Pope Francis meets with the bishops of the USCCB’s Region VI, from Ohio and Michigan, at the Vatican, Dec. 10, 2019. Credit: Vatican Media.

By Courtney Mares

Vatican City, Dec 13, 2019 / 09:56 am (CNA).- American bishops from the Midwest met with Pope Francis this week with questions about the outcome of the Vatican’s investigation of Theodore McCarrick.

“I did ask about the McCarrick situation. That was something that all of us were very interested in knowing where this was going. And very glad to hear that a report is coming, and not sure when it will be, probably after the beginning of the new year,” Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing told EWTN Dec. 13.

The seventeen bishops from Ohio and Michigan (Region VI of the US bishops) met with the pope for two hours Dec. 10 as a part of their ad limina visit to Rome, and had the opportunity to ask the pope questions.

Bishop Boyea said he asked Pope Francis about the promised McCarrick report, and that the pope described it for them. He said that the bishops also discussed the report with the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Parolin is “a little more nervous about the reception of this in the public,” Boyea added.

The Vatican announced that it would conduct a review of files on McCarrick in October 2018.

At the U.S. bishops’ conference fall meeting in Baltimore Nov. 11-13, Boyea asked that an update on the Vatican’s McCarrick investigation be added to the agenda. Cardinal Sean O’Malley responded that the Holy See intended to publish the results of the investigation in the new year, “if not before Christmas.”
O’Malley said that the bishops of New England also discussed the McCarrick report during their ad limina meeting with Francis in early November before the U.S bishops meeting.

The cardinal said he was shown a “hefty document” by the Vatican, which is being translated into Italian for a presentation to Pope Francis, with an intended publication by early 2020.

Reports of McCarrick’s history of sexual abuse were initially made public in June 2018, when the Archdiocese of New York announced that a sexual abuse allegation against then-retired Cardinal McCarrick was “credible and substantiated.”

Subsequent reports of sexual abuse or harassment of children and seminarians by McCarrick surfaced, and Pope Francis accepted his resignation from the College of Cardinals and assigned him to a life of prayer and penance in July 2018.

In August 2018, former apostolic nuncio to the U.S. Carlo Maria Vigano claimed that Pope Francis had known about existing sanctions on McCarrick but chose to repeal them.

At their November 2018 meeting, just months after settlements of the Archdioceses of New York and Newark of abuse cases involving McCarrick were made public, the bishops were set to vote on a number of measures to deal with the clergy sex abuse crisis including a call for the Vatican to release all documents about McCarrick in accord with canon and civil law.

However, after the Vatican requested shortly before the meeting that the bishops not take action on the abuse crisis until an international summit of bishops in Rome in early 2019, the bishops did not end up voting on the McCarrick measure because of fears they could be viewed at odds with Rome.
Pope Francis dismissed McCarrick from the clerical state in February 2019, shortly before convening a summit of bishops from around the world on clergy sexual abuse. The Vatican’s accelerated investigation into McCarrick’s case was an “administrative penal process,” not a full juridical process, but one used when the evidence in the case is overwhelming.
Bishops Boyea said that he expects that the anticipated McCarrick report will “be like peeling a scab off” for the Church in the U.S. “It is going to be tough, we know that, but it is better to get that out and get that done with,” he said.

“This is ultimately for the good of the Church. The truth cannot hurt the Church,” Boyea told EWTN.


Pat has had a hand surgery and cannot write a lot and wants his readers to make up for his words


Why the song and dance about the report. It’s not like it’s going to say, ‘We knew what he was up to but promoted him anyway because we don’t give a shit about anything except money which McCarrick brought in in spades’.


4.07: Pat, I had similar surgery on my hand 3 years ago – removal of arthritic lumps. I wouldn’t have it done again. Although I can move my hand joints much better there is recurring arthritic pain. Good luck with recovery.


So I hope you are going to report the end of Pontifical Secret regarding abuse.
Or is that something positive you would rather ignore?


Pat, that bandage suggests you had serious surgery on your hand. What was it? Like many clerics age brings a myriad of health issues. Recover well.


+Pat, sorry to hear you have had surgery, hope you are alright x.
I used to think Francis was a good guy; he really did seem to plunge hard at clericalism and I had hoped he would have broken the mould.
Sadly, it is now egregiously apparent that he has been covering up and playing the ‘clerical chess game’ with abusive clergy – moving them from one post to another in order to protect them and the Roman Empire.
Pure EVIL; no sense of the damage he-and the other bishops-have caused and continue to compound.
Any half-decent human being would have picked up the phone and Handed them in, but alas!


He’s a theological genius tis D’arsey. The gene pool of the world is impoverished for ever more because of his not being allowed to beget and begat. Some poor woman was deprived of this fine specimen of manhood. It’s a tragedy until the end of time.


Poor you, having hand surgery. Did you have to wait long on the NHS to get it done ? We hear that there are long waiting lists for the NHS in NI. The nurses are striking today. Or did you go private ? Not that I am against that, sometimes if you are in pain and can’t wait it’s the only way to go. If you can afford it. I assure you that the majority of Catholic priests have access to private health care in some form, through various diocesan schemes. Another perk of the job offered to those who see themselves as a cut above the rest of us. No wonder they are keen to hang on in, even when they get found out and have to go off and have to be remoulded – often at great cost too. They are very reluctant to give us their very comfortable and privileged lives with all the perks provided. No wonder they rediscover their faith and present themselves as recommitted and renewed. Well, at least in public…..


1.14: You have it so so wrong about clerics health schemes. Your comment is the usual anti clerical crap based on complete misinformation. More lies which you seem all too happy to perpetuate. Go out and do something useful in your community or parish.


Really. I’ve got to wrong have I Do tell me of any clericals in NI that are waiting over a year for an operation. Like the rest of us. Then I’ll take you seriously. Please, do you think I was born yesterday ?


4.17: Pat I didn’t have implants, just the surgical removal of hardened tissue around knuckle, back of hand and finger joints. Just had bandages for week or more and advised to rest the arm and hand. Successful enough: at least the discomfort and pain have hugely lessened. Keep well.


All Glasgow RCs
All day Confessions in the Cathedral this Friday. Do not go near the box of Fr Joseph Walsh. He refuses absolution to gays and is a homophobe or more
likely a closet poofta. He needs our prayers.


D’arcy is a nauseating sleeveen. His “heartbreak”/“disappointment”, etc., etc., at never having been able to marry is roll on the floor laughing material for its sheer absurdity and irony.


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