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For decades, it was an open secret that thousands of Catholic priests across the globe had been caught molesting young children. Within the upper ranks of the Catholic Church, reports of sexual abuse had crossed every desk.

The Church did their best to keep it from leaking to the press and to deal with the problem within the church. More often than not, though, their solution was little more than to pass child molesters onto a new parish, where they’d be surrounded by a whole new set of children to prey on or sentenced them to the “life of prayer and penance” the religion already demanded.

They couldn’t keep it quiet forever. It was inevitable that the truth of what was going on inside of some of the Catholic Church’s parish walls would explode out into the public.

But even now that the stories have come out, most people still have no idea just how horrifying the sex abuse scandal really was. This was more than just a case of a few bad apples. The details are staggering, and most still have no idea just how deep the cover-up really went.

7% of Catholic Priests In Australia Have Been Accused Of Sexual Abuse.

Most of the stories we’ve heard from the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal come from the United States or Ireland, but the epidemic there was light compared to what was going on in Australia. In the land down under, sex abuse was more rampant than anywhere else on earth.

7% of all Australian Catholic priests have been accused of sexual abuse, typically by children who are 11-years-old or younger. In other words, if you found yourself in a room with fourteen Australian priests, chances are that one of them would be a child molester.
The numbers get even worse when you look at them in detail. Out of children who ever actually found themselves alone in a private session with a priest, 37% reported being sexually abused. And in the worst order, St. John of God, nearly half of the priests were accused of abuse.
Even these numbers, though, are just based on how many people were willing to come out and report the abuse. Most of the children targeted by the priests were young boys, a group that is statically very rarely willing to come out and speak about sexual abuse – and so there’s no telling how many people just haven’t told their stories.

For people behind the statistics, it was devastating. At least 40 victims in the city of Victoria alone ended up killing themselves over what they’d endured at the hands of men they’d trusted.[1]

Dutch Sex Abuse Victims Who Spoke Out Were Forcibly Castrated

In 1956, a young boy at the Harreveld Boarding School called the police. He’d been repeatedly raped by multiple monks at the school, he told them, lead by a Brother Superior named Gregorius.

Nothing came of it. The monks at the school simply apologized to the police and told them the boy was mentally ill. They would take care of it themselves, they assured them. Then they brought the young boy into a psychiatric ward and, as punishment for speaking out, violently castrated him.

It’s one of the most horrifying stories to come out of the scandal – but it didn’t just happen once. It’s believed that at least ten other boys went through the same thing. The others, though, didn’t get as far as calling the police. As soon as it slipped out that they might be thinking of talking, they were locked up and their genitals mutilated, an act the priests justified as “treatment for homosexuality”.

The whole church tried to cover the story up. When the Catholic Church wrote their report on sex abuse, they conveniently left Harreveld out. And the Dutch Prime Minister Victor Marijen even tried to get a royal pardon for the monks who’d raped and castrated the boys in their care.[2]

A Known Child Molester Was Appointed To The Sexual Abuse Advisory Board

In 1996, Rev. Martin O’Loghlen openly admitted to sexually abusing a teenage girl. And in the very same year, he was appointed to the Church’s sexual abuse advisory board.
O’Loghlen, as he openly admitted, had repeatedly committed statutory rape on a teenage girl. He was a Vice Principal at the Catholic high school at the time, and he sexually preyed on young girls for his entire time in a position of power.
The girl didn’t report what had happened until 1996. When she did, O’Loghlen didn’t deny a single word. His only justification was that he was a “sex addict” and that he’d changed. There’s little to think that he did, though. The girl didn’t report it out of the blue. She reported him because 30 years after sexually assaulting her, he had tracked down her new address and started harassing her all over again.
Even after O’Loghlen admitted to statutory rape, the church still left him on the sexual advisory board. He enjoys “highly esteem” among the clergy, the man responsible for investigating him wrote. They let him off the hook and put him on the board – and he stayed on it for more than 10 years.[3]

Orphans In Quebec Were Falsely Labelled Mentally Ill And Left With Sex Abusers

Between 1949 and 1956, 20,000 illegitimate children of unmarried women in Quebec were sent into the care of the church. But instead of being raised like sons and daughters of God, they were put through unimaginable abuse.
At the time, abortion and contraceptives were illegal. If a woman got pregnant, there was little she could legally do about it, and, in the culture, the stigma of unwed motherhood was harsh. The church would try to coerce them into leaving their children in their orphanages, promising to take good care of them.
Instead, though, the children were so horribly mistreated that most didn’t even start speaking until they were 6-years-old. They were repeatedly reminded that they were “children of sin”. If they cried, they were beaten.
When the Church realized that they could double their federal funding by running a psychiatric hospital, they falsely labeled thousands of the children as mentally deficient. These children were pulled out of school and put into forced labor camps.
Rape was horrendously frequently. One survivor, who says he was raped two or three times a week, says he grew up thinking “it was normal to have sex between men”.
It took until 2006 before the Church apologized for what they’d done. Their atonement was to give the survivors about $15,000 each – and, in exchange, to force them to sign a contract promising never to press charges.[4]

The Church Ignored Complaints About A Priest Who Raped 200 Children For 50 Years

At a school for the deaf in Wisconsin, Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy made a habit of calling his pupils into his office around the time when they turned 14-years-old. God had commanded him to teach them about sex, he would tell them. But God forbade them from telling anyone about it.
Between 1950 and 1974, it’s believed that Rev. Murphy molested approximately 200 young boys, usually using that story. Despite what he told them, though, the kids didn’t keep it quiet. They told everyone they could what was happening – and not a soul listened.
One of the boys said he told three archbishops but was told to just forget about what Rev. Murphy had done to him and let it drop. In turn, he contacted two police departments and the district attorney, and still nothing happened.
Even the future Pope Benedict XVI himself was told about what was happening. In 1996, while he was still a Cardinal, the future Pope was sent reports about Rev. Murphy’s abuse, but never did anything about it. Murphy died two years later in 1998, still a priest, without ever suffering a single consequence for sexually assaulting 200 children.
“That man should have been in prison for a very long time,” one of his victims said after he died. “He got away with it.”[5]

An Archbishop Claimed He “Didn’t Know” It Was Illegal To Have Sex With Children

When his Archdiocese was put on trial for the sex abuse in 1984, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson was asked if he understood that having sex with a child was illegal. Carlson replied, “I’m not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not.”
Carlson wasn’t actually that ignorant – he just wasn’t too caught up on the “thou shalt not give false testimony” part of the Bible. He’d written multiple memos that not only made it clear that he knew his priests were sexually assaulting children, but also made it clear that he was actively using the law to cover it up.
When one child’s parents complained about their child being abused by Carlson’s priests, he sent out a memo reminding the other bishops that the statute of limitations would expire in two years. If they could just keep them from talking to police for a little bit longer, the parents wouldn’t be able to press charges.
Carlson also told the court that he had no regrets about how he’d handled it. “I think in everything we do, once we’ve experienced it, we reflect on our actions and we ask what we can do better,” he told them. “I think we did a pretty good job.”[6]

The Cover-Up Has Been Going On Since At Least The 1940s

The first hints of what was going on didn’t really hit the media until the 1980s and 1990s, but within the church, people have been talking about it since the 1940s.
That was when the American Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald set up the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, a religious order to treat monks who were struggling with sin (specifically alcoholism). Shortly after opening his congregation, Fitzgerald sent a letter to the Pope complaining about the massive number of child molesters being sent his way.
Nothing was being done to punish them, Rev. Fitzgerald complained. Instead, they were allowed to make a quick, fake repentance, and then were put back in – as he put it – “a position where they can continue their wonted activity.” That letter was sent in 1957, but it’s widely believed he’d been struggling with the problem for more than a decade already. The reverend did not hold back in the forcefulness of his recommendations. In the letter he further said: “These men Your Excellency are devils and the wrath of God is upon them and if I were a bishop I would tremble when I failed to report them to Rome for involuntary laicization [(defrocking)].”
In Ireland, the problem may have been well-known even before then. Way back in the 1930s, they set up the “Christian Brothers” and “Sisters of Mercy” – workhouses where sexual abuse was “endemic”, according to one report.
“They were routinely sexually abused,” the report said, as well as physically beaten. Children there were beaten while hung from hooks, set upon by dogs, forced to eat their own vomit, and far more – and word never slipped through to the public until 50 years after it had started.[7]

The Church Has Kept Secret Books On Their Cover-Ups Since The 18th Century

The church has kept secret records on their scandals for far longer, though. Since at least the 18th century, they’ve kept a secret set of books called the Canon 489 Files: an archive of murder, scandal, and abuse, meant to be kept from prying eyes.
Around the 1970s, the pages of the Canon 489 books became filled with stories about priests sexually abusing children and with clear records of a deliberate cover-up. There are written confessions from priests openly admitting to raping children, paired with letters from church officials telling them to destroy all evidence.
Some records were kept in the books, though, because the Catholic Church never thought they’d have to show it to the world. They were confident that they’d win the legal right to keep their books secret.
When a lawsuit forced them to reveal the information to the world, the Church complied – but there’s no telling what they managed to tear out before the world looked at their pages. One bishop was caught calling for a meeting to discuss how to keep their dirtiest secrets from being exposed to the word.
“If there’s something there you really don’t want people to see you might send it off to the Apostolic Delegate,” he suggested. “They have immunity to protect something that is potentially dangerous.”[8]

Pope John Paul II Personally Promoted A Cardinal Who Was Caught Covering It Up

On December 13, 2002, Cardinal Bernard Law resigned from his position as Archbishop of Boston. An expose in the news had revealed that he had personally helped cover up the sexual abuse in his archdiocese, even protecting a man who had personally molested 130 children.
That man was John Geoghan, a priest who repeatedly raped and assaulted children over a three-decade spree. The boys he targeted were young – one was only four-years-old.
Cardinal Law was fully aware of what Geoghan was doing. There are records showing he was getting reports about Geoghan’s abuse by at least 1984. He signed letters complaining about Geoghan’s “history of homosexual involvement with young boys”, and yet, for almost 15 years, kept him in parishes where he’d be surrounded by young children.
Geoghan didn’t get in trouble until the parents of his victims took their complaints to the media and the courts – and, when it became clear that Law that been involved in the cover-up, he resigned.
But the Church, it seems, didn’t have much of a problem with one of the Cardinals protecting rapists. Less than two years after the scandal broke, Pope John Paul II himself made Cardinal Law the Archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, an important basilica in Rome. The new position made him one of the most powerful men in the church, with no superiors other than the Pope himself.[9]

In 2016, The Church Once Again Ordered Bishops Not To Report Sex Abuse

At this point, it’s probably no surprise that the Church was trying to keep these stories from reaching the press. In the 1990s, the Church specifically sent letters to their Bishops telling them that they were to keep all reports of sexual abuse within the church courts and outside of the public ones, with the letter they sent specifying that it “must be meticulously followed”.
What’s deeply troubling, though, is how little has changed, even now that the stories have come to light. As recently as in 2016, the Church was caught sending another letter to their bishops, telling them: “It is not necessarily the duty of the bishop to report suspects to authorities, the police or state prosecutors.”
The letter was talking about sexual abuse from priests. It was full of a horrifying refusal to take responsibility. It wrote the Church’s sex abuse scandals off by saying that most sexual assaults are still committed by families and friends, only acknowledging that “the church has been particularly affected by sexual crimes” – as if the real victim in all of this has been the Church’s reputation.
The Catholic Church backpedaled and apologized when the letter made it out into the media. Still, it’s a deeply troubling glimpse into what still happened behind closed doors, when there are no cameras or reporters on hand to expose what’s happening to the world.[10]


The redacted documents on yesterday’s blog were from a Dublin seminarian.

That seminarian reported the whole Paul Prior matter to the Dublin director of vocations and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

The seminarian and DM had a one hour meeting during which he was believed and encouraged and DM offered to send him to a new seminary. The seminarian declined.

That seminarian is now a very happily married young man and following a successful career.

He was treated disgracefully in and by Maynooth.

How many other good young men have been lost to the priesthood by disgraceful formations?

Subsequent to Joe’s leaving the seminary, his friends were intimidated and aggressively interrogated by Fr. Michael Mullaney regarding their knowledge of his complaints against Fr. Paul Prior.

1. Marius O’Reilly (then Cork & Ross seminarian and now priest) was interrogated by Fr. Mullaney and Fr. Paul Prior then compiled a very negative and untrue end-of-term report for his then bishop, John Buckley.

Marius volitionally stood down from being a seminarian with Cork & Ross and discerned a vocation with a foreign order before returning to his diocese. Bishop John Buckley sent him to Rome to finish his formation.

2. Jonathan Flood (then Raphoe seminarian and now priest) received similar treatment from Mullaney and Prior. He requested that his then bishop, Philip Boyce, send him to Rome to finish his formation as he refused to continue same in Maynooth.

3. Derek O’Connell (then Cork & Ross seminarian) received similar treatment from Mullaney and Prior. His bishop withdrew his support for him and Derek then discerned a religious vocation.

4. Osmond Omeje (then Cork & Ross seminarian) received similar treatment from Mullaney, Prior and his bishop as Derek O’Connell. Osmond is now a priest with a foreign order.

5. Sean Mulligan (then Clogher seminarian and now priest) received similar treatment as above. He was told to take time out and eventually finished his formation in Rome.

6.Anthony McGorian (then Dublin seminarian) was also interrogated by Mullaney and Prior. He was accepted back to Maynooth the following year but was deliberately isolated, run-down and eventually ejected by Prior at the end of the year. Anthony was a mentally fragile individual and he received shocking and utterly ruthless treatment from Connolly, Mullaney and Prior. They showed scant regard for this man’s mental health.

The Jesuits are currently retaining Paul Prior.

They are now, with full knowledge, responsible for any problems he causes in the future. They are liable, morally and legally, for his future actions.


Today, the Maynooth ex seminarian has made a formal complaint to the Jesuit Safeguarding Officer.

That officer is already investigating two other complaints from two young lay men with regard to alleged incidents in a Dublin Jesuit church.


Pat, Corbyn will lead the biggest party, not enough to form a government. The Government will be NOC in political terns.


How did you vote Pat? Did many comments criticising your choice of Sammy make any difference?


MMM, You dont really think that I can be intimidated into changing how I vote, do you?


Not intimidation Pat! Cop on! ’twas attempts to get your pig-headedness to fully consider the issues beyond a narrow self satisfied/serving perspective. You still don’t say if the attempts prevailed.
Eh bien. Chaque chien a son raison.


Borris went to Eton. In Westminster diocese Pat. Along with William and Harry. All specimens of the English establishment.


Eton isn’t in the Archdiocese of Westminster. I should think it must be in Portsmouth Diocese, but don’t see the relevance.


Utter drivel. Boris, William and Harry all went to Eton which is in Windsor. Windsor is in the diocese of Portsmouth which is part of the province of Southwark. Nothing to do with Westminster. All of them are non Catholic as well.
Please be factual and relevant.


I wonder if Paul Prior still asks his favourite question?
Not “do you want to see me keks?” but “tell me, do you have erections in the oratory and how do you integrate them into prayer?”


I went on a retreat at Manresa House in Birmingham years ago, which was run by Jesuit hangers-on and not the Jesuits themselves. One of them was showing me round and pointing at a room, whispered in hushed tones, ‘That is Gerard’s room’.


Manresa House in Birmingham IS run by the Jesuits. It is the noviciate for the British, Irish and some Northern European countries – Belgium, Netherlands, I think. It’s still up and running. Paul Prior has been there. I have seen him out and about. Little chap. Tight trousers. Can’t say about the u/pants. I don’t know if he is there still. These SJs are off out and about the place all the time as part of their noviciate experience. Join the SJs and see the world. My sense is that the SJs are pretty spot on with their formation programme and I would say that if there is anything dodgy about Prior, or anybody else, they will find it out and deal with it, even if it means ending their time with the SJs. Unlike lots of other seminary programmes, which we have seen from this blog are inadequate, not fit for purpose, dysfunctional and just odd, the SJs seem to have a sensibly mature and integrated training programme for their next generation of SJs. I think that many of the dioceses could take advice from them, particularly on the human, emotional, psychological, relationship aspects of the training. If you are in the UK and reading this today, election day, remember (as they used to say in NI), vote early and vote often !


What an order are the SJs! Wear tight trousers and see the world! Great spot for sociopathic narcissists to weasel into, the good old SJs…


The *retreat* was not run by the Jesuits themselves.
The Gerard in question was Gerard Hughes. Sadly Hopkins died just before I was born but my mother knew Archbishop Ullathorne.


The good priests have little to say about the 10 horrifying facts regarding the culture of abuse in the Church, not to mention the other lad. I wonder why?


1.31: The good priests are out fughtingntheir schools, the sick and housebound and carrying out other pastoral work. You fool. Where is your very enlightening analysis or comments about the content of today’s blog? If the stupid comment you made is indicative of your impoverished mind, don’t even bother an intelligent reply to the issues raised by the article today. Incidentally, mr. moron, I am hirtufied at the cumulative impact of every scandal but I carry out my work with honour and integrity, like many, many other priests.


fughtingntheir hirtufied. @ 3:56pm
No enlightening analysis or comments required on today’s blog. It speaks for itself, as does your abusive remarks.
Far too many ‘good’ priests are, quite simply, moral cowards. The crisis in the Catholic Church is a myth.
The fruits of an endemic abusive toxic culture in the Catholic Church abound Internationally.



You are right: priests ARE moral cowards. Too busy watching their backs (protecting themselves and their colleagues) to be of any real use to Christ.

Judging by the abuse of that other commentor-priest, you hit a very raw nerve.

The good news is that these priest-parasite-paedos are on the run. People are revolted by these vermin, these leeches.


The whole thing stinks. Perhaps tis time to involve the Lord We need a parallel ministry of prayer across the borders (hi)


Hello hi fly.
Begorra fly not only do we need to involve the Lord and a parallel prayer ministry we also need a miracle to sort out the stinking mess. Why isn’t the Lord involved fly. Do half of them not believe in God while the other half think they’ll be grand no matter what they’ve been up to with whoever or whatever. When salt loses it taste its useless.
Bye bye fly hi.

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If you and other contributors look at the relevant diocesan directories, you will find the answers: Eton is in Northampton, Windsor (mentioned in an earlier comment) in Portsmouth. They are virtually next door to each other, but on opposite banks of the Thames which must in this area be the diocesan boundary.


Totally agree. The Thames is the boundary. Bishop Doyle is the Bishop of Northampton, you probably didn hear of him Buckley, he is a decent sort. The river (Thames) is the boundary between Northampton and Portsmouth. The bishops couldn’t be more different -Doyle Northanpton and Egan pig in Portsmouth


Hear of Bishop Doyle? I know him well and we communicate. Nice man. Good to his priests.


Are you trying to intimidate with this ‘Retired Judge’ moniker? If you are, it is not working.


Boris Johnson along with Prince Wiliam and Harry attended Eton College. It’s in the RC diocese of Northampton


Pat, since your blog yesterday, Paulette Pry-er has been through about ten pairs of pastel shade CK underpants. They are all on boil wash now. 😑 💩 😷


Isn’t it a bit of a midlife crisis for a diocesan priest to decide in his 50s to be a novice? Perhaps Paul was terrified of being sent to a parish, having avoided them since ordination.

One of Maynooth’s many problems is that the deans hadn’t been priests in parishes yet they decided who’d be ordained to serve in parishes.


Father Prior’s “crisis” has been going on for over20 years and has, and is, impacting others negatively. It must be brought to an end.


Well as I promised the other Day on here. I am going to have my coddle. Hopefully it will taste good. Is it true the Priests in Dublin want Dermo to stay on as the fear of Phonsie looms in this Season of anticipation and waiting. In any way a coddle today in honour of Dermo and the lads.


T.D took a phone call from a distressed person, shortly before being named bishop, regarding a seminarians unwanted advances.


Tom Deenihan was a most bombastic seminarian. Tom told Sr Regis, who was herself a bit overbearing, that he was spending the summer holidays in Lourdes. “That’ll be good for your spots” she said.


That does not surprise me – but the question is what did he do with the information supplied. Anybody can receive such a call; response is key.


In a 2018 article for the Catholic World Report, Professor William Kilpatrick slammed the “looming scandal” of “the Church’s facilitation of an Islamic takeover of much of the Western and non-Western world.”
“For years now, Catholic leaders — the pope, bishops, priests, Catholic media, and Catholic educators — have covered up the large gap that divides Islam and Christianity,” he observed.
“Instead they have poured all their energies into emphasizing the similarities between the two faiths, while simultaneously decrying ‘Islamophobia’ — a term which seems to refer to any criticism of Islam,” he added.
Kilpatrick warned that “bishops whose sense of sin is limited to man-made climate change and the building of border walls are less likely to notice the approach of other types of evil.”
Looking forward, he also forecast: “It is probable that clerics who saw no danger in the rise of homosexual networks in the Church will also see no danger in the spread of a supposedly ‘peaceful’ fellow religion — even though that religion has a long history of subjugating other cultures and religion.”


At the recent confirmation service at Eton the bishop accused the boys of preferring to get into Pop rather than into the Kingdom of Heaven. They evidently looked at him as if he was mad – for who wouldn’t?


5.51: Continue taking your anti-hatred pills: they might eventually work! Crapheads like you make me vomit. You haven’t a clue about the presence of many, many good priests among us, nor do you want to recognise them. There are many moral cowards on this blog and I suspect you are one of them. Very easy to be a so called “commentator” sitting behind your laptop: much more difficult to respond positively and constructively to make parish communities greater Christ-like places. At least I do my utmost each day, T.God. The anti-clericalism of your note is rather toxic.


Oh, I think MC is right.😳 I hit a very raw nerve, didn’t I.😮 You sound very angry. 😠
Did it cross your mind, I just might know what I’m talking about regarding moral cowards in the priesthood. 😢
Well, I do know what I’m talking about. 😭 I’ll be Christ like towards you.😎. I’ll forgive your abusive remarks. 😇
By the way, I don’t take pills of any kind.💊 I’m not sitting behind a laptop. I’m using a tablet! 😅
Sort out your anger issues.😈 It’s unhealthy to indulge in projective rants at total strangers under the guise of defending the priesthood. 😟🙏


9.44: A few raw nerves were obviously pinched tightly in you with that rant! Get a life. You’re using a tablet – I’m presuming you meant to say “taking”!!!! Take more…😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣😂😂🐃🐃🍄🍄🍄🍄 – you mushroom head..🍄🍄


I voted for the DUP candidate in South Down.

The sitting MP here is Chris Hazzard, of Sein Fein. The guy is a waste of votes, because the shinners, with their juvenile abstentionist policy, refuse to take their seats in Parliament. Why? Because its full of big, bad Brits.

The shinners are really grown up.😕


At the rate they are appointing new bishops in Ireland over the last decade it will take about a hundred years to such mergers to begin.


Pat, is it true that the authorities have just unearthed something of great concern with the Archdiocese of Liverpool, in relation to the ex seminarian with learning difficulties?
I believe it was that bad he nearly died. I hope that he is alright.
If what I heard the other day is true, it is now only a matter of time before it all becomes public.
By the way, any news on Elsey and Westminster?


Who are the seminarians that still are for the Archdiocese of Liverpool? The webpage for the diocese hasn’t been updated in ages regarding their seminarians.


So one of my buddies in a running club I belong to had his profile done in our monthly newsletters and in his bio it said he had gone to seminary school to become a priest when he was young and it was a cool thing I didn’t know about him so next time I saw him I had to ask what happened, how’d you decide or what made you do what your doing today instead? He smirked a bit and said one morning he’d come into his room after doing whatever and guy he was bunked up with or sharing room at school with was looking through the open window with binoculars and he thought nothing of it until the guy seemed startled he said, uneasy. So the guy had left and my buddy realized only thing out there was the school’s playground but you know still he didn’t freak out, coulda been anything really but as months went by he kinda realized that most of the men in seminary school were either homosexual which DOESN’T of course make you a pedophile but in the time he attended being gay wasn’t exactly accepted or condoned and it seemed as he said perfect conver because you didn’t marry. But there were definitely others taking interest in children and while I TRULY believe there are far more good hearted Godly priests the real tragedy here is the blatant head turning and cover up by the church. Being abused is hard enough to handle and I know this first hand having married a Jewish woman(every day I pray to get hit by a bus) but to be assaulted by the person who’s supposed to be held in the highest of trust is insane, not to mention who’d believe you if you even had the courage to say something. I’m a Christian, not the best, but I try and there’s something crazy about organized religion with fellow sinners just making rules and oddly enough having gone to church growing up the biggest sinners were those who were the most judgmental and harsh. God see’s everything, can’t hide anything and when you help others in any way you can, try to walk straight lines just be and do the best you can he see’s that. In other words some of the greatest folks on earth don’t belong to huge organized religious sects because they are already doing God’s work.


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