Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican, April 19, 2018.

By Matt Hadro CNA

The results of the Vatican’s investigation of Theodore McCarrick should be published by early 2020, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston told U.S. bishops on Monday.

“The intention is to publish the Holy See’s response soon, if not before Christmas, soon in the new year,” Cardinal O’Malley said on Monday afternoon.

O’Malley presented a brief update on the status of the Vatican’s McCarrick investigation during the annual fall meeting of the U.S. bishops in Baltimore, Maryland, held from Nov. 11-13.

Earlier on Monday morning, Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, Michigan, had requested that an update on the Vatican’s McCarrick investigation to be added to the agenda of the bishops’ meeting.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, seconded the motion and the bishops approved it by a voice vote.

The Vatican announced that it would conduct a review of files on McCarrick in October 2018.

In March 2019, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, said the Vatican was still engaged in its investigation into McCarrick and that the Holy See would issue a declaration once it was finished.

On Monday, O’Malley provided the update on the Vatican’s investigation shortly after he and other bishops from New England arrived back in the U.S. from a visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

“We were not afraid to bring up the question of the report on Theodore McCarrick, and we insisted on the importance of publishing a response to the many serious questions of this case,” O’Malley said.

O’Malley sad the New England delegation made it clear to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin that bishops, priests, religious and the lay faithful in the U.S. were all anxiously awaiting the results of the investigation, of how McCarrick “could become an archbishop and cardinal, who knew what and when.”

“The long wait has resulted in great frustration on the part of bishops and our people, and indeed a harsh and even cynical interpretation of the seeming silence,” O’Malley added Monday.
Cardinal Parolin “assured” the U.S. delegation of the Vatican’s original intent to publish its response to the investigation before the U.S. bishops’ November meeting in Baltimore, but the scope of the investigation and quantity of the information discovered in the process necessitated a later publishing date.

“There is a desire, a commitment, to be thorough and transparent so as to answer peoples’ questions and not simply to create more questions,” O’Malley said of the Vatican.

The cardinal said he shown a “hefty document” by the Vatican, which is being translated into Italian for a presentation to Pope Francis, with an intended publication by early 2020.

Reports of McCarrick’s history of sexual abuse were initially made public in June of 2018, when the Archdiocese of New York had announced that a sexual abuse allegation against then-retired Cardinal McCarrick was “credible and substantiated.”

Subsequent reports of sexual abuse or harassment of children and seminarians by McCarrick surfaced, and Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the College of Cardinals and assigned him to a life of prayer and penance, in July of 2018.
In August 2018, former apostolic nuncio to the U.S. Carlo Maria Vigano claimed that Pope Francis knew about existing sanctions on McCarrick but chose to repeal them.

At their November 2018 meeting, just months after settlements of the Archdioceses of New York and Newark of abuse cases involving McCarrick were made public, the bishops were set to vote on a number of measures to deal with the clergy sex abuse crisis including a call for the Vatican to release all documents about McCarrick in accord with canon and civil law.

However, after the Vatican requested shortly before the meeting that the bishops not take action on the abuse crisis until an international summit of bishops in Rome in early 2019, the bishops did not end up voting on the McCarrick measure because of fears they could be viewed at odds with Rome.

Pope Francis laicized McCarrick in February 2019, shortly before convening a summit of bishops from around the world on clergy sexual abuse. The Vatican’s accelerated investigation into McCarrick’s case was reportedly an “administrative penal process,” not a full juridical process but one used when the evidence in the case is overwhelming.

In June, the U.S. bishops’ National Advisory Council unanimously requested the bishops to urge the Holy See to “make public the results of diocesan and archdiocesan investigations of Theodore McCarrick.”



Should someone independent not be investigating Francis for his collusion with the Argentinian hunts in his time?

Should Francis not be investigated himself for his covering up of the abuser CMOC of Westminster?

The problem we have now is that EVERYONE in the hierarchy, priesthood and religious life, is a potential abuser and gangster 😥

The international reputation of this institution is now at zero.

As I keep saying it must be closely watched by governments, police forces and secular authorities in every corner of the earth in which exists.

Is the RCC not now an axis of evil?

Is Francis not simply Trump in a white cassock?


That’s a very good point, Joe. As the film Spotlight demonstrated, the Church has been pretty adept at managing the media since the real stuff began to emerge. It is true that the impression has been given that McCarrick came as shock and horror, whereas not only he but many other bishops such as Daniel Ryan of Springfield, IL flagged up on the radar years ago. Another favourite tactic is to scream anti-Catholic bias or claim religious freedom in peril, whereas in truth the Church is protected quite nicely by the conservative establishment. In UK for example The Times, Telegraph and Spectator all evince pro-Catholic sympathies – though they tend to be confined to nostalgia for Evelyn Waugh and the Old Mass, and happy days at Downside and Ampleforth, rather than having much to do with present realities.


Indeed the past is a reassuring fiction for those individuals and groups who seek a myth to explain and interpret the present- and all being such good reactionaries it means stopping the clock and catapulting us all back to the intellectual and cultic practices of the pre- conciliar church- pre Vatican I that is


Mind your own Protestant business e.g. “bishop” Peter Ball, who was a great friend of serial adulterer Prince Charles, the next head of the “Church of England”.

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So the C of E is part of the establishment? What’s new, and how does that exculpate the RCC? MYB – the classic excuse- close your eyes and ask no questions.


Yes that is obvious. The question is why would they not come? It is odd that they would not turn up for his special day. Flights are cheap on Ryanair.

Frank is hiding secrets from his past life in Germany, I assure you.


11:27 that is not true. He is covering up his past. When he was kicked out of Dublin why did he refuse to go back to his home to Germany? It is very easy to hide from your past in another country.


Because he was living in Dublin prior to joining seminary and had made Dublin his home. Refuse to go back to his home??? I didn’t know leaving an Irish seminary came with a deportation order for EU nationals.


Chris Derwin lived in Balbriggan, Frank was in Clondalkin, both shit areas but not the same and in complete different areas of Dublin.


I’m about the same age as him, Both parents dead and estranged from one of my 2 brothers, Not so unusual I think.


maybe he has no contact with them – maybe they did not agree with his new life. He trained to be a priest in Germany did not end well – lot of hassle with the local bishop…


“Hassle with the local bishop” can, in many cases, be a virtue 😊


No Trump is actually doing good for the Country !

Where the Apostate of the NovusOrdo Francis destroys any resemblance to Catholicism the Conciliar Church may have had. Purely Protestantized !
Vatican II is the smoke that has destroyed her.


I would suggest tentatively that what Vatican II revealed was naïvety among Catholics, both progressives who thought it heralded a new golden dawn, and conservatives who, fixated on external forms, failed to see the rot within the whole body. The test case was Humanae Vitae in 1968. Many Catholics had already left by then, and many who remained sensibly discerned that it would make no difference to them. For conservatives then as now it was a rallying call; then as now pointless and without effect save the feel-good factor of being seen to support it. But what demonstrated the weakness of the Catholic community who remained to some degree or other was the failure to deal with any uncomfortable reality. So several generations now have lived with a damaging “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to the Church’s profoundly wrong and dishonest teaching on sex and sexuality which has vitiated the Catholic education system, poisoned seminary formation and undermined the Church’s teaching on everything else. Most of all it has enabled the lying cover-up culture we now see enacted all around us and especially by the bishops with regard to the abuse crisis – itself to a large degree the product of denial and collusion as practised throughout the body of the Church. Sorry, chum, but this is all a lot bigger than the Latin Mass.

There is a painfully embarrassing article in The Tablet on women’s experience of trying to put Paul VI’s bull-shit into practice:

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I totally disagree.

Sex is for BOTH recreation and procreation.

When someone asked Woody Allen if masturbation was a sin, re replied: “Only if it’s not done properly” 😊


Gawd bless you, Biddy, my love for expressing timeless truth! And don’t forget the Good Lord made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! If you let one poor creature start getting up to no good, they’ll all be wanting to have a go! Thank the Lord for our holy religion and saintly priests!


Hi Anon,
I agree with most of what you’ve said there at 11.26am. But one of the things that was forever worrying me prior to my apprehension by THE LORD was the massive shift in our Catholic beliefs following on from Vatican II and the promulgation of Gaudium et Spes.
As a boy and a young man when I’d gone to church – Mass or Benediction or Evening Devotions – our prayers had always been to God; that is, to the Father, to Christ Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit.
I’d been taught in school a in sermons that our Faith was based on Scripture and Tradition, so we didn’t have to believe in Lourdes, or Fatima, or anything else that had happened after the time of the Apostles.
But then it changed over twenty or thirty years so that we were praying to a Jesus and Mary.
Or a Christomonic Jesus.
Or else to Mary by herself, co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocatrix; for example, “Knowing, then, that the Church cannot teach error, we are able, by faith, to accept that Mary is the Mediatrix of all graces.”
That’s a gigantic Faith-shift but it’s one that nobody seems to talk about.
What were the Faithful to do. What right had the likes of us to be saying anything?
One way and another most of us have walked. I just thank God that He decided to place me in a Bible-believing Church.


You are a Trump sympathiser and a fan of the Missal of Pius V, an anti-Francis cheerleader and hostile to the most recent Ecumenical Council.

Do you have any redeeming features?


Hi up hi. If sex is a sin why are some of ye lot laughing n cackling like a heard of hens hi.
Here’s one for yez Can anyone tell me what is a sin in generic terms. Please don’t use the word mortal venial or sex hi but


I don’t think the Vatican will publish a report on McCarrick, Bp Pat. We all know what liars they are.

Some sort of investigation was supposedly carried out on KOB, but it was never made public (because they probably never carried out the investigation in the first place).

All Annie Walker said was something to the effect, the Vatican had finished with the matter of KOB.


LACK OF SUPERVISION is how Donal Mc Keown described church’s part in the abuse scandal.
He is willing to donate some of our money to alleviate the suffering of the abused.
Is lack of supervision a new term for cover up of abuse


Good evening Pat. I’m speaking to you from my big chair, ex cathedral, as it were. Anyway I’d just settled down to read today’s blog when I was overcome with laughter.
Biddy and 12.59. You both seriously need to have a reality check.
Biddy I can only assume that a night between the sheets with you would be like embracing a sack of spuds.
As for you 12.59 and your religion and holy priests .Well I ask you!! You’re living in a different planet. I bet those holy priests who have a healthy hetro sex drive would probably give you ( if you’re female) and biddy, the cardboard cut out, a body swerve.
Can I suggest going forward you both adopt the recreation attitude instead and to increase the fun could I respectfully advocate ‘The Seventh Candle Method’ See Blog on 11/11 at 3.04 for further details and instructions.
Anyway Pat I hope they take my suggestion on board and it will spice up their bed fun so that they can do much better than a decade of the rosary, into the sack, lie down, open the legs and think of Pope Paul VI.
Anyway, Black Bush poured, nice new crystal cut glass, happy weekend time.


DD: A man after my own heart! And as much for the advice to Biddy & 12:59 as the Black B. I shared a bottle of Tullamore Dew with some visiting friends last night. Only 16£ for 70cl bottle in Belfast Sainsburys at Forest Side. Couldn’t go past an offer like that!


MMM, I was born in Tullamore and my maternal grandfather, Johnny Geoghegan, was the chauffeur to the distillery owner Daniel E Willuans. Thought you might be interested?


I hope you are not tempting me to be uncharitable 😊

The death of every human being diminishes us all – unless the deceased was evil.

Ambrose Macauley was a man of his time and must be credited for his great skills in the area of history / church history.

I only met him on one occasion and he made it clear he had no time for me.

Ultimately, I wish him eternal happiness.


I hear there is a petition underway in Westminster’s Northolt parish to get rid of a certain Curate! I hear it’s also linked to Elsie refusal to address parishioners concerns about the curates appointment in September. The ex RAF and ex judiciary bigwigs who live in the parish are not tolerating Elsie’s guff or his sidestepping of them. They basically don’t want Elsie’s problem clergy foisted and dumped unto them without a bye or leave. Elsie’s meet his match – oh dear! There’s trouble at mill.

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Will Vinny throw Montgomery under the bus or be brazen and not give in? Millstone round neck springs to mind and all of his own doing. Silly Vin.


Me thinks Monty will soon be on the move!
Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Elsie tried to tough it out in an act of defiance. ‘They’ll not tell me how to run a diocese. I’ll show those stuck up, wealthy, pseudo intellectuals just who I am and who’s boss.’
My money is on the parishioners. Why? Simple. Their money will stop hitting the basket!
Let’s see.

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@7.19pm You are correct. A friend near Uxbridge told me yesterday about this situation and said the parishioners are threatening the Cardinal with withholding or cancelling standing orders. As you are in Harrow do you know if the petition is circulating in the South Harrow area of the Northolt parish? Cardinal Nichols should have addressed their concerns instead of blaming it on a witch hunt by a blog. I hear people are now going to Mass in Ruislip, Harrow on the Hill and elsewhere.


My sister lives in the parish and the whole thing is now the main topic of the chattering classes there. Whats more she says it’s gaining momentum. The snowball ( not the drink) effect lol. Anyway according to Ann parishioners are now starting to go elsewhere but probably,more importantly, they are withholding their money. We will see how long it takes before the financial bite is felt.


Why are you picking on this priest who is just getting on with his ministry? Or what is he doing that’s causing so much interest on this blog?


Oh! Harrow-on-the-hill. Big bucks there. Near Harrow School. How prestigious. Very classy place. HE Cardinal better take heed. Billy Bunter and all that.


Advice from the man on the big chair.
If Biddy McGonagle is available and fancies a bit of recreation instead of procreation then perhaps you could get her to massage your back with a good rub of Sloans Liniment.
That should hopefully achieve a twofold result.
Firstly, your back will get better and secondly the bold Biddy might get a wee touch of sexual healing.
Anyway back to the BB


Good heavens DD that takes me back a bit. I’m now in my late 60’s and my granny used Sloans Liniment. Didn’t even know if it was still made. I should say however if SM gets Biddy to rub him he will need to be very careful where she massages. One slip on to or touch in a particular part of his male anatomy and poor SM will feel its caustic effects for some time. In fact his new discomfort will be worse than his initial malady.


Pat. Going back a few years to the time the Quinn family business got into difficulty Fr Brian D’arcy spoke out on behalf of and in support of Brian Quinn and his family.
Will he now speak in support of them in the midst of the rumour and claims presently afoot in the Fermanagh/Cavan area?


Fr D’arcy is ministering in the National Ballroom in Parnell Square at the moment, but he’ll be right back to you.


You are a liar. Get the name correct if you are going to spread lies. It’s Sean Quinn not Brian Quinn. That rather defeats your argument.


Please clarify is this something to do with the network in Barcelona or Apollion in Rome.


Noblesse Obese. The aforeplayed Monty is the one and same unFull Monty of the Beda College stairs–case trip-up: gift of Strange the Rod to Vinny the Poo’s accumulation of sewage. O for a royal Flush down Harrow Hill !


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