Benedict, without meaning to, has undermined the papacy. In that, he has done us all a favour without intending to.

There is no proof that Peter was ever in Rome.

And even if he was, there is no proof that he was the “bishop” of Rome.

The Apostles, were not bishops in the sense we mean today.

They were not for ONE particular church. They were missionaries to the WHOLE church.

Bishops, on the other hand, while not been there in the beginning, eventually emerged from the “elders” or as they were called overseers.

In the early church these overseers were not

“bosses” but community servants.

How that has changed!

Later all bishops became monarchical and the bishop of Rome became an “emperor.

And that meant the church were from being a servant church to being an hierarchical empire.

Benedict retired as pope because of the sexual corruption in the church. He may have himself being involved in sexual misbehaviour and corruption?

And instead of properly retiring and shagging back to Germany invented a new title for himself and renovated a massive building in the Vatican for this new fangled “pope emeeitus” title where he lives with his boyfriend George.

Benedict should have returned to being a cardinal with the title bishop, emeritus of Rome.

But by inventing a title for himself that has NEVER existed in the 2000 year history of the RCC he has demistifed the papacy more.

And then Francis comes along with a dark and murky past in Argentina and goes about the Vatican losing his temper and slapping hysterical women.

One of the Reformers once said:

“What Jesus announced was a kingdom. What we ended up with was a church”.

The current RCC bears no resemblance to the early New Testament church.

Nor does it reflect the teachings of The Nazarene.

My own journey, which I never planned or foresaw, has been a journey away from the church and back to the Kingdom.

These days I wonder how I never saw how rotten the whole thing was much earlier in life.

Of course I have been free of it now for 34 years.

As a result I feel the FREEDOM of a son of God.

When I have a decision to make I dont have to consult the corrupt canon law or any dictator bishop.

I simply have to ask myself: “What would Jesus do”?

And the only book I am have to consult is The Bible.

Of course I am a sinner with a myriad of faults and failings. I have got many thing wrong. I have gotten myself into situations I should not have gotten into.

But my heart is in the right place and I sincerely want to do right by God and people in need.

Even this week I have been in the presence of people who have been and still are being, deeply hurt by the RCC and powerful individuals within it.

This hurt is evil and evil does not come from a good place.

Some people say there some rotten apples in the RCC barrel.

Not true!

THE RCC barrel is rotten to the core and miraculously the odd apple is not rotten.

This is by God’s grace.

A number of years ago a friend asked me a question that stunned me. He asked:

“What if the Antichrist is not an individual but an institution”?

I now know which institution is the Antichrist!