There is a traditional doctrine that allows people who have been unjustly deprived of goods or monies to secretly take the value of those goods or monies from the person depriving them.

The Catholic Encyclopedia defines occult compensation as:

An extra-legal manner of recovering from loss or damage; the taking, by stealth and on one’s private authority, of the value or equivalent of one’s goods from a person who refuses to meet the demands of justice”.

Their rationale could go something like this:

“I am giving up the possibility of getting married, having sex with my partner and having kids and this major sacrifice allows me to have secret sex with men, women or children”.

And this is a very plausible precisely because the priesthood is a very narcissistic profession, where priests are representatives of God in their districts and are entitled to the reflected glory the faithful shower upon God.

In other words: “If I am a mini god I am entitled to mini worship and mini adoration”.

And: “As God is the owner of the world and everything in it, I as God’s representative, am entitled to a share in God’s ownership of all things and all creatures”.

So, as someone who has sacrificed so much for God and God’s people I am entitled to some pay back.

And as I have sacrificed “normal” sex I am entitled to “occult” sex as a compensation.

And on top of this stinking thinking (an AA term) others in the church, for various other reasons, have not only covered up for abusing priests and have said things like:

“Father is weak”.

“Father has a problem”.

“Poor Father, pray for him”.

And of course this is all part of clericalism that says that priests are biologically changed and become superior to ordinary Catholics and in fact “Alter Christus” – Other Christs”.

This type of thinking was promoted by people like Saint John Vianney, the Cure d’Ars and patron saint of priests who said:

“If I met an angel and a priest on the road I would genuflect to the priest”.

So, for the Cure, a priest is superior to an Angel of God.