Recently, Father Kevin Connolly was ordained for the diocese of Clogher.

But before that he was a seminarian for the diocese of Meath.

And before that again he was a seminarian for the diocese of Clogher.

I know Clogher gave Meath a transfer of of £5,000 for him.

Before that did Meath give Clogher another transfer fee?

It’s all about the Gaynooth United team.

Connolly was on the Clogher team but his friend Kevin Heery was on the Meath team. So Kevin left the Clogher team and joined his mate on the Meath team.

Then himself and Heery feel out and Kevin left his mate on the Meath team and returned to the Clogher team – for a fee!

Now Heery is curate in the southern most part of Meath – Mullingar.

And Kevin is in the northern part of Clogher – in Aghadrumsee in Co. Fermanagh.

Personally, I have never heard of this seminarian swap thing ever happen before.

It would not be allowed to happen!

What was happening?

And Aghadrumsee???

St. McCartans Church Aghadrumsee

I can well imagine that the people of Agha are the corn of the earth – but even they are shocked that a young newly ordained priests is at a rural crossroads with one Mass a week!!!

And he is not even a curate!

He is, as an old retired priest might be, “a priest in residence’!!!

His new bishop is Larry Duffy.

Larry, son, what’s going on? Why is your youngest priest “parked” in a rural lay by when the diocese is starved for priests?


(To the tune of Biddly Mulligan the pride of the Coombe)


You may travel from Clare to the county Kildare,

From Clones right down to the Ski,

But where would you see a fine cleric like me,

Kevi Connolly the Pride Drumsee

Me boys

Kevi Connolly the pride of Drumsee.

I’m a well hung young buck and I live in a shuck.

In Clogher they call it Drumsee.

My stops and my calls are well known to all

And my habits are plain for to see.

I loved Heery and Wilson and dear Mickey Byrne.

Not to mention Saint Joseph’s Young Priests.



Buckley, what’s the relevance of all this? You obviously have nothing worthwhile to do. Utter banality and utter nonsense. So much for your Advent spirit of renewal within!!


10.18: What do you care? Get on with relevant pastoral work – if you have any to do. Pat, you are a busybody interferer.


The only on of these I’ve met was John Harney. He was Tuam diocese. I liked him and at the time felt that Tuam did not treat him well?


Thank you for that. I am confusing him with a Tuam man I met. Maybe his name was Hargan?


Hi Pat, you are confused about John Harney, John Harney left seminary and now lives in Kevins wadrop.


Kevin Heery wants nothing to do with Kevin Connolly , especially after what happened in Stamullen with Stephen Wilson. Connolly groomed Mr Wilson and engaged in terrible ritualistic acts with him in bed and wearing cabin crew uniform attire.


Tis all about the balls hi Is it rugby Gaelic or soccer. The shape a th ball and the role oth goal. Where’s the ref hi. Can you hear the whistle but


Hello hi fly.
Begorra fly is it all about balls or all about mini-balls as in marbles.
There seems to be a quaer shortage of marbles gone missing along with the refs.
Bye bye fly hi.


A coven of witches produced from the mother coven, Gaynooth.
Conman, Fanny, the Pryer-path and Collins are responsible for destroying the priesthood in Ireland.


McGuinness has got a cushy job at the bishops conference based in Maynooth. He made a total mess of Clogher as Administrator so it only stands to reason that the half wits of Irish bishops appoint such a person to this post. Joe didn’t want to be in a parish, he’s work shy. He and O’Reilly could easily be mistaken for the Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher.


Pat, get the old facts right before you jump in. It’s very common now for a priest to be assigned to a deanery as opposed to within the confines of a parish. This means that they are available for Mass and ministry anywhere in that deanery area. Kevin, by living in that rural location, means he is able to continue to offer a weekly Mass there and yet be free to cover the wider area. Have a look at the announcement of his appointment from the Clogher website: Rev Kevin Connolly, newly ordained, to be Priest in Residence in Aghadrumsee supporting Pastoral Ministry in Clones Cluster (Parishes of Clones, Roslea and Killeevan-Currin-Aghabog)

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Joe Mc Guinness has been demoted from VG of Clogher to note taker and tea boy in Maynooth. What a difference a year makes!!!!


Being made secretary of bishops conference might be seen as promotion? Also it cant be easy for Joe who was acting colonel to be reduced back down to captain and watch Colonel Larry in charge.


RC Hierarchy in Crisis.

The Bishops hide in bunkers.
‘cos that’s what bishops do.
Eyes tight shut, hands over ears,
they haven’t got a clue.
In days gone bye, they’d always try,
to let the storm subside.
I’m telling you, that just won’t do.
There’s nowhere now to hide.
When Bishop Pat, smells a “rat.”
and ‘blogs of war’ ensue
Bishops scurry, full of worry,
their past misdeeds to rue.


Vincent Nichols rise was in great part due to his time as General Secretary of the Episcopal Conference of England & Wales.

Though why a priest is needed for such a desk job (either there or in Ireland) is hard to comprehend. Larry Duffy can’t complain about priest shortages in Clogher when he has several priests in desk jobs outside the diocese.


The Church of Ireland wannabe O’Reilly (always in grey clerical gear) in Enniskillen might be the new VG. His big queen curate dripping in lace can help run the show.


Peter O’ Reilly is a VG! Clogher’s such a wonderful diocese that it has two Vicars General…….all eyes on wee Larry to see will he have the nerve and the foresight to not appoint the wannabe bishop Mc Caughey as Joe’s replacement.


I hope you’re holding something back, Bp Pat, something a bit special for your readers to look forward to over the upcoming festive period. Another expose on Gaynooth, perhaps, or your all-time favourites quotes from Abp Turtle’s speeches.


I would if I could, but I cant
Sure that’s what bishops enjoy.
Not as a verb, but think of the noun.
‘cos that’s what bishops employ!


3.43: You’re a sicko. Get psychiatric help. You idiot. Pray that you’ll be healed of your stupidity. What a horrible moron you are…


What has the Bishops Conference ever achieved? A Post Conciliar novelty which has given the Bishops a mechanism to hide behind. Let’s meet up and do f**k all but say we have met up. Every man will be judged on his fidelity to the faith, his courage, not on his fidelity to a sham construct


I’ve been wondering about Biddy McGonigle. I hope on these cold nights that she is being kept warm in bed with activity focused on procreation rather than recreation.


That job was promised to Timmy for all his hard work! He’s disconsolate. He will lip neither Chinese nor Indian. I forced him, by my copious and unrestrained weeping, to sip a little broth earlier. Bishop and gentle readers, do please keep him in your orations at the Oratory.


I wonder will Timmy join Noel at the forthcoming Vespers to herald the arrival of the new trade mob in fortwilliam next week.


Buckley keep your nose out of Clogher’s business and Joe McGuinness. You are a trouble maker and young Connolly is a good priest.


Down and Connor doesn’t need any auxiliary and certainly not Timmy Bartley. Noel divvies out the confirmations now among the vicars forane doing as few of them himself as he can decently get away with.


Doesn’t D&C need an auxiliary with the the retirement of one and the transfer of another? That may keep Tim happy.


If Timmy is appointed auxiliary in D&C it will be to the joy and acclamation of every priest in the diocese.


Darcy’s up to his tricks again. He motored down to Enniskillen in the Merc yesterday, to the Ardhowen theatre to be exact, to hijack the launch of the latest CD of the singing nuns. He was going around telling anyone who would listen that the Guardian is desperate to interview him and run a profile.


What a sickener of a man. Does D’arcy not realise that many in Enniskillen cannot stand the sight of him. Trust him to hijack such an event. Joe Duffy couldn’t abide him anywhere near him.


Kevin Connolly needs to recomcile with the seminarians he reported. The lives of the parents of these victims have been destroyed, mothers, father’s, brothers, sisters and even widows have been affected by Kevin’s lies to Hugh Connolly and Michael Mullaney.


Kevin will do whatever it takes to save himself just look at how he got Brendan Marshall kicked out of Maynnoth . Kevin also reported Lorcan a former Dublin seminarian . At the end Kevin back stabbed John Harney and choose Stephen Wilson as his new lover. Hugh Connolly and Michael Mullaney deemed Kevin fit and normal. Problems arising where he is now, socially isolating himself from the clergy, remaining locked in his house and deep regret for not remaing in Meath where Bishop T0m could protect like the Kevin McElory aka Horney Andy case. Ken the Lumber Jack Man is exposed.


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