Has Amy forgotten that all over Ireland now there is a shortage of priests with parishes closing and amalgamating?

People everywhere are warning that with no priests there will be no Mass – and therefore there will be what many are calling a “EUCHARISTIC FAMINE”.

There are really only two solutions to these problems:

1. Let priests marry.

2. Ordain women.


The ones Jesus Himself called into ministry were MARRIED MEN.

For the first 1200 of the church priests married!

There is really no Biblical or Traditional precedent for not ordaining married men

The fact that Benedict has allowed all these married ANGLICAN VICARS to be ordained hammers the nail home.


One of the main duties of the priest is to preach the RISEN CHRIST.

The first witness and announcer of the Risen Christ was a……….WOMAN. That’s right!

The Apostles did not know Jesus had risen until a WOMAN told them!

Mary Magdala.

Another main duty of the priests is to sacramentally give the Body and Blood of Christ to the world.

Who was the first person to bring the Body and Blood of Christ into the world?

It was another…………WOMAN!

Mary, the mother of Jesus physically and literally gave the world the Body and Blood of Christ.

She could do it literally – but the past and current clerical misogynists say she cannot do it SACRAMENTALLY!


Woman’s Body – Francis Croak

Did the woman say,

When she held him for the first time in the dark of a stable,

After the pain and the bleeding and the crying

‘This my body, this is my blood’?

Did the woman say,

When she held him for the last time in the dark rain on a hilltop,

After the pain and the bleeding and the dying,

‘This is my body, this is my blood’?

Well that she said it to him then,

For dry old men,

Brocaded robes belying barrenness,

ordain that she not say it to him now.


That pic of Amy on the blog shows how much he has aged and has the weight of the world on his shoulders I’m afraid he looks like an old hag.


Amy the big sissy should lead by example and volunteer herself for 6 years in the Amazon. Totally unsuited for Armagh. From Armagh to the Amazon, that would solve a lot of issues in Armagh and elsewhere. She just so wants the red hat. Who will be pictured with her in Rome if that does happen (heaven forbid) now that Rory is gone.


She will be hoping he will be rehabilitated at some point in the future before her appointment and Cappello Rosso.


What ridiculous spinning goes on with these bishops ! It’s clear that Frank has not got the balls to move on the matter of priestly celibacy and so has concentrated on other things. But to try and give it some sort of intentionality and clever diplomacy is just ridiculous, as Amy has in The Tablet:
The issue of clerical celibacy is not just about numbers, although it is about that too. It is mostly to do with the growing acknowledgement that enforced celibacy is damaging to individuals and to the Church as a whole. We see the consequences of this in so many of our priests and what they get up to. Unless a man is inclined and called to the vocation of celibacy – which does have a value in those who are so called – then it is wrong to impose it on others who are not so inclined. The usual justification of the example of Jesus being normative is just ridiculous. Jesus rode on donkeys. So, should we ?
Of course, another issue is the matter of women being ordained priests. Any opposition to that is based on some ontological twaddle and nonsense.
Our successors will look back in years to come and just be bemused at the Church’s intransigence, dolt headedness, and stupidity in refusing to develop tradition, and will see and look for accountability in the actions of those who kept putting obstacles in the way.


I agree with your judgement on Pope Francis’ ducking the issue of married priests for the Amazonian region. I think of the man as a conjurer: he seeks to deceive everyone by allowing them to think what they want. He’s a modern Machiavelli, and almost as despicable as the historical prototype.
He used similar sleight of hand in the Vigano affair, when he was accused, correctly, of knowing all about Theodore McCarrick’s history of homosexual predation, and yet relaxing PE Benedict’s restrictions on the man, such as they were.
If Francis had balls, he could allow the Amazonian people what they want: sacremental Romanist priesthood…but without the danger of its being imported from outside the region, and likely filled with more than the odd sexual pervert and predator.


I suggest12.33 has misread Querida Amazonia.
What you posit is not at all clear.
You will see from the open tone of the exhortation that the document and post-synodal one are only the beginning ofsomething, not the end.
For example, if one of the bishops’ conferences in question were to ask for married men to be ordained priests and/or women deacons it’s likely Francis would accede to that request.
His synods are the polar opposite of JPII’s and Benedict’s when the final reports were ready before the delegates even assembled in Rome.


Make it compulsory to include seminarians! 😃
They can slum it for a few years while singing for their supper!😆
Hi ho hi’s off to the Amazon they go, 🔨
Leave the jock strap at home with the mobile phone…hi ho hi ho 😈
Hi ho hi ho…its…😂


I hear Amy is delighted with the Amazon idea. The Amazon will now replace Co Louth to solve his problem priest situation. McCamley, Rory and the ex PP of Pomeroy are packing their grass skirts as we speak. Others to follow.

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Anonymous 16th Feb 2020 — 1:38 pm — I hear Amy is delighted with the Amazon idea. The Amazon will now replace Co Louth to solve his problem priest situation.
Spot on. These “volunteers” will be the clerics that the Archbishop would prefer to have in South America rather than in his diocese. Initially he’s only rid of them for five years but if any of them should meet a nice South American girl —



Oh! It won’t be girls who’ll tempt them, but little boys in tribal thongs, traditional dress there.

Are people mad? Calling upon an institution (the RCC) with a worryingly very long and shameful history of paedophilia and ephebophilia among its priests (and a failure to report this to civil authorities) to send some of these men them into that region?

When Europeans under Columbus arrived in the New World, they exposed indigenous peoples there not only to European diseases like syphillis, but also to its moral savagery.

In the name of humanity, oppose the sending of a single Romanist priest to the Amazonian region. For the sake of the people there.


Behind the entire kerfuffle at the dearth of Romanist priests (especially for the Amazonian region), is the high clericalism of the priest’s indispensibility for humankind: no priest, no Jesus.
And it is what lies behind the brouhaha, ‘Eucharistic famine!’
You don’t need a Romanist priest to have Christ. On the contrary, he’ll likely eclipse Jesus with his unChristlike behaviour.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ship the lot of ’em off to the Amazon, including Eamon Martin? But that would not be kind to the Amazonians.


And not only unkind, it would expose the Amazonians to pervy Romanists who could molest kids undetected. This is no exaggeration. There is no Press, no social media, out in those sticks.
Can you imagine the psych-sexual damage that could be inflicted on the Amazonian people, especially the children, by dirty Romanist priests? Can you imagine how much easier these crimes could be concealed? And we know that Romanist priests have a very long history of protecting themselves, and the filthy institution they serve, rather than innocent children
You know, the Amazonians have been lucky; they just don’t realise it. Their kids have been spared the paedophilia and ephebophilia which have long, and now indissolubly, been linked with the Romanist priesthood.
For God’s sake, oppose any proposition to impose these parasites, and sexual predators, on the innocent folk of the Amazon region. The Romanists are a dirty plague: Why wish such evil on the innocent?


1 59: Magna: that’s a rather silly, childish comment to make. You are capable of better. Pat, I agree with the concept of women deaconnesses, priests and a married clergy. I also believe we as clergy must allow and give, by baptismal right, calling and dignity, spaces for all to use their gifts and creativity within our parish communities. We don’t need Pope Francis’ permission for this task. Also, Pat, knowing your fervour for all of the above, can you inform us about the number of women priests, deaconnesses or married men you have in your Oratory? After 30 years plus, can you inform us about the level of such broad ministry in the Oratory? Or, is it all just talk or an impossible reality to achieve?



A silly and childish comment? Really?😅

Read the comment by ‘Father Richard’, at 2.59. He confirms my point about high clericalism. He believes that the presence of a priest is essential for grace, and for sacramentality.

Try making an argument, priest…instead of hightailing it.😅😅


3.42: Magna, are you thick? You may make the odd good argument, but you should properly read the comments of others and not always rewrite or deliberately misinterpret them. As for your supposed concern for others in faraway lands: PURE FAUX! You simply just like letting off your steam. You are the type who will sit behind a laptop, sipping gins and tonic, gleefully clapping hands, smugly smiling while spitting out your faux outrage. Come, my Dear Marge into the real world where it takes REAL COURAGE to be stand with and accompany those who are alone, broken, isolated, sick, forgotten and disadvantaged. Marge. Thank God for those many Irish religious men and womem missionaries and associates who give of themselves fully and wholeheartedly, often at great risk to their safety, for the betterment of others. Magna, you sadly, are the spiritually starved dead one, as exemplified in your vitriolic, poisonous words. This kind of (faux) anger never achieves anything good or worthwhile. So, show us real courage: volunteer for the Amazonian challenge ….. (work, making a useful difference, lifting up the poor, living on a dump heap with the poor, etc…….not for a gin fest assessment project….). Aren’t you a man of leisure, vision and imagination, just waiting to step up to a noble challenge?


5.57: Good comment. Magna gets found out eventually as a sham, an utter sham. His words are just words erupting from the empty vessels of his ever empty heart. This raving ranter loves the sense of relevance which he gets on this blog. But it’s a relevance build on sand. It is fake, shallow, self deluding, disreputable and very false. This loopy ranter is not dissimilar to the nonsense discovered back in his seminary days, thus rendering him unfit, unsuitable and what a super decision back then to turf him out on his a**e. We can only imagine the chaos and mayhem that would have emerged had he been allowed to ordination. There is a wise and good God after all.


Another useless post (in addition to the drivel at 5.57).
There really is no point at you, and your dumber pal, having a go at me. The history of that sick f**k, the institutional Romanist Church, trumps anything you have to say. And what you have to say is feeble enough on its own.
Fact: it is immoral, in the highest degree, to impose upon the Amazonian people Romanist priest-perverts. Their abuses will only continue there. And everyone knows it. That region is a pervert’s paradise, and the dirty Romanists are no strangers to sexual perversion.
The only comfort to the isolation of the Amazonian region and its future colonisation by Romanist priest-parasites is that if any of these indigenous peoples get to hear of a dirty, filthy Romanist priest-pervert’s kiddie-fiddling (and they will), then I don’t doubt that they would mete out their own justice to these criminals. I like to imagine a disgustingly filthy priest-pervert’s being staked to the ground, in the ugly buff, on an Anaconda trail. Can you hear the pervert’s shrieking as one of these terrifying reptiles rapidly slithers towards him and squeezes the life out of him, his bones snapping in those crushing coils of snake flesh while his eyes bulge and pop out from the enormous pressure.
The mere thought of one of these Romanist parasite-pervert’s ending his days as snake food and pooh is an almost orgasmic indulgence.


5:57 & 6:35
Have you priests anything to say about child rapists colleagues, or the abuse of vulnerable adults by priests, or covering up by the hierarchy, or the fact the priesthood has been brought into disrepute and the gospel discredited?


The Pope and Bishops in the Vatican with 24 hour access to the sacraments for the rest of their life have decided not to change rules to allow another group of people access to the sacraments in a far away land . These Sons and Daughters of God remain spiritually starving and the central means of grace denied them with no sacraments . If the same people were to go to Priests of other churches they would be told it was wrong , and those Priests and their sacraments invalid . But at least the rules are still in place . What a scandal !



‘These Sons and Daughters of God remain spiritually starving and the central means of grace denied them with no sacraments.’? Are you for real?

Have you discovered time travel? You sound, in your Romanist ultra-nonsense, like someone from pre-Vatican I times.

Jesus Christ is the source of all grace, and he is not limited to a Romanist wafer and wine-cup at Mass.

How dare you imply a sort of franchise on Christ by Romanists. You sectarian bigot!

Jesus was clear: the Kingdom of Heaven lies within EVERYone, whatever faith he professes. The Aramaic for those words (‘Kingdom of God’, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’) means, literally, ‘God’s sovereign presence’. In other words, ‘God himself’. And where God is, there, too, is grace…in abundance.

I should oppose any attempt to inflict on the Amazonian people a plague of dirty Romanist priest-perverts, who could molest, rape, sodomise with impunity in that supremely remote region. Devoid of Press scrutiny; devoid of social media. Devoid, therefore, of accountability for a caste of men who, wherever they have been in history, have sexually preyed on children, on teenagers, on young adults, and on the intellectually disabled. You, and your kind priest, have not only destroyed bodies and minds: you hae destroyed faith and souls as well.

How dare anyone suggest that these human parasites are what the Amazonian people need. Just look at their history, for Christ’s sake!


I hear Cardinal Sarah is watching for lazy idle Irish Bishops who can’t be bothered with Confirmation but delegate it to minor lap dogs.


That hysterical, angst bursting quare hawk, Mags must have a very painful hand with all that crazy typing and by now stomach free of all his gungy hatred, poured out in tsunami like torrents. How is her body capable of containing tonnes of angst and hatred? How does she find the time? Wouldn’t it be more advantageous to use this energy to actually go out and do something manageable and productive for the good of others? Go on, go on Mags..You can do it.


Pat have you survived the storm up there in Larne bay. People talk about storm, they look out window at storm, they turn on tv to hear about storm, they discuss storm with friends, they go outside to take pictures of storm, they send pictures to weather forecasts about storm, they stockpile food because of storm, they write to blogs like this about storm. Stay safe Pat from storm.


Magna Carta – Is clearly lacking in communication skills , and unable to read what people are saying even if they agree with him . There must be some psychiatric imbalance in him , and because he hates himself so much he has to spit out poison on  everyone else . Perhaps it is the product of a disturbed childhood – Or alcohol or drug issues ,but clearly he needs professional help at the earliest possible moment . 


6.34: No priest is capable of ever descending to Magna’s depth of depravity. Honestly. Believe me. I’ve tried.


6:30, You clearly are not a long term contributor to this blog. MC has issues, yes! but maybe try and ascertain where and why he has these issues. he obviously has been badly hurt at some point. compassion ‘father’. pray for him as do I



You got something right, at long last. 😀

Magna does indeed have issues: they are called ‘Romanist priest-parasites’. 😀


I have no need of ‘psychiatric imbalance’, ‘alchohol’, or of any other excuse or stimulant your tiny mind can conceive. The filth, both historical and current, of the rancid strumpet you serve over Christ is sufficient.
(Ack! Am just sayin’, like. Y’know?😆)


9.47: Magna, I hope you don’t have a need of “psychiatric imbalance” – none of us do, I hope. But sadly you suffer a form of psychiatric imbalance fuelled by alcohol. Get H-E-L-P…..


6:30pm – What is disgusting is the crap and abuse Magna dishses out day by day – Well spoken Priest !


The attitudes reflected by the so called priest at 6:30pm towards those mental health or drug or drink issues, or those having had a difficult childhood are appalling. I hope he and his gaslighting kind, have little or no contact with vulnerable people. No wonder the Church is crumbling.


I very much doubt that was an actual priest. Why would you say you are a priest in the first place. Fake


6.58: So it’s ok and perfectly legitimate form that foul, vulgar and hate inciting Mags Carty to say what he likes. He, Magna, is the unacceptable voice of hatred, animosity, divisiveness, obnoxiousness and vile, poisonous comnentary, aimed at one group only. If you accept this then you are worse than Magna. He deserves the opprobrium he pours on others. And, sadly, he is the one responsible for inviting ugly commentary. His most vicious words are usually written after midnight when it’s obvious to all that he is under a very potent, negative and destructive drug of some kind and a very self destroying one! ! God help him.


6.43: I agree with you. Magna is the supreme abuser by words of all whom he detests, especially priests of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. There is a pathology of dysfunctionality running like strong currents through Magna’s psyche. Let him keep his odious stench to himself.


There is nothing (and I do mean ‘nothing’) even remotely holy about the institutional RCC. That dirty, filthy, Christ-betraying caca.😆


The Amazon is too soft for some of these lads.
Off with them on a slow boat to China or North Korea or chaplains to the toughest prisons in Mexico.


6:30 A priest. Who the hell are you to comment on anybody. Look at yourself, your rotten organisation and it’s vile history before commenting on anyone else’s criticisms of your organisation you buffoon


Mr. Big Anonymous. You sound kike a nasty bully. Pity about your grievance. 😚😚😚😚😚😚🎃🎃🎃🎃: Suck it up..😁😁😁


7.21: Hey You, whoever you are! Pat owns this blig, not psychos like you who want only one narrative. Every priest who comments here is entitled to defend his personal integrity – with Pat printing their comments. Tough if it doesn’t suit you, Mr. Nobody! Come into the real world of free speech, not hate speech…You, Petty Sir, are the buffoon, big time. Thank God for our many good and committed clergy. Thank God.



‘Defend his personal integrity’…

Are you alright at 7:53pm?
Who’s PERSONAL integrity was undermined, smeared or questioned ?
Name the person, please.


The Archbishop would do well to cop himself on – sending Irish priests to the amazon – yes because there is such a surplus of them – has to be the stupidest idea he has ever come up with. Do these people think before they speak?


I agree with you. Send all these men to the Amazonian region, with its abundance of Anacondas.
The thing that thrills me about this idea is the delightful indulgence that these ‘holy’ men might end their days as snake pooh.
Can you imagine the Arch-freak of Armagh having the life squeezed out of him by one of these agents of God?


Eamon Martin has dealt with the Stephen Wilson case in a shocking manner. Despite all the evidence and numerous reports from varied sources he is continuing in Seminary. Pat how can this be, who is forcing Eaman Martin to retain Wilson.


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