This happening has the potential to blow the English Catholic Church to bits and will also put Elsie Nichols in the firing line!


Bishop Doyle, as a priest supported and counselled CMOC’s victim – and still does.

It was he and another bishop reported CMOC to CDF at the Vatican when Westminister refused to.

The other reporting bishop was Crispin Hollis, the retired Bishop of Portsmouth.

Apparently Elsie Nichols in fuming with Doyle and Hollis and a whole string of priests and advisers has been rushing in and out of Ambrosden Avenue for the last week.

The inquiry has called Nichols back in front of it. He is soon to reappear.

This is the scenario we are faced with:

1. CMOC gets Francis elected Pope.

2. Francis jokingly says to CMOC that he is to blame for his election.

3. Bishop Doyle has been counselling CMOC’S victim since he was was a priest decades ago.

4. Westminister Nichols fails to report the allegation against CMOC to Rome.

5. Bishops Doyle and Hollis report CMOC allegation to Rome.

6. Cardinal Muller in Rome begins to investigate CMOC.

7. Muller is interrupted saying Mass as Francis wants him on the phone IMMEDIATELY.

8. Francis orders Muller to stop the investigation into CMOC.

9. Muller appears to comply with Francis but continues his investigation.

10. CMOC dies and in spite of what Nichols knows he gets the funeral of a saint / hero and in interred like royalty in Westminster cathedral floor.

11. Doyle makes a statement to the ICSA.

12. Doyle is called to give evidence to the ICSA on next Wednesday 30.10.19.

13. ICSA summons Nichols back before them in the near future.




This is revolting pat, I always knew Francis was a big pedo because he’s Liberal. You can tell by how Liberal a cardinal is how much covering up they do. Compare mcquaid to all the cover up men after him.


+ Doyle’s appearance before IICSA will be illuminating, I think. + Doyle is a good guy, straightforward, and without a side, and I think he will just tell it as it is. What he says will probably upset + Nichols, but he’s probably been upset for quite a time with + Doyle and others who have dared to question his actions and intentions. That’s the problem with + Nichols. He still works on the old assumption and model that he knows best and that what he says goes, and that he is not to be gainsaid. Well, those times have passed, and + Nichols has found himself SUMMONSED UNDER OATH to give evidence to IICSA. That really put him in his place. And now, he will be the subject of evidence that + Doyle will give, as to what he did, said etc. + Nichols is not going to like it one bit. There will be many, including clergy and bishops, who will be quietly delighted at + Nichols discomfort. We have suffered too long from his autocratic and arrogant leadership style, and it is about time that he was put in his place, which hasn’t been done since he was a fresh faced promising young think in the VEC all those years ago. Until recently !


Doyle is not that clean .It will take the spot light from his own protection mistakes in Northampton .


From proper reading of the letter above the inquiry is not dealing with any case regarding his present diocese. It pertains to this single case in his former diocese of Portsmouth. Let’s not confuse two different issues here along with factual inaccuracies 10.08am.


Who does Elsie think she is with that red cape on? Maybe her and Preston are going to to a gay bar… the one in Oscott 🤣
Last time I was in that bar, honestly, I thought I was in Benidorm’s old Town!


@9.53am Totally agree with all you say. There are a lot of Westminster clergy now beyond sick and tired of Vincent’s time here. His arrogant style of leadership is not being tolerated anymore. He has treated some priests with contempt and does not like challenge of any sort. I’m glad to read a challenge will be made on Wednesday to compel him to answer serious questions about the Cormac debacle and why he refused to report this case to Rome.


Apologies if this is late, I’ve just got to yesterday’s subject.
I don’t think a psychological assessment would show up an attraction to children or even sexual orientation, because the outcome is based on self report. The assessment may show areas of difficulty in relationships but we all have those!
The other problem is that because paedophiles are devious they wouldn’t come out and say it so that isn’t something it’s reasonable to expect the assessment showing.
Frankly if the assessor asks you if you masturbate and you say yes and that is a problem – get out of there!


The Pryer loved to chat about masturbating with the sems. He’s an avid student of ejaculatory trajectory.
He’s absolutely fascinated by it – purely as to its mechanics mind – nothing dodgy you know.
Furthermore, the taste, smell, color and texture of ejaculate can tell a lot about a young man’s health. So the Pryer was looking out for those young sems way above and beyond the call of duty.
Biological medicine, urology, proctology, psychology, treatments for STIs, physiology, hurling, tray bakes, the Enneagram, the role of the perineum in fore play, crochet and embroidery, Swedish full body massage techniques with particular attention to the gluteal muscles, Polyphonic choirs in the Bible Belt of the US of A, Ukrainian myths and folklore, prostate manipulation, Handball, are among just some of The Pryer’s wide range of interests and hobbies.
He’s a polymath is The Pryer. He’s with the Jesuits now. Their gain.


Nichols, Hollis, Doyle and no doubt every other bishop in E & W had known of the allegations against CMOC, but had allowed them to be swept under the carpet. Business then as usual in the good ol’ boy clerical network of which CMOC was de facto club secretary. The same was true of Bishop Kieron Conry’s lady friends. They all feigned shock and surprise, but it had been common knowledge for years. And why? Because Kieron too was the archetypal insider. So Elsie will be back before the panel, unless she conveniently catches a cold over the next couple of days.



A Westminster Priests writes…

Honestly Bishop Pat I thought I was un-shockable, but the case of sex offender Matthew Jolley is just one of the worst I have heard. This is a man that has been through FOUR seminaries (Ushaw, Oscot, the Beda and the English College) and who was studying for a Spirituality Licence at the Angelicum in Rome. What the hell have his formators been at these past years? They should be held accountable; everyone of them who passed him as fit for ordination. Shame on them. Both they and he have disgraced the priesthood. 

Of course it could not have come at at worse week for these idiot bishops with IICSA looking again the Roman Catholic Church and Bishops Doyle and Hollis going to dish the dirt on the cover up instigated by Nichols to protect CMOC as well as Pope Francis. There is no love lost between those two bishops (decent and balanced men) and Elsie. Nichols detested CMOC (and could barely conceal his displeasure if the old fraud would happen to turn up at “his Cathedral” after retiring). But Nichols, always looking for the next promotion, wanted to be seen to be a “Francis man”. The ad nauseam references to the pope in everyone of his dreadful homilies; the jumping on the “human trafficking” bandwagon – whatever cause the Argentina Dictator would espouse Nichols would have been right there behind it.

It’s a year exactly since Elise had an attack of the vapours and had to flee the sanctuary of the Cathedral after having a “panic attack”, aka “nervous breakdown” during the Remembrance Sunday Mass. He’s not taking any such chances this year. He has deputed a lowly auxiliary to celebrate the Mass. That’s a first, for in all his years as Archbishop he has never delegated anything to his auxiliaries. “The people would feel disappointed if they turned up to Mass on a high day and holy day and discovered that it wasn’t me at the Altar”, he’s alleged to have said. Oh how the mighty have fallen. He’s a busted flush and the sooner he goes the better and takes his ghastly retinue with him.


@3:09 pm – your first paragraph points to something very important. Jolley is responsible and culpable for his sins and crimes. However, he is the product of, as you say, 4 seminaries and various formation teams. They too have some vicarious responsibility for the way this man turned out. It is no good for them to say that they did not have a clue about his proclivities. They should have ! It’s their job ! If they didn’t have any clue, then they are either incompetent, or they simply decided to ignore the signs. I simply do not believe that someone, somewhere, had doubts about this young man. And, if they didn’t, they should have. That’s their job, that’s what they are paid for !

It raises the bigger question about the seminaries and the people who train our priests. Frankly, I suspect that by and large those who staff our seminaries are incompetents. They pose as great formatters and academics, but in truth the vast majority of them just wouldn’t hack it in a secular institution. They simply wouldn’t get a job ! But, just because they are mostly priests, lo and behold, they seem to be endowed with priestly wisdom, and deemed suitable to form young men for the priesthood. I reckon that some seminaries are the last refuge for priests who just can’t function anywhere else !

In addition, it is abundantly clear to anyone with even a modicum of common sense, that they way our priests are formed is simply not fit for purpose. What they are being formed for, namely priesthood as practiced today, is clearly dysfunctional and damaging too them and to the Church, namely forming them in some clerical superiority where they consider themselves not servants but masters and have a hugely inflated sense or their own importance. We see it all the time, with these little jumped up twats lording over their parishioners, thinking themselves so wonderful and superior. Where does that come from ? From their formation, of course. Just think of that picture of that newly ordained pompous idiot from Liverpool, Fr Tom Clarke. It says it all !

And, I’m still expected to listen to these people, to have respect for them, to believe that they are able to lead and teach me in the faith. Well, I don’t do that anymore. Most priests are just immature, lack integration and emotional stability, live in cloud cuckoo land, and an increasing number of them are dangerous to themselves and to others. What a mess !


I was watching the Brendan Grace documentary. very moving parts within it but also some great laughs. why were there two priests from Killala Diocese there? one a chaplain to a boys secondary school. just a thought 🙂


3.35: Why do you want to know who the priests were?? You “just a thought” remark at the end suggests you’re looking and hoping for something salacious to gossip about. Gombeen.


3:57, you come on here for the salacious gossip like the rest of us. Let’s call a spade a spade here. Like it or lump it you’re just like the rest of us on here. Don’t get above your station 😂😂😂


This report on the abuse crisis in today’s Tablet speaks volumes of how the Church still doesn’t get it:

1. You have the astonishment expressed by IICSA in June that Nichols had said – as if expecting congratulation – that he was just beginning to see the issue from the point of view of the victim! So how long has that taken?

2. The Matthew Jolley conviction is mentioned at the end with a quote from the Archdiocese of Liverpool that Jolley has “INSULTED” the priests and faithful! Insulted the priests and faithful? What about the young children he had been viewing online, and others whom he was planning to abuse?

Unbelievable – but then again not really.


The criticisms are reported also in The Guardian. See how things take off later this week. I agree Nichols is a busted flush. That makes the last three Archbishops of Westminster deeply compromised. Then there is KOB in Scotland, Pell, Barbarin in France, you name it in Ireland … and as for USA, who’s still counting?


4.28: Miss Trollope Supreme!! You are the bitchy one with nothing useful to say – ever! You silly cowhead….


So Doyle has known, for years (decades, probably) that chilldren had been sexually abused by CMOC…and kept mum about. Didn’t go to the police?

And it was only years later (decades, probably) that Doyle and Hollis reported CMOC to the CDF, but didn’t go to the police?

Are we supposed to be impressed at the behaviour of Doyle and Hollis? To congratulate them?


Magna it’s clear you have no clue about this case and as per usual rush to condemn and pass judgement. Listen to the evidence this week and you might learn something for once with the emphasis on “Listen”. The police are fully aware of the abuse case in question and found the female’s evidence to be “credible” along with both bishops. The police could not proceed because they couldn’t find anyone to corroborate her evidence.



Shall I tell you what, really, is clear? You’re having ducked my questions.



A suggestion Pat. If the seminaries are unable to identify these perverts they should engage the services of the Rev Gobbler Sweeney from Scotland. He could come down to the seminary for the weekend and sniff out these weirdos.


Sammy. Fr Sweeney is paid £40 to cover a Mass and pays £40 for a blowie in the Park. On a more serious note, maybe it is unfair to criticise him. He is a gay man, elderly and is stuck in an institution. Loneliness is difficult. If he gets a quick blow job here and there does it matter? Priests are human for God’s sake.


Never thought of it like that. Bishop Pat has a partner and is a Catholic Bishop, as long as Fr Gobbler isn’t promoting double standards then fine by me. As long as he doesn’t stick it down my throat.


Not you again Magna! I suggest as was suggested to you earlier – listen listen listen. I will add to that by saying be quiet because your opinions are irrelevant.



So irrelevant that you took the trouble to think for a moment (And how exhausting that must have been?😅), to process your thought mentally into words, to scrutinse the thought, to revise it, to type it out, to proof-read it, and then (and finally) to post it.

Do you know what ‘moron’ means?😩


I wonder who the moron was that said recently they were leaving the blog never to return. That lasted all of 5 minutes and the troll returns again. What a plonker.


We are not allowed to talk about what is in the national news here you have no idea how much trouble we would be in if we even brought it up. I kid you not.
And yes j cw has gone he was honest to a Safeguarding guy from Middlesbrough next thing he was gone he is a nice lad but a bit too uptight and wears his trousers high like Simon cowell all the time


Presumably you will be able to tell us more at some later date. In the meantime, have the other Rectors arrived, and what’s the feel of the place? Since when has “not allowed” prevented anybody in a seminary from doing whatever he likes? Don’t be coy: just spill!


A recent Westminster deacon who due to Carmel’s intervention was asked to leave recently is ready to speak about major concerns in Westminister…. it might be a very busy week for Vin


Yes, good, as a deacon he is in major orders, and so, like Michael Byrne, is not so easily sent back home to Mum and Dad to retrain as an RE teacher. Let’s hope he does speak out, as somebody needs to, and there is A LOT to say. Maybe I am naïve, but does that superannuated old trout really have so much clout in the running of the diocese? Back in Basil’s day they were everywhere, provided with salaries and cars, but these days most have buggered off to their eternal reward – thank heaven!


Good Night Hi Fly @ 9:14 PM

Aye fly tis cat and mouse in a house of cards.
I’d say some are prayin the wind this week doesn’t blow too hard.
They’ll be straining to keep up appearances knot to let the side down when it cant get much lower… or can it.
Hold tight to the rosary fly and throw in a few litanies for good measure.
Til’ be a long cold winter ahead.

Bye bye fly hi.


Please give Elsie the benefit of the doubt, Bp Pat. Personally, I used to look forward to the Soho masses – before she axed them (of course) – but what’s between a red hat and a M&S sausge roll. That’s the whole top-and-bottom of it, really, Bishop.


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