When many comment makers on this blog blog about Jesus they invariably talk about his humility, his gentleness, his compassion and his submission to his father6will.

And of course, there is that side to Jesus – the lamb side – Jesus the Lamb of God.

People are always lecturing me to become like the lamb of God and to practice his compassion and forgiveness to all – especially to priests, clergy and hierarchy.

BUT there is another side to Jesus – the Jesus who is the Lion of God.

A lion is known for his power his roar, his anger, his ferociousness, his prowl and his ability to pull apart and anhiliate.

Jesus, as the Lion of God, expresses his anger, power, condemnation and judgementalness.

And Jesus calls each of us to have within us the qualities of both the lamb and lion of God.

We have an immature and imperfect spirituality when we only have the lamb of God within us or only the lion of God.

A Christ centred spirituality and faith when we have both the lamb and lion in us.

The lamb part of Jesus expressed itself in Jesus with his approach to the poor, the oppressed, the sick, the blind, the dead, the crippled etc.

But when it came to dealing with other types – the religious and political hierarchies of his day Jesus became the Lion of God.

He called Herod a fox.

He called the Pharisees a brood of vipers and whitened sepulchres.

And the moment in his ministry we see him as the Raging Lion of God, was when he entered the Temple consumed with the righteous anger of God and overturned the tables of the corrupt and sought to whip out the hypocrites.

This Lion of God is the one we need today to explode upon the RC institution, with its clergy and hierarchy, and upturn their tables of corruption and to whip the clerical aabusers of all kinds and the Pharisaic hierarchy that keeps all the rottenness covered up.

Corruption does not need forgiveness first. It needs the fire that Jesus claimed to set upon the earth.

Abuse does not need compassion first. It needs to be whipped out of the Temple.

So let these mealy mouthed callers for the humility and forgiveness approach towards the RCC be called out for what they are – enablers and co-abusers.

Instead, let us make way for the Lion of God and offer him our cooperation in his cleansing mission.




Today when I was in Belfast for my annual optician visit I was approached by a relative of a catholic teacher. She told me one of the most horrific stories I have ever heard coming out of a Catholic Council for Maintained School (CCMS). As someone formally involved in the Catholic School System I stunned by what I was told.

The story concerns the ill-treatment of devoted catholic teachers who have given their lives to catholic education. At this time I cannot name the school or the people involved but that may change. But I am going to bed tonight very concerned about the mental health and well being of these teachers and the effects this is having them and on their families.

From what I have heard a great wrong was done and a great injustice is continuing to be perpetrated. It is my intention to write to Bishop Noel Treanor about this matter for it is an injustice. that needs to be put right and properly.

The effects of this great wrong on these teachers has had such a serious effect that they have been placed on medical sick pay for the last six months, and to make matters worse these teachers are having their pay cut in half? How is this morally right when these teachers have done no wrong?

The relative told me that these teachers are receiving trauma counselling in the aftermath of disgraceful events that happened to them. The woman who told me this story was crying and was in great distress about their relative and is coming to see me in the next few days with more information.

If this case results in a tragedy whose hands will have the blood on them?