Matthew Jolley, 32, had only recently entered the priesthood

Alan Weston 25 OCT 2019 ECHO. Liverpool.

Matthew Jolley, 32, was jailed after pleading guilty to arranging the commission of a child sex offence

A Catholic priest’s career was in ruins after he was jailed for a serious child sexual offence at Liverpool Crown Court .
Fr Matthew Jolley, who was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Liverpool in 2015, pleaded guilty to one offence of arranging the commission of a child sex offence.


Jolley, 32, of Rhona Drive, Great Sankey, Warrington , appeared by videolink from HMP Altcourse to be sentenced this afternoon.

At the time the offence was committed last month, Jolley, who served as Catholic priest in Widnes , had just returned to the UK from Belgium and was due to travel to Rome for a two-year period of study.

The court heard Jolley came to the attention of authorities when he engaged in disgusting chat on various online platforms – including Grindr -about having sex with a two-year-old boy.
Jolley thought he was communicating with the child’s father, but in fact it was an undercover law enforcement officer trained to root out such perverts.

Liverpool Crown Court

Alaric Walmsley, prosecuting, said Jolley “created a profile as a 13-year-old bisexual male on Grindr, using the name Breed Me”.

Over a series of exchanges with the undercover operator, Jolley spoke about his sexual interest in young children, both male and female, with no age limit “so long as they’re cute.”

When the undercover operator mentioned a two-year-old son, Jolley’s response to the fictitious child was “whether I could share him”.

The interaction then moved to the Kik messenger service, and continued on the Wickr encrypted platform, with Jolley asking for indecent pictures and videos.

Mr Walmsley said Jolley then arranged to go to the dad’s address in Hale Village, in order to sexually abuse his son.

During the meeting Jolley again discussed how he planned to abuse the child.

When the undercover operative revealed his true identity to Jolley, the shamed priest struggled and tried to escape but was restrained and arrested on suspicion of child sex offences.

Mark Shanks, defending, said Jolley felt “utterly ashamed and appalled” by his behaviour. Mr Shanks said that if a two-year-old boy had been produced, Jolley said “he would have run a mile.”
Mr Shanks added: “His job and his interests were separate and he did not join the church to engage in activity with children.

“His career is ruined and he intends to take another job on his release.”

Sentencing Jolley to 40 months in prison, Recorder Jeremy Lasker said: “Your words and actions and intentions seem to me wholly inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic church.

“You have done nothing but a great disservice to the Church.”

On top of the custodial sentence Jolley was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Following sentencing, Detective Constable Louise Murphy, of Cheshire’s On-line Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: “Jolley committed this terrible offence whilst holding a position of trust.

On a previous tweet on his Twitter account Father Jolley published the photo if a whale’s erection!

Strange? No?


Windows smashed and strange “BEAST” graffiti daubed on church grounds

Police are looking for vandals who broke six windows and wrote the mysterious message in chalk at St Oswald’s in Old Swan

Luke Traynor Liverpool Echo

Boarded up windows at St Oswald King & Martyr Catholic Church.(Pic Andrew Teebay). (Image: Andrew Teebay/Liverpool Echo)

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Windows were smashed and mysterious graffiti daubed on the wall of a city church.

Vandals trashed St Oswald RC Presbytery in Old Swan, breaking six windows and writing in chalk the word “BEAST”.

The windows have now been boarded up at the church presbytery in St Oswalds Street.

Police received a report of the criminal damage at 11.10am on Saturday.

Officers think the yobs struck sometime between 1.30am and 10am yesterday


So worrying that a priest ordained in the last 4 years has turned out to be a paedophile!

So, Catholic Clerical Paedophilia is NOT a past problem but a current problem.

How did this young man pass the psychological assessment?

And does this mean the system of assessment is not good for purpose?

It seems to me that the Catholic priesthood is not just a gay network, but also a paedophilia network!

And Francis, cardinals, archbishops, bishops priests are involved both in paedophile activity and covering up for each other.

And LIVERPOOL ARCHDIOCESE has serious problems at present.


  1. Anonymous Liverpool 27th Oct 2019 — 10:06 pm

    Another recent protégé of Oscott and the Archdiocese of Liverpool, aged 25 with no experience of life in the real world, dressed to the nines in lace and silk and one of Jolly’s contemporaries… see page 3 of this newsletter The vocations director at the time was opposed to him beginning seminary at such a young age; advising that he go to university and live out his youth, but was vetoed by the now Emeritus Archbishop of Liverpool.


    1. FFS, would you let that creep near anything dear and close to you ? That picture makes my skin crawl…..


    2. Sorry, but I get the impression he is an accident waiting to happen. What the hell does he think he is doing in that get up? And why does his PP let him get away with it? As had been said before, there are enablers if dysfunctional behaviour.


    3. Ah, yes, wasn’t Patrick Kelly himself once Rector of Oscott; in fact spent 18 years there? So he knows how it is in these places.


    4. Hang on a mo’ ! I’ve just had a closer look at that newsletter, and now see that the PP AND Vocations Director was none other than Father James Preston now Spiritual Director ( if you can call it that! ) at Oscott. So not only was Father’s little helper as Assistant Vocations Director Matthew Jolley, but Preston’s former parish produced this self-satisfied prissy madam. I think Preston has a lot of explaining to do, but I suspect Norah has already forgiven and forgotten, and advised him to try hard in formation of the next batch of suckers and weirdoes.


      1. Fr James is a good man. A kind man and a Holy man. None of you know him. Get a grip and stop bringing him into this.


  2. In charity, I can’t help but be concerned about this soul.


    1. 2:06
      But I have greater concern for the souls of victims, their families, and loved ones.
      Many of them have been permanently alienated from Jesus Christ, the Gospel and Church.
      I know from personal experience in my extended family.
      Clergy are very privileged, whether or not they realize or recognize it.
      To whom much is given…..


      1. It’s not clear that Fr Matthew Jolley actually abused children. Listening to his sermons one has the impression of someone wrestling with inner demons. He was lured into obscene conversation in a sting operation.


      2. So you think it’s ok for a priest to plan to abuse a little baby and take steps to achieve that plan?

        People like you would place him in a primary school as chaplain!


    2. 9:04
      I know Fr James and he IS NOT a good man; he is corrupt.
      How dare you come on here and make such false statements! How dare you!
      ‘’Enter ye in at the straght gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in there at.’’
      Matthew 7:13
      (The narrow gate leads to Oscott…).


  3. Catholic clerical paedophile is certainly a current problem. I think there’s an over relience on psychological assessments and psycho-babbale. I agree Bishop Pat, it seems the catholic priesthood, as well as being a homosexual network, is most likely to be a paedophile network for some, including some senior clerics up the ranks in the church. This issue first came into the public domain in America around 1984. It’s ongoing…
    How come? How come Mr. Jolley went through formation for years, yet nobody recognised he had very serious issues? Someone in seminary with Mr. Jolley, said yesterday, Jolley wasn’t obviously a weirdo. There were other students in seminary with Jolley considered weirdos. In what way were these students weird? How many of these weirdos were ordained and where are those ordained (if any) now? It seems to me, Bishop Pat, paedophile is embedded in the culture of the institutional church. If so, it beggars belief ‘good priests’, not involved in such evil, don’t know some of their colleagues are up to no good. A code of silence, secrecy and misguided loyalty ensures this evil will continue as a major issue, indefinitely.


    1. Matt clearly has issues and previous comments hit the nail on the head, young men going into seminary not knowing who they are what they like, they are expected to come out and deal with real people and real world issues, but this isn’t the case in oscott, as mentioned above Matt didn’t engage with anyone, he wasn’t part of the flirting, gossip, and scandal, but he done what most seminarians do, kiss up to staff to get through, its a factory that isn’t creating good priests but a factory producing insecure men who struggle in the real world, this doesn’t mean every priest out of oscott is bad, far from it, but there is no real formation in that place.


      1. It’s clearly a dysfunctional place. Obvious. So, what’s going to be done about it ? Nothing, probably. It will be just more of the same. Because the people who lead us haven’t got a clue. But, one day they will be called to account for their inactivity, and for carrying on a system that has been shown to be dangerous and dysfunctional, with all kinds of consequent damage to the Church, parishioners, and priests themselves.


      2. 8:23
        What is real formation? Is there real formation in any of the remaining seminaries?
        We’ve had mentioned on this blog recently Maynooth, Wonersh, now Oscott.
        By the way, issues is a major understatement.


      3. But did he show any proclivities towards lace, the Mass of Pius V, a devotion to Summorum pontificum, maniples, Dominican friars who don’t wear trousers under their habits, homophobic posturing, an antipathy to Francis, an affection for the Benedictine arrangement of cross (bigger than the one on Calvary) and candles on the altar, and an exaggerated concern for rigid orthodoxy?

        Little things mean a lot.
        A straw shows the way the wind blows.
        Telltale signs are there to be read.


      4. 8:23
        How do most seminarians kiss up to staff to get through?


    2. 11:53
      Are you thick? Seriously. In all honesty.
      His ‘inner demons’ were seeking to sexually abuse, sexually act out his fantasies, on an infant, an innocent BABY, you silly person. Sick.


      1. His defence lawyer admitted that Jolley had viewed extreme pornography. That is certainly not a victimless crime, but collusion, it can only be inferred, in the rape and abuse of infants.


      2. Who’s thick?


  4. 10:36

    F*** the externals.
    He showed procivility for raping 2 year old infants.
    Whether liberal,conservative, moderate, ultra whatever, his faculty in seminary had responsibilities.
    The man is a dangerous risk to infants!


    1. 12;43
      Wasn’t Jolley sentenced to three years imprisonment. If so, it had to be evidently clear, beyond reasonable doubt, an offence was committed. Yes, downloading extreme pornography is NOT a victimless crime.


      1. It was actually 40 months, and the judge said he’d got off relatively lightly on account of his priesthood. He was also declared a danger to kids for life.


    2. 10:59
      You missed the point.
      The question was whether there were telltale signs WHILE HE WAS A SEMINARIAN.


      1. Clearly no one could have predicted just how bad it would be ( UNLESS somebody did know and even shared his extreme perversion ), but I’d say all the signs were there at Oscott, according to contemporaries, and certainly after ordination, according to his own Twitter account, that he was emotionally immature, malformed and unsuitable for ministry. He gave me the creeps when I heard him say Mass on Scottie Road a couple of months ago. I trust now his laicization is being expedited. Thanks only to the cops, he was stopped in his tracks, but shame, shame, shame on his bishop, PP and all those freaks who waved him through first Ushaw and then Oscott.


      2. 1:20
        I didn’t miss the point.
        My point is, do seminarians talk to members of faulty on issues of a personal nature related to their human growth? If so, how come this character was allowed proceed to ordination. If not, why not?
        His bishop and faculty bear a responsibility, to some extent, in the matter, in allowing him to be ordained.
        I’m also saying, characters like Jolley are to be found in all ‘branches’ of the Church and in all sectors of wider society.


  5. A poster at 9:07 pm on 27/10/19 revealed that Matthew Jolley had been Assistant Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Liverpool! If true, that blows any residual trust in McMahon’s judgment sky high. I fear he has been suborned by the Latin Mass Brigade who dress him up in buskins, white shoes with matching gloves, cappa magna and God knows what to perform at shrines such as Warrington, which produced – what d’ya know? – Jolley himself! Let me tell you, Your Grace, you are no Richard Downey! ( For those not up to speed, Archbishop Downey was a hatchet faced old bigot from Kilkenny, who nevertheless knew how to run his Archdiocese, and, like McQuaid, didn’t just dress the part, but got things done. )


  6. No sign of this story yet in the Catholic Herald. Instead readers are treated to an article by a priest who writes that he is sometimes “tempted to dress down” but “the cassock represents an eternal truth”. It represents something, Father, but not that! Likewise the Latin Mass Society is yet to advise its followers that, contrary to earlier reports, Father Jolley will not after all be celebrating the EF at various venues near you in the North West.


  7. Anonymous, again, Liverpool 28th Oct 2019 — 8:42 pm

    Oh, there’s more to come in the Archdiocese of Liverpool! Keep your eyes peeled for Fr George Cheeramkuzhy (appointed priest in charge of St Chad, Chorley)! “Due to unforeseen developments, Fr George Joseph Cheeramkuzhy has had to take some leave.” [Message from Fr Marsden Dean of Chorley.]


  8. What about the Salford queen?! Is she still prancing around in hats?! Jean the Queeeennnnn!


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