The first complaint is historic and comes a Maynooth ex seminarian. This seminarian has also made a formal complaint to the congregation for religious in Rome – through the Irish papal nuncio Archbishop Okolo.

Two other Dublin men have lodged complaints with the Jesuit provincial Father Leonard Maloney.

Fr. Maloney with the pope

Those complaints have been handed over to the Jesuit safeguarding person in Birmingham where the Jesuit novitiate is based.

The complaints have also been referred to the Archbishop of Birmingham Bunny Longley and his safeguarding people.

The alleged fourth complaint reputedly comes from a Jesuit novice who recently left the Jesuits.

The Jesuit safeguarding officer has gold some of the alleged victims that a panel is being convened this month to examine all complaints.

My recent email to Father Maloney:

Very Rev L. Maloney SJ

Dear Father Maloney,

Can I first of all commend you for the very dignified and moving funeral eremony you presided over for Gay Byrne RIP.

For several years now young seminarians and others have spoken to me about their very disturbing encounters with Father Paul Prior and their very intrusive sexual context.

I am informed now that one of your own former novices has come forward with a fourth complaint!

No one is seeking to harm Paul Prior – and he may need help in this area.

But he cannot be allowed by the Jesuits or any diocese to target any more young men in this highly dangerous and inappropriate way. It’s only a matter of time until this situation leads to a human tragedy.

Of course Father Prior is entitled to truth, justice and due process but we all have a massive duty of care to those he might hurt.

I hope and pray that you and your colleagues will take this grave matter with the serious attention it requires.

Sincerely yours,

+ Pat Buckley

cc Archbishop Diarmuid Martin_______________________


I was sorry to hear of the sudden death of RTE broadcaster Marian Finucane. She was only 69.

My detractors on this blog say that Marian did not like me? I never met her but occasionally listened to her programmes when travelling on the car.

Her cousin, who celebrated her funeral Mass, Monsignor Ciaran O’Carroll of the Irish College in Rome, said that she was very charitable and played a role in building a hospice in South Africa in memory of her daughter Dinead.

She will be rewarded for all her goodness.

O’Carroll’s homily was ok – but not memorable.

It was also good to see that no Country and Western priest muscled in on the funeral.

I always got the impression that Marian was upper middle class and held the values of that class?

In any event her passing is very sad – especially for her family.

May she rest on peace.


Fair play +Pat for emailing Fr. Maloney in relation to that particular matter.
Young men aspiring to serve the Lord, have had their lives ruined in Catholic seminaries. It scandalous.
It’s time for the grown ups in the clergy, to take responsibility.


I’m still trying to think of an occasion when you would invite someone else to look at your undies, unless you were in a sexual relationship with them.


Absolutely correct 6:52am. It’s a fetish, which is fair enough, but unless you were going to let the other person into your pants,it seems quite unusual.


It’s not just Fr Prior who needs investigated. There are many many more. Yes, due process and truth and fairness are essential in any investigation. However any member of the clergy who is accused should be removed until due process is carried out. That is not to say they are guilty but where wrongdoing is suspected it is the duty of each bishop to protect those who use the church for their faith. Far too many episodes have been swept under the carpet. Take the case of Dallat. That he is considered acceptable to lead others to Christ is laughable. This church goes from bad to worse each passing day. Shocking is an understatement. Speaking out to condemn those asking for truth, fairness and openness makes those people apologists and enablers. Surely the time has come for all right thinking Catholics to say enough is enough.


Canon David Oakley, the rector of Oscott Seminary has been appointed to Northampton. He is a favourite of Elsie Nichols.


Don’t know much about Stock, except that people say he is boring. I’ve met both Byrne and Oakley, and they are very different characters, but both warm, kind and pastoral men with a sense of reality. I’d certainly rather have them than Dark Mavis, hatchet-faced bigot Egan, or simpering O’Toole at Plymouth. I’m going to stick up for Elsie here, as the latter three grotesques would certainly not have had the Cardinal’s backing, so he showed some discernment and pastoral sense with Stock, Byrne and now Oakley. Or is it the nun whom we have to thank?


Let’s hope David Oakley has the courage to recall the likes of Barrett, Udris, Murray and the others back to the diocese.


All the queens will be scared now Fr David has gone. The new man for the job will boot the lot of them …. , Plenty of queens that need booting…. Salford, Brentwood, menevia (to name a few)… hi… xo


David Oakley is a nice and pastoral man with his feet on the ground. If Elsie rooted for him, then good for Elsie. However, I do not think he is going to be able to accomplish anything other than managing decline and closures in Northampton. Beware the blandishments of the Ordinariate: All Souls in Coventry now has an Ordinariate parish priest who claims he has Bunny Longley’s backing for introducing Anglican Heritage liturgy in a parish with no experience of that that tradition. As usual, if you don’t like it you are told to lump it.


Come off it! Why should they worry? It would be nice though to have more tittle-tattle about strange goings on in seminaries – the “stranger” the better. Nothing on Allen Hall for ages – and what about Wonersh and other finishing schools? Is “the beauty of the male Penis ” ( sic ) no longer of interest? Did Paul Pryor have any particular one in mind by the way or was there a pecking order?


Will the 2o16 Dublin trip stop any ordinations to the diaconate this summer! Now that Oakley is gone. Although Keane is still there to protect his own man.
Pat you published some pics on this a few years back.


So what is known about Paul Keane, Vice-Rector at Oscott? Is he now set to take over? I have never heard any tittle-tattle about him, though I’d say he is quietly but determinedly ambitious for a pointed hat himself. I don’t think he was around in Elsie’s day, so I don’t know whether he has that particular backing. He is from Brentwood, so are you suggesting at 4:03 pm that he has his own man to protect – and from what? I seem to remember Vera from earlier posts – is she the one from Salford? And what about those two strapping lads we saw a few months back doing a sponsored cycle trip? I think a day on Oscott is required. By the way I would hardly say that Oakley was involved in scandal for getting rid of the creepy Father Marsden.


Our God doesn’t play around with us by keeping secrets, he is a God who surprises us at every move!
…When the anointed one comes not in power and in splendour but as a child in a manger. Quite scandalous really – but it caught us by surprise, here in the Archdiocese!
Everyone had a part; everyone had a part to play!


It is clear from the accounts of these seminarians that Fr Prior likes to pry into matters most personal. Ow we are told a panel has been set up to establish further. No prizes for guessing the findings of the panel 🤣
Fr Prior will come up smelling of roses and it will turn out to be one big misunderstanding.
And tbe seminarians who reported their experiences will most certainly be punished.


Mick Walker head of Safeguarding for Middlesbrough has still not completed his review over the monster Rector de Espana.
The mind boggles at these people, do they honestly believe that people are stupid?!
What an absolute mess!


7:30pm the monster in Spain is responsible for the ex L’pool sem who almost died. He’s still not recovered.
St flukes are involved in the overnight up, majorly.
Cannot talk about the details as legal stuff still active.


This new appointment in Northampton has really taken those at surprise this morning, why Pope Francis would appoint a man so heavily involved in recent scandal to bishop is beyond belief. But more that the man would accept it, is more shocking.
Marsenden issues
Liverpool abuse case
2016 Oscott trip to the Pro Cathedral to link with priests and seminarians from maynooth organised by gorgeous. With Oakley gone who will protect them now?


Are you saying Oakley protected the Queens at Oscott? I think he has a degree from Maynooth so an interesting connection there. It seems Nichols pushed for him and not Francis. Nichols is also protective of his own Queens in Westminster.


4:30 minutes in. Ray thinks he’s just met Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Clearly Ray doesn’t know what Tim looks like, or that a cardinal generally wears red.


Never seen such an idiot prancing round New York. He would give the Irish a bad name. The fool assumes all NYPD officers are Irish and then mistaking Cardinal Dolan for an auxiliary is just painful beyond compare.


One of the Youtube comments said:
“Father Ray, you are an inspiration to us all. What a beautiful voice, just singing along while driving, now that’s what I call a God given talent.”


and don’t forget ”Father Kelly, you are so down to earth, so humble..”

Yeah :/ humble doesn’t really come to mind


Most Irish Catholics do not realise that anyone who assists abortion in any way is excommunicated according to the RCC. That means there are thousands of excommunicants in Ireland.


Including those who perform and assist abortions in Catholic hospitals such as St Vincent’s and the Mater Dublin and soon the Mater Belfast.


All the Catholics in the Free State who voted for abortion/lobbied for it (eg the ACP) procured abortion and as such incurred automatic excommunication.


Those hermits that were excommunicated in Scotland were thrown put of Northampton diocese by Bishop Doyle. They had been in Corby and caused all sorts of mischief.


Putting homophobic leaflets through peoples’ letterboxes, I think, and they’re probably… well, you know, themselves.


I though this blog was about Prior’s undies ? Much more entertaining than the grim business of abortion / termination / murder / selection, whatever you want to call it.

I think Prior’s SJ days are numbered. I’m somewhat surprised that the SJs hadn’t done sufficient intelligence gathering to see that he could be a bit of a problem. But, the SJs are nothing if not ruthless. So, back to his diocese to some quiet backwater ? I doubt if he’s ever going to get a seminary job again with all that’s happened.

I don’t know about his undies, but whenever I’ve seen him I’ve grimaced with pain at the ball breaking tight trousers he wears. Can’t be comfortable, surely ? A man’s bits need a bit of room to dangle and take the air.

Anyhow, once all this purgatory is over for him – as it surely will be, and he needs to keep mind of that – I wish him well in whatever quiet life / ministry is his future.


I doubt you wish him well after what you’ve just written in graphic detail. You sound a tad obsessed with Prior.


No, not really. I just write what I see. And hear. And the final bit was about wishing him well. His limelight / highlight days of influence over seminarians are probably over, but there is still a life for him in some quiet, pastoral role. And I wish him well in that. If he isn’t satisfied with that kind of life, then he needs to move on. To AssieBum or Calvin Klein underwear franchise, perhaps ? But, I hope not. He can do a nice priestly role in some quiet out of the way place, and keep his head under the parapet. Because, if he doesn’t it will get shot off considering all the stuff that there is out there about him. Just saying….


Just a thought, based on usual patterns of promotion in the church.
If Prior gets kicked out of the Jesuits he could be rector of Oscott.
Just to follow the usual policy when someone is obviously not suitable and concerns have been raised, of promoting them to show confidence.


@5:57 who is the former dean with Bon Secours? The former priest of Galway diocese, Mr Alan Bourke seems to be working for Bon Secours too as Mission Leader.


Paul Prior is on the same Unit as Rory Coyle, daily group therapy sessions and monitoring. Pat how did Paul Prior end up in this situation alongside Rory Coyle.


Michael Collins has an exit strategy to leave Priesthood and Maynooth. Opening in UK for experienced Chaplains for the NHS. The question is will bold Mick take the Mistress from Scariff.


There was a spiritual director at English College, Valladolid in Spain who gave a talk on his foreskin having to be circumcised-this was a spiritual reflection talk-absolutely bizarre.
Make of it what you will, because I have no idea what it was meant to mean. Thank God we didn’t understand is all I can say really.
He did seem a darling, though.
Only it transpired he was feeding back information to El Rector, who was terrorising poor individuals at will and with no restraint!
Horrible, horrible place!


Panda Bear Albert. Prior’s room as a Seminarian was full of multiple types of teddy bears in varied clothing and the massive Panda Bear Albert. Prior liked to play dress up with his teddy bears . Like Alice in wonderland.


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