A Priest in Westminster writes:

“History was made at the Cathedral yesterday as it was the first time a female bishop (the Lord Bishop of London, no less) processed and was seated in the sanctuary.

The usual nonsense went on with Mother Wragg being shown in to her place of honour as if she was the Queen.

She seems to have buried the hatchet with the Irish nun sitting beside her with smile on her face like the cat thats got the cream.

She’s Mother Clement, Cormac Murphy O’Connor’s trusted confident and right hand woman!

She, and her fellow sisters were unceremoniously booted out of Archbishop’s House when Sir Elsie and Lady Wragg moved in.

They didn’t speak for years. I think Clement (also known as “the Grim Reaper” – she deals with sick and dying priests) was very hurt when she found out that Mother Wragg was going around telling anyone who would listen how “dirty” Archbishop’s House was, and how she had to strip all the rooms and throw out the linen, curtains, etc.

Talking of Archbishop’s House, it must be getting a tight squeeze in there these days…Not only does Mother Wragg live in, but her two sisters, a retired Abbot friend of Elsie’s from his Birmingham days, and their carer.

Its become known among the priests as the “Nursing Home on Ambroeden Avenue!” The priests all pity the secretary who has to wheel them around the streets in the evenings.

Honestly you couldn’t make it up.”


Thank you Father for the information, photographs and update.

It’s interesting that Elsie allowed a female bishop to sit in the cathedral sanctuary.

Also, interesting information on the two fueding nuns.

Wragg is an unfortunate surname.

And that poor stoutish priest, sandwiched in between the two nuns in the small car looks awful.

Why did Elsie not hire a people carrier?

He probably wanted Francis to see him in a small modest car?