Dear Mr Webb,

You sent the PSNI to my door on Friday to deliver the message that I was harassing you and causing difficulties for some of your relatives.

It’s a bit rich for you, a man who has a long time reputation for following people and tapping their telephones, to now play a victim of harrassment.

I would not have the slightest interest in you if you were a normal, simple, citizen, doing an ordinary job in civvy street.

But you are no ordinary man. You are a self proclaimed private detective and have claimed that you are highly trained in covert investigations and operations.

Ordinary simple in Northern Ireland have experienced what they perceive to be your harrassment of them as they went about totally legal and totally principled actions.

There is no need for me to name them. You know who I am talking about. And some of your so called family circle know who I am talking about.

So, the way for you and your family members to cease to be of attention to me and others is for you and them to call off your activities and campaigns.

If you want you are free to bring me to court. Please do that. It will give me and others the opportunity to cross examine you under oath and present all the evidence and information we possess.

Stop wasting police time.

Stop pretending to be a victim of some kind.

Cease your under the radar activities.

Stay out of matters that dont concern you.

In fact why dont you stick to baking those scones you claim to so good at baking.

And, make sure when you enter controlled and secure environments you have the proper clearance.

If you stop preying I will stick to my praying and lose all interest in you.

The cure to what you saying you are feeling is in your own baker’s hands!


Pat Buckley.