A Priest in Westminster writes:

“History was made at the Cathedral yesterday as it was the first time a female bishop (the Lord Bishop of London, no less) processed and was seated in the sanctuary.

The usual nonsense went on with Mother Wragg being shown in to her place of honour as if she was the Queen.

She seems to have buried the hatchet with the Irish nun sitting beside her with smile on her face like the cat thats got the cream.

She’s Mother Clement, Cormac Murphy O’Connor’s trusted confident and right hand woman!

She, and her fellow sisters were unceremoniously booted out of Archbishop’s House when Sir Elsie and Lady Wragg moved in.

They didn’t speak for years. I think Clement (also known as “the Grim Reaper” – she deals with sick and dying priests) was very hurt when she found out that Mother Wragg was going around telling anyone who would listen how “dirty” Archbishop’s House was, and how she had to strip all the rooms and throw out the linen, curtains, etc.

Talking of Archbishop’s House, it must be getting a tight squeeze in there these days…Not only does Mother Wragg live in, but her two sisters, a retired Abbot friend of Elsie’s from his Birmingham days, and their carer.

Its become known among the priests as the “Nursing Home on Ambroeden Avenue!” The priests all pity the secretary who has to wheel them around the streets in the evenings.

Honestly you couldn’t make it up.”


Thank you Father for the information, photographs and update.

It’s interesting that Elsie allowed a female bishop to sit in the cathedral sanctuary.

Also, interesting information on the two fueding nuns.

Wragg is an unfortunate surname.

And that poor stoutish priest, sandwiched in between the two nuns in the small car looks awful.

Why did Elsie not hire a people carrier?

He probably wanted Francis to see him in a small modest car?

36 replies on “AND BACK TO WESTMINSTER.”

The retired Abbot is also a retired Bishop – Mark Jabale OSB, born in Egypt, past Abbot of Belmont Abbey, and past Bishop of Menevia. Very keen on rowing – Henley Regatta, Leander Club, all that sort of thing. Great friend of + Vin and they look after each other, along with the nun. Jabale isn’t short of a bob or two, coming from family money, and lives a very nice life, I understand. Why he’s doing AirBnB in Archbishop’s House, I’m not sure. It will be interesting to see where + Vin goes when he retires ? I’m sure there will be nice grace and favour place in Chelsea somewhere for him ? He really should go sooner than later. He’s a busted flush. Tainted now by the IICSA stuff, and really doesn’t have the credibility to speak for the Church. Also, I think many people have latched on to his vaunting personal ambition and his career plausibility. It’s not his most attractive trait. So, time for genteel retirement, I think. Next up ? + Stock of Leeds ? + Bunty of Birmingham (although he’s not come out of IICSA smelling of roses) ? Any other suggestions ? Although, why anyone would want it, I don’t know. It always ends in tears.


Bunty would be a big hit at places such as the Oratory and Spanish Place as he does a lovely Latin Mass, and, unlike Elsie, would be happy to allow himself to be dressed liked a dog’s dinner in buskins, white slippers and a cappa magna. How the queens will swoon when Bunty trips down the aisle. I can hardly contain myself.


Has Amy Turtle of Armagh ever appeared in buskins, white slippers, and a cappa magna? I wonder.


What a load of rubbish. Some bitter old queen has got it in for the Cardinal. The sisters don’t have a feud, they often sit together in the cathedral (and they are never paraded in).
As for Bishop Doolally of London. It was an ecumenical vespers so Anglican bishops were there. To be honest I don’t get why the Anglicans are getting excited about Newman’s canonisation. He saw the Anglican position as similar to that of the semi Arian position.
Doesn’t make sense.


Oh, what a nonsense ! All those young old fogeys shuffling around the place, acting as though they still Iive in Newman’s mid 19th century. And all that doffing of birettas. I think they just wink at each other across the sanctuary, and stand up and doff. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to it. And don’t get me started on the congregations. What a lot ! This is not the Church I belong to, it’s some sort of ecclesiastical pantomime dame, refuge of those who can’t hack the 21st century, and also no doubt have all sorts of unresolved personal, emotional, relationship and sexual problems. You couldn’t make it up !


It’s okay grandad it’s one church only all the rest have got the supper of the Lord with the liturgy of the word ” Please stand to greet the Gospel”


Sr Clement could be a right old bitch with the older clergy, forcing them into retirement though she’s no spring chicken.


Absolutely ghastly! What with the set up at Archbishop’s House – can it really be true that Mother Wragg has her blood relatives living with her there? Even if you mean other “sisters” in her order, should they not be rather helping Nursie back in dear old Brum? The Westminster queens must be incandescent with helpless rage! They got out of their Anglican set up over women only to end up being bossed about by Mother. Incidentally I see Nurse-Bishop Mulley is walking behind one of her own suffragans, Jonathan Baker of Fulham. He preserves Catholic order in the very strange world of Anglo-Catholic London by protecting them from women priests. This hasn’t stopped him, however, from getting a divorce from his first wife and remarrying another. What is the point of these people, except to live out their own delusions?


Bishop Pat I’m not always your biggest fan but you always have interesting articles that I enjoy reading. Keep shining a light into the darkness


+Eamon, +Diarmuid and others seem to cope all right (in public at least) when Bishop Patricia Storey attends ceremonies or meetings.


So you approve of theft, criminal damage, and disrespect to the beliefs of an indigenous people?
(Did I mention approving the cowardice of those who stole the carvings… in the dead of night, with no one around?)


All the queen bitches are oit in force with you today, Bucks! You, the lead queen, must be swirling around in your dress. What a load of horse manure!


4.13: You’re not the Real Mag Wag!! Whose comment are you referring to? No Bella today….


3.07: Indeed, Cullinan took up all of Lifeline. Apart from his unfortunate letter, isn’t Joe Duffy’s understanding of his Catholic Faith appalling. Absolutely ignorant.


Pat, what do you make of the fact that abortion is soon to made legal in N Ireland. I can’t figure out why more people have not spoken out against it.


I agree with you @6.23 This is a great shame. I know it’s a very complicated matter but I feel so deeply for the babies who never live to see the light of day. I have contacted my local MLA about what I see as a great injustice to the unborn and defenseless child in the womb.


Disappointed and disheartened is how I feel regarding our politicians response to the introduction of abortion. The unionists put up some fight but it was too little, too late. Nothing more can be done I suppose.


The DUP could have been more committed to Stormont and they should not have put same sex marriage on the same level of abortion.


They Didn’t! Westminster did! Stella Creasy conflated the two issues. The DUP are a disgrace – agreed – but this was imposed by British MPs. A mockery of democracy.


I also feel for the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who might have to perform or assist in an abortion against their conscience. Is there any provision for people who don’t want to be involved in abortions?


Our society today is driven by “my rights, my body” philosophy, irrespective of the consequences. Leaving aside the very difficult medical dilemma a mother may find herself in regarding her health while in pregnancy and a dufgucukt decision which.may have to be made, how can any individual in conscience carry placards which say “abortion is my right” in the full knowledge that abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn child? A child like we once were. If a baby just born is injured or abused in any deliberate act of violence, the perpetrator will face the full rigour of the law, and rightly so. What is the difference between this scenario and aborting an unborn child at 8, 10, 12, 14 or 24 weeks? None. They are both deliberate acts of abuse and violence against the integrity of the human person, unborn and born. Abortion as an option because of an inconvenience is the violence of murder. Simple as. Many of the placard holding mob on the streets of Belfast should hang their heads in shame. They are jumping for joy at the killing of the unborn child. They are utterly impoverished of decent, human values and have lost all respect for the dignity and preciousness of life.


Pat my sources tell him vin was very happy that his seminary wasn’t mentioned on here over the last week with all wonersh and oscott behaviours


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