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Thursday, October 17, 2019

A former pupil at a Catholic boarding school in Scotland has told how he was raped by a monk who he suspects to be his father.

The witness, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had a statement about his time at St Columba’s in Largs, North Ayrshire, read to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry on Thursday.

The man, now in his 50s, claims to have suffered a serious sexual assault at the hands of a monk before enrolling at the school.

He told how his family had a strong connection with the Marist order, which ran the establishment, and they had gone on a trip to Middlesbrough with a religious brother.

The witness, who was then aged seven, said: “It was then that he betrayed my trust, (he) took me up to his room.

“He had been drinking heavily, he made me carry out acts of a sexual nature on him.

“I was naked from the waist down, he then raped me.”

It was heard he attended the school in the 1960s and 1970s and feared being sexually assaulted again during his first two years there, but this did not happen.

He also told how he believed his mother had been having sex with the same monk.
The witness said: “I have suspicions my mother had a relationship with (him) and he was my biological father.

“When I was 12, I thought he was visiting my mother for sex.

“Why else would he be there?”
Meanwhile, another victim told how sexual abuse at the hands of a former teacher became “normalised”, happening several times a week.

The witness was first admitted to the establishment in 1978 and stayed until 1982.

The inquiry heard the witness had his bed sprayed with water by the man during the night and was then made to go into the former teacher’s bedroom.

He said: “I remember having to take my clothes off and I think on that occasion he made me stay in there and had to sleep on the edge of the bed in front of him.”
That was the first time he suffered sexual assault, he said.

But the witness claimed the abuse went on throughout his time at the boarding school, being made to perform acts on another boy as well.

He added: “It was constant, I’m not saying every day, but a number of times a week.
“It just seemed to be something that was part of life at the school.”

The witness also spoke of being told about the death of schoolboy Aldo Moroni, after hearing wailing from a pupil in the building.

He said: “There was a boy screaming upstairs, like he was in pain.

“Some of us started to go upstairs, a lad started shouting at the boys to get back down the stairs.

“Within a number of days, we were told he was dead.”

The inquiry, before judge Lady Smith in Edinburgh, continues on Tuesday.


Another tragic case in the tsunami of Roman Catholic Clerical and Religious Abusers.

The order involved in this one was a Marist – dedicated to Mary’s virginity etc!!!

This boy was raped by a monk he thinks was also his dad!

There is every imaginable perversion present among RC clergy and religious.

It shows that the RCC is guided by the spirit of darkness and not the spirit of light.



I promised readers I would keep them informed about the current CCMS school problem.

I have not heard back from the CCMS or Father Noel Treanor.

I’m giving them a bit of time before publishing more of the story – which will stunning the Catholic, Republican and Nationalist communities.

Watch this space!


No Pat, you’re wrong. CCMS stands for Council for Catholic Maintained Schools…..not Catholic Council for Maintained Schools, which is entirely different.


Magna, it is entirely Catholic and even you will be deeply shocked by the extreme tactics used against the striking teachers. It will cause widespread anger in the whole community.


So, Bishop P., referring to that council as ‘Catholic Council for Maintained Schools’ rather than by its official title ‘Council for Catholic Maintained Schools’ is certainly different…but not descriptively inaccurate.

Er, why would you be surprised at my being shocked at the ‘extreme tactics’ allegedly used by this council (‘even you will be deeply shocked…’) against striking teachers?

Not sure how to take that remark of yours.


I meant that you really know what they are capable of but you will I think, be shocked by the depths to which some of them have stopped to.


More accounts of appalling sexual abuse and betrayal of trust.
Plenty of priests have fathered children.
Are the Marist order a monastic order? (Don’t think so.)


No, but the media doesn’t understand the difference between mendicants and monks and explaining the difference between solemn and simple vows would horrify them even more!



Canonically, there is a difference, a putative one; morally and actually, there is none…substantially speaking.

A vow, solemn or simple, is a promise; the perceived differnce lies merely in the MANNER in which either promise is made.


Oh absolutely, Magna, my point was that the difference legally would strike most people as being about property and is reminiscent of Protestant Truth Society fear-mongering about religious life and the riches of Rome.
Not that far wrong, come to think of it…


Pat, I’ve said it before:
Hi Brendan How are you girls?
The truth is revolting but it will set PP free to return to Gaynooth and reopen the pit.


I was taught by Marist Brothers. They lived in a house in the town. One brother was a good teacher but a sarcastic Bd in my memory hi. Another Brother was a genius but got convinced for Abuse. It is alleged he came out of the loo in a local pub with his trousers down. Marist brothers are not monks but live in the community but



The Roman Cathoilc Church has made sexual deviancy almost inevitable with its historical and neurotic fear of sex; it was in large part through this moral neurosis that celibacy was imposed on Catholic clergy (and all clerical marriages hence declared illicit) in the12th century. Instil fear of sex and you subsequently instil unhealthy fascination with it.

Humankind has been paying a terrible price ever since.


@8.13pm. You keep saying these words like a demented parrot. Do you possess a dictionary with the only words contained therein “dirty, sordid lot? Do you not have the mental or intelligent capacity to expand your thoughts beyond these words?


Is the poster @ 8:13 striking a nerve?
Investigate (audit) all dioceses in Ireland for cover up of criminal abuse of children and vulnerable adults.


9.09 Not striking a nerve, just irritating repetitiveness! There is a big difference. Get yourself a thesaurus if you can’t decipher the difference. You didn’t do well at School, did you?


Pat, I’ve never said this before but I’ll say it now. What a dirty, sordid, perverted and corrupt lot!


9.09: That sod – a philistine – is intellectually challenged. Pat, stop printing inane, stupid one liners.


More abuse from the Cathbots. It really is hilarious to criticise the poster yet call him or her a s*d. Especially as sodomy is the subject of today’s post! Freud would once again have a field day.


An interesting thing in this article is how normal and accepted abuse became. I have heard that in other settings and wonder whether that acceptance was a contributory factor in there being spikes of abuse in various settings, such as one seminary in the US.
Paedophiles flock together, it is unusual to discover one operating alone, and perhaps their superiors’ minds were clouded by the way paedophiles justify their abuse to themselves as well as the culture of refusing to see it as a problem.



Conscience is suppressed and subdued by imposed conformity; this is why such appalling criminality was tolerated as normative. It is the product of a cultically cultivated mindset and, historically, it held Roman Catholicism together.

Institutionally, the Church traditionally has stressed loyalty to the herd (the collective) rather than service of its individual members. It turns people capable of great and independent moral good into those with a strictly limited and prescribed (through canon law) capacity for either. Priests manifest this moral distortion much more than laity.


Pat I have been an avid reader of blog. I have contacted you many times about one Rory Coyle in London and you have not published anything which is disappointing.
Early this morning I have written by registered post to the following:
Cardinal Vincent
Bishop John Sherrington
Papal Nuncio Adams
Archbishop Eamon Martin
The provincial
For answers how a priest who is actively on Grindr, rents rooms in soho can be ministering as a priest. My understanding was he was having a second chance in London. He is not as you told us in Aug a lay volunteer at the Irish centre, he is in active ministry in London.
Pat I was somewhat disappointed that you didn’t go ahead with the blog in early August, it seems you were bought off. You used to be a strong voice for the victim but it seems victims like me have no voice which is disappointing. I hope to hear a reply from you. People are entitled to know the truth. I trust Pat you will make the right decision before this explodes.


Dear Tom,

I am sorry if I disappointed you but there was/is a very good reason.

I am involved in a confidential ongoing situation with regard to Rory.

But I fully accept your point of view and support all your questions and concerns.



victim? you’re a victim Tom? a victim of whom or what? What is your issue with Rory Coyle. are you one of those curtain twitchers who has nothing to do but write notes to the hierarchy, while simultaneously living the good life yourself! g’wan outer that!


Will you be covering the Synod of the Amazon in Rome? Especially the possibility of married clergy within the Roman Catholic Church. It’s seems to have been a neglected topic.


The topic of today’s blog is beyond belief. Has there been any serious analysis of how people in the church got involved in this situation? Maybe it would take a psychologist to do it. Serious questions


The entire code of Ethics for the Catholic church needs to be addressed. Only looking a certain regions like the Amazon will not address it. The church needs to be proactive in this regard.


The Synod of the Amazon hasn’t got much coverage. I see that it’s 10 years since Pope Benedict allowed for the Anglican Ordinariate to be founded. There were great hopes at the time that many married clergy would transfer to the Catholic Church but it doesn’t seem to have happened. Someone else might have a different viewpoint?



Are you serious? Do you really think that clerical celibacy was the only thing keeping Anglican clergy from migrating to Rome?


Nah: he’ll be watching the far more exciting slanging match in Westminster Parliament! Now that is serious stuff…….if it wasn’t so tragic!


Boris has thrown the DUP under the bus. as Tommy Gorman of RTE said, the DUP have just found out that Boris is ‘politically promiscous’




I hope it is done in a spirit of compassion and care for those involved rather than creating controversy.


And in a parallel universe, +Phonsie is writing to schools to discourage the non-Christian practices of yoga and mindfulness. Priorities!


8:04 pm
Phonsie needs to write to some of his clergy to encourage Christian charity, compassion and integrity!
He knows why.


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