I have received the copied email below from one of Paul Prior’s alleged Gardiner Street Church Dublin victims.

It is an archival update. The Jesuits seem to refer to their archives as “the Catalogue”.

Declan Murray <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2020 at 04:06

Subject: Update to the Catalogue

RE: Update to the Catalogue

Dear All,

Eddie Cosgrove is moving on from the retreat team and community at Manresa. He is currently based in Belfast, and continues to work on the Ignatian Spirituality Project in Dublin (retreats for people experiencing homelessness and in recovery from addiction).

We would ask for prayers for former novice, Paul Prior, as he moves back to his own Diocese of Kilmore.

In the Lord,


Declan Murray SJ
Irish Jesuit Provincialate

Milltown Park, Sandford Rd.,

Dublin 6

This email refers to Paul Prior as a former Jesuit novice.

It also says he has returned to his diocese of Kilmore (Cavan).

That diocese is awaiting the appointment of a new bishop. There is no mention of Paul Prior on the list of priests and no indication he has any position?

In recent weeks Archbishop Diarmuid Martin made it clear that the Paul Prior allegations were indeed relevant to him as the Gardiner Street church is a parish of the archdiocese.

The first complaint against Prior to the Jesuits was made by a former Maynooth seminarian.

The second and third complaints were made by two young men connected to Gardiner Street.

The fourth complaint was made by an fellow novice of Prior’s in Birmingham.

In my opinion Paul Prior is not at all suitable to priestly ministry of any kind – and never was.

He caused problems in Rome, Maynooth and now in the Jesuits.

God knows how many young men he has damaged? God knows how many vocations he has wiped out?

But the real culprits in all of this are Sean Brady and the other Irish bishops.

Brady has been Prior’s protector since Rome. And all the other Irish bishops have sat back and allowed Prior to wreak havoc in Rome and Maynooth.

Like the unprincipled, cynical and ruthless bastards they are, they have left the fox in charge of the Rome and Maynooth chicken run.

I expect the Lord to repay them severely for being wolves in sheep’s clothing.