Fr. Teyrnon William’s, of the diocese of Menevia in Wales was responsible for pastoral formation in Wonersh Semonary and a tutor to 5-6 students. One Sunday morning at the first quarter of 2018 there was a note on the seminary’s notice board saying that he had traveled back to his home diocese in Wales to see his family doctor and would be back at the seminary a few days later. Nobody thought this was strange at that time, he had had what seemed to be a really heavy cold for several weeks. But the days went by and became weeks, no sign off or info about Fr. Teyrnon.

A few weeks later the Rector, Canon Brian Coyle, who refers to himself as “Kim il Coyle”at the end of the weekly “Rector’s conference”, had two announcements:

Fr. Teyrnon, he said, had fallen down a stairs and broken his back, and was called back to his home diocese by his bishop and wouldn’t return to the seminary.

Father Coyle, according to someone present, made this announcement with a smile and a facial expression suggesting he didn’t believe what he was saying.

People present were also told that under no circumstances were they to contact Fr Teyrnon and that any and all communication should go through the Rector who would kindly forward our greetings to the Bishop who would forward it to Fr. Teyrnon.

A few days later all information about Fr. Teyrnon was deleted both from the diocesan website. The only information today listed is a residential address which is not his true residence.

On google you will only find old information about the priest and mention on a few parish bulletins asking people to pray for him, so that he might get well and recover.

If an accident happened, ask some,why is there so much hush hush about it and why was all information about him removed from the www?

One Wornesh seminarian went down to the residential address in Swansea listed on the diocesan website but was told by the person who answered the door

To some It looks like Father Teyrnon is being hidden? Later on a number of Wonersh seminarians heard from two priests who are keeping in touch with the Rector, that the reason Fr. Teyrnon had to leave was that he was in a relationship with a man. Another source says he had a relationship, not just with man, but with a Wonersh seminarian?

Was there such a relationship? If there was who was seminarian X?

Did Father Teyrnon also travel to the Philippines?

The real issue at stake is not Father Teyrnon’s lifestyle but that Father Teyrnon was appointed by the rector to investigate seminarians accusations of homosexual grooming and bullying in Wonersh. If Father Teyrnon was compromised in any way, he surely would not have been a suitable person to conduct investigations into others.

Or could it have been as simple as the Rector sent Fr. Teyrnon away because he caused to much “trouble” actually supporting those who reported about grooming, bullying and abuse?

Canon Brian is regarded by some for doing the traditional catholic thing – going into silence and denial instead to investigating and acting.

Or, as some are asking, is Canon Brian afraid that other things would come to the surface about the seminary and himself if Fr. Teyrnon had been allowed to stay? The questions are many.

The second announcement at the same “rector’s conference” was about a student that had left in the middle of the night due to being bullied and sexually groomed.

The Rector got furious about this particular student and said that everything that was said about abuse and bullying was bad rumors that was destroying the good community that he, the Rector is trying to build at the seminary, and this had to stop immediately.

He went on to say that such rumors are lies, lies and lies, and that the student who left had serious mental problems that nobody at the seminary had the expertise to deal with.

He was going to talk to this student but, he never got a chance to do so before he left.

The seminarians were told, under no circumstances to contact the student because he was dangerous, manipulative and antisocial. They were also told not to even mention the student or what had happened.

During Holy Week another Clifton student was asked to leave. He had also reported abuse and bullying going at the seminary.

At breakfast the day after he left the Rector came into the refectory and looking very happy announced that the seminarian’s bishop had asked him to take time off because he has serious mental health issues which the seminary can’t help him with.

Seminarians were warned once again and under no circumstances were allowed to contact him – as with the other student he was mentally ill, manipulative and antisocial.

Another student reported abuse and bullying and other students breaking into the bar and stealing alcohol.

When reporting this he was told that he was mad, and later on that the Rector wanted to kick him out.

The bishop and his vocation director promised to send him to a different seminary to complete his formation since he had less than a year to go before his ordination, but eventually the bishop changed his mind and kicked him out instead after the Rector told him that there is no bullying or abuse going on at Wonersh.

The student were not allowed to leave immediately, but was made to stay there until half term so his departure would look better and as if it was the his own choice.

He was told by the rector that he was not allowed to sit the exams, but had show up at the exams so it looked like he was taking the exams – so it looked “nice”.

Seminarians are asking why everyone that reporting abuse and bullying at the seminary is spoken of as mentally ill, manipulative and antisocial?!

Seminarians are also asking why they are not allowed to keep in touch with them to show them friendship and pastoral care?

In the seminary year 2017-2018 seminarians began to believe that a handful of other students had been recruited to act as spies and report to the rector and staff.

X” was one of them. He belonged to the group that became known as “The Three “Queens”

These three had very interesting backgrounds.

It was mentioned about “X’s” reason for being a seminarian above.

The two other Queens had similar problems. “Y” had been kicked out from a seminary in his home country because of being involved in having sex with other seminarians.

“Z” had been kicked out from Oscott and his former religious order for the same reason – including having sex relations with his fellow religious brothers.

Seminarians came to believe that the Rector had found a way to have spies around the seminary and collect information.

The “Queens” claimed openly to be the Rector’s favorites.

At the same time they could continue their abuse and bullying at the seminary

Some seminarians couldn’t even go for a walk without being called into the Rector’s office, while these “Queens” could do whatever they wanted to with no consequences at all.

“X” is still at Wonersh. “Y” and “Z” were ordained.

A Clifton student was officially asked to take time off at Christmas last year (2018) with “time off” being a nice way to say that you are being kicked out.

Strangely he is still listed on the Clifton website as a student, but he hasn’t been a seminarian since December 2018.

Seminarians were told that they should not “disturb” him during his thinking process.

A seminarian writes: “In one of the posts on your blog (28th September this year) it was claimed that a student was flashing in front of other seminarians and members of the staff”.

This happened after the St. John’s day celebration in February this year. There was an argument between the mentioned “X” above and the dean, who has aspergers or some other mild autism.

Would only a few students be honored for the hard work preparing for the St. John’s day or would all the students should be honored? It became a quite wild word fight between the two down at the bar, and many other students and members of staff got involved.

A student from Clifton got so excited in the fight that he pulled down his trousers and flashed his ass to make his point.

After the incident the rector said that we should all just put this behind us and forget about it.

If someone else had done this (except for the Queens and “H” mentioned below) I’m pretty sure they have been kicked out. Has this something to do with the fact that one seminarian is the brother of a well connected in Clifton?

Fr. M was part of the staff team and had a vote but he was not often to be seen around the seminary.

Most of the week he spent somewhere in Clifton taking care of his dogs. But last winter he suddenly disappeared. There was a post on the Clifton website in the spring that he was called back to the diocese due to shortage of priests and that he was appointed parish priest somewhere in the diocese but that post was deleted only a week or so later. And not just that, everything about him was deleted except for very old info, just like it was with Fr. Teyrnon mentioned earlier.

On top of that we were told that Fr. M hurt his back! A lot of people are damaging their back at Wonersh!

So what is going on? What is the seminary and Clifton trying to hide?

The website for the seminary hasn’t been updated for over two years, the names of the missing priests are still listed.

Funny enough that wikipedia has removed Fr. Teyrnon but Fr. M. is still listed as being on the staff.

There was a fourth “Queen”, though not belonging to the magnificant group of three: “H”. He also claimed to be the Rector’s favorite and number one student, and the Rector was very open about that “H” was indeed one of his favorites.

As with the other “Queens” , “H” could do whatever he wanted, he even got the Friday off so he could travel back home, while other students were told they had to much free time if they asked for time off for a doctor’s appointment or similar.

In September this year the police showed up at the seminary and arrested “H”.

The Rector told us not to mention anything about it to anyone since this would have serious consequences for the seminary and would make very bad headlines in the media.

Most info about “H” on the internet has since been removed.

Reliable sources have said that he was arrested for pictures and movies of underage people on his computer?

H” was a student at Maynooth and involved in the sexual scandals, abuse and bullying going on there. He was asked to leave the religious order he belonged to back then. In September 2016 he came to Wonersh. There was no secret what he had done and been involved in at Maynooth, so how the Rector, and most of all, the Bishop and vocation director in Clifton, could let him in, is a big question mystery.

Right after his arrest vocations director of Clifton was removed. Where he is now is a Clifton secret.

It should also be mentioned that “H” in 2018 openly suggested that there should be more control over the student’s use of the internet and that he was willing to help the rector with this since he (“H”) is a former IT engineer ?

The rector seemed open to the idea but it was never implemented – and we should be very glad it wasn’t, that would have given “H” control over interbet security at Wonersh”.


What the hell is going on in Wonersh?

It needs a film: