Nick Squires, Rome

Worldwide donations to the Catholic Church have plunged in the wake of sex abuse scandals that have eroded faith in the Vatican, a new book claims.

The Church’s finances are in such a dire state – a result of a toxic mix of incompetence, internal wrangling and corruption – that the Vatican risks a default by 2023, according to the expose.
The amount of money donated by ordinary Catholics to the Church, known as Peter’s Pence, has plummeted from €101 million in 2006 to €70 million in 2016 and may now be less than €60 million.

Only a fifth of the total goes to helping the poor and needy, with the rest held in bank accounts or used to plug gaps in the finances of the Curia, the Vatican’s governing body.

The revelations are based on scrutiny of 3,000 confidential documents obtained by an Italian investigative journalist, Gianluigi Nuzzi.

In his book, Universal Judgment, which was published on Monday, he portrays the Vatican as a viper’s nest of jealous cardinals, warring departments and avaricious officials who are adept at parallel book-keeping.

“If the pontificate of Frances fails, it won’t be because of the attacks of conservative Catholics or the crisis in vocations or because of the declining number of faithful,” Mr Nuzzi writes. “It will be because of the financial collapse that is coming ever closer.”

The Vatican deficit is “like a voracious and insatiable parasite, attacking wealth that was accumulated over the centuries from the pious offerings of the faithful.”
The precipitous decline in contributions has coincided with a crisis of faith for millions of Catholics, who have been appalled at the multiple sex scandals involving priests and cardinals.

Thousands of prelates have been accused of raping or molesting children and the Vatican’s former finance chief, Australian cardinal George Pell, is in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing teenage boys in the state of Victoria.
A Gallup survey early this year found that the number of Catholics in the US who had a “high” or “very high” opinion of the clergy had dropped from 49% in 2017 to 31% at the end of 2018.

The plunge in confidence was ascribed to the sex abuse crises which have affected the Church in the US, Ireland, Chile, Australia and other countries.

Pope Francis himself admitted that the Church’s “credibility has been seriously undercut and diminished by these sins and crimes, but even more by the efforts made to deny or conceal them.”

The Vatican has set up an emergency task force to address its financial crisis as its losses rose from €32 million in 2017 to nearly €44 million last year.

Pope Francis’ push for more transparency has been sabotaged by Vatican insiders, according to the book.

In a document obtained by Mr Nuzzi, a Vatican official wrote: “The deficit is recurring and structural and has reached worrying levels. We risk a default if no urgent steps are taken.”

Although the Vatican has a vast property portfolio, its management of the assets is “catastrophic,” said Mr Nuzzi, with around 800 properties left empty and hundreds of others leased out on peppercorn rents or for no money at all.

The entity that runs the property portfolio, known by its acronym Apsa, made a loss of more than €22 million last year.

It was the first time the department had ever been in the red, according to the author.

Vatican insiders have continuously attempted to impede or sabotage Pope Francis’ efforts to introduce more transparency and accountability, Mr Nuzzi claims.

He described his book as “an account of the Pope’s fight to stop the slide towards the financial collapse of the Vatican.”


There are only two things the RCC mobsters fear:

1. Exposure of their corruption.

2. Losing their monies and riches.

I am delighted that more and more Catholics are seeing through the RCC MAFIA and are reacting by walking away from them and stopping giving them money.

One of the biggest ways of bringing them to heel is to starve them of funds.

The other way is to expose all their evil as often as we can and everywhere we can.


Today the independent inquiry published its scathing report on St Benedicts School in Ealing, West London. The same words were used here; mafia-like, sadistic, authoritarian, cover up, not enough done. This was reporting on the situation in the 1970s BUT how many other catholic institutions are still operating under similar regimes? I know of one other authoritarian ex-Benedictine headmaster who is of the same style. Perhaps the inquiries should be focussed on St John’s seminary, Wonersh? In fact there should be an inquiry in to all the seminaries in this country to ensure that seminarians are protected from any harm. At the same time the whole church needs to stop paying lip service to safeguarding and pretending that it is working well to protect vulnerable individuals. If it doesn’t change but persist in its arrogant blindness of the reality of the modern world then more bad publicity will follow, less men will come forward for vocations, and there will be fewer bums on seats. Is there anyone in the church locally capable of sorting this out? If the hierarchy are unwilling or unable to face up to the situation and correct it then the rot will continue.


Mark Davies did an aggressive fundraising drive in Shrewsbury parishioners were interviewed by parish priests to increase their contributions and for what? No evidence of what it’s spent on?


Where is the money? Well, how much do you think that silk dress cost which Elsie is wearing? She certainly never bought it from Primak, that for sure.
Also, who do you think pays for the Vatican utility bills?
Who do you think pays solicitors to silence abuse victims?
Who do you think is paying for them horrible little bastards to be fed and formed (NOT EDUCATED) at Ossycott?
Who do you think payed for the car that Jolley used to drive with the intention to comit the most EVIL act imaginable?
Who do you think even payed for the his internet connection?
Sorry to be blunt.


The IICSA report on Ealing is excoriating in its condemnation of the the abusive culture that existed for so long in so many Catholic institutions, not just Benedictine ones.

One of the most disturbing features of the report is that so many people knew what was going on and knew that it was wrong but were either unwilling or unable to stop it. They were trapped in a culture that gave credence to the institution above everything else and the abusive evil in the institution, often perpetrated by those who had authority and power, was allowed to continue.

There are good grounds to say that institutions such as many Catholic ones should not be allowed to self regulate and should be subject to intensive and forensic scrutiny at all levels by objective outside bodies. Only in this way can we be sure that the same mafia like control and coverup never happens again. The Catholic Church in GB and Ireland has lost the right to oversee its own affairs. Nichols et al should contritely and humbly offer this when he next appears before IICSA in recognition of their complete failure to adequately and safely oversee their own affairs. Actually Governments should be demanding it. The Catholic Church should be hanging it’s collective head in shame at what it has presided over, cynically, knowingly and sinfully, and must be seen to pay a price. After asking for this secular oversight Nichols should go. He is toxic. He is not the future. I’m not even sure he understands the depth of depravity and sin he has presided over. He doesn’t get it. He feels sorry for himself and his priests who have been caught. He doesn’t get the wicked sin and deep harm he had done to us all and especially to those who have been abused.



I charge £ 300.

Newman University Church Dublin €750 AND bring your own priest – €1,000 plus.


Oh, poor love!
You shouldn’t be getting ANYTHING, you bone-idle bastard! God does not charge for his grace.
Get a job, you lazy…!😠


12.58: University church is used by the elite for purposes if sustaining an image and lifestyle. They’re what we call “starys churches!! Our church ask 250 per wedding and if difficult for a couple, an offering is accepted but most couples are kind and aporeciative for the time given in helping them prepare for their special day.


Pat @2.25 which diocese gives £20,000+? That’s over double than what we get in England. Amazing. I must ask for a transfer.


Armagh pays £ 24 000. Down and Connor much the same. That’s the norm in Ireland.


Apart from your usual, what, £750pm? Do you not get Mass offerings and, envelopes, galore? ‘Here you go, Father; get yourself a bottle of whiskey.’
‘This is for you, Father; now you put that in your pocket; you hear me, Father?’


Imagine. £24, 000 a year…to fund clerical indolence and self-aggrandisement.😕

Buggers are too bone-idle, too self important, to work for a living. Those who financially support this elitism are fools, and are reinforcing clericalism.

Roman Catholic priests are like feudal lords: screwing their peasant tenants to acquire a very pleasant living indeed. And that living is indeed pleasant, thank you very much!👍

Time for a peasants’ revolt? Well, the peasants are indeed revolting (er, in a manner of speaking😕).

And not before time.

Hallelujah! 😆


Bishop Pat @ 8.47
Jesus! That little?
The wonder (the bloody conundrum) is that there aren’t more such weddings, especially since marriages were purely civil affairs for the first millenium of Christendom.
But the Romanists won’t divulge THAT historical tidbit to engaged couples, will they?
I wonder why.😕


Anon@11:42: Much of what you say about RC institutional failure is indisputably true. But the question of the extent of external regulation raises some difficult practical issues. Some might say that existing legislation protecting individuals from harm, physical, emotional, psychological, and coercion should suffice and that the state should not become involved beyond that, leaving institutions to devise and manage their own training and organisation within the bounds of existing legislation.
An interesting debate no doubt about the role of the state versus individual rights.


The challenge, according to Amy Turtle, is how Ireland can maintain a first-class centre for theological, philosophical and pastoral formation.


Milions upon millions of the faithfuls’ £s and €s have been spent restoring the seminary buildings in Maynooth, including the disused college chapel and now they are to be abandoned and more money spent on a new building which will be empty soon enough. What a con trick.



‘Pray, pay, and obey!’ ‘Twas once said of Roman Catholic clergy’s condescending contempt for the laity. And so contemptible did the laity see themselves against the perceived holiness of the clergy that they, er, sheepishly conformed themselves to this command.

Well, the worm here has turned (and how!). Clerical pretence and bullshit has been powerwahed away by, very largely, media-driven exposure of the fraud. Few now obey the clerical charlatans anymore. And hallelujah! Increasing numbers are registering their anger and disgust through financial withdrawal.

The circumstances couldn’t be more fortuitous for reform.

I just hope protest doesn’t extend to the first, and most important, element of that command: prayer.😕


Both Parish Priests and curates in the Diocese of Ossory which encompasses most of Co. Kilkenny and parts of counties Laois and Offaly earn €28,500 annually. The basic support for a curate in the Dublin diocese is €23,218 per annum, while Parish Priests, moderators and administrators receive an extra allowance, bringing their annual support to €27,873. Parish Priests in the Archdiocese of Armagh get an annual supplement based on number of families in their parish: £1/€1.50 for each of first 750 families in the parish. After first 750 this drops to 50p or 75c per family


So much for sheep. So much for lambs. And a bit extra for the kid goats.


Pounds Shillings and Pence as me mam used to say. That’s the grace that oils the church hi I said the second bit. See even here What’s a weddin worth hi Strip away the ££s and the Christmas Panto dressy uppey stuff and we’ll see what happens next but


Bishop Pat, why do Clergy here drive round in big cars? I don’t know one Clergyman that drives a small car. After all Pope Francis urged his clergy to drive simple cars. We have Mercs with big ends, countless Bavarian German cars and other expensive brands are available. What next? Porsche, Rolls Royce and Jags? If they are driving such cars they are being paid too much.


The Church of Ireland has a national salary rate for its rectors and curates. Up to recently, their bishops’ salaries were not made public, though that may have changed.


To understand the place of a Roman Catholc priest in the grand salvific scheme of things, then imagine a leatherd boot repeatedly stamping on his ARROGANT, FILTHY, LYING head.😆


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