Dear Mr Webb,

You sent the PSNI to my door on Friday to deliver the message that I was harassing you and causing difficulties for some of your relatives.

It’s a bit rich for you, a man who has a long time reputation for following people and tapping their telephones, to now play a victim of harrassment.

I would not have the slightest interest in you if you were a normal, simple, citizen, doing an ordinary job in civvy street.

But you are no ordinary man. You are a self proclaimed private detective and have claimed that you are highly trained in covert investigations and operations.

Ordinary simple in Northern Ireland have experienced what they perceive to be your harrassment of them as they went about totally legal and totally principled actions.

There is no need for me to name them. You know who I am talking about. And some of your so called family circle know who I am talking about.

So, the way for you and your family members to cease to be of attention to me and others is for you and them to call off your activities and campaigns.

If you want you are free to bring me to court. Please do that. It will give me and others the opportunity to cross examine you under oath and present all the evidence and information we possess.

Stop wasting police time.

Stop pretending to be a victim of some kind.

Cease your under the radar activities.

Stay out of matters that dont concern you.

In fact why dont you stick to baking those scones you claim to so good at baking.

And, make sure when you enter controlled and secure environments you have the proper clearance.

If you stop preying I will stick to my praying and lose all interest in you.

The cure to what you saying you are feeling is in your own baker’s hands!


Pat Buckley.


Anyone who takes on Pat Buckley would need to be very sure of their ground.
Well said, Pat. I’d imagine your barrister father, God rest him, would be very proud of your reply. You simply refuse to be intimidated.


Well said , Pat. A great response.
I am thinking if the many times this dirty rat has preyed on people during his “work” – occasions when celebrities have had photographs of them published without consent etc.
And yet he is the one feeling harassed , inconvenienced and a little bit scundered.
Thanks for updating us. I am sorry you had PSNI at your door – if I could only get them to come to my door to speak about anti social activity and car crime in my area.
Thank you Mr Webb for giving me a chuckle to start my Sunday morning.


Well written Pat, as the original poster asked why were the police at YOUR door. This man is a stalker which is a CRIMINAL offence in the UK. You should make a formal complaint to the police authority and to your local MP. The absolute cheek of them, they think they are above the law.


9.00am: Obviously this prayer isn’t working for you!! COME HOLY SPIRIT….PLEASE….and prevent this nutter from abusing you…


Regrettably Father McKinley died of bowel cancer. It must be 20+ years. I think he is buried in the grounds of Ballymoney church he was pp.


On the big new chair this morning with a nice mug of coffee watching Andrew Marr. Anyway Pat I’ve just read your piece this morning having already read the article last week.
If ever there was a great example of a case of ‘the biter bitten’ this is it.
People like Mr Webb obviously never considered the turmoil, upset and absolute mayhem they created in the lives of people.
Well done Pat. Good on you
My sense of human decency suggests to me that I should feel sorry for poor Mr Webb at this time of harassment and his personal discomfort. However I think I’ll pass on this today.


Enjoy chair, coffee and Andrew Marr. I’m an Andrew watcher myself.

Webb was snooping for the News of the world and my own mobile was hacked by him or another. I only found this out when a police officer from Scotland Yard contacted me.

The strange thing is that I was working for the NOW myself at the time as their Irish columnist!

I was awarded damages against News International.

At the moment I am only concerned about several other people that Mr Webb has frightened 😥


Nice one Par. This man has a brass neck. Photographing teachers legitimately on strike at perceived injustices by their management,causing them angst and when he is exposed he cries his lamps out. Oh dear. Is it one rule for him and another for the rest of us. Grow up Mr Webb and stay in the kitchen baking your scones and leave hard working teachers alone


If it’s a Dominican for Dublin to replace Diarmuid, it would want to be one who has some awareness of human development and not any of those teachers in their ‘theology school’ near Dorset Street, where there are more chiefs than Indians and where there are not enough students to form a decent tutorial or seminar group, not to mention a proper class.


The most important thing is that the next Archbishop of Dublin is orthodox and preaches in season and out of season. The young OPs in Dublin and on the mainland are showing the way.


Which mainland are you thinking of at 2:25?

And if it’s the young student OPs you are referring to in Dublin, Ireland, their number is in single digits.

If their engagement with the locality in the north inner city, churched or unchurched is anything to go by, whether they are orthodox or not will not make a blind bit of difference.

As for your aspiration for the next archbishop, no finger can be pointed at the incumbent on that score. But clearly, something more than orthodoxy is required.


‘Young OPs showing the way’……’My arse!’
‘I’m an OAP still learning’…. ‘Young OPs are still getting over nappy rash!’


Just found this entry on another blog! Sylvia’s site
Dr. Stephen Bernard, Academic Visitor at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Oxford, England will prove to be a most effective and incisive witness to the IICSA panel in London. The Arundel and Brighton Safeguarding Officer’s attempts to derail this matter going public are now being exposed as The Spectator’s Damian Thompson’s Twitter that SAE has supplied amply proves.
For those not familiar with the rape and sex crimes committed against Dr Bernard as a child and which as an adult continues to suffer please read his book- Paper Cuts.
Here is The Guardian media article on this matter; Of course Cardinal Cormac Murphy O Connor is centre stage as he is with the IICSA and the handling of allegations of sexual abuse about him by the likes of the Bishop of Northampton, Bishop of Portsmouth and of course the current Archbishop of Westminster the cynical and savvy Cardinal Vincent Nichols
It will be a day of reckoning for the Roman Church in England Wales when Dr Bernard takes the stand


Begorra hi I never heard of mr Webb. Why send the the fuzz when there is no suds. Is this a mate doing a mate a favour for what allegedly could be shared from the content of the great plate hi


Evening hi fly.
Begorra fly i’m with ye all the way on this one.
May the force be with you minus the suds an fuzz.
I nearly got a kick back from the gee gee earlier today.
Runnin next week if ye want to make a few bob.
Fish ‘n chips on the menu for the tae. Probably Cod.
Stay clean man.
Bye bye fly hi.


7.14: Jim Royle, obviously your baby rash never disappeared from your arse: it seems to have found a new spot, on your crap mouth!!


‘Crap mouth’….’my arse’!
‘I’m not mouthing hypocrisy sunshine…..unlike many of the don’t do as I do… butt as I say….Jolley…unmentionables’


Dermo will have no say whatsoever. After his weak leadership and poor relationship with priests, off he will go into oblivion.


Guess 😈
It’s on Thursday the feast St. Laurence O’Toole. He is finally being ordained.


Pat, it’s an ordination of a deacon which is taking place in Pro Cathedral next Thursday. Fact. Nothing more. Is someone trying to suggest something sinister?


Fake news. It’s been claimed in previous years that he was to be ordained on that saint’s day, but who has ever heard of an ordination on a Thursday?


Tune in at 10:30 if you don’t believe me. The ordination is happening just you wait and see 🙂


It’s Archbishop Martin’s final ordination before he retires. He is leaving on a strong note.


Pat. Off topic I know but did Fr Des Wilson have a traditional priests funeral similar to Mgr Macaulay. Traditionally clergy funerals are at 11.30 or noon but Des’s mass was at 10am. Was the bishop there



I think you need to address the persistent bullying of Michael Byrne on this blog. Do you have a heart? It’s not right. The guy does not deserve this constant torture. He is a good person who many people hold in good regard.


I take your point. In 2016 I was prepared to travel to Dublin to meet Michael, listen to his perspective and balance comments.

Sadly, he lied to me.

When people lie to me I lose trust in them.


I do not consider that Michael has been bullied on this blog. In fact he has done a service by bringing into the light many matters of concern regarding seminary formation. I hope he grows in integrity and can do much good. I am happy to see him ordained and admire the Archbishop for having stood by him. Ad multos annos, Michael.


How has Archbishop Martin stood by him? He allowed all of this to happen to his seminarians without ever coming to their defence.
Look at ganon and byrne. Both guys lives destroyed over unfound allegations. I rest my case.


Did you not say he was honest with you regarding sexuality etc. He must have trusted you? Did you do something to break that trust? It would seem disproportionate to allow this kind of abuse over the past 4 years all because of a lie. Anyhow, he is not being ordained. Let it rest and give him a break.


You lied to him about classmates that were giving you information about him. It works both ways Pat.


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