TOKYO (AP) — During Pope Francis’ recent visit to Japan, Harumi Suzuki stood where his motorcade passed by holding a sign that read: “I am a survivor.”

Katsumi Takenaka stood at another spot, on another day, holding up his banner that read, “Catholic child sexual abuse in Japan, too.”

The two are among a handful of people who have gone public as survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse in Japan, where values of conformity and harmony have resulted in a strong code of silence.
But as in other parts of the world, from Pennsylvania to Chile, Takenaka and Suzuki are starting to feel less alone as other victims have come forward despite the ostracism they and their family members often face for speaking out.

Their public denunciation is all the more remarkable, given Catholics make up less than 0.5% of Japan’s population. To date, the global abuse scandal has concentrated on heavily Catholic countries, such as Ireland, the U.S. and now, many countries in Latin America.

All of which could explain why the Catholic hierarchy in Japan has been slow to respond to the scandal, which involves not only children being sexually abused but adults in spiritual direction — an increasingly common phenomenon being denounced in the #MeToo era.

In a recent case, police were investigating allegations by a woman in Nagasaki, the region with the greatest concentration of Catholics in Japan, that a priest touched her inappropriately last year.

Japanese media reports said the woman had been hospitalized for PTSD. Police confirmed an investigation was underway but the church declined to provide details, citing privacy concerns.
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan launched a nationwide investigation into sexual abuse of women and children this year, responding to the Vatican’s demand for an urgent response to the global crisis.

The results haven’t been disclosed, and it’s unclear when they might be ready. Similar studies have been carried out by the U.S., German and Dutch churches, with the findings made public, and government-mandated inquiries have devastated the church’s credibility in countries like Australia and Ireland.

The Japanese bishops’ conference has said it carried out various investigations since 2002, but the names of the accused, the nature of the allegations or any other details have never been released.

Broadcaster Japan News Network said 21 cases were found in the latest investigation. The conference declined to confirm that number. It’s unclear whether that includes decades-old cases like Takenaka’s and Suzuki’s.

In a rare case of the church taking action, Takenaka received a public apology earlier this year from Nagasaki Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami for the sexual abuse he suffered as a child at the Salesian Boys’ Home in Tokyo, where he was placed after his parents’ divorce.

“I think his apology was sincere in his own way. But the response has lacked a sense of urgency, and there is no sign they will take any real action,” Takenaka told The Associated Press.

Takenaka’s alleged perpetrator was a German priest, who he said initially took off the boy’s clothes to examine bruises from beatings he suffered from other boys at the home. The priest’s examinations escalated to fondling and other sexual acts, which went on for months until the priest was transferred, he said. He reported that the priest told him he would go straight to hell if he told anyone, and gave him candy and foreign stamps.

Takenaka identified his abuser as the late Rev. Thomas Manhard. The Salesians in Munich confirmed Manhard had worked in Japan from 1934-1985, when he returned to Germany. He died a year later. Spokeswoman Katharina Hennecke said the order had no information in its records about allegations against him.
Takenaka’s account was confirmed by the Rev. Hiroshi Tamura, who runs the Salesian Boys’ Home and said he was conferring with the Japanese bishops’ conference to work out a response to his claim.

Takenaka, a civil servant in his 60s, said the church needs to be proactive in disclosing details about the abuse it has uncovered, identifying offending clergy and how they were penalized. He said an outside investigation is needed and a forum for victims to come together.
“The victims are isolated,” Takenaka said. “No one knows for sure if the abuse is still going on.”

Pope Francis has emphasized the global nature of the abuse problem, summoning bishops conference leaders from around the world to the Vatican this past February and passing a new law requiring all cases be reported to church authorities.

But he didn’t refer to the issue during his trip to Japan, focusing instead on messages on nuclear weapons and nuclear disasters.

Both Takenaka and Suzuki said they had relayed requests to meet with Francis but got no answers.

“I am filled with sadness and I am filled with outrage,” said Suzuki, who wept as she told her story of being sexually assaulted by a Japanese priest in northeastern Japan in 1977.

Suzuki represents the Japan section of the American organization SNAP, or the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which supports victims of religious authorities.

“I want my dignity back, and I felt I had to act,” she said.

She said a few other victims in Japan have contacted her. Takenaka and Suzuki talked by phone for the first time recently, although they have yet to meet.
Suzuki, a nurse, says she was assaulted when she went to a priest for help about the domestic violence she was suffering at the hands of her husband, and other personal problems.

She says she had no expectation the priest would try to have sex with her, and wasn’t sure she even had a choice. She remembered he whispered into her ear, “You won’t regret this?” and then lifted her up in his arms and carried her upstairs to a bed.

“I could not run away or scream,” she said, adding that the naked priest was on top of her before she really knew what was happening.

“I did not ask for sex,” she said, adding that she has suffered flashbacks, depression, as well as blackouts about how even she got home that day.
Documents seen by The Associated Press show the Sendai diocese carried out an investigation by a third party of lawyers into her case in 2016.

The investigation determined the sexual act likely did happen but decided no criminal or civil responsibility could be pursued, given the passage of time and that the priest may have thought the act was consensual.

Suzuki denies she consented, and said she remains so terrified she can’t go into a church anymore.

“My whole world was turned upside down,” she said.

Sendai Bishop Martin Testuo Hiraga, who has frequently met with Suzuki, said a solution was not easy. He said the priest denied there was any sex between them at all.

“I am at a loss as to what to do,” he said.
The Catholic hierarchy around the world has largely ignored the problem of adults — seminarians, nuns and laypeople — who are sexually abused by clergy. Yet there is a large body of research that shows that adults can be sexually victimized by clergy because of the power imbalance in the relationship.

A priest can easily take advantage of a parishioner during spiritual direction or in times of personal crisis, such as when a woman has come for help because she is being abused by her husband, since she is in a vulnerable state, these experts say.

The late Diana Garland of Baylor University has argued that women often come to realize they were victims of abusive clergy only when they are asked if the sex would have happened if the pastor was her neighbor.

“Overwhelmingly the answer is ‘no,’” Garland wrote in 2006. “As she says no, she begins to face the truth that he had power and authority that made meaningful consent impossible for her.”
In addition to Takenaka and Suzuki, several victims have spoken out against the religious brothers at St. Mary’s International School, a prestigious all-boys parochial school in Tokyo, alleging they were raped or molested decades ago.

The school carried out an investigation, starting in 2014, and denies any abuse is ongoing. There have been no criminal or civil cases at St. Mary’s.

Takenaka said he decided to confront the problem of abuse in the Japanese church, demanding answers from the hierarchy and helping sexual abuse victims precisely because he still believes in God.
If he became a bigger person, his emotional scars would seem small in comparison, he said.

But he remembered during Christmas Eve Mass last year, he asked in his prayers:

“On which side is God’s justice on?”


And now clerical sex abuse raises its ugly head in Japan where the rc population is tiny!

It’s being brought to light by Francis’ visit to Japan!


This sexual abuse is more likely to have been done by missionaries?

Any Irish among them?

The original missionaries to Japan were the Jesuits.

I wonder if the Jesuit archives have any information on the abuse?

Japan and China, along with Africa and South America will feature in the coming tsunami of child sexual abuse stories from missionary lands



As I said on yesterday’s blog, any young man who seeks admittance to a Romanist seminary does not desire to serve God, but himself. And a foul fruit of this (sexual abuse by Romanist priest-pimps) has been plucked, and is now being talked about publicly, in the heavily patriarchal and warrior culture of Japan.
No one should underestimate the courage of sexual-abuse survivors in that country who have ‘gone public’ with their accounts of betrayal at the hands of Romanists. There are bound to be many others, silenced, for the moment, by a secular culture which easily shames those perceived as weak. And victims of sexual assualt by Romanists could easily be perceived as weak in the macho culture of Japan.
When you marry the patriarchal and secretive culture of the institutional Romanist Church with the corresponding secular culture in Japan, you have almost perfect conditions for the cultivation of evil and of its concealment. A veritable, moral playground for Satan. And the Romanists, as we now know, will seek to exploit, to their venal satisfaction, any and every opportunity to indulge whatever appetite or perversion drives them. And the dominant driving force here, as history is revealing over and over, is carnal self-glorification.
When I was a Romanist seminarian, I read of the ‘heroic’ martydom of early Catholic missionaries in Japan, the Jesuits. And I recall being singularly unimpressed with their ‘self-sacrifice’. My impression was that these men actually sought martydom. They had been put in love, by a dysfunctional church and spirituality, with blood self-sacrifice, so-called ‘red martydom’ (or, more prosaically, ‘dyin’ for Jesus’). ‘They had been put in love with themselves’, in other words. Some of the early Christians in the Colosseum may have been driven by the same motive: spiritual pride.
I hope Pope Francis is given a harder time in Japan than priest-pimps gave to children and adults there.
I hope, too, that he finds the… (I was about to say ‘courage’, but that’s a virtue too far for a Romanist.) I hope Francis is reckless enough to go walkabout in his beloved Argentina, where the child-abuse chapter by priest-pimps there can finally and fully be written.


Magna I think you would be interested in the biography of Dom Pie de Hemptinne, ‘A Disciple of Dom Marmion’. Published before the sexual revolution, he is now very sexually interesting in his seeking of pain and suffering, which would now be considered masochistic. And of course you will know how Christian monasticism has its beginning in ambition after martyrdom stopped in the Roman empire.


I’m sorry to hear that the scourge of abuse is raising its head in Japan. But no surprise.
It has often been rehearsed on this blog that abuse arises from a distorted and dysfunctional clerical exceptionalism and unaccountability, connected to a rather warped understanding and appreciation of sexuality and the moral teaching that comes from that. This does not just encompass the world of the cleric, but a distorted sense of sexuality and morality has affected us all.
It’s very interesting to read this article in The Tablet.
It’s a bit stilted in language, I guess because it has probably been translated from some tortuous German original, but it seems to say that in Germany, at least, there are discussions going on, in preparation for their synod, of a re-evaluation of sexuality and sexual teaching, that has implications for our understanding of where a person’s sexuality comes from, and also how people live in relationships, and how they might still belong to the Church. It’s good to see people trying to catch up with our understanding these days of sexuality and sexual function and relationship, rather than trying to shoehorn everything in to an increasingly discredited traditional understanding and application. I know there will be many who will say that scripture and tradition are the only forward and that anything outside those parameters is erroneous, but surely these things have to be understood and interpreted in our current understanding of these very crucial aspects of human nature ? It’s good to see, at least from my reading, that there is some willingness in Germany to have these discussions, rather than just resort to one man, one woman, in marriage, missionary position etc., as the model for all people, and judging anything and anyone outside those tight constraints as necessarily intrinsically disordered and sinful. Which means most of us !


Pat, leaving aside the repetitive, hate filled and hate inciting comments of Mad Magna – (notice the time of his posting: gin time) – the narrative if clerical sexual abuse has yet to reach a crescendo and we are heading to that moment. It is inevitable that Latin America, Asia and African nations have yet to being a process of listening and hearing the experiences of many – thousands perhaps. Given the oppressive regimes in some of these countries, telling the TRUTH will be a potentially dangerous journey for all who were/are abused. They may well face threats and be endangered in this challenge. Ripping people apart with obscenities, as Rag Mag does, achieves nothing. It would serve him better to spend time working on his hatred or become involved in a more constructive, pri-active way to effect true justice for survivors. There are plenty of opportunities to put his “concern” into action, otherwise any opinions are faux outrage and a pissing in the wind, useless exercise. Get up off your lazy ass, Magna: prove your real compassion.


Pat, why did you publish the comment above (1.06pm)? It contains bad language, the reason you gave me yesterday for not publishing two of my comments. Incidentally, had you looked more closely at those comments, you would have discovered that the bad language they contained was in quotation marks: I was, in fact, quoting another commentor’s post, on the same blog, which you published despite ITS bad language.

A little fairness and consistency in your censoring would be appreciated.


@ “Magna Carta” trolls at 2:49pm – Pat Buckley publishes more than enough of your comments – far far too many and too much too often.
Many are thankful that he spared us a few of your vicious invectives dripping, no doubt, with the usual copious bile and venom. So get over yourselves! 🙂

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To the “Magna Carta” gang at 2:49pm, what bad language was in 1:06pm’s post?? “Pissing in the wind”? “Lazy ass”? That’s nothing NOTHING compared to the vicious obscenities that appear on this blog from your group! Thank you, Pat, for once, not publishing the poison written by the Magna shoal of trolls.


Aw diddums, Magsy Wagsy. Did big uncle Pat not publish some of your lickle comments? People lives will be so so much the poorer on account of his mean and nasty censorship. Bold bold Pat for censoring Magna! I hope you undertook suitable penance for such a sin and crime. 3 days on bread and water should be a beginning of making atonement to this sagacious little gather up of toxic nerds with nothing else to do all day.


Och Magna, so behind all the braggadocio you’re just sensitive little souls who cry if your comments don’t get published? Awww. Go and cry to your Mummykins. Thanks Pat for sparing your readers for once. I’m sure it was similar to the usual “gems”.


2 49: Magna, stop being so self pitying. You have had sufficient spaces on this blog in recent days to express, not just your repetitive opinions but also your vulgar, hate inciting nonsense – but dangerous nonsense. Recently you shared a personal experience whereby you sought comfort from a Novena of Surrender Prayer. We thought for a moment you were human as you evoked some empathy from others. What is your response to this kind empathy: an ignorant, abusive and vicious vomit of hate speech against clerics. Do you really believe you should have frequent access to pour out such venom, obscenity and vulgarity without consequences? The truth is – you are encouraging violence against a particular group. This is racism and is morally reprehensible. If you are so morally and spiritually bankrupt, which I believe you to be, take time out, go away on retreat, look deep into your psyche and find inner healing. You cannot be allowed unfettered freedom to act so irresponsibly through your hate language. As said by commentator at 1.06, find a more fruitful way of showing “true, genuine concern”. Show us your real as opposed to your pretence concern for victims/survivors by getting involved in advocacy groups. Come out from your cocoon of lonely, soul destroying existence. Be, as Jesus said, fruitful in appropriate, life giving ways.


3.11: Thank you Pat for not allowing Magna to bully you. His postings are an invitation to violence against priests. He has been given much space recently to pour out unacceptable vitriol. You should censor him for life. Let him start his own blog. But thanks for not letting him dominate with hate speech. I wonder if there is anyone who can redeem him, especially before Christmas? (Redeem as in save him from himself!)?


We must also remember that MC can publish very profound comments. A lot of anger comes from hurt.

Many of us have been hurt by the RCC.


5.20: Indeed Pat, MC can present some rational, interesting comments but far too often his commentary descends into unacceptable hate speech. His reasoned arguments are often a prelude to a crescendo of loud mouth expressions of incitement to hatred. He, MC, must be restrained on social media. His type of bullying obscenities and vulgarity can have a very negative impact on individuals. His absence is not missed, seriously.


True, Bishop Pat.
Most of the clerics posting on this blog just don’t realise the depth of wounding many people have experienced by the Rcc. They seem to think they have no moral responsible to those wounded other than defending the indefensible. These clerics need to stand up and be counted if they possess any backbone or moral fibre. Who do they think Jesus would align Himself with in the current moral corruptive morass in the Rcc?
Thanks for this blog and keep up the good work.


5.20: Pat, being hurt by the church or by any individual or institution, while horrendous, is no justification to call for physical hurt to be inflicted on others. There is a presence of dysfunctionality in Magna which is very dangerous when unchecked. He should not be allowed to use your blog to be the conduit of poisonous hate narratives. Let his set up his own extreme hate blog…..


The RCC is not a person. It’s an institution. It cannot be hurt like a person.



Yes but you attack individuals on this blog as a way of getting back at the larger institution, which as you correctly state, cannot be hurt.

Your efforts only hurt people like you. You pass off your hurt and pain onto others and then justify it with your inner anger and pain. It is a vicious circle.


I do not attack people. I highlight scnerios in which individuals and the organisation cause hurt and are hypocritical – especially when they are being protected by the system.


No, it isn’t. One may express hatred, legally, provided it is not on statutorially prescribed grounds.😆


‘Violence against priests’.
Look at the violence many of your colleagues have inflicted on countless children and vulnerable adults. SHAMEFUL, and SHAME on bishops who covered it up, particularly those who continue to cover it up. Outrageous. The antithesis of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.


6.08: Nine of us has any right to infl7ct irbincite violence on anyone. It’s outrageous that you would seek to defend Magna, an inciter of hatred and violence. Of course I condemn and abhor the violence of abuse by clerics and others. You cannot ever justify returning violence with violence. That’s anarchy. Yoyr argument is empty. Outrageous that you defend the vulgarity, bullying and obscenity of Magna. As sexual abuse is so anathema to the GOSPEL OF Christ, so too is incitement to hatred and violence. When has repaying violence with violence ever produced healing?


I have no idea if MC is ordained to ministry, but if he’s not ordained, he’s a great loss to the Church.


5.40: A tongue in cheek comnent I’m sure! A loss: no: he’d be in permanent hostility with every one, clergy and laity. If by chance he’s in ministry, I trust he’s stepped aside by authorities. A cracked, mad man.


Bishop Pat, I’m not and never advocated violence against anyone.
I take the gospel message seriously, as in turn the other cheek., what you do to the least, harming children and millstones.The clergy don’t seem to realise the Church can never be the same again. The days of deference are over.


He is not a great loss to the Church. His behaviour suggests he unstable, depressed, full of anger and an alcoholic.
The Church had a lucky escape. He would have been another mortgage on the Church. He needs to accept that he does NOT have a calling and never did. It is not the institutions fault that he is wholly unsuitable. He can spend his days complaining and being angry on this blog but it will not change anything.


You describe the typical personality profile of many a priest. That’s why the clergy hate him, he embodies their own personality faults but in a way less hypocritical way.


Rory, I find it interesting that in about four years of following this blog, and Magna’s numerous comments, I do not ever recall him having expressed any regret at having left a seminary, the clerical state, or indeed any aspiration to become a part of the ‘clerical club.’.
I say it’s interesting as he is forever being castigated by blog comments inferring he is ‘attacking’ the RC church because he was “rejected” by it, and that his criticism of the RC institution and its clerics is some form of misguided retaliation for this rejection.
I made the free decision to quit the seminary route and have absolutely no regrets. I consider myself fortunate to having escaped from what I subsequently have come to understand as an institutional self serving misrepresentation of truth, justice and morality. I suspect Magna feels likewise. No doubt he will clarify this.
I do not know the circumstances of Magna’s departure. However it’s clear from his comments that he holds the RC institution in the same low regard as I do, when, as I say above, he expresses no regret at departing its pervasive clutches. So it’s something of a conundrum to attempt to explain why so many commentators here appear to think he is, in some way, still regretful and hankering after being “ontologically changed.” Unless of course those critics who have been thus “changed” have had ‘other parts’ of their perceptive and reasoning powers changed as well, either by ordination or its subsequent privileged lifestyle, and now feel superior, or perhaps threatened, and project onto Magna that he somehow aspires to their own self perceived elevated status.
Yes it’s interesting!


Maybe they secretly envy MC.
They now know the ontological change and ministry is not what it was cracked up to be in seminary.
There’s nothing like a dose of reality.


Thank you, MMM. You understand me very well.

I was glad (and now am delighted) that I was not, by choice, ordained a Romanist priest. Were it so, I should be mortified, and intolerably ashamed, to belong to a caste of men that has committed evil so unspeakable at which even demons in the lowest reaches of Hell must be aghast .

I left seminary of my own accord, but Romanist priest-pimps who post here (and who would, laughably, proclaim themselves purveyors of moral truth) choose to misrepresent me in this respect.

I hold the institutional Romanist Church in such low regard that my contempt is virtually sublime, even holy.

Louis Armstrong sang of a ‘wonderful world’. Such a world, to me, would be one free of the Roman Strumpet, and her priest-pimp-parasites.

No offence intended. 😆


I bet Magna and his ‘ilk’ long to be taken back into the fold. You spend your lives on a blog being bitter about the Church. It still owns you, mentally and physically. It’s actually pathetic, sad and humorous at the same time.

The reject club acting like a bitter ex-girlfriend all these years.


Interesting title re ‘satanic project’ which i hadnt thought of that. It looks like somewhat closer to the truth.
Black mass in the vatican, pope did nothing re black mass. He ordained bishops with known homosexuality traits in order to blackmail them so that PF gets whats he want. Lot of gay bishops were promoted thus ‘gay church’? Had a argument with die hard catholic as they said roman catholic is true church, also if i disagree with PF then im in schism with rcc. I dont know about this. One thing that bothered me was the word ‘cult’, if they are saying re schism as they try to rein me in etc. That sounded like a cult by their argument of disagree with pope and in schism.
Anyway, regarding MC, he makes some very good insightful comments although his mouth can be lewd at times thrown in with some expletives. He is like a veil lifting the church re his insightful comments which i never thought before. Obviously he’s well versed with ways of rcc. So something to learn from him.


Annie is “going on” ‘cos either she fails to understand my comment at 8:41, or simply disagrees with it. Of course “she” is quite entitled to disagreement, and I respect diversity of opinion. But speaking of opinion, I actually suspect “Annie” is just another of those ontologically changed clerical caste esconsed within a parochial greenhouse from which they throw the stones of their own disgruntlement such as Anon @ 8:53 refers to.


5.35: Don’t make so generalised judgments about priests. The vast majirity of us are as abhorred and disgusted by all sexual abuse. We grew up in families with siblings and I know we’d do our utmost to keep them safe from all harm. There are priests who have done almost irreparable harm but don’t paint us all with the same stroke. I get it and I understand, as do all my contempiraries. It’s a pastime of many, sadly, to tell the lie that ‘none of us care or understand. Rubbish and a lie.


I don’t believe for a second you or your contemporaries get it or understand.
If true why have you and your contemporaries not taken a public stand as a collective?
Fr. Tom Doyle OP gets it.

I had dealings with a bishop recently. I was lied to. He knew he was lying.
Doesn’t give a monkey’s.

It seems to me you and your contemporaries are compromised as you depend on your bishop for bed, board plus your livelihood.So you’ll continue to do the dishonorable thing by remaining silent not rocking the boat.
After all, we were led to believe when the bishop spoke God was speaking. Crap.

Can you imagine the suffering the seminarian in Thurles went through? Can you imagine the suffering his family, relatives and friends went through? My life was ruined, destroyed by f****** protecting the Rcc. You don’t get it, not unless you being given a life sentence. My bishop was willing to see me destroyed to protect low lives in the priesthood and moral corruption in the Rcc. Clerical moral cowards colluded and kept their mouths firmly shut to protect themsleves, their careers and hypocrisy in Holy Mother Church.Nothing’s changed, other than the public now know of the culture of abuse and the depth of moral corruption in the Rcc.


8.44: Take your anger and hatred to a therapist. I did when I was abused. It helps. Your anger is understandable but your lambasting of all clerics is unacceptable, the wrong target of your anger. No matter how often priests express their outrage, it’s never enough for some who seem to want public hangings in the market squares.


Nonsense. The bishops grew up with siblings and to a man have encouraged child abuse.
You are in denial.


We are back to the question which reappears here over and over. Would a man who holds child abuse in abhorrence remain a functionary of an institution which protects and enables child abusers?
The answer is perfectly simple and obvious… To everyone except RC priests….


8.33: I agree with you re: 7.45: A repeat of the old, cliched, rehearsed rant on this blog, designed to perpetuate the lie that all priests are abusers. It’s a sham argument, a trailer trash comment.


And you never will, they’re too busy covering their own backs in case their bishop moves them to a parish without a golf course.


Read my comment again and you might understand what I am actually saying, which is not what you are understanding.
But then you won’t will you, because you are determined not to engage with the point I make.
The thought of wasting your whole life would be awful wouldn’t it…


9.58: Do what you like. You are obviously a deeply hurt person but go and unload your anger in the right forum: A therapist’s room.


Don’ t be so patronising while being passive aggressive.
Did you ever hear of righteous indignation? Was Jesus having a bad day when he wrecked the temple? The right forum! What do you know about what forums I’ve used. Nothing.


My goodness! 😨

I’m whacked!😩

Just returned home from a very long, and emotionally draining, day of hospital visitation.

Decided to tune into Pat’s blog. And what do I find? Oh, the usual. Romanist priest-pimps whining about dear old Magna for telling the truth about them…tellingly.

During one infrequent free moment at the hospital, I posted a reply to the commentor at 1.26. It wasn’t published, Pat. May I ask why? It contained no bad language. It was a thoughtful and considered response (not to mention a courtesy) to that commentor. So why did you refuse to publish it? Did it cross some boundary unknown to me? I should like to know, because I put effort, forethought, and learning into my posts, and it’s demoralising to find them unpublished, for no apparent reason.

Did my comment not reach you? Please tell me why you didn’t publish it, because if I did cross some unknown boundary of yours, I ‘ll try to avoid it in future. But not publishing my posts for no apparent reason suggests that you are susceptible to pressure from Romanist priest-pimps who frequently whine on your blog when they are justifiably criticised.

I thought you were made of steel, Pat, not plastic… like most Romanist priest-pimps.😕


MC Hammered, none, unfortunately. Though I should, if I could.

It amuses me when hearing a Romanist priest-pimp speak of his being an ‘Alter Christus’. I then, invariably, say that if he can raise the dead and heal the sick, at will, I’ll believe him.

Sullen silence typically follows, succeeded by a defeated, slinking off.😕


8.48: Magna, you should have applied for a bed in the psychiatric unit of the hospitals you visited, if indeed you did visit such places. You frequently cross the boundaries of normal, decent human behaviour. You deserve all the opprobrium given to you and more. You are a deranged human species. You are like a spoiled child asking dear Daddy Pat for clemency – please daddy, please, can I not throw boulders anymore at anyone. I didn’t mean to be a bully…Please daddy, I don’t hurt anyone…Get it Mags: You are a creep, a bully, a racist and a hatemonger. Simple as. Idiot.


MC, not to worry. The Lord might grant you the gift of healing before too long.😇


Please, tell me your not a priest.
If you are, what a shameful attitude towards those with serious mental health difficulties.


8.48: Your emotional blackmail of Pat with your self pitying crap is disgusting. You are falling apart Magna. You should do more hospital visitation – itvwill teach you what real suffering is about. Stop being a childish brat.


Brilliant comment 9:27pm. Isn’t it hilarious the howls of protest from the Magna Carta syndicate when a few of their spewings of vitriol don’t see the light of day? 😂😂😂

Next thing you know they will all go off in protest again the way they did some months back. But then, alas, they came back because they missed their little games so much. 😁


I do not always agree with Magna but I fear that the truth which he speaks in today’s blog is a little too close to home for some of his critics here today. On today’s posts by Magna I back him 100%.


8.58: Backing and supporting Magna makes you complicit in his incitement to hatred. You should be more discerning of the crackpots you support. This thug is outrageous. I guess you too are a hate inciter. Truth is a very distant ideal from your objectives.


Yes, The Priests concert in Enniskillen has been cancelled. Peter O Reilly and his little curate must be heartbroken……they were so excited about seeing their Down and Connor chums again.


Due to circumstances beyond their control, apparently.
What can it mean, Bp Pat, beyond their control? A new Grindr scandal, perhaps.


Pat this is just a suggestion which I don’t think you will go with because you may consider it censorship. You are dealing with an institution which holds a great deal of power and has not been afraid to keep that power at the expense of children’s lives. You get many comments from its priests moaning that they are being persecuted when actually they are in a position of power.
Have you thought of the power imbalance when allowing comments? I think in the interests of redressing that balance you would be well within your rights to refuse all comments from Catholics including priests claiming that they are being persecuted, as a sort of positive action.


9.49: Totalitarianism is what you’re suggesting – isn’t it? You desire only one voice – the voice of critics and disallow alternative opinion. Go to Russia or China for that type of censorship. What a very clever man you are!


It’s all a bit depressing, Bp Pat, I thought we’d get some cheerful blogs on the run-up to Christmas; the untold story of Amy and Rory, for example, would be nice, or an updated rogues’ gallery. A ‘where are they now’ is always interesting too.


@6:44 said
‘When has repaying violence with violence ever produced healing?’
When the instigator of the violence will not stop being violent. In such a situation killing the perpetrator would be the only way to achieve healing.
A parallel would be the abusive response of the church to the children it has abused. I have commented here repeatedly and asked what a Christian response to this situation should be and just greeted with a wail of ‘it wasn’t me’. Unless the church begins to respond in a suitable way the only response it leaves to the adults in the world outside is to force it to behave in a human way. Either with the law or taxes, it is very plain that it doesn’t give a damn – and that goes for the clowns posting above today.


What’s ‘the game that must be played’ to be ordained?
Lollipop, will you fill us in and tell all? Was the game played in Gaynooth?


To get people in a festive mood, here’s a carol from Maynooth (1989), featuring Ledwith, Mullaney, Nellie Dean and Bullfrog.


Thanks for that clip. Wonderful. Brings back many happy memories and the light of other days: Fintan, Danny, John, Michael, Frank, Robert, Brendan, Roland, Aquin, Padraig, Paul, Gerard, Andrew, Michael…..


Pat, there’s hope for you yet. Dr Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to the Queen and then an independent bishop, was received into the Church last Sunday. The CDF is considering how to respond to his episcopal orders, which are said to be valid but illicit.


How the thought that being received into the RC church could be described as hope giving for Pat (or anyone else for that matter) escapes me.
Pat you stick to your guns, love, you’re better out than in.
BTW the original poster made an error, he was never an independent bishop and was actually consecrated bishop while still in active ministry in the Church of England.


And when did I say he was made a bishop of the C of E, idiot? Toxic arrogance is far more characteristic of you than me. But then if you weren’t rushing to troll someone on here you might have noticed that.
If you can read at all, I suggest you go to Ashendon’s own website to see what happened and if you had any manners you would come back here and apologise to me, but I won’t hold my breath, daddy-o, you’re obviously far too used to adulation from idiots like yourself.


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