1. charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the

group lose power. That is a living leader, who has no meaningful accountability and becomes the single most defining element of the group and its source of power and authority

The culmination of this process can be seen by members of the group often doing things that are not in their own best interest, but consistently in the best interest of the group and its leader.

2. A process of indoctrination or education is in use that can be seen as coercive persuasion or thought reform, commonly called “braineashing”.

3. Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.


In the RCC this charismatic leader is the pope and to a smaller extent, cardinals and archbishops.

The pope has and us, often an object of veneration and worship.

Look at the millions who go to Rome and bring back the image of the Pope on pens, tea towels, tee shirts, cups, etc etc.

One pope some popes ago was issuing crucifixes with himself on it instead of Jesus.

The pope is accountable to no one and the semi divine papacy is a central defining element of RCC – ism.

Many members of the group doing things in their own interests but in the interests of the leaders and group”.


Leaving the RCC all your property and money instead of leaving it to family and friends.

Not wearing condoms because of RCC teaching and leaving yourself open to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases- AN ESPECIAL PROBLEM IN AFRICA.

Rejecting LGBT family and friends as “disordered”.

Living your life by ideas and beliefs not grounded in reality and science.

All of us as Catholics have been brainwashed by the RCC. I was. I cant believe now how I fell for all the brainwashing.



Well, on this one the RCC is certainly cult like with its insistence on having it’s own denominational schools and colleges.

Father Denis Faul often said that there was a Catholic way ot teaching everything – maths, history, geography, science etc.

And the Jesuits said: “Give me a boy of seven and he’s mine for life”.

Like many others I had RCC doctrine beaten into me by violent and sadistic “Christian” Brothers, priests and nuns.

Today in Northern Ireland RC education is run by the CCMS – a body I have seen to be cruel and unjust to teachers and kids.

The poor masses around the globe were, and are still being brainwashed by the RCC.

The RCC has always been into thought control and reform.

Phonsie in Waterford would be a thought control and reform man – even on the subject of women’s bodies!

And if you disagree with them they expel and shun you.

Do people know that there are two kinds of excommunicated persons- the “tolerati” and “vitandus” – those who can be socially tolerated and those who must be shunned absolutely.


Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

Here we really go!

Catholics handing their money over to priests and remembering them in their will?

The corrupt Vatican bank.

Bishops spending millions on their houses.

Bishops and priests:

Sexually abusing children!

Sexually abusing men!

Sexually abusing women.

Sexually abusing seminarians.

Sexually abusing nuns!

Vatican as gay mafia!

Priesthood as gay profession.

Seminaries as gay hunting grounds.

Priests and seminarians having sex on altars.


I am probably, and viciously, one of the most harangued posters on this blog. And I suspect that all, or most, of my attackers are Romanist priests.👹
Like any prominent cult members (Roman Catholicism is, most undoubtedly, a cult…of the papacy), these have sought, and failed 😅, to silence me. These ‘men’ do not like truth, especially about themselves.
Is anyone really surprised, given the increasing number of reports concerning the sexual rape or sodomisation of the young by Romanist priests?😢


10.36: Yes, the vicious one is back in all its glory. All it does is press the repeat “hatred” button and, hey, up it spews all over the place, black, stenchy, unstoppable. No one is afraid of commentary which challenges, calls out and names wrongdoing, abuse and criminality – we all engage in this necessary debate, including many good and committed priests, but we must never tolerate the hate inciting vulgarity of the dysfunctional, dangerous Magna. It is regrettable that Magna is given such dominance and a platform to incite hatred. It is a dangerous, poisonous hatred. There is a total denial by him/it/ her to recognise that there are many, many priests who share an abhorrence about all abuse and who have spoken against it, many, like myself who, in our daily lives seek to help anyone who is in need of any kind. There are priests who have also spoken with, accompanied and been of support to survivors and families. I do not accept that the vile, pernicious, hate inciting rant of Magna will ever be of use to any survivor or will ever bring healing to anyone. The ranting in hatred satisfies his urge for revenge ever since expulsion from the seminary. His fixation is simply, faux outrage. I think we can take it for certain that this hate monger has never ever or never will give comfort to any survivor. How could it be possible for any heart to have room for kindness, compassion or caring when there is so much vile, poison and hatred present?


Och poor wee Magsy Wagsy so viciously harangued and put upon by those beasts. Such a gentle wee lamb and it wouldn’t hurt a fly. Just keep turning the other cheek Maggy. You’re the image of Jesus to us in your being so unjustly persecuted. Think of wee St Agnes 🙄


@12:40 pm.
Name priests in Gt. Britain or Ireland who has spoken out publicly to challenge the culture of abuse in the Catholic Church. Direct me to articles of priests in ministry who have challenged the abusive culture.



My goodness! 😱

You must be out of breath after that lengthy tirade. 💨

Takes it out of one, doesn’t it? 🤔

Ranting? 😏


1.04: Not out of breath at all Magsy. You’re the breathless bitch with all your non stop shitting and vomiting which MUST mentally and emotionally break an already deeply wounded and sick body.


‘Breathless BITCH’? Really? Is this the kind of language self-styled ‘good’ priests should be using?
You are, aren’t you? The priest at 12.40 who self-lionised as ‘good’?
The stupidity of you, and your kind, is mindboggling. It surpasses your arrogance. And that is saying a lot.😕


Didn’t expect an answer.
Just asked to show them up, again!
Another ranting raver, at 12:40.


Yes it is.
I love the bit about things not based in reality – definitely the case with many of the Cathbots commenting here!


Hughie Connolly created a cult of leadership. Fear, suppression of truth and most of all protection of the gay sex network.


Ledwith did groom and molested Hugh Connolly and Michael Mullaney. Both were indoctrinated into the Cult. Hugh had a fetish for leather wear , where as Mullaney liked to play with Dolls.


That’s a very thought-provoking article, Pat, and a first-rate set of comments by yourself.
But for myself, I’m not sure.
From what I ever saw of it there actually isn’t any universal worldwide standard Roman Catholicism. It’s very different from country to country; even within the same city religious practices can be very different in middle-class and working-class areas.
So I don’t think that there’s a Roman Catholic cult.
It’s more that there’s a conglomerate of many different cults.
All the Religious Orders have their own distinct Spirituality; there’s Jesuit Spirituality, Norbertine Spirituality (remember Brendan Smyth), Salesian Spirituality and so on.
And then of course there are the networks of Parish groups; Parish Padre Pio Prayer Groups, Parish Rosary Prayer Groups (ACHTUNG – Achill Island) and so on.
In effect they’re all creat risks for vulnerable people (adults, it’s true, but vulnerable adults) yet there’s not even any monitoring of them, let alone policing.
That’s the big problem.
The Roman Church is providing a cloak that protects a conglomeration of cults, big and small; all being let do as they like, free of any fear that they’ll ever be policed.
There’s the multitude of different wide-open gates; with each gate giving a particular set of wolves easy access to to a particular set of vulnerable sheep.
Have a look at this video here, view from 32 minutes along – Cardinal Nichols being questioned about the vetting of parishioner-volunteers. Of course there isn’t any.

The Inquiry was concerned with Child Protection; but there’s the same situation with parishes sending people to visit the housebound and the bedridden. It’s obviously a role that’s attractive to the wrong sort of people, kleptomaniacs for example. Yet from what I’ve heard a lot of parishes still have no real checks on the people that they’re send out.


KOB did NOTHING wrong in any confessional. He shagged some Priests who used him as much as he used them.


The Homens Banheiro (the “gents”) is also their first port of call at Fatima, Bp Pat.


Thankfully, the cultic quality of the RCC is diminishing, even as we speak.
This was stronger and more effective in past decades than it is today. But a serendipitous combination of circumstances, including a better-educated laity and the growing exposition of cult leaders (the clergy) as impious frauds, tricksters, hypocrites, and sexual perverts has severely and irreparably (perhaps even fatally) weakened their power over others.
Today RC clergy are not so much awed as laughed at for being grossly out of touch with the lives of people who actually work for a living instead of sponging off others. Yes, RC clergy are becoming passé, like the cult they managed so well, so badly (so to speak 🙄) for so many oppressive years.
But the light at the end of this tunnel grows ever brighter. 🔆
Welcome to the era of post-Phonsieism. 😀


Another probably priestly comment: unintelligible and illiterate!
It strikes me that many of you guys are intellectually and educationally limited as well as morally stunted.



I think he’s having trouble, er, passing another of his peculiar motions. 😀


No, MC, you’re wrong. The cults don’t go after ordinary people, and they never did.
They go for the vulnerable.
Look at this video of a Healing Service in Essex. As I heard it this event was held in a Catholic church and the cleric conducting the service service was a Catholic priest. The congregation, I’d see them as victims, were mostly Irish Travellers.

It wouldn’t be prudent of me to say more about the sort of the motives of people who go waving Padre Pio mittens about; but how did the Christian message, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” get transformed into that style of performance?

In passing, Norman Lewis’ book “The Honoured Society”, about the Sicilian Mafia, is a really good read and it gives an explanation for those stories about Padre Pio’s bilocation.


Joseph, if not vulnerable, then what are people who are told, most of them from a very early age in Catholic schools, that if they don’t believe in the Judaeo-Christian God, frequent the sacraments, and obey Church teaching that they will suffer eternal torment in a place called ‘Hell’?

What are they?


11.57: I have just watched this video and cannot believe you make the judgment that “most” of them are Irish travellers. What, may I ask you is your evidence for this? What difference does background make? Yours is a racist comment.


I’m not so sure, Magna, that the Vatican II Cult is diminishing. Interesting article on ‘Pray, Tell’ today about the decline in ecumenism. Amongst other things the author included the following:

“On the very eve of this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, online mobs of Catholics managed to make themselves so repellent that an invitation to use a Catholic church for an Episcopalian ordination collapsed. This “offer of hospitality” and “act of charity” extended by Bishop Barry Knestout of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond to his local Episcopalian colleagues ended up being refused by the Episcopalians who saw, rightly and sadly, that they had awakened such contempt in their Catholic brethren as to cause more problems and pain than the convenience of using their building was worth to anybody. What a splendid counter-witness on the eve of a week dedicated to Christians praying and working for unity!”

Elsewhere it was reported that they invoked Leo XIII and the bull Apostolicae Curae as justification for their actions.



Wasn’t aware of this. Sad, really. But those involved in the protests were very likely archly-conservative Catholics. They are reactionary, but not representative. Vocal and boorish, yes. But not representative.

More Catholics than these are turning away from the Church, not towards it. Apparently, for every convert to Roman Catholicism in The States, six ‘cradle’ Catholics are heading in the opposite direction.


I think you are overstating the usage of the words brainwashing and indoctrination. That may be very true of the past but I believe that people today are much more questioning and discerning about moral truths and personal conscience. While many now reject much of the church’s teachings on moral, sexual teachings, people want a spirituality of compassion, kindness, understanding, empathy and true, meaningful love. The life of Christ and his gospel are the inspiration and ideal for millions, a gospel that speaks of an all embracing love, justice and equality. Sadly, the Catholic Church burdened people with baggages of guilt, shame and abuse, forcing many to reject its teachings, walk away in disgust and we seem unable to make just amends in justice and in truthful accountability. I know I will spend the remainder of my ministry as a priest feeling an immense shame but I will continue to give as much of my time and energy simply caring for those in the Parish I am given to work in. Sometimes that effort alone yields fruit, other times I’m very questioning of the quality and effectiveness if my commitment. I have not, thankfully, abandoned the idealism of the gospel of Christ or of priesthood. My struggle is mine to cope with. I wish each day I could heal all horrible hurts inflicted on so many with a harshness, abuse and brutality that have left them in deep pain for life.


Anon@ 10:05: Thankfully, as you acknowledge, people nowadays are more questioning and discerning. But surely you have to accept that prior to maturity, the RCC continues to indoctrinate and brainwash impressionable children into a cult ridden with inhibition and guilt.


I understand your comment very well. I live every day in conversations with Jesus and try my best to live as according to the Gospel as I can. My concern lies with the author of the article, I too have experienced a closed shop and closing of ranks within my own parish, however, mostly with the parishoners themselves. The priests I know are no worse than the parishoners. It appears there is an emphasis on practicing religion rather than living the Gospel. Don’t be hard on yourself although self reflection is always good and remember we are all on a journey, some further ahead than others and the Catholic Church accompanies us on that journey. Some people may never learn or embrace Christ fully but the Church allows us time. Even hypocrites can change through time. And with regards to healing the hurts of people, I would like you to consider if you can heal one person in your lifetime then your life has been wortwhile May Our Lord Jesus be with you always.
Kind Regards L


The ‘vitandus’ form of excommunicate no longer exists as a ‘remedial’ 🤣 gesture by the Church and is excluded from the 1983 edition of the ‘Code of Canon Law’. But the fact that it did once feature as a canonical discipline (purely medicinal, of course 😂) proves two things: first, that the RCC was indeed a cult, since it was powerful enough to order all its members, on pain of excommunication themselves, to shun completely (albeit with prescribed exceptions) anyone subject to such a measure; and second, that it is no longer powerful enough to act in such a high-handed, draconian way.
Thank heaven (or hell, depending on your point of view) for modernism, the perfect foil for the historical arrogance of institutional Roman Catholicism. No wonder Pope Leo XIII reacted so badly to the encroaching 20th century, with his condemnation of ‘modernism’. Leo knew the writing was on the Vatican walls for his kind of ecclesiology. And it has been downhill all the way for it ever since.
I suppose you could say that Catholics have had enough of being bullied by their clergy.
Kick a dog often enough and it will eventually bite back. 🐕


Only bigots and nut jobs would attempt to attach the word “cult” to the entire Church. No one with a tittle of wit would take such a ridiculous claim seriously. Even Joe Lollard sees Big Buck’s enthusiastic desire to portray the Church as a “cult” for the nonsense that it is – a bigoted, hate-filled fantasy.

At the same time, every human organisation, religious and secular – has the potential for cultism in SOME of their manifestations. Cults can arise anywhere. But to try and portray the entire reality of the Church as a “cult” does not hold water.

Typically ignored here by Buckley and his Buckbots are the life-giving dimensions of the Church. Most priests are not/were not abusers. We know that lives were destroyed by wolves in sheep’s’ clothing. But there were countless others who were/are what they were/are supposed to be.

And there were/are countless multitudes whose lives were/are blessed by being members of the Church.

Is the RCC a cult? No. Wise up.


Wow! What an imperious post, ‘Father’! You’re so commanding, so, erm 🤔, a my-word-is-law type of clerical guy. 😀 And so ‘hip’ today. 😎

Just like Phonsie. 😀

And just like a cult leader. 😱


Anon@ 11:06: Your comment suggests you to be the type of person impervious to any other perspective than your own. And you seem so out of touch as to be seen as a pathetic example of the mindcast of RC clergy of 50 years ago. Thankfully the world has moved on while your lot seem stuck in the black and white absolutism hallmarks of the RCC.


Cashel Carole I’m not a priest and your comment suggests you to be the type of person impervious to any other perspective than your own. 🙄


11.06: An excellent balanced, rational truthful comment. But of course it won’t go down well with the haters, Magna and company. Those of us who are priests will remain doing our utmost in ministry ans in service to others. Because of Maggie’s twisted humanity and reprehensible hatred, it is imperative that we keep faithful to the idealism of CHRIST ALONE, in then happy knowledge that God has given us the blessing and grace to carry his love, mercy, compassionate comfort and presence to thousands. So, I encourage and invite all priests, in their humanity, in awareness of the mission given and received, out of respect for the dignity of all people and in conscience, to stay unwaveringly with God, with parishioners and to never allow a vicious, morally thwarted, sick Magna to disciurage us. His hatred ultimately will destroy him, as hatred does in any heart. He, sadly, is a big-time loser but still needs our prayers.



‘It is imperative that we keep faithful to the idealism of CHRIST ALONE.’

Agreed, ‘Father’. 👍

But you don’t, do you? 👎 It’s why your cult is mired in so much moral sludge. 🚽

And it’s riiiising. 😱

I do love a happy ending. 😀


I feel, sadly, that ‘Father’ is one of the ones who has been a priest too long to leave, went in with good intentions and is horrified as the truth has come out. Hence his psychological defence mechanisms of denial and focusing on what he thinks is essential, because he feels his life has otherwise been wasted.
But I have news for him!
By all means, attempt to follow Christ, but this following will lead you to a much more active revulsion at the state of the church. If it does not, you are not following Christ.


For course it is! Look around you? Listen to what’s happening? The proof is there and when a ‘member’ choose’s to deny, ignore and turn a blind eye to it? Hence you’re in a cult!.


Pat, I was very touched this morning when I read the death notices in the Irish News. Under the funeral arrangement notice for Fr Conleth Byrne was a separate sympathy notice from some lady called Mary. She told how Fr Byrne had been supportive to her and not only did she offer sympathy to Fr Byrnes family but also to the Bishops and priests of Down and Connor. Such a lovely touch Mary.


Loughinisland Liam: ……..or would that be Mr ex prison chaplain Dallatt? Sounds very much like what he would say.
As said previously, we Loughinislanders are keeping a very close eye on you sir, not at Mass though. Many of us have opted to go over to Crossgar or Teconnaught rather than endure you.



You couldn’t have cited a worse source for counter-arguing the claim that the RCC is a cult.

The penultimate paragraph of Sample’s article is its ultimate undoing. If a cult is a group that rejects orthodoxy in favour of impassioned heresy, then Sample’s statement that the RCC affirms teaching that is inconsistent with its historical orthodoxy means that it fits Sample’s own definition of ‘cult’.

That’s just a sample of Sample’s confusion. 😀


Fr Gary Donegan C.P needs to be very careful about the present skeletons in his cupboard before going on the airwaves (yet again) today. This time he is dictating to families of relatives who have died through suicide. Big Gary wants their funerals conducted the way he wants and not how the family and friends want. Best look at how you lead your own life than pontificating to people in Holy Cross. Too busy blowing his own trumpet this morning on the wireless that they were late for the news slot.


Ah big Gary, friend of the Shinners and foe of the dissidents. What’s he been getting up to now? Brian’s got too much publicity lately so I suppose our Gaz needs to compete. Is he not the marrying type? Do tell. We like an auld skeleton in the cupboard. Is he still living with our Brian?


You sound like a dissident with a grudge against Fr Gary and wanting to air his dirty knickers in public.


Do tell us what Fr Gary is up to ? I’m sure it will be instructive and diverting. I’m sure he’s up to something. They all are. Living double and parallel lives. It’s par for the course with the vast majority of clergy. They like to tell other people what to do. But they don’t like it when we know what they are up to.


I’m bored with the Catholic Church. We all know it’s systemically rotten and it can be a source of great harm and evil. So, if you feel like me, just leave ! Let it go ! Try it ! It’s not so bad ! I’ve settled nicely in to a spirituality and way of seeing the world, others, myself and the Creator that is still mysterious and intriguing, but devoid of all the silly mechanistic theology and twee pious nonsense that you get so much of in the Catholic Church. On occasion I might go to the Cathedral for some high liturgy and good music, but really just for the aesthetics that bring me closer to the beauty of creation. I don’t need the other bits, especially the formulaic sermons that jump through hoops to justify some arcane point of theology or some idiotic teaching of the Catholic Church. I’m not worried about death or what happens after, and don’t need some concocted notion of a personalised afterlife flying around with wings. I’m happy to be absorbed in whatever fashion in to Creation and become part of something bigger and more significant than me. The sense of release and freedom from being free from the idiotic and sometimes dangerous influence of the Church and its functionaries is fantastic, especially being outside their world of guilt and blame and sin. I look back and am embarrassed at how I was taken in over the past years by the Church, its clergy, and its ‘teaching’. Good riddance.


Thank you @ 12:10 for an obviously heartfelt comment, and well done you.
I too, for over 50 years, have been free of the clutches of the catholic church. From my mid 20’s onwards I just never bothered with any religious practices. None of it seemed in the least bit relevant. I only really started to think about my existence, my childhood RCC indoctrination and its effects, from my 60’s onwards. now, in my mid 70’s, I can sensibly and comfortably, in Yeat’s words, “Cast a cold eye on life, on death,” and happily let the shibboleths of catholicism pass me bye.


It doesn’t stop you talking about the Catholic church though non stop. Funny that. Those who have ‘supposedly’ left the faith sure as hell can’t stop ranting on about it. Yawn!! Get a life and wise up.


Anon@ 1:16: Believe me, I’m truly glad that a long time ago I DID wise up, left the RCC, and indeed I fully enjoy the life I have. It’s the only one I will ever have so I do enjoy it now, instead of misplacing my “faith” in some makey-up religious pie in the sky afterlife as a reward for pleasing the great “Skyfairy” god.
“Ranting about the faith” you say. I think of it as being amused at reading the banal, superficial, often unintelligible twaddle expressed here by many clerics. I continue to marvel at how and why so many, both clerical and lay, continue in thrall to the RCC, its clerics, myths and ‘magic’. So I express my views and perspectives in this debate melt pot. Responses, or lack of, are revealing. The fact that there is rarely any constructive sensible response simply serves to confirm my impressions of limited intellectual, moral and rational functioning in the RC clerical caste. Their brand of compassionate Christianity (sic), often quickly descends either into personal hostility, or retreats into the “I’m not like the others” syndrome. Few seem able to acknowledge they are the crew of an inconsequential sinking religious Titanic descending ever deeper into the cesspit of moral opprobrium
I fully now expect the same type of oppressive, hostile, but essentially vacuous response Magna receives even to his most calm and rational dissection of RCC functioning.
You guys just really can’t “hack it!”
And yet, on the other hand, I can understand both the intellectual, material and emotional worries you guys, especially the older, must have. In the colloquial sense, you’ve been “sold a pup.” And it doesn’t even bark, ….more of a whining whimper!


As an apprentice of Taggart I hope he schools you properly in the art of producing the photos in Lourdes which he promised us. You both sound like a pair of auld cuckoo’s and well suited.


Did the Archbishop of Liverpool admit, during an independent review, that he failed to report the serious and traumatic abuse of a vulnerable seminarian?
Did the disgraced, Jane Jones, previous head of Safeguarding for Archdiocese of Birmingham, also admit that she failed to report the same matter onto the file?
Did they then attempt to silence the victim from speaking up; even going as far as a court order?


Remind us of the case of the ++ Liverpool and the vulnerable seminarian.

Also, Jane Jones ? There is some feeling in Birmingham that she was the convenient fall gal for + Longley and his VG for their failings in safeguarding, and the spotlight was put on her as a way of moving it from themselves. Some think that she has been shabbily treated. But, that would not be surprising. The clerical apparatchiks make sure that they protect themselves at any cost. + Longley probably won’t go any further up the greasy pole after being seen to be careless with safeguarding, even if he did blame others. It was his responsibility to see that things were being done properly. He failed in that. I note that the VG of that time has also been moved and gone on / over to being the administrator / dean of the cathedral, and it may well be that his barely concealed hopes of an auxiliary bishop slot in Birmingham are pretty slim ( one of two or three that will be needed in the near future with imminent retirements and the recent translation of + Fatty Byrne to Newcastle). Mind you, you never can tell. Who would have thought that the new man for Northampton would have been elevated after all the news about Oscott over which he presided ? There is no doubt that the place has a homo-erotic air about it, with seminarians practising early whilst in seminary the hidden and parallel lives that most of the clergy live. Practise makes perfect, I suppose. There is definitely a whiff of something odd in that place, but it doesn’t seem to have done the erstwhile rector any harm. Unless something comes out in the meantime before the episcopal oils are laid upon him ? The Nuncio’s intelligence is not always infallible ! Just saying…..


1.37: Magna, some of us commenting today are genuine in our opinions, thoughts and concerns. I have no idea why you have such disdain for us as a group in society. I can appreciate questioning , rational analysis and criticisms but I cannot fathom why you feel the need to be so disdainful, denigratory, mocking, so sneering with contempt and judgment. I am at a loss to to know why the permanent repeats of poisonous, antinclerical sentiments. I know I am far from perfect but as I said earlier, I have to make a daily decision to stay only with CHRIST ALONE and his gospel. Surely if I and others try to do this, isn’t it deserving of some encouragement, not scorn and mockery?


No duckie, if you stay with Christ alone you are a Protestant. You are demonstrating clearly the impossibility of being RC and retaining faith in Christ.


3.20: Hi sweetie pie! How’s she cuttin’ for ya? Get in touch. I have those pink frillies for you.


So ‘Father’ has gone from verbal abuse of me in his previous post, at 12.55, to wondering why Magna has disdain for him and for the rest of his self-serving colleagues.
You’re either pharasaical or psychotic (or a combination of the two) to lack such insight. 😀


Duckie @3:20, some of us who had our lives destroyed through abuse by the Rcc
would have been a lot better off having had nothing to do with the Church.


Oh I agree, and that is exactly where I am myself. My point was intended to be that you can’t remain a functionary of it and claim to follow Christ alone. I apologise that I didn’t give the right impression.


At this stage it is almost a truism to say that following Christ will automatically lead you out of the church.
It is impossible to follow him and focus on the ‘good’ you do while in the midst of the moral and legal disaster which is the Catholic Church.
I get that people realistically can’t leave and how they have to persuade themselves that there is some good in it, particularly if they are priests. Previously on here people have commented that people can leave, but really they can’t because it claims to be the divinely-appointed channel of grace.
Exactly like a cult…


4.45: Of course you can leave the Church. It’s a free world. The Church doesn’t have you tied to it in chains. Your comment is ridiculous. Why don’t you join the Oratory if it seems to be a better “alternative”. Grasp your courage. Like all disaffected and unhappy critics, you’ve probably discovered that the Oratory is a cult too, all centred on the “overseer” Bishop, Pat Bucko! All smaller religious or extreme movements end up being cultic and despotic.


To The Poster @ 5.30

So the poster @ 4.45 can leave the Church, because it’s a free world and the Church doesn’t tie you to it in chains?


The chains are invisible, but they are there. Emotional chains. Chains of fear, guilt, and angst that the Church is the only show on the road that can bring salvation.


I believe in hell, and am very frightened of ending up there… Largely because I don’t want to meet all the clergy. It must be set up for them like a gay sauna where some twink keeps walking round but rejects the priests again and again…


4.40: You have absolutely no idea about my ministry, about the revulsion I feel about abuse in the Church. I am under no illusions, nor in denial about any realities and the fall out from these scandals and criminal behaviour, nor am I unaware of thecderp, lifelong hurt caused to survivors. Many if my colleagues are of similar disposition and opinion. I still reflect on the reasons I chose to change from teaching to priesthood and I thank God I still hold those reasons and as I’ve said before, much to your annoyance, it is very, very possible, but difficult, for me to remain a priest and genuinely try to care for those I work for and with, in the midst of our situation. No amount of bullying, shaming, condemning or judgment from laptop critics will persuade me to leave. In the darkest of days I take to heart the gospel invitation to trust that with God all things are possible. Thank GOD.


That’s right old chap, keep seizing the high moral ground. It’s the standard stock in trade for clergy and also the most dangerous idea.
Thanking God means you are saying God is responsible for the nonsense you talk and – you will deny this, obviously – you are implying that you not only have God’s backing but are in some way inspired.
Thank you for leaving teaching, you would be scary around children.


8.28: Your comment reveals a sordid, twisted and unintelligent mind. Thankfully my 8 years of teaching brought much richness to my life and I thank God that I had the great opportunity of being an educator. Your reference to children is both ignorant and pathetic. Shows you to be a phillistine, a total goof. Incidentally I still do some teaching….


The catholic church per se isn’t a cult. There are however movements and institutions in the church such that are cults and alike.
Such as seminaries like for example Wonersh and Maynoth.


Anonymous 21st Jan 2020 — 2:48 pm — 11.57:
I have just watched this video and cannot believe you make the judgment that “most” of them are Irish travellers.
What, may I ask you is your evidence for this?
What difference does background make? Yours is a racist comment.
I had private knowledge. One of the Mitten crowd had bragged to me about it and he also told me that similar events were held across London with most of the people that coming to them being Travellers.
You ask what difference background makes.
Poverty does make certain groups particularly vulnerable to these cultists.
I can’t accept your allegation of racism. Particularly since as children both of my grandmothers had been out on the road.


Get back to your tinker caravan old Lollard. I’ll cross your palm with silver and you can give me a bunch of heather and a few clothes pegs for the line.


Your hatred of Joseph Lollard is intriguing.
Why do you hate him so?
Did he pass by you one morning and absent-mindedly failed to greet you?


Pat, breaking news! Fanny Mullaney has been named as the new Bishop of Kildorrery embargoed until tomorrow at 11:00am. As we speak, the sweet vales and hills of Kildorrery resound with the music of Church bells tinkling and the skies are red with beacon fires. The priests are so happy they are on top of the altars …..


I suggest you seek counselling about this Mullaney obsession. Your posts are not remotely funny but rather sad. Speak to someone, you clearly need to talk. Don’t know the man and never met him but you have many unresolved issues and clearly unsuited for Priesthood. You need to get over their rejection of you like so many others on here who didn’t make it to Ordination. Get help and fast. This blog is not a place for you to get the obvious help you need son.

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The above comment is totally written by one of Mullaney’s Kittens. You are a clear example of expressing total obedience to him, I wonder did you participate in the Kitten Parties either in Sauna Babylonia or the Jersey Shore beach house.


There are priests and laity on this blog. There are seminarians and ex seminarians. There are probably even a few bishops and, believe it or not, there are even some who are PRETENDING to be priests on Buck’s blog. 😉


The novus ordo religion is a cult and only those who offer the true mass (the latin mass) are exempt from the cult
until seminaries only offer the latin mass wonersh and maynooth will only produce cult leaders with a few faithful exceptions


Hahaha. Unhistorical assumptions lead to u historical conclusions at 7:33. The post-Tridentine mass of Pius V had strayed so far from its Semitic roots as to be barely recognisable as having any form of continuity, much less, homogenous continuity with it.
It’s doubtful you could decline ‘rosa’ or conjugate ‘amo.’


You are too generous. I don’t hate everyone; I don’t hate even one person. But I do hate RCC priesthood, and the damage this institution has done to people, to the Church, and to the world at large. 😢


You’re a liar “Magna Carta”. Hatred oozes out of every pore of your invented persona.


Those posting today who deny that the RCC is a cult ignore, or don’t know, the history of so-called ‘papal infallibility’ in the Church. This dogma is based on a highly questionable reliance on, and interpretation of, the gospel passages which construe the supremacy of Simon Peter as first among The Twelve and on Jesus’ apparent assurance to him that Hell would not and could not overcome the church, of which Simon Peter had supposedly been made its foundation on earth.

Before the 13th century, there was little or no mention of papal infallibility, either as a speculative theological concept, or as a biblical teaching. But the idea caught on in theological schools (as it would in a church that was highly authoritarian and draconian) and successive popes warmed to the pleasant consideration that they were an especial source of divine teaching.

The high watermark of this emperorial notion of papal supremacy was reached in 1870, with the decree ‘Pastor Aeternus’, in which the dogma of Papal Infallibility was defined.

The wheel of history had turned full circle. Popes were now effectively claiming a character of divinity…much like the emperors of Imperial Rome who believed themselves to be human deities.

If Papal Infallibility isn’t the supreme signature and seal of cultism, I really don’t know what is. 😅


Cite the specific source, then, dearie. 😉
Is this why you posted your silly comment so long after my erudite post…because you thought no one would notice your very shallow intellectuality (not to mention your pathological envy of my mental abilities)? 😅
Sooo sad. 😢


Get yourself a blow up doll and move on. Why do you care so much. You’re not even Roman Catholic. Move on. The bitterness is eating you up. Suck a lemon.


This “reply” folks, is an absolutely classic example of the kind of personal ad hominem abusive attacks now so common on this blog. While Magna has put forward a rational and reasonable comment on an article of RC faith, Kieran chooses to ignore the issue raised and in a churlish attack simply makes personal hostile comments on Magna.
Now I don’t know if he is a cleric, but his comment certainly suggests he is one, for that indeed is the boorish level we have come to expect of them when their precious beliefs are questioned.


How does it feel to be continually and emotionally (not to mention intellectually😅) destroyed?
Genuine question, like. 😉


Pat there is a current seminarian who likes to walk around naked in the crusing section of the Boiler hse. Pat I walked into him two weeks ago. That day this young man had two men, one Irish and one big black man. The black man was well built and tall.


The mentioned Seminarian likes to wear his former Cabin crew uniform and then strip it off in the crusing section before entering the cublice for gay sex. We all know who he is.


As a survivor of a brutal, all night long, gang rape by three RCC priests when I was 15? To one who has gone from being a victim to a strong survivor? Who has worked the last 15 years blogging and exposing all the Crimes Against Humanity and all the Crimes Against the Children of the World by the Pedophile Pimps, Pedo priests and nuns, and abusive, degenerate priests, brothers, nuns and sisters who ran the infamous Industrial Schools and Homes, their Magdalene and Good Shepherd Laundries slave encampments, their brutal and deadly for fetuses, infants and children at their Women’s and Children’s Homes?

I say the Unholy Roman Catholic Cult of Pedophile Pimps, Pedophiles and you pew polishers who love and adore them? Ought to try to learn what is going to happen to you all when your Jesus said it would be better for you to hang a huge millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the deepest of lakes if by your actions you so much as harm a single hair on the head of a child or by your actions? Drive that child away from the love of God, which many of your pedophile priests and other degenerates? Sure did.

As far as I am concerned and a whole bunch of victims and survivors who stand behind me, and all the over three thousand victims of your degenrate cult who have committed suicide because of the evil done to them at the hands and dicks of disgusting priests? You are all condemned. each and every single one of you. And you are all bound for hell for all eternity. Plain and simple.

Your pedophile pimps, from Pope Francis to each and every Cardinal, Bishop and Archbishop who protected these pedophiles? All belong on death row, along with all the rest of your pedophiles you have hidden and protected. For your Crimes Against Humanity, your Crimes Against the Children of the World and for First Degree Murder for each and every victim who committed suicide.

And? YOU ALL deserve it.


What happened to you is horrendous. But you realize that most catholics are not pedophiles or endorsing them? We’re horrified by all of this. And we’re all doing our best to make our church the most loving, accepting, safe place that it can be. I am so sorry that people who said they were of God, did this to you. But this is kind of like saying people who blow up buildings are muslims. These kinds of people are not of God. They come into our churches and use them as a way to do awful things, and the people who cover for them are equally as bad and as culpable. But most catholic people are not like this, and the church is not like this in general. I know it’s happened to thousands but there are literally millions of regular catholics, priests and bishops, and it isn’t fair to tar us all with the same brush. Because all we want to do is love people and show them Jesus. I am so sorry for everything you went through and I know those people will burn in hell one day. I completely understand your stance. But please, don’t ever let any evil people separate you from the love of God or the church. Because we do love you and there is always a place for you here. God bless.


What happened to you is horrendous. But you realize that most catholics are not pedophiles or endorsing them? We’re horrified by all of this. And we’re all doing our best to make our church the most loving, accepting, safe place that it can be. I am so sorry that people who said they were of God, did this to you. But this is kind of like saying people who blow up buildings are muslims. These kinds of people are not of God.

Ahhhh the old don’t look at us, and the old No True Scotsman line of apologetic BS defense huh?

They come into our churches and use them as a way to do awful things, and the people who cover for them are equally as bad and as culpable.

Again, let’s pass the buck and use the Scapegoat Defense. So are you of the Bill Donohue of the Catholic League line of vile and disgusting apologetics? It is atheists or homosexuals, or others invading your churches huh? Wow. But you know what? Since the Dallas Convention? YOU Catholics are still being busted raping kids in your churches. I know, I report on it each and every day. EACH and EVERY day. Not historical cases, but NEW cases. Interesting how “THEY” keep coming into your churches still, still rape kids, or do their child porno now, and your leaders? Still protect them just like we saw your current Pope Francis protecting and defending the Pedo Pimp Archbishop and priests who raped the deaf/mute children at the Antonio Provolo Institute in Mendoza, Argentina, two of whom? Your Vatican moved there after they were busted raping more deaf/mute children at the Antonio Provolo Institute in Verona Italy. So who is Pope Francis? He is one of them, and he is, according to your own words? EQUALLY AS BAD AND AS CULPABLE, SO WHEN ARE YOU ALL GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR HEAD PEDOPHILE PIMPS LIKE POPE FRANCIS, YOU KNOW THE “THEY” WHO HAVE COME INTO YOUR CHURCHES AND USE THEM TO DO AWFUL THINGS?


But most catholic people are not like this, and the church is not like this in general. I know it’s happened to thousands but there are literally millions of regular catholics, priests and bishops, and it isn’t fair to tar us all with the same brush. Because all we want to do is love people and show them Jesus. I am so sorry for everything you went through and I know those people will burn in hell one day. I completely understand your stance. But please, don’t ever let any evil people separate you from the love of God or the church. Because we do love you and there is always a place for you here. God bless.

Your god and Jesus showed me who they are the night three of their priests spent it gang raping me in the church. And then showed me who they were whenever I speak to the over ten thousand victims of the disgusting, degenerate, priests, brothers, nuns and sisters, who raped them, tortured them ,beat and brutalized them, enslaved them and outright murdered them.



LOL, you’ve never seen a cult then have you. Boy are you damaged, poor thing. Try to be strong…you’ve let what happened to you weaken you. Just empty your weak heart of hate and you’ll be happier. I’ll pray for you. God bless.


Oh, you will pray for me huh? So how you gotta answer me. How are your prayers anymore powerful than mine? Or the hundreds of thousands of others of us who were raped and tortured and brutalized by your degenerate priests of your cult? Are you Jesus? Are you gawd? Cause you wanna know something?

Literally MILLIONS of us have prayed to your god, while we are being raped by Christians, Muslims and Jews. MILLIONS of children throughout the centuries, as they were being raped by priests and pastors in churches, Jewish rabbis in Temples and Muslim mullahs in Mosques? ALL THOSE CHILDREN PRAYED TO YOUR GOD TO STOP WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO THEM.

But not once? Did your all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing gawd, or Jeebus? Or any thing else? Answer any of these childrens prayers to your gawd. They must have been too busy jerking off at all the live kiddie porn going on before their all-seeing and all-knowing eyes and are just gonna wait til these pedos for your gawd dies before he punishes them huh?

Tell me another fairy tale please!!!!


Gawd bless? Oh your gawd blessed me alrighty. That night he had me gang-raped in his church all night, and then had me thrown out of my home, and etc….yeah, your gawd sure blessed me, with showing me what a completely and utterly useless fairy tale of bs he is and anyone promoting this Bronze Age ignorant and superstitious claptrap is too.

Yeah your gawd failed to protect me from his perverts. Now? I believe in a new gawd. It’s name is Desert Eagle 50 and Smith and Wessons 9mm and 45. I don’t need your lame gawds protection, or you praying for me to your fairy tale. I got it covered.


If I had had one of these 50 cals? Or 9 mm that night? I would have protected and defended myself much better than your all-seeing, all-powerful and all-knowing gawd Bronze Age fairy tale did, now wouldn’t I?


WHEN your god shows more mercy to the victims than he does to the pedo rapist? When your current Head Pedo Pimp Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict and all the rest of the Pedo Pimps are dragged out of the Vatican, put on their knees in St Peter’s Square and publicly executed by a bullet to the back of the head for all their Crimes Against Humanity and the Children of the World? When every Roman Catholic Church is a pile of ashes and rubble? Then I will CONSIDER bowing down to your gawd again. Until this all happens? I guess he is sheet out of luck huh?


Here is what condemns each and every one of you Christians. No matter the denomination. My hate in my heart is for the foul scum of your churches who rape children. My hate in my heart is for you pew polishers, who all show more love and mercy to the rapists than you do the victims. My hate in my heart is for all the perpetrators who murdered their victims. My hate in my heart is for all the leaders who covered up these crimes and protected the perverts. My hate in my heart is for your Pope Francis, who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to hundreds of deaf/mute children being violently and visciously raped and brutalized, then he attacked the victims. And YOU pew polishers bow down to him whether YOU accept this or not. My hate is for him and all the other leaders, all those other pedo pimps, still declared holy men of gawd and loved and proclaimed as saints. My hate is for you Catholics and your ignorance and stupidity towards the literal hundreds of thousands OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN YOU SACRIFICED ON THE ALTAR OF PEDOPHILE PIMPS AND PEDOPHILE PRIESTS.

And this goes for ALL of you Christians, whether you are an Episcopal, Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Evangelical, Fundamental or anything in between. The amount of horror, pain and suffering you Christians, your degenerates have caused to innocent and defenseless children does in fact? Screams to high heaven and now? It is time for people like me to start to do what you Christians fail to do. TRULY STAND FOR THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS AND PUT A STOP TO ALL YOUR PEDOPHILES AND MAKE YOUR PEDOPHILE PIMP LEADERS AND PEDOPHILES PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES INSTEAD OF MAKING THE VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS PAY FOR THEM.

So maybe? YOU ought to look up such movies as the Boondock Saints or John Wick, or others like them. Because a whole bunch of Boondock Saints and John Wick groups are starting up and going to start showing all these Christian pedophile cults…IT’S A BAD DAY TO BE A BAD GUY.


LMFAO. So pray tell me, where is your god and Jesus when a child is being raped in one of your Catholic churches? Where was your god and Jesus for all those children raped, beaten, brutalized, tortured, enslaved, and outright murdered, in the Catholic Magdalene and Good Shepherd Laundries, their Woman’s and Children’s Homes and their Industrial Schools and Homes?

Where was your god and Jeus for the hundreds of deaf/mute children brutally raped by Catholics at the Antonio Provolo Institutes in Verona Italy and Mendoza Argentina? Where was the apology from the Head Pedo Pimp Popo Franko for his branding the victims and their parents reporting on these pedo pervs raping them, liars and actually? Children of demons and yet? They were all telling the truth?

Where was your god and Jesus for the over 3,000 victims of your pedo cult who committed suicide because when they came out and spoke of the horrors done to them? Catholics unmercifully attacked them and insulted and denigrated them. Called them liars, gold diggers out looking for a payday? Or if they were male victims? Well they are homoesexuals who wanted it, enjoyed it and are seducers of their pedo priests?

Where was your god and Jesus as victims and suvivors sought justice for the crimes committed against them? How come your god and Jesus has never once thrown out a Pope, a Cardinal, Bishop or Archbishop who are credibly accused of covering up for their pedo priests and moving them around like they were literal kids in a candy store, to rape even more children? How come your god and Jesus allows all those Pedo Pimps hiding out at the Vatican under their sovereign immunity laws to get away with their Crimes Against Humanty and their Crimes Against the Children of the World? Or allow your cult to hide behind statutes of limitations to deny victims and survivors justice and recompense for their ruined lives?

Screw your prayers. Prayers are as useless as tits on a bull and your god or Jesus answering just one single prayer of a child being brutally raped in a church by Roman Catholic priests,has never happened for any victim. Otherwise? They would not be either a victim or a survivor.

Now you listen up you moron for the RCC.

Beleve in what you wish. I am with two of your “Saints” of your cult of pedo pimps, pedos and you pew polishers who love and adore them. “Saints” Peter Damian and Pope Pius V got it perfectly right when they said of what should be done to your pedo pimps and pedo priests….bring them before the eccleastical court and strip them of all their rights and duties. Excommunicate and defrock them and humiliate them. Beat the tar out of them and then? Turn them over to civil authorities to put them to a just punishment, a death penalty one.


Cathechism of the Roman Catholic Church, Part Three: Life in Christ; Section Two: The Ten Commandments; Chapter Two: You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself; Article Five: The Sixth Commandment; OFFENSES AGAINST CHASTITY:

2356 “Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them.”

St Pope Pius V Constitutionn Horrendum illud scelus, August 30, 1568, in Bullarium Romanum

So that the contagion of such a grave offense may not advance with greater audacity by taking advantage of impunity, which is the greatest incitement to sin, and so as to more severely punish the clerics who are guilty of this nefarious crime and who are not frightened by the death of their souls, we determine that they should be handed over to the severity of the secular authority, which enforces civil law.

Therefore, wishing to pursue with greater rigor than we have exerted since the beginning of our pontificate, we establish that any priest or member of the clergy, either secular or regular, who commits such an execrable crime, by force of the present law be deprived of every clerical privilege, of every post, dignity and ecclesiastical benefit, and having been degraded by an ecclesiastical judge, let him be immediately delivered to the secular authority to be put to death, as mandated by law as the fitting punishment for laymen who have sunk into this abyss.


Tell you what. When Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and such Cardinals as Timothy Dolan, Justin Rigali, Hans Hermann Groer, George Pell and all the rest of the Pedophile Pimps are slapped into chains and dragged out of the Vatican to be brought before the world court at the Hague and prosecuted for their Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes against the Children of the World? Then I will believe you. Until ALL of those good Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops and all those good priests, brothers, nuns and sisters, and all those good pew polisher parishioners gather together enmass and demand ALL Pedo Pimps and pedos of the church be kicked out? And demand your church stops hiding behind the statute of limitations and sovereign immunity laws to get away for their crimes? And you all put a muzzle on Bill Donohue of the Catholic League and his vile attacks against victims and survivors? And all the other things you all need to do to clean up your mess and help victims and survivors?

Then all you Roman Catholics are doing is speaking out your butts. As usual.


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