Don Eligio Piccoli, retired priest and confessed serial molester of deaf children ( screenshot)

NOVEMBER 26, 2019 ROD DREHER The American Conservative.

Finally some good news: an Argentine court does what the Argentine pope did not: hold sexually abusive priests accountable:

An Argentine court on Monday found two priests and a lay worker guilty of the sexual abuse of 10 former students of a Catholic school for the deaf, the first legal victory for a community of victims stretching from Italy to the Andes whose complaints about one of the clerics to church officials, including Pope Francis, went unheeded for years.

The verdict was another stain on the church’s handling of sex abuse cases in Francis’s native Argentina. Prosecutors last week requested an arrest warrant for Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, a longtime associate of the pope accused of abusing two seminarians.

A Washington Post investigation this year found years of church inaction in the case of at least one of the priests convicted Monday in the abuse of male and female students at the Antonio Provolo Institute for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children in the western Argentine city of

Luján de Cuyo between 2004 and 2016.
The three-judge panel in the northwestern Argentine province of Mendoza ruled against the three defendants in 25 instances of abuse.

If you can stand it — these testimonies are strong stuff — here is a video report about the abuses of the deaf and mute children, both in Verona and in the sister school in Argentina.

It features adults telling specifically what was done to them as children by their abusers (trigger warning).

If you want to see the true face of evil, go to just before the 2:00 mark and watch the bedside hidden camera interview of a priest called Don Eligio Piccoli, identified by the abuse survivors as one of their attackers. He is bedridden and living in a church home — a church investigation found him guilty of the abuse, and sentenced him to prayer and penance — but apparently in his right mind.

He admits that the stories of sodomy and sexual abuse are true, but he laughs about them and downplays them. Some life of prayer and penance that dirty old man is living! There is a second section continuing the interview later in the clip below:

As the Washington Post investigation showed, Francis was told about all this, but as usual, it took the state to do what the Church would not.

And to think that there are people in the year 2019 who actually still believe the Pope who brought Uncle Ted in from the cold really is serious about cleaning up sex abuse in the Church.

Meanwhile, pervy Bishop Zanchetta, who was a Bergoglio project from the beginning, is expected to fly this week to Argentina from Rome to show up in court on Thursday on sex abuse charges. It is hard to find an innocent explanation for why Francis brought this hot mess to the Vatican, trailing abuse allegations in Argentina, and gave him a special, just-for-him job in the Vatican Bank.

Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. He has written and edited for the New York Post, The Dallas Morning News, National Review, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Washington Times, and the Baton Rouge Advocate. Rod’s commentary has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, the Weekly Standard, Beliefnet, and Real Simple, among other publications, and he has appeared on NPR, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the BBC. He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his wife Julie and their three children. He has also written four books, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, Crunchy Cons, How Dante Can Save Your Life, and The Benedict Option.


Many things are emerging slowly but surely, about abuse and cover up in the RCC.

And it is emerging that greasy Frankie is as bad as any of them, if not worse.

He refused to meet with victims in his diocese.

He covered up for abusers.

AND, he sheltered this seminarian abusing bishop in the Vatican right up until now.

Folks, the stink is getting worse and worse and will continue…………….



Canon law (Code of Canon Law, 331) uses four adjectives to describe papal authority:

“supreme” (i.e., it is the highest authority in the Church; there is no appeal against a proper papal judgment);
“full” (i.e., popes exercise their authority freely, while the bishops of the world exercise theirs only in union with the pope);
“immediate” (i.e., popes can intervene directly at all levels of Church jurisdiction);
and “universal” (i.e., their authority extends over the whole church of Christ).


This is not the sixteenth century. The truth cannot be suppressed and bad news will become widely known through the modern media and the worldwide web. The Church must accept that this will have a devastating effect on it’s authority. Authority it expects to receive from it’s members will be withheld unless the Church owns up in humility and honesty in a culture of transparency. The faithful will pray for and support such a church but will expect offenders to be removed from situations that place them in temptation.


Gerry Adams is a snake and a fake. You are straining out gnats with Francis and swallowing camels with this unrepentant terrorist.


That retired priest clearly has no fear of God: not only is he unrepentant, but he trivialises and rationalises what he did.
Woe to those who call evil good…because then repentance becomes impossible. So, too, salvation.
Piccoli isn’t alone in being unrepentant, however: I am astonished at the number of priests who post here defensively about the institutional Church’s record in covering up the sexual abuse of children.


9.36: You are lying Magna Carta. Many, many priests condemn unequivocally the criminal act of abuse and have expressed and made known their abhorrence to relevant church authorities, not just about the clerical abuse but also about cover ups. You deliberately choose to write the narrative of a LIE because of your hatred of clerics. LEARN TRUTH.



Learn truth? 🤔

From you people? 😱

I don’t need to lie about certain priests and the fact that they jump to the defence of the institutional Church by defending the status quo AND by refusing to condemn the behaviour of their bishops, publicly and openly.


1.13: READ MY COMMENT PROPERLY AND ACCURATELY, YOU CLASS ACT FOOL. Many of us (which means NOT all of us) have condemned and criticised our Church leaders over the years in our homilies, at Diocesan gatherings, by letters not just to our Hierarchy or Papal Nuncio but also to daily newspapers. You write inly the mantra narrative: same old stuff: repetitive, predictable and full of your anti clerical hatred. What a sad life you live. You appear on this blog like a jack in the box (usually high on gin-coke!) endeavouring to create hatred against a certain group in society, giving yourself a false sense of being important. You seem to have little, if any, meaningful human connections in your life, thus your dependency on this blog for notice. Get a life.


I’m a class-act fool?
It’s never sane, priest, to throw stones from inside a glasshouse. The problem with glasshouses, though, is that they can seem invisible, so an idiot on the inside doesn’t realise he’s harming himself when he’s trying to injure someone beyond.
What is the equivalent, in writing, of expressing ‘let me spell this out for you’? How about this? I DID NOT SAY THAT ALL PRIESTS DEFENDED THE MORALLY ROTTEN INSTITUTION YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL TO SERVE; I SAID THAT ‘CERTAIN’ PRIESTS DID SO.
Go ahead now and blush in embarrassment at your crass stupidity priest; it was avoidable, if only you had been mature enough to control that explosive temper of yours.
So you preached sermons, wrote to ‘hierarchy’, even to nuncios… and, er, banged tables at diocesan meetings. Good… if true. But not enough. When you knew that you were pissing into the wind with these shows of ‘bravado’ (and you WERE pissing into the wind), what then did you do. Did you go OPENLY to the media? You say you did, so please name all those good priests who complained under their own names. It shouldn’t be a problem for you… IF what you said is true.
Shall I tell you what I think, priest? I think you’re exaggerating. I think you’re engaging, too, in more than a little mental reservation. I think you know that none of you spineless parasites did anywhere near enough to protect the vulnerable, because you were too busy protecting yourselves from vindictive responses by your bishops or superiors.
And we all know how vindictive these ‘men of God’ can be. And how frightened of them you are.


6.50: Mad Margaret, Marge Carta: I could have written your diatribe. As I said earlier, you perpetuate THE LIE about clergy. There are, Thank God some wonderfully good priests in our midst and many great priests. The majority of us have done more than you EVER have done, might do or ever will do for God’s people. You see, Marge, those of us who are priests thank God each day for priesthood which gives us opportunities to serve his people, despite our human weaknesses and sins. Yes, you are disturbed by truths other than your LIES. You are a confused, upset, disturbed, hate filled, twisted human being. You belittle your God given dignity (that’s if you believe in God) by your abusive, vulgar lying rhetoric. Stay in your glass cave and I’ll continue serving God’s people to the best of my ability. Your faux indignation is simply that. Your threats are typical of one who has lost the argument. You are, as said by many, a class act fool. Yes, a class act fool. What a sad figure you cut since flung out of seminary. Let me challenge your supposed justice: what have you EVER done for any person to make a difference to their lives apart from urinating your raging torrent of hatred against all priests? What have you done out of justice for victims/survivors? What have you EVER done in the name of compassion or in conscience for any vulnerable person in society? Let’s now witness real courage, real compassion, real integrity instead of your pretence concern. Yes, it’s easy to peddle lies, as you do frequently, and easier again to embellish those lies when soaking in a bath of gin!



Despite your arrogant BS, you still haven’t produced one sliver of evidence that Roman Catholic priests, openly and publicly, opposed the behaviour of morally errant bishops.

You are a LIAR and a DECEIVER.


11.03: Your own BS has smashed many a pane of glass you idiot. YOU, Carta, are the epitome of vicious hatred, vengeance and uncontrolled anger. You clearly and demonstrably allow evil forces work through you. You produce much rotten fruit by your words. Tell us the mighty courageous acts of justice you have advocated for and tell us the mighty legacy of your compassion.
What’s stopping you, Mr. Nasty? Or are you soaking in your comfy bath of soapy water – sorry, gin?? Tell us your TRUTH about your good work for the poor, the vulnerable and wounded people in our society. Less of your BS and lies. The TRUTH ABOUT YOU, Magna, when spoken, hurts you very deeply.


It’s good to highlight this stuff hi. These revelations are not just notches on the city marshals gun handle. Where are the prayer bullets and results Marshals? Hi ho Silver


All old hat stuff, important nonetheless. And the spotlight seems to be getting closer and closer to Francis. It is not impossible that he could be implicated so deeply in these matters that it will be impossible for him to continue as Pope. Then, we will have two retired Popes !
What has caught my eye this morning is something from The Tablet, which has elements of that Catholic arrogance and self-righteousness and ignores the reality and practicalities of the world we live in. More of the discredited culture wars approach of the Catholic Church to important issues, in this cases abortion.
Because the Students’ Union at this university has taken a pro-choice stance, the Catholic chaplain there, and by inference the diocese, has thrown his dollies out of his pram and wants Catholic students to distance themselves from interacting with those who have a different view to theirs. It’s more of the “if we can’t have it our way, then we will pull up stumps and storm off” attitude. When will these people realise that whilst it is fine to have your views and to live them in your own lives, there are lots of other people of good will who have different views and want to live their lives in a different way, and that is what respect is all about. Yes, the issue of abortion is something that divides people, and in my opinion is something that is always a moral negative, and causes the most innocent and powerless to suffer, but even while holding that view there is little or no point in me disengaging with those who disagree with me. It gets me nowhere. And that is what is happening at this university, at least on the part of the Catholic chaplain. I hope his students take a more nuanced and balanced approach that has he, and don’t take his advice. If I were his bishop, I’d have him in and tell him to scale it down and get himself off the front pages, and start to work at dialogue and trying to live constructively with tension and difference, and to stop demonising those who think and live differently to him.


Have you heard the one about the chef and the seminarian. Allen Hall is about to get centre stage at the inquiry. The cardinal is on the ropes, going for the jugular his own seminary. Pure filth!


Load of rubbish as usual. Allen Hall or any other Seminary for that matter are not appearing before the inquiry. The Cardinal has already finished giving evidence a few weeks ago. Fake and false news.


6:40pm tell us about the chef and the seminarian! Sounds as if something’s cooking!!!! Do you think anyone will get their fingers burned??? At least there’s no chance of a bun in the oven 😂😂😂


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