This week’s vote is of vital importance to the future of Northern Ireland where I have lived for 41 years.

But in one sense, those of us in Northern Ireland can only vote for the side show parties, in the sense that we cannot really vote Conservative or Labour – from where the next prime minister will come from.

My dad was a trade unionist and by nature I am Old Labour – not a Blairite New Labour.

In a million years I would never vote Conservative. Nor could I ever vote for Boris Johnson. He is a liar and a show man with a private agenda for himself and his rich pals.

While Corbyn comes from the left of Labour, my natural home, I do not trust him either. He is just too extreme.

But if it came to the bit I would have Corbyn before Boris.

Since I came to Northern Ireland in 1978 I have always voted Sinn Fein – not because I supported the Armed Struggle but as a protest vote against the corrupt establishment and widespread discrimination.

I have never liked the SDLP who I regard as the political wing of the Roman Catholic Church.

Alliance don’t do it for me.

I am certainly not a Unionist – but I live in East Antrim which will return a Unionist MP always.

So this year I have decided to forget Brexit etc and vote for my local MP who has given me sterling help as my constituency MP.

His name is Sammy Wilson.

On three occasions in the past seven years I have been faced with insurmountable challenges to do with establishment issues.

On all occasions I went to Sammy.

And, on all occasions, he worked hard for me and sorted my issues.

Of course Sammy and I do not agree on many issues – same sex civil marriage being one big area.

However, when you live somewhere where your vote cannot really effect national or even regional change, you do the next best thing – vote for an MP who has a record of being an excellent constituency MP and who has been there for you when you needed them.

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The truth will set you free, even if the truth is revolting, said Ab Martin. Let this truth be heard. a genuine quote from Sammy Wilson
‘They are poofs. I don’t care if they are ratepayers. As far as i am concerned they are perverts’ – Sammy Wilson, Daily express


In May 1996, the Sunday World published a series of candid holiday photographs showing Wilson and his girlfriend naked. Wilson subsequently sued the paper for damages, which were settled out of court.[7] After the incident, Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin addressed the Northern Ireland Assembly by saying “It is also very good to come across someone like Mr Sammy Wilson, whom I have never met, and it is great to see him today with his clothes on


Sammy Wilson is performing a sterling service in securing the reunification of this island. By pushing for a hard Brexit and having undermined any compromises on the part of Teresa May, he has advanced the cause of Irish unity no end. Hopefully he can draw some solace from the jobs that will be created in his East Antrim constituency in port and customs either with the rest of the UK or with a soon to be independent Scotland.


This year you have chosen to forget brexit with this election?? How can any right thinking person forget about the biggest political decision in a generation when it comes to an election? This is something that will affect every single person directly or indirectly including you Pat. This election has arisen solely because of Brexit. To say you are forgetting about it seems a tad irrational. You say you vote for Mr Bigot Wilson despite his bigoted views on same sex marriage and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community yet by voting for such a person is a complete contradiction in terms. I’m sorry Pat but you are totally misguided on these issues and your stance leaves many questions rather than answers. A vote for the DUP on Thursday is an irresponsible one on so many different levels. It takes us back not forward. After all, we are only just crocodiles who only trust Muslims to go to the shop for us.


So that makes it ok to vote for a sectarian bigot then Pat? Neither Sammy or his party have any time for you, your religion or your sexual orientation. They ignored the wishes of the people of NI to stay in the EU. Shame on you Pat.

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Why is that Pat? I don’t care about anyone sexual preferences or religious beliefs. It’s none of my business Everyone is entitled to live their life their way as opposed to the DUP way. How does that make me a sectarian bigot.


I’m just saying that Sammy might regard your view if him as bigoted?


I suppose it’s an honest comment on Sammy’s help Pat. But would abstaining not better reflect a more valid stance? Every vote for DUP is used to indicate a support for their backward policies. Having said that, perhaps in the long term as Aiden above points out it can be seen as another nail in the DUP coffin….


MMM, I don’t agree with you on some issues. That said, your point on abstaining on this vote because of the individuals bigoted views is a very valid one. I am contemplating just that in a very secure seat which I have no control over. However, I do wonder if I did vote for an alternative, would it make a dent in the bigots tally from the previous election? I’d like to join you for a drink some time btw. I think you’re great.


Pat, you have summed up politics nicely. The recognition that local MPs cannot truely impact on the national agenda is a sign of rising above the political talk.

People call him a bigot – say he is not interested in your religion or orientation. But your experience is that he is interested in you as an individual. He helped you personally when needed: and did so in a world that all too often turns it’s back on those in need.

Experience speaks louder than political talk.


I am voting for Diarmid Martin. 4 more Years. 4 more years. I am going to make a nice coddle for Dinner on Thursday.


Pat, now that Pope Francis has named Cardinal Tagle as the main man for the Evangelizations of the People, do you think he is indicating to other Cardinals that he wants Tagle as his Successor. Just found it an interesting move as Tagle is only 62.


Tagle couldn’t evangelise the Philippines, where Prods and Muslims are making big inroads and more Catholics are lapsing, so it’s bewildering that he’s been made the Red Pope.


All these predictions of a Papal successor are totally irrelevant just as opinion polls at elections in the past are equally irrelevant. Total tripe and pointless exercise.


What are you doing celebrating its rituals and claiming to be one of its bishops then? Jesus!!


I am a Christian in the Catholic tradition. I have no association with the RCC.


4.11: The more I read about you Pat, the more confused I am of exactly what you believe and I believe you too are confused about terminology. You ARE anti Catholic in every respect: You just choose your own free style of ritual, beliefs, theology and spirituality. Now your politics is disturbing. All just seems makey up. In the end your opinions are very self serving.


I am a Catholic who is anti RCC.

I follow the Vat 11 liturgy.

My theology has developed over a lifetime – as an authentic theology should.

I am basically an open minded socialist but do not doggedly follow any political party.

In short I am a free thinker.

If you dont like that….it does not bother me.


My wife and I are Catholics and we are voting DUP this Thursday as they are pro-life unlike Alliance, Sinn Fein (naturally), the SDLP and the UUP.


I told Jim Shannon that I was a Catholic who intended to vote for him in Strangford. “Many of your persuasion vote for the DUP” he replied.


The Free State is now a cold house for proper (ie pro-life) Catholics. There’s more respect for them in Ulster.


5.50: Pat, you are indeed entitled to your own free thinking but you should respect others for their views and faith positions. You are indeed entitled to criticise but as a minister of Christ’s gospel of mercy, tolerence, respect for others and compassion, you frequently display all that is anathema to this gospel, particularly when you spout your anti Catholic venom. You may not care what others think about you: that’s fine but at least you should be conscious of the detrimental effect your words have on your targeted enemies.


Pat, when you mixed with the likes of Seawright you showed how low you could get. He was shot by the IPLO a cover for the INLA. They were more ruthless than the IRA. The INLA leader was mad dog Mc Glinchey from South Derry – you probably never heard of him. They covered the bullet in dog shit for Seawright and it meant a long slow infected death.


Yo are a gay married man. Wilson referred to you as “poof’s” and perverts.
You used be a Catholic Priest. Wilson says taigs don’t pay taxes. Did you when you were a Taig?
Do you enjoy being insulted and humiliated?
You claim to be “pro life”. Wilson proposed a motion at Belfast City Council congratulating the UDA for having murdered a democratically elected councillor who was also a husband and father. How “pro-life” was that?
He refused to condemn – in fact implicitly endorsed the murder of a young Catholic man Gerard Sláine. How “pro-life” was that?
Would to explain to the relatives of these two men why you would vote for this homophobic sectarian murder-endorsing bigot.


I am not married. I have a civil partnership. I am still an ordained Cathoouc priest. I have never used the term pro life about myself.

I am voting for Sammy for one good reason. On at least three occasions he came to the aid of myself and parishioners when we needed it.


+Pat: this is just not a justification (for voting for Sammy) sufficiently sensible to convince many of us to accept that you should place your personal positive involvement with Sammy as a paramount consideration. As I previously said, every DUP vote is seen as supporting their medieval aspirations and agenda.
Just don’t vote I’d say in your position.

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I regret my mistake regarding marriage. So because he “came to the aid of your parishioners” (how not specied) that negates petty cosiderations as:
– support for austerity
– hostility to immigrants
– denigration of the Irish Language
– gross sectarianism as evidenced by demonisation and vilification of catholics in vilest of language
– homophobia as evidenced by demonisation and vilification of gays in vilest of language
AND justification of and exulting in the murder of catholics and congratulating the murderer.
Congratulations Pat, ‘leader’ of your flock. You were bought cheap.


I’m obliged to say Pat that while I’ve supported you previously in many areas, your proposed voting for Sammy Wilson renders my previous concept of you as a principled human rights advocate to be completely misjudged.

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