Yesterday’s evidence came in three parts:

1. Evidence of lady victim RC – A 711 who was a victim of a priest of the Servite Order and her suffering at the hands of Vincent Nichols and his safeguarding team..

2. Evidence read into the record of a deceased victim Frank Mc Ginnis.

3. The personal evidence, on camera of Mark Murray – a victim of the Verona / Comboni Order.

RC A 711

A711 was sexually abused by a Servite priest named as RCF500 whose Servite companion Father Vincent Coyne. f500 was the provincial of the Servites in the British isles.

He was a very charismatic man and in his 30s.

F500 and Father Coyle gave the 15 year old victim alcohol in the priory.

F500 groomed the victim over a two year period that eventually went on to full sexual intercourse and even rape over a 10 year period. These things sometimes happened in going swimming or in squash changing rooms.

As the abuse continued the victim recorded in her diary that gradually “my light went out”. When she went to university he followed her there to abuse her. On one occasion he returned from Rome and rape her.

In October 2016 she reported F500 to his provincial and the bishop of the diocese. The diocesan safeguarding person told her to opt for a church inquiry and not a police one.

The diocesan safeguarding person became ill and her case was referred to Westminster safeguarding – and as she says herself, that when things went terribly wrong.

Westminster blocked her at every step and refused to give her feedback. They called the victim names behind her back.

She got unsatisfactory apologies from the Servites.


“There was a man who used to dress in purple and dine magnificently everyday. At his gate lay victims of child sexual abuse”

Nichols refused to meet with her, even when he was preparing for the Rome abuse conference in February 2019. He had no time in “his busy diary”.

He only agreed to meet her when a newspaper covered her story. Only then did Nichols apologise to her about how his diocese and safeguarding team had treated her.




Mr McGinnis died before he could give evidence to the IICSA.

He was from Scotland and his parents had sent him to a state school. A Verona / Comboni priest visited his house and got his parents to send him to a Catholic junior seminary – St Peter Claver in Yorkshire.

He went there when he was 12. He was sexually abused by a priest referred to as RC F338 in the priest’s room. F338 got him to take his clothes off and then the priest examined his penis and testicles with a pencil. He then fondled him until he ejaculated for the first time in his life. Each abuse session lasted 25 minutes and was repeated over 30 times.

Then a priest named F339 who was in charge of the infirmary abused him when he went with a bleeding knee.

He told three Verona priests in confession what had happened to him and no one did anything to help.

He was eventually expelled from the school.

For 20 years he wrote letters to the Verona Fathers and got no replies.

He was eventually given £ 14,000 in compensation with all the others abused being given the same amount.

Frank said: “The abuse destroyed my whole life. I was a very confused and angry young man. I became an electrician but my life deteriorated into unemployment and depression. It affected my relationship with my wife but we did manage to have three children. I became a very protective father”.



Mark Murray gave his evidence to the inquiry in full view of the cameras. I was so impressed by his courage and dignity.

He too went to Peter Claver College run by the Verona / Comboni Fathers.

The minute he arrived he knew he had made a wrong choice but stayed for 5 years.

He was groomed and abused by a FATHER ROMANO NADO.

Father even went home with him at Easter and abused him in his home.

In Peter Claver he was also abused by an older boy referred to as F502.

He was told by the order that Nado had no access to children but on the internet Mark saw Nado working with children and youth groups in Italy.

In April 2015 Mark travelled to the Order’s motherhouse in Verona to try and meet Nado. He had been told by the Order’s provincial in England, Father Devenish, that Nadu was too mentally ill to meet him.

He met Nado and Nado seemed to apologise but left the chapel to find the superior to whom he said “WE HAVE A PROBLEM”.

The Vice Superior of the Verona House said: “You and your lot are all money grabbers”.

The superior later said to Mark: “If you are waiting for an apology you will be waiting a long time”.

The Order brought Mark to court for trespassing, stalking etc but two Italian judges threw the cases out.

Mark wants CHILD SAFEGUARDING taken completely out of the hands of the RC institution.

It was deeply sad listening to and watching victims of RC abuse tell their story.

In fact these people have been abused twice – once by their sexual abuser and secondly by RC bishops and safeguarding teams.

RC safeguarding people are paid huge salaries and expenses by bishops and their real remit is to protect bishops, priests and church money.

All safeguarding should be entrusted to a government appointed commission who have the authority to raid premises and files and to issue massive fines against dioceses and religious orders.

They should work hand in hand with the police and have the power to send bishops and clergy to a long time in jail for covering up abuse.

We will only see real RC change when we see cardinals, archbishops, bishops, clergy and monks and nuns being led away in handcuffs to prison.

These holy scoundrels will not do the right thing in the name of morality or decency.

We need to make them do the right thing out of fear of the personal consequences for themselves.


I’m looking forward to hearing Peter Doyle tomorrow.


Health Warning: Rcc clergy.
Bishop Pat, I was going to suggest to you to do a blog on safeguarding in the Rcc.
A public independent investigation into the Rcc covering all dioceses in Ireland badly needs to take place.
The sooner the better.


There’s a film in this hi! Too bad people are afraid to walk. They are not walking away from God but superstition hi. Many say the world is nearing a major turning point They might not be wrong but


Morning Fly Hi @ 11:27pm
Aye fly the end is nigh so hold tight to the rosary the litanies the WORD and the Bread of Life.
Begorra fly not only one movie but a sequel ‘Calamity Jane meets the Good the Bad and the Ugly in the Vaticana’
a spaghetti bolognense main course followed by ‘And Justice For All’ humble pie as just desserts with Johnny Cash crooning ‘I walked the Line’. Have a good day fly.
Bye bye fly hi.


Is that the Calamity JANE JONES who was grilled at last year’s IICSA inquiry by any chance?


The reference here to RCC “SAFEGUARDING OFFICERS” reminds me of a former colleague’s concerns from 20 years ago. She was a very experienced qualified and mature child protection social worker who moved to work with an English catholic adoption society. Knowing of my ex RC ‘clerical’ background, She, an orthodox Anglican, was absolutely gobsmacked by the narrow, prescriptive demands placed upon her in complete disregard for sound professional opinions she continually attempted to support with research back up. In short, they weren’t interested in anything not supporting their narrow prescriptive orthodox RCC views. She left after about 18 months.


11.54: MMM, your former profession of SOCIAL WORK(ER), hasn’t come out with clean consciences in past abuse cases, especially family abuse where social workers overlooked serious symptoms of potentially horrible abuse. Even today, Tusla, has been negligent in their diligence in observing child abuse cases. Look at the amount of children and teenagers who have died in “State Care”! Appalling reality and hardly a murmur of protest from any media outlets. Outrageous. Also, in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, psychiatric advice given about the reality of sexual abuse and paedophilia was dubious. I know that some clerics were returned to ministry on the advice of eminent psychiatrists – advice which proved disastrous for many innocent children. We can easily be very learned and wise in hindsight but sexual abuse and abuse of any kind is reprehensible and any institution which attempts to prevaricate on the issue face prosecution. Abuse in any era was and is morally repugnant.


Good post. True.
There’s been plenty of inquiries into Social Workers unethical negligent incompetent practice.
Social Workers role includes being agents of social control for the State.


Anon@1:58: I agree with almost everything you say, other than that I query the inference of the reference to ‘clean consciences.’ Like all professions social work has poorly performing individuals. But a wider context is worth considering.
A reality, as many abuse enquiries have shown, is that child protection social workers are invariably overloaded well beyond what is recommended as safe caseloads and with inadequate admin, organisational, management support and poor supervision. They regularly become the ‘fall guy’ society seems to prefer to blame when individuals are found at fault (with benefit of hindsight), while ignoring significant context by focussing solely on an individual tragic case ‘gone wrong’ while ignoring that that case/child is but one among many making similar demands outfacing the SW.
Red Top papers often proclaim that a particular child ought to have been “removed/taken into care,” almost as if there was an immediately available suitable placement. Successive government cutbacks have closed homes and insufficient foster placements mean that regularly there simply is NO available placement!


This is very emotional stuff and those survivors are very brave in speaking up about their experiences. That poor Liverpool guy who had the Police called on him and then taken to Court for simply remaining steadfast in peacefully confronting his abusers in hope of justice (I am of course talking about the Liverpool guy in the IICSA video!).
And that poor brave woman who said Elsie fobbed her off and only spoke to her after Elsie was caught out.
Elsie is a very nasty piece of work, and didn’t we all know it anyway!


Is there a directive from Rome instructing Bishops to treat survivors who come forward seeking accountability like shite? That’s been my recent experience. I have been lied to, patronised, and misrepresented by the Bishop of my diocese. Readers would be very surprised if they knew his name. Rome know my story. They know I’ll be singing publicly. These people, not only lack Christianity, or compassion or Christian charity, they lack humanity.
They don’t care. It’s as simple as that.
A mitre doesn’t ‘t make a Bishop.


Elsie deserves a good hard slap from IICSA for that. I actually hope he doesn’t resign – at this point the less the church does the more governments will force external control on them, which is preferable. Elsie also just doesn’t have the human decency to resign.


Will this establishment that calls itself a church ever follow the teachings of Christ. It truly is a cesspit of lies, corruption and abuse. No one in their right mind could ever even try and defend this church. It is a sick twisted anti christ establishment. Why aren’t all these predators, enablers in jail. Stuff their fancy robes and lace. Lock them up where they belong. This church is a danger to society. Truly it is a cesspit


More horrendous recalls of sexual abuse by clerics. What is morally reprehensible is the deliberate deception, lies, cover ups and complete lack of cooperation by religious leaders. The continuing denial about abuse and total lack of real care for victims/survivors is criminal behaviour and deserves the full scrutiny of civil authorities with a criminal sentencing. Sexual abuse is a crime and therefore all who are part of facilitating it in any way must be brought to justice. As a priest I awake each day with knots in my stomach in the face of all sexual abuse scandals. It places all of us in the spotlight and discredits any good we try to in our ministry. That’s my challenge but I hope the present IICSA taking place will bring justice and some healing to survivors and justice too to all perpetrators and anyone who endangered children and vulnerable people by their negligence, self interest and cover up.


Daddyo wake up and smell the coffee. You are a representative and functionary of this corrupt institution…
Face the fact.


RC safeguarding people are paid huge salaries and expenses by bishops and their real remit is to protect bishops, priests and church money.
Perfectly summed up Pat. How dare they hurt the innocents.
There was a man who used to dress in purple and dine magnificently everyday. At his gate lay victims of child sexual abuse…
Pat you’ve summed it up here again using Gospel.
They are destroying people and in doing so our church.
Woe to them..!!
Is Bishop Doyle a good man?
Strange that one priest was called FR Coyle!
Is there any relationship to Fr Coyle at Wonersh?


Fr Coyle . . . That sounds like a Catholic contraceptive device 🤣
But wait . . . Catholic’s do not condone the use of condoms!
Likewise; Fr Coyle does not condone the use of the Coyle! 🤣


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Vin ” F**k the victims we have to protect ourselves and the institution.” Nichols chickens are coming home to roost. He must be lighting candles for Boris to thank him for the distraction of the general election.


Pat, I don’t understand why you continue to say you are a bishop and identify with RCC. Should you not, as an act of humility, stop calling yourself a bishop?


I am not an RCC bishop.

I am an independent catholic bishop.

The Anglicans and others have bishops too.



Not surprised re your experiences. Church disown many deaf victims as they especially the nuns (daughters of the cross of liege) denied everything until theur face turned into blue or purple. They said ‘NYET’. It was bishop mc quaid who set it up in the 1st place. These nuns threatened teachers who dared to report to authorities by means of sacking. Christian brothers were fair to admit that it did happen re sex abuses in our dorm especially one CB who went on for some 40years since he entered it on last day of eucharistic Congress. State here collude with Catholic Church by minimising our abuses at redress board. I was shocked when they minimised everything as I stared at the board dumbfounded. Likely explanation was the collusion between state and the RCC. It was all patronising and saying me made up stories but two pysch demanded it withdrawn as they backed down cos given lot of suicides that I heard later re suicides took place after board decision. It was a savage indictment on redress board cos adversidial process.

Tell everything that u can and u don’t give a damn about the rcc cis they too don’t give a gig about us victims.or you too. They are only interested in MONEY and power and fame(part of narcissistic) as you or we are irrelevant in their eyes or a non entity. U hit back with your story publicly as its sometimes the only way to bring them bang down re their fake platitudes and apologises etc.


Thanks DU.
I’m not looking for money.
The diocese couldn’t compensate me with money.
I was looking for accountability.
I’ve known what they are like for years DU.
They have their reward now.
Stay faithful to Christ Jesus.


Would you say that Elsie fits the relative norms of a RC Bishop? I THINK SO – TOO FUCKING RIGHT! ! !


Never EVER trust a Romanist. There is no such thing as a morally good Roman Catholic priest. These Judases conform themselves to divine law ONLY when it does not conflict with Church law, and ONLY when they are self-assured that it will not damage their livelihoods.

To anyone who was ever abused by a Romanist, do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allow Church safeguarding teams to handle your complaints: you are highly likely to be betrayed.

Report your compkaint to the police alone, for your sake and for the sake of others.


Couldn’t AGREE more.

But how sad… Because we turn to them for help before anyone else, do we not… Or Did !!


BE WARNED! You WILL be DANCING WITH THE DEVIL in the pale moonlight!
(Unless, you are TEN STEPS AHEAD OF THEM…! And, you REALLY, REALLY, DO have to know what you are doing ! !
Record ALL conversations with Rectors, VDs, Bishops, investigatory personnel. Take NO risks! …. (It’s not good enough; you need to try harder!)
🎤 🎥 💃


Does Magna honestly believe we don’t see that it is him anonymously replying to his own comments?
12:23 – suspiciously has the SAME inflections THAT he is using in his COMMENTS.
What a pathetic individual.


Thanks. RCC huge failure in owning up as regards to accountability over the years. Their accountability is one of devious plots ranging denial to moving funds to another state or court files locked up under seal (see the movie spotlight or brilliant documentary- mea maxima cupla – hard hitting docu all the way up to pope ). Its a huge savage indictment on the Vatican or cardinals or popes cos they swept it all under carpet this no accountability. The only way to force RCC is to report to the POLICE first and foremost nothing else matters. Once u report it to police or garda then RCC will or will not admit their accountability. On the other hand if you report it straight to RCC then there is no accountability on church part cos tget will deny it or hide behind legal cover or file missing even they knew it even decades ago. At the end of day RCC are NOT interested in accountability at all just only their own preservation and protect priests/religious @their Church at all COSTS. our abused lives or children lives don’t matter a jot to them at all whatsoever. They have no real interest in accountability unless forced by the police or the state. They will not move an inch nor progress towards accountability until someone shouted at their rooftops to police and state authorities.


I know DU.
My story is as bad as it gets.
I don’t give a stuff at this stage.
There’s more ways than one to skin a cat.
What happened to me will never happen
to another person if I can help it.
What happened was done for the sake of protecting
institutional clerical criminals as well as the cover up.



Do you have an update regarding the disgraced Assistant Chancellor of the Dublin – Fr. Paul Coyle?

Did AB Martin get to the BOTTOM of it? I wonder…


11.54: MMM, your former profession of SOCIAL WORK(ER), hasn’t come out with clean consciences in past abuse cases, especially family abuse where social workers overlooked serious symptoms of potentially horrible abuse. Even today, Tusla, has been negligent in their diligence in observing child abuse cases. Look at the amount of children and teenagers who have died in “State Care”! Appalling reality and hardly a murmur of protest from any media outlets. Outrageous. Also, in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, psychiatric advice given about the reality of sexual abuse and paedophilia was dubious. I know that some clerics were returned to ministry on the advice of eminent psychiatrists – advice which proved disastrous for many innocent children. We can easily be very learned and wise in hindsight but sexual abuse and abuse of any kind is reprehensible and any institution which attempts to prevaricate on the issue face prosecution. Abuse in any era was and is morally repugnant.


It is not hard to work out what Jesus would do with his wayward apostles! Do these guys have any fear of God? Do they have any concern for their eternal salvation? They are stewards of His bride on Earth. Their behaviour in covering up and denying these horrors is doing more to scandalise the faithful than humbly admitting their crimes. The churches and the coffers will empty if they don’t wise up! Hi?


Anon@ 2:51: No, they have no fear of God, nor any concern for an eternal salvation. They simply do not believe in the existence of God, nor in an afterlife. Some may have once believed, but when that “moral compass” of religious belief is abandoned, it’s a case that for some without an internal sense of morality, it’s a case of “Hey Ho, Anything goes.”


Bishop Doyle is a charlatan. Trying to put the blame on Vincent and Westminister. His lies were obvious and he didn’t prove a credible witness. Even Vincent gave a more convincing account. The man should never have been appointed a bishop.


Any news from Oscott. All the rectors from uk and Ireland are huddled together this week. Bet that’s embracing for rectors from wonersh and oscott. Maybe they might do an Elsie and take a sickie. Carmel might be available to assist/falsify documents for evidence.


Watched Bishop Egan. Very long nails. Are they false? Maybe they get painted when he throws a party? In all seriousness though, the poor man doesn’t look well at all. God bless him.


He paints them accordingly as per the liturgical season. Black for Halloween. He’ll be orf to the Trendy Nails Boutique in Portsmouth tomorrow for his regular appointment. His nails are lovely around Christmas and Easter. People queue to admire them. Really striking.


Reading through Matthew Jolley’s Twitter account – nauseating, ghastly, pathetic, risible and deeply sad. He must be profoundly delusional.


3.21: MMM, If a bishop gave similar reasons for the failures of leadership or the carrying out of his responsibilities, he’d be crucified by the media and rightly so and should resign from his post. When the late Cardinal Connell said that he was just too overwhelmed by his workload to attend to the sexual abuse crisis he was vilified by the press! Hindsight and new, relevant knowledge in psychiatry, psychology and medicine has made us wiser, but horrible abuses still happen, particularly within families, even under the care of social workers. What about the awful nursing home abuse scandals of recent years, despite HIQUA inspections? Again, TUSLA has been found very indigent in many recent stories of neglect and abuse. This is 2019 not the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s – we are suppose to ‘never’ again allow abuse of any kind!! Apologies are forever being made by state agencies about abuse, deceit, cover ups and total mismanagement. Where child welfare is concerned, no negligence, deliberate deceit, cover up of abuse or reckless endangerment should go unpunished.




6.10: Jim Royle: you are becoming an embarrassment to yourself more each day. Do you know any meaningful wirds other than “arse”. Can you articulate any worthwhile sentence that might contribute to the issues of this blog? Go back to school.


7.12: What number do you live at “cesspit” and which town and county? I have a bronze carved name plate for you – CESSPIT.


Bloody hell ! Back to school…my arse!
Bad enough back in the fifties.
Nowadays I might have to wear a pink dress while playing with dolls. Me beard would have to come off.
Listen luv I don’t do embarrassment so don’t worry.


Could Vocations commissions, or whatever the hell they are called, stop making those horrific videos of “seminary life“.

The twerps and creeps being interviewed – both seminarians and priests – would make any normal lad run a mile from a seminary.

That one on Oscott and the other one on Wonersh were quite ghastly. And we wonder why the likes of Jolley are falling through the cracks???

Remember that young pansy – an Irish guy – twittering breathlessly on YouTube, about how being a priest is the “bestest thing ever”???

Yes, he actually said “bestest” and he said it like a teenage girl just back from her favourite boy band concert!!!

And ban them from fxxxing social media too – all of them!


6.22: With that nasty, vicious vitriol, you, MALE PRIEST, should most certainly be banned too. Like most haters, you being one, you probably are the biggest “bitchy” gossiper around!!


Oh deary deary me. Looks like male priest has upset some of the girls. Possibly even some of the “stars” from Wonersh and Oscott? 😂


6.22: By titling yourself MALE PRIEST, are you trying to convince us that you are actually a man, and not the girlie types that Pat loves to entertain on his blog? A real man. Holy God!


9-21 pm
Total gombeen! The bloody cheek….gombeen…my arse!
In what neck of the Irish woods did you get lost?
Don’t be so vulgar luv.


Would it be possible Bishop Pat to give us an idea of what was said by Bishop Doyle and Bishop Egan? Couldn’t tune in as was in work all day.


I have had on occasion had dealings with diocesan ” Safeguarding Officers”. Their usual tactic is the what i call the “pro forma fob off “reply. Loyalty to the institution is paramount and the clerical culture of ‘ Omerta’ is the natural default position. They take their cues from their episcopal masters, Even at this late stage a diocese such as Westminster refuses, categorically refuses to treat with the victims of these horrific crimes. Such a directive must have come from the very top- Nichols himself. Naturally he will try to brazen it out but he may be tripped by the statements to the inquiry from the Bishop of Northampton, Peter Doyle. I cannot imagine the pressure that has been exerted on this prelate by the likes of Nichols and others to maintaining a “united front’.

If people are in any doubt about the really serious dysfunction concerning diocesan ‘Safeguarding Officers and their team’ I refer you to the Plymouth diocese and the conviction of its own ‘Safeguarding Officer’ Christopher Jarvis. It is called Hiding In Full View- a tactic often pursued by such people.
As for Jarvis, police officers who traced him to his home in Plymouth, Devon, found more than 4,000 child porn images on his church-supplied computer and a memory stick, including scenes of child rape. They were mainly of boys aged 10 to 12, but also some of young girls.

I refer you to the likes from the BBC and Irish Examiner;

The ‘pro forma fob off’ response from Plymouth was one of’ fully committed to protecting children blah blah blah”

It is time to take Safeguarding out of the hands of the Roman Catholic Church once and for all


If you need any further evidence as to why the Roman Catholic Church is not fit for purpose on any level let alone Child Protection readers of this blog may want to take a look at this document submitted to the IICSA Inquiry and on public record;

It details the deliberate leaking into the public arena of confidential material relating to victim identified RC-AC710 in which the Bishop of Portsmouth identified as someone highly placed within the Roman Catholic Church.

Click to access DOP000001.pdf

Why the leak? What was its ultimate objective?


Of course, it will be conclusions and recommendations in the report published following the end of the independent inquiry that may spell the end for Elsie; if not professionally, but socially, e.g., invites will dry up, including royal ones. It has probably already happened to Brady.


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