance of the legalization for abortion in the Republic of Ireland, or its proposed imposition in Northern Ireland, remains true today. Every human life is a gift and a blessing and ought not be destroyed or disposed of at will. In Ireland, North and South, there are very specific threats to the respect and dignity that is due to every human life.”

Critics of the legislation have also pointed to the fact it would be the most drastic intervention into Northern Ireland’s laws by London since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which ended “The Troubles,” the 30 years of sectarian violence which led to the deaths of over 3,500 people.

The agreement calls for a devolved government in Northern Ireland, which must include representatives of both the Protestant and Catholic communities.
The pact has come under a lot of pressure recently, not only due to the collapse of the devolved government over two years ago, but also because of the looming Brexit, since many of the guarantees in the Good Friday Agreement were undergirded by the UK and Ireland both being in the European Union.

However, many observers note that the major Nationalist party, Sinn Fein, has been mostly silent on the issue, since it’s been officially a pro-choice party since Ireland voted to legalize abortion last year.

In fact, the loudest opposition has come from the pro-UK DUP party, which represents most of the Protestant community in Northern Ireland, and is strongly pro-life.

However, polls show public opinion supports changing the law.

A Sky Date poll from April showed 54 percent of Northern Ireland supported legalizing abortion, with only 30 percent opposed.

In their statement, the bishops lamented “the tragic rationale that renders an unborn child a commodity, devoid of any innate value.”

The bishops’ statement came just a day after the High Court in Belfast issued a ruling stating “the abortion law in Northern Ireland is incompatible with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”


Northern Ireland is a part of the UK.

That means that NI laws should be the same as the rest of the UK.

The RCC and the DUP have one thing in common. They are both moral and social dinosaurs.

The UK is a modern liberal democracy.

Northern Ireland needs to become a modern liberal democracy.

That will not happen under the DUP and their moral Jurissac Park statelet.

I hope that the Westminster parliament will ssoon be freed from the DUP influence.

Let the RCC teach its doctrines.

But also let the UK not allow DUP and RCC juntas to dictate our lives.

I don’t want to live under DUP / RCC rule.

PS I am anti abortion but in rare cases see it as the lesser of two evils.


I remain, unalterably, opposed to abortion under any and every circumstance.
Sadly, the call by Irish bishops for politicians in Northern Ireland to end the hiatus in the Northern Ireland Executive at Stormont will be ignored, principally because one of the main parties in co-governance, Sinn Fein, does not want its restoration, at the moment, since this would prevent the imposition here of abortion legislation by Westminster Parliament.
Sinn Fein calls itself ‘pro-choice’. Morally speaking, there isn’t, in my opinion, a wafer’s difference between this, and proclaiming oneself ‘pro-abortion’.


Lol nobody is being forced to have an abortion. Making it illegal does not stop those who want it having it.
The bishops really need to f*ck off.


10.38: Have you any moral integrity when it comes to knowing the real horror of abortion? The bishops are right to express their moral and ethical objections to abortion. Thank God for the clarity of their moral teachings.


The clarity of their moral teachings 😊

Where is that clarity in the context of seminaries being whore houses?


Yes I have and am basically against it. However I am also against the immorality of making abortion illegal and the results of that.
If the bishops have a gospel to proclaim they should get on with that and stop trying to interfere in everyone else’s sex lives. If it is OK to legislate against abortion then contraceptive should also be made illegal, logically prioritising the coil. But I’m not hearing the bishops clamouring for that. I wonder why.


A common pro abort argument 10:38am and its nonsense.
You won’t be forced to kill someone but please don’t try and interfere in my “right” and “choice” to kill someone. That’s the “logic” of that argument.


Due to a previous medical problem I had the benefit of an internal scan when I was 9 weeks pregnant I saw my son for the first time his wee legs starting to grow, his arms, hands; his head was large but i will never forget it. My son will soon turn 21 please God I love him and would die in order to protect him. No matter what are the circumstances in life abortion is not the answer. It can’t be. People think that Christian teaching is to refrain from sex before marraige because it is dirty and so on, but the truth is that God knows how we are made and knows due to the chemicals in our brains during sex we attach to a partner, even if he or she is the wrong person. God just wants to save us from attachment to the wrong person at the wrong time or the wrong situation, its quite simple really. I pray for the protection of unborn babies.


Bp Pat, Irith Catholic Bithops’ Conference thatment to the UK Parliament probably thounded more like thith: “to recognithe and rethpect the right of the Northern Ireland Athembly and the citithens who voted for it, to have the primary role in legithlating in this area.”


I’d kind of agree with 10.38 hi. The choice is with th individual. Teach worship of God r have ya forgot about that but


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