I was very impressed by the performance, character and evidence of Thomas James Kirby.

He was abused as a child at Peter Claver College run by the Verona . Comboni Fayhers.

He was abused by priests F338 and F339 that abused other boys who gave evidence to the IICSA.

He reported his abuse to Fathers Hicks, Downer and Devenish.

He got no decent reaction from the Comboni’s and ended up suing them.

The Verona / Comboni Order is one of the worst I have come across for being arrogant, priest protecting, threatening victims etc.

Mr Kirby rightly requested the IICSA to take all safeguarding functions away from the RCC as they CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


Angela Mc Grory is the FIRST and ONLY RCC safeguarding officer that has EVER impressed me. I regard safeguarding officers with the same level of suspicion that I regard social workers with.

But it became clear to me that Angela told the whole truth yesterday, that she was truly caring for and loyal to survivor A710 and that she stood up to that awful creature PHILIP EGAN – the RC bishop of Portsmouth.

I’m not surprised that she moved to another diocese.

She told of how badly A710 was treated by Egan and Nichols in Westminster.

She told how uncooperative Nichols was in reporting CMOC to Rome and how bishops DOYLE and EGAN did it instead.

She basically left us under no illusions but that VINCENT ELSE NICHOLS was the villain of the whole piece.


Some church source smeared A710 and called her names in the media.

NICHOLS only met A710 to apologise to her AFTER his behaviour was highlighted in the media.

Basically, Elsie did not want the world to know that his predecessor was a PAEDO!


Peter Doyle, while helping to drop NICHOLS in the shit, did so a bit reluctantly.

It was obvious that he was nervous.

It was also obvious that he was trying to tell the truth causing as little damage to ELSIE as possible.

He is, after all, one of THEM, and has sworn an oath of Pontifical Secrecy.

But Doyle did confirm that ELSIE NICHOLS is the UGLY SISTER in the A710 affair.

Doyle has already tendered his resignation and is waiting to be replaced.

His performance yesterday seemed only to show that was the best of a bad lot and he will not be missed.

Of course, he will replaced by worse!”


After ELSIE NICHOLS, “RED GIZZARD EGAN” is the secondary villain of the piece.

I had other safeguarding experience of him and he is as useless as tits on a bull.

He was on the staff at Osccott! Do we even need to go further?

Its clear to me that he had little or no sympathy for A710.

He wanted to do a Pontius Pilate and hand the problem over to USELESS ELSIE in Westminster.

He refused to take Angela McGrory’s advice and issue a statement defending A710’s good name.

Angela Mc Grory stood up to him and is no longer working for him???

Egan is also giving the kiss of death to Portsmouth priests like the former PP of Fleet and the ex vocations Ray Lyons – who had an unfortunate of habit of facilitating seminarians jumping from his first floor windows in Osterwell

By the way, where is poor John Paul Little these days?



The IICSA is showing. clearly, once again, that the RCC has no respect for God, man, woman or children – or indeed for the rule of law.

It is unfit to perform safeguarding functions ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

The British Government needs to set up a UK NATIONAL SAFEGUARDING COMMISSION to oversee all safeguarding functions in the RCC.

The RCC should foot the bill for this government commission and should be subjected to massive fines everytime it breaks safeguarding procedures.

The government should also bring in new legislation making safeguarding negligence a serious criminal offence punishable by long terms of imprisonment.

Ireland and other countries should introduce the same type of structures and legislation.



Who on earth is John Paul Little? Is he the twink in the photograph trussed up in white? What an awful miserable place Oscott looks in that video – and those grey men who look as if they are being treated for depression. I can only assume the queens were sent out on a shopping trip to Brum while the camera crew were there.


John Paul Lyttle is an assistant priest in Reading. He was ordained for Portsmouth (after being turned down by Birmingham after a year in Valladolid).


No shame in that. Being accepted or turned down by a diocese is a statement that a candidate is or is not deemed to meet that diocese’s requirements at a particular moment. It’s not a fatal declaration one way or the other. If someone can move from one diocese or order to another, if he believes he will be happier there, an institution is free to make a corresponding judgement. Both sides in a vocation application are required to assent. It’s as it should be.


Your point is quite correct and reflects the situation today where any number of factors lead to rejection and the cold shoulder none of them serious only ever the face doesn’t fit not God revealing someone doesn’t have a vocation , it’s a cliche but there is a lot of truth behind the idea of ‘Goodbye Good Men’ so many deeply kind and generous souls are treated like dirt while the mediocre, the lazy and the agnostic flourish ! Nobody outside the Church would belive it


Just looking at the published photo of Egan.
I have no experience in medical matters but I would say that he looks very ill.
Blood pressure must be through the roof….


Hello Pat
You’ve commented that Angela Mc Grory is the FIRST and ONLY RCC safeguarding officer that has ever impressed yo,u, and you say that you regard safeguarding officers with the same level of suspicion as you regard social workers.
What makes Ms McClory different is that she was never “a social worker”. She first first became involved in this line of work thirty years ago when she was a police officer.


Arundel and Brighton have a recurring trend in appointing ex cops to Safeguarding roles in the diocese; Philip Wright was another A+ B Safeguarding official who is an ex cop. Apparently his detecting skills were not sophisticated enough to discover what was already on the clerical grapevine- Bishop Conry’s various affairs with different women culminating with the married mother and private Catholic school teacher Olivia Hodgkinson. There again he did fix up convicted paedophile priest Terence McSweeney with a stay at Bishop’s House as part of that clerics bail conditions.

Safeguarding from ex cops- so reassuring


God, forgive me, but those were my thoughts too, and I bet everybody’s thinking the same!


He brought back four gay men to the parish for a party and he “fell” off the balcony.

He is not so innocent.


@2:27pm – you know that for a fact do you?
Fr John Paul is an excellent and holy priest. Leave him alone!


No surprise about Egan – just look at who he’s appointed to the safeguarding board in his diocese. May Angela McGrory be blessed.
Can’t wait till Elsie is back in the hot seat – he’s probably having the vapours at this moment.


The appearances yesterday of the bishops did present them as shifty, dodgy, and evasive. They were nervous. There wasn’t any sense that they were there to be transparent and honest. Instead, you could see and hear them sifting everything through their Church dominated prism, trying to make sure that they protected the Church’s and their reputation as much as they possibly could. They appeared to have very little genuine concern for the victims who are at the centre of this story. It was not impressive, and anybody looking in will have come away with a sense of the dysfunction at the heart of the clerical / episcopal world and the Church.
I believe we are seriously moving towards a world in which the Church will require regulation from external, independent, objective and secular authorities. Even yesterday’s glimpse showed how evasive and dishonest is the Church in dealing with serious matters like abuse. It was clear that the main objective of these bishops and Nichols and their staff was more or less to minimise and hide as much as possible any damage that would be done to the institution and its reputation. That is woven in to all their actions and thinking. It’s a cultural thing in their clerical DNA, and it probably is not possible for it to be erased. Even more reason why this generation of Church leaders needs to stand aside. They are a problem, they are a big block to any healing for the victims, for the Church, for the faithful.


That’s Doyle of Northampton. Wearing a poppy long before Remembrance Day is considered a useful sign of probity and trustworthiness in the UK. You’ll see Boris Johnson has already been instructed by his minders to wear one.


Doyle was accepted for Sandhurst and then changed his mind and went to the seminary. Like Cardinal Wragg he is a Lancashire native.


Ok So what happens at the end of the enquiry and when will Ireland have a similar process
By thway What ever was the conclusion about the babies in Tuam


Evening Fly hi @ 10:22
Begorra fly what happens remains to be see….
A similar process of inquiry in Ireland is badly needed butt don’t hold your breath.
Pointy hatted heads keeping a low profile with heads down mouths shut apart from outting yogiee from catholic schools.
The commission investigating Tuam Babies are due to publish a final report by February 2020 or so they say…
Bye bye fly hi.


Oh dear, I don’t think Vinny is going to like Carmel being called Wragg, even Cardinal Wragg. He will not be a happy bunny. He is very protective of her. Anyway, surely she should be back at the Selly Park motherhouse, perhaps helping out with the old nuns who are in the infirmary there ? Seems odd that she’s playing power politics and influence in Archbishop’s House in Westminster. She’s a nun, for God’s sake, so doesn’t have the instant wisdom and authority bestowed by ordination. It’s not proper or right…. !


Is Nothern Ireland under the remit of the inquiry, Bp Pat? Will Ms Turtle also make an appearance in due course, I wonder.


Bp Pat, you should not allow this type of abuse. I only asked a civil question about Ms Turtle.


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