by Ruth Gledhill The Tablet

Prfessor Alexis Jay, chair, and the IICSA panel.

Forty years of public scandal has “forced” the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches to admit they have a problem of child sex abuse, the latest hearing of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has been told.

“No current Catholic or Anglican leader would come before this inquiry now and seriously try to maintain that clerical sex abuse scandals had never happened,”

Richard Scorer, representing several core participants, told the first day of the hearing into child protection in “religious organisations and settings”.

But he added: “In some, if not many, of the settings here, there is no such admission. Indeed, there is clearly a deep reluctance on the part of many religious leaders to admit that they even have a problem at all.

“He said the evidence from the Catholic and Anglican hearings is clear:

“Self-regulation doesn’t work.”The hearing was due to run for 10 days but was postponed indefinitely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic after just one day.Scorer said that many of the communities being examined in the latest hearings can be relatively closed and isolated from the secular world.

The hearing will examine Baptist, Methodist and other church organisations, along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim groups, youth groups, camps, religious educational settings and more.

He said: “The Catholic and Anglican Churches are rightly criticised for their failings on sexual abuse, but those churches, at least today, are much more integrated into wider society than many of the organisations you are examining now and this has significant implications for child protection.

“To take just one example, in the Catholic Church of today, a diocesan safeguarding commission will typically include professionals with experience in secular organisations like the police, social work, teaching and law, a commission might include non-Catholics.

By contrast, when you think about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, the idea of a circuit or region of that church having a safeguarding commission staffed by secular professionals is totally inconceivable.”It wouldn’t happen, because the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ leadership regards the external world, the secular world, as corrupt and evil and not as a source of useful guidance and expertise.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are, of course, entitled to hold the beliefs they do, but it has to be recognised that this belief system has important implications for child protection. It means that in many of the settings you are examining, secular expertise and child protection norms will not readily be welcomed voluntarily.

“Scorer urged the inquiry chair, Professor Alexis Jay, to “treat with scepticism” any arguments for self-regulation based on religious freedom.He said:

“None of our clients want the state to dictate what people can believe. But, as you know, religious freedom is not an absolute right. It can be legitimately abridged to protect the rights and freedoms of others and there are few rights and freedoms more important than the right of children to be free of sexual abuse.

Where children are at risk, the state has a legitimate right to require action to protect them. Most institutions in wider society now expect to be held accountable and particularly in regard to safeguarding.

“He added: “Religion cannot be treated differently to any other part of society… pleas for religious freedom are really pleas for religious exceptionalism.. and should be rejected.”Fiona Scolding, counsel to the inquiry, said in her opening statement, said that “some individuals do use religious organisations as a route to be able to be with children without suspicion, and they groom and perpetrate sexual abuse upon children in these settings.

The power and influence of those in positions of religious leadership or the way that the community operates itself can lead to such abuses being silenced or ignored.

“There are no reliable statistical surveys to identify the prevalence of sexual offending against children in religious settings.

According to statistics published by the Office of National Statistics in January this year, around 7.5 per cent of all adults in England and Wales experienced sexual abuse before the age of 16, which is around 3.1 million people.

Of the 183 individuals who have spoken to the inquiry’s Truth Project who had been sexually abused by either religious staff or within a religious organisation, most related to the Church of England and the Catholic Church, in line with the general population demographic.

Of other religious organisations, around 11 per cent of those who have spoken to the Truth Project were members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The investigation is focussing on the measures religious organisations employ to keep children safe from sexual abuse and to handle safeguarding concerns.


I absolutely agree that the RCC, and other churches, be forbidden to run their own safeguarding systems.

The appearance of people like ELSIE NICHOLS of Birminghan and London is perfect proof that RC bishops are unfit to be in charge of safeguarding.

Diocesan safeguarding officers are paid MASSIVE SALARIES by the bishop.”He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

I have discovered that these safeguarding officers are there to protect the bishop and the diocese.

They send victims to be counselled by church friendly counsellors.

When FATHER CIARAN DALLAT made a parishioner pregnant Bishop Treanor would not allow me, her chosen support person, to attend her meeting with him.

He wanted her to go and see a counsellor he recommended.

I advised her to choose her own counsellor who had no church connections and the diocese did pay for it.

Then Dallat got a few months paid holidays, then was appointed prison chaplain, chaplain to A GIRLS SCHOOL and is now the PARISH PRIEST OF LOUGHINISLAND.

So, you make a parishioner pregnant, get a holiday and then made PP.A non church safeguarding body would NOT TOLERATE this happening.


The size of a small family….Pat, What happened to the Little Brothers Movement? Did manyvjoin? Or did it just not materialise? I’m beginning to feel that such small, well balanced, guided and spiritually firmed groups may be the best for our Church…..but what commitment, vision and renewed thinking is required!


The Church is very well resourced financially to provide a variety resources.

Why not provide temporary accommodation during this unprecedented emergency, by offering and providing shelter to out of home families, food, clothing, toys for children, etc. Parish response is great but may be too patchy.
Why not ear mark suitably vacant buildings such as convents etc, in each Diocese or cluster of Dioceses, as back ups, to be used as hospital units, if necessary.
Quickly prepare them. Pressure might then be taken off State services, in more ways than one.
Use a bit of imagination and not be fearful of depleting resources.

Quote from Pope Francis;
“The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity. I see the church as a field hospital after battle. It is useless to ask a seriously injured person if he has high cholesterol and about the level of his blood sugars! You have to heal his wounds. Then we can talk about everything else. Heal the wounds, heal the wounds. … And you have to start from the ground up.”



I despair of the papacy; I really do.

Pope Francis’ recommendation, that the Church needs most today ability to heal and ability to warm the hearts of the faithful, is sentimental, pious cheese, echoing a similar recommendation by Pope Benedict, who, during his shift as pope, spoke of having the victims of sexual abuse return to the Church for healing.

Christ! Am I the only one not stung by the absolute absurdity of these semi-detached men, immersed in a medieval concept of ecclesial Utopia? The last thing any of the so-called ‘faithful’ need is heart-warming and healing by an institution that has crapped on them, again and again, and whose immutable self defining status quo is capable only of inflicting more of the same. I shouldn’t want a ‘wounded’ person going anywhere near any of these perverted parasites.

And when that glib, clueless Latino speaks in this Alice in Wonderland way, he is still envisioning Church in a rigidly hierarchical aparthied: Church (clergy) vis a vis ‘faithful’.

They have, fundamentally, learned SFA in recent years, because the premises of Church have not changed, and they will not allow them to change.

The danger is that people continue to allow themselves to be deceived by men through affective appeals rather than significant change in Church structures, and in a Theology of Priesthood that continues to underpin clerical corruption and criminality.



SFA, now, there’s the title of poem in the making. MMM, take note.
If the Rcc don’t, can’t, or won’t respond, in an unprecedented global pandemic, they never f******g will.


abuse is abuse. whether that abuse is sexual, physical or psychological.
Who hurt you?


2.14: Pope Francis’s words are infinitely better than your spouting of hatred. Hatred is in your DNA, sadly. You are in need of therapy.


Anon@3:04: A quick response to your invite:
St Francis Assisi being ‘away with the bird’s.’
They flocked to his heavenly call.
While his ‘flocked-up’ church like his own initials,
indicates they’ve learned F.A.


3.46: Boredom is obviously a problem for you Bettybitch if you found time to post such inanity. And you probably think it’s an intelligent remark….silly cow.


The Rcc has multiple problems.
It goes without saying they are unable to police themselves.
Safeguarding must be totally independent.


5.36: Bettie Linchpin, back to your kitchen…Scrub, scrub, scrub…


Richard Scorer makes powerful points about the limitations of religious freedom which need to be considered way beyond the remit of IICSA. No religious body from any faith background of any size should be permitted to opt out of the requirements of civil law. Personally I have no objection to the wearing of religious symbols in public places providing they are not aggressive or offensive, but it is unacceptable to allow religious bodies to determine the content of personal and social education classes or to opt of them. The imperative to protect all children covers far more than protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional abuse: it also demands that they have the right to education and advice pertaining to their own dignity and freedom as citizens in a country which respects for example the dignity of women and homosexuals, including the right to comprehensive sex education and access to advice on sexual health and contraception.


7.39: Betsie, my desire for you is itching me …. any chance of a rendezvous? 😉😉🎀🎀🎀🎎🎎🎎🎎🎉🎉🎈


More empty, pious cheese from His Oiliness, Pope Francis.
How can I put this? Francis is… Oh, why not call him for what he is? A bloody hypocrite.
Francis has no intention of returning to the Father (whatever the hell that means), because he has no intention of making the Church a place where Jesus would truly feel at home, even slightly. No intention of instituting fundamental reforms, like women deacons, participation by laity in doctrinal and canonical decisions, a revision of Theology of Priesthood, significant curial reform, greater and independent financial regulation, genuine cooperation with national governments (obfuscation does not count as cooperation) when they request disclosure of Vatican files on priests accused of sexual and other criminality. And so on.
Instead, His Oiliness makes a pitch for sounding sincere rather than being sincere. And still, despite everything now known about this morally corrupt papacy and church, the ‘faithful’ (aka ‘Cathbots’) continue to fall for the soundbites and the grinning charm.
Francis is in no hurry to do anything. Not even to return to the Father.


Jesus wouldn’t feel much at home in your presence, neither would his father. What did you say about God again? F God. Shocking stuff.

”blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven”


2.41: Magpie Viper Virus Carta: Keyboard warriors of hatred always seem to have the answer for every problem. The difficulty is, their solution is to solve every wrong through hatred, vengeance, hypocrisy and platitudes. Such trolls contribute sweet f**k all to humanity. Get it, you windbag of faux outrage.


Telling God, in a moment of anger, to f**k off isn’t blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. This is something altogether different, and infinitely more serious: this is the wilful refusal to acknowledge what one actually knows to be true: the work of God in their midst. It is a final, and irreversible, rejection of God’s saving grace; and it damns a person. Not because God does not want to forgive it (I’d bet you, being a biblical literalist and moron, actually thought this), but because the person has no wish whatever to accept God’s forgiveness. In spiritual terms, it is ‘crossing the Rubicon’: the point of no return.
If you want to debate me here, I warn you to know ‘your stuff’. Because I am sick to my back teeth debating dilettantes, like the losers yesterday.
I don’t normally enjoy ‘slapping people down’, unless they are stubbornly persistent, again like the losers yesterday. But I won’t shrink from it either.
Now, do one.


Religious providing health care around the world! What are you providing apart from your ignorance and imbecile thoughts?



Christ! 😨

It, surely, can’t get any freakin’ loonier than that. Classifying clerical parasites as ‘key workers’???😲

Well, actually it can get loonier…they could always classify Coronavirus in the same way. 😕

It, too, is a parasite. 😧


1.04: Yes, priests are on the frontline in responding to the sick, housebound and needy and attending to bereaved families. Surely they too need prayers and support. Our Parish had 5 funerals this week. It is a sad time for such families having to have private funerals. I admire our priests as they accompany people in these sad moments. Considering we have just one full time priest and a retired 86 year old (who is now temporarily staying in), I believe we should support our priests..Nastiness and meanness of spirit are unnecessary.


Of course the church runs its own safeguarding. It appoints homosexual priests to cardinals thus embedding the church with those holding views that need protecting into its upper escholons. Hence why it’s covered up most of the time. If these are the priests who are the ones making the decisions who is to become a deacon or priest no wonder seminaries and the church as a whole is full of corruption. And until these people are removed from these positions of authority corruption will remain in our church. And please don’t tell me that current bishops aren’t aware.


Women religious across the globe call for a Day of Worldwide Solidarity and Prayer on Sunday, 22 March,
to express closeness to those suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.


The Oratory could broadcast the easter ceremonies. just an idea. maybe you could do the stations of the cross with reflections sent in from blog contributors


Magna Carta at 4:32pm, you really do know indeed “your stuff”.

I can fully understand your need to hide behind anonymity, “MC”, because, where your identity to be known, the masses would have descended upon you, long ago, to acclaim your greatness. I know this would not sit well with your humility and, like Jesus on earth, you are afraid of them coming and taking you by force, to make you king.

It really hit home for me, your stunning greatness, in a recent blog where you actually corrected the archangel Gabriel on an error he made at the Annunciation.

The hapless archangel misspoke in saying that “nothing is impossible to God” and you had the truly unutterable brilliance to recognise his error and correct it for the benefit of the readers of this blog.

I thought to myself, after I had rescued my jaw from the floor and reattached it, “WOW! Truly we are dealing here, in this mysterious online composite that uses the moniker “Magna Carta”, with an intelligence on spiritual matters, that is superior even to the highest archangels in glory.

Clearly “Magna”, you are one of those very rare polymaths and, therefore, I propose to you, with earnest pleading, although we know it would go entirely against your ever so humble and self-effacing grain, you really should consider offering yourself for public office, for the need of the world, at this time, is very great, indeed unprecedented.

Let’s take, for example, your obvious expertise on the nature of pandemics and your predictions about the Covid 19 virus and everyone’s hysterical overreacting to it?

Dear “Magna”, we need YOU! Bojo, Trump, Macron, Merkel, Varadkar, Big Arlene, the wee man called after two birds Robin Swann, the whole lot of them are making a complete bags of it, “Magna”. I repeat, WE NEED YOU!

For pity’s sake, consider it, for the sake of your fellow human beings. The future of life as we know it on this planet depends on the humble bowing of your head, your “be it done unto me” and the acceptance of your destiny.


6.39: More Magna, Magna, Magna..We are witnessing a bizarre and dangeroys unfolding of insanity.


6.09: Magna disguising his response to himself. The language is a give away. We are dealing here with chaotic madness….utter madness.


7:02 and 7:03pm –
Not the brightest are we boys? The poster at 6:09 is obviously taking the piss out of Magsy. Good grief. 🙄


I appreciate satire, provided it is well crafted, and even if it is attempted at my expense. Yours, I have to say, is indeed well crafted, and were you around 17 years of age, I should congratulate you. But I suspect that you are considerably older than this. Never mind: at least you are as mature as a 17-year-old.
There is always a silver lining, isn’t there, however dark the cloud?
No, I cannot accept unwarranted praise, tempting though it may be. I did not outshine the Archangel Gabriel, I’m afraid, because the Annunciation, in Luke’s gospel, is likely not literal: to put it plainly, ‘it probably did not happen historically’. It is highly likely a literary device by Luke to stress that the conception of Jesus was entirely virginal, the, er, necessary being performed by God himself.
Only two gospels mention Jesus’ conception and birth: Matthew and Luke. Matthew, however, has Joseph not only betrothed to Mary before Jesus was born, but actually married to her. This might, in Luke’s eyes, have cast some doubt among early Christians on the acclaimed virginal birth of Jesus. Acceptance of the virginal birth was necessary for acceptance of the claim that Jesus was divine, otherwise Jesus himself could have been dismissed as exclusively human. So to unmuddy the water, Luke’s account stresses, in a number of ways, the virgin birth, not only by having Gabriel announce to Mary her divinely imminent conception, by the power of the Holy Spirit (with her consent, of course), but makes clear Mary’s unmarried state (‘And Mary said to the angel, “How shall this be, since I have no husband” ‘ Luke 1: 34), as well as stating that Joseph remained only betrothed, but not married, to Mary until after her delivery: ‘And Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child. And while they were there the time came for her to be delivered.’
In no fewer than three or four places in the Lucan narrative of Jesus’ conception and birth is it made clear that Mary’s conception was virginal. There really was no need for such repetition, unless there was a need for it.
The consensus among biblical theologians is that the gospels of Matthew and Luke were written in the last third of the 1st century A.D., their precise dates being uncertain. I suggest that Matthew preceded Luke, and was also known to him, since Luke went to these lengths to emphasise Mary’s virginal conception.
As for Covid-19, since Oct 2019 to March 2020, the number of estimated deaths WORLDWIDE from flu virus versus Covid-19 are 250, 000 – 650, 000 and over 8000 respectively.
Puts things in perspective.


Maggie at 8:39pm 😆🤣😂😂😆🤣 by jingo she’s rattled! Go soak your head you buffoon! 🤪🙄


“Carta”, you spend your entire life viciously attacking and ridiculing people on Pat Buckley’s blog all day long. Unlike you, the person at 8:39pm is actually FUNNY! And what’s more clearly has rattled your cage by the length of your response (I couldn’t be arsed reading it). As the wee corporal on Dad’s Army might say, “Oh he don’t like it up ‘im that Magna Carta! He don’t like it up ‘im!”😉😘


Major flaw @ 8:39 in your “analysis:” which fabricates/imagines a Lukan reaction to Matthew’s infancy narrative: there is no evidence that the author of Luke 1-2 knew of Matthew 1-2 and in fact all the evidence points to the contrary.
Sorry to take the mat (no pun) from under your feet.
That’s the trouble with you and Wikipedia: while you reproduce what you read there, you lack the ability to assess what you find.


I know you don’t find me funny: my humour is called ‘sophisticated’.
It requires a certain…rarified intelligence to appreciate. 😎
But don’t fret: you can always go downmarket. 😆


I’m sorry, loser, but you’re in for another, and public, intellectual hammering.
No evidence that Luke was aware of Matthew?
Hah hah hah
Your limitations know no bounds, so to speak.
The FACT that Matthew and Luke are the only two gospels with narratives of Jesus’ conception and birth and the FACT that Luke, by repition of Mary’s unmarried status, stresses the virginal conception of Jesus is, in itself, evidence that Luke had knowledge of Matthew. Why would Luke stress this if there weren’t reason to do so?
You lack a scholar’s capacity to probe questions of this sort. Fortunately for us both, I don’t.
Oh! Support your statement that all the evidence in Luke suggests that he had no knowledge of Matthew. What evidence? Simply making brash, unsupported statements isn’t a sign of intelligence.
Or are you going to run off and hide, yet again. 😆


I refer you to Raymond E Brown’s magisterial study of both infancy narratives, “The Birth of the Messiah.” He points out that the only two remarkable similarities between them is that Jesus was born of a virgin and that he was born in Bethlehem.

The resolution of the synoptic problem isn’t rocket science. If A does not know B and vice versa, the obvious way to explain two noteworthy elements they have in common is that they had a common source.

But having to assume you believe Luke had knowledge of Mt places you outside of contemporary biblical scholarship for the past 50 years.

You had already confirmed this assumption, in relation to the Gospels, some days ago when you claimed that all of the NT apart from Acts and Revelation had an “epistolary” character.


I believe the point may be illustrated thus:

1. A does not know B and B does not know A.

2. They have two noteworthy elements in common.

3. Ergo, they both had access to a third source.


The Loser trips himself up… again.
You did not answer my question, unsurprisingly.
I had asked for evidence that Luke was not aware of Matthew. You indicated previously that there was more than one such piece by the phrase ‘all the evidence’, and yet you couldn’t produce even one example of it. On the contrary, you actually provided evidence FOR my thesis by referring me to Raymond Brown’s commentary on the so-called ‘Infancy Narratives’ and his point that there are, in fact, not just two similarities between Matthew and Luke in this respect, but two ‘remarkable’ similarities. You had stated that there was NO evidence for my thesis, and yet, without my asking, you produced two examples of such evidence. Remarkable.
Biblical scholarship does not begin and end with Raymond Brown, or with any other such scholar. The sum of human knowledge is increased not by standing down from the shoulders of giants. That is the difference between us: you are happy with the status quo; I am not. It is why you teach, and I research.
By the way, my comment on the epistolary character of NT books did, of course, exclude the gospels; I should think that you could have worked out for yourself that I made a mistake.
One more thing, you still haven’t cited any evidence whatever for your repeated snide comments about me and Wikipedia. A genuine scholar does not resort to lying to counter a thesis. But then, you’re not a scholar.


Pat. Please pray for me. I’ve followed your blog for a few years now, on and off. I’m so lonely and depressed. I’m a gay man and really at odds with the RCC. Went to Confession recently and refused absolution unless I leave my partner of 23 years. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to hell for going against the teachings of the Church. When this COVID thing is over, I’d love to come to Larne and make my confession to you. I need spiritual direction and I’ve tried to find it locally in Glasgow area, but failing miserably. Four Priests have told me the same things now. Can you recommend anyone locally I can speak to pretty quickly? Sounds pathetic, but I am not sleeping well worrying about this. Thanks.


I will pray for you. You are always welcome in Larne. You can also call me on 07488 374364. I will celebrate Confession with you. Best times generally 2pm to 6 pm.


Thanks Pat. I am so delighted that you’ve reached out. It means a lot. I will contact you during those times. Thanks


6.55: Scot, I wish you a deep spiritual peace and healing. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel unloved and unworthy in the eyes of God. I have met many gay men in confession in years past and I only offered what they deserved: the gift of God’s mercy. Believe in your dignity, self worth and preciousness as a gay man. Trust that God embraces you always.


Dear Scot,
I am so sorry you feel as you do. It is a terrible indictment of the dishonesty and absence of integrity as well as ordinary pastoral care that you have been treated with such callous neglect and hypocrisy by the RC clergy in Glasgow. I would wager that every one of those priests who told you to leave your partner of 23 years is himself a homosexual. On the one hand I would say that you don’t need to put yourself through the ordeal of confession; on the other I understand that it may still have a value for you, so take up Pat’s offer if you can. Let me share an anecdote from my own life if it might help you. As a troubled 19 year old back in the seventies I went to confess my own sexuality at – of all places – The London Oratory. To my horror I saw an elderly fierce looking priest hobbling with walking stick to the confessional near Our Lady’s altar. I was terrified, but he could not have been kinder, gentler and more understanding. This was Father Mark Taylor RIP. I’m not sure that the current crew there have the same level of wisdom, compassion and integrity that he had. Hold fast and don’t worry!


Scot, why on earth would you leave someone you love and who loves you?
You need to know that none of these confessors can either grant, or withhold, God’s forgiveness: it simply is not in their power to so.
Expecting someone to give up on love is expecting them to give up on God.
Silly, really.


Pat and friends. Thanks and well done on this evening’s blog. Reaching out to the vulnerable. That’s what pleases Almighty God. Credit to you all.


Begorra not a loo role in sight. Anyway safeguarding should be external to all groups like human rights Irregardless of religion race or anything else. People like Jehovah’s have a history which needs to be evaluated and respected from their point of view hi


Good night, hi fly.
Begorra fly commiserations on the rush on bog roll.
Karma may be kind by sending a roll your way before too long. Tog go bug e. Easy does it.
Transparency is the buzz word so safeguarding must be transparent.
GOD has NO favourites.
May the Force be with you. +
Good night, fly hi.


Makes me mad. My Glasgow brothers are predominately raging homos and have a right cheek. Double standards to the extreme.Looking at their Facebook pages today, it makes me mad that they are saying Mass as if they are holy Joe’s. Our Archdiocese is a cesspit of lube, condoms and a total shagfest. If you live in Glasgow Scot, I recommend Lourdes Church in Cardonald. The PP there is caring and compassionate and will absolve you. God bless.


Coronavirus may cause ‘grave necessity’ for general absolution, Vatican says.
Vatican City, Mar 20, 2020 / 11:05 am (CNA).-
Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, has said that the coronavirus pandemic may justify the use of general absolution, in extraordinary circumstances, for Catholics unable to go to individual confession.
The Apostolic Penitentiary in Rome is responsible for issues touching the sacrament of penance and the seal of confession.
“The seriousness of the current circumstances requires reflection on the urgency and centrality of the sacrament of Reconciliation, together with some necessary clarifications, both for the lay faithful and for the ministers called to celebrate the sacrament,” Cardinal Piacenza wrote in the formal note from the penitentiary, published March 20.


Dearest Magna at 8:39pm, oh my, oh my, there I was simply pointing out how lucky God is – to have someone of your dazzling brilliance – to keep his archangels right in their ps and qs.
I mean to say, I bet there was a right flap, with feathers flying all roads, when Gabriel got back to Heaven only to find he had delivered the message arse ways to the Virgin Mary.
And the human race labouring for two millennia under the illusion that nothing is impossible to God??? Thanks be to God for Magna! It’s all crystal clear at last. The matter is clarified.
And, dear Magna, your reply which I honestly didn’t expect – that thou wouldst vouchsafe unto such as I who am less than a worm – your reply was a further display of lucid theological erudition.
Now to the more serious matter of the Covid 19 shenanigans. This blog is blessed beyond words to have you Who are wisdom unsurpassed BUT …..!!!! BUT Magna Carta – now it is the whole world that needs you!!!
Cometh the hour cometh the man. And YOU Magna Carta are God’s man for this hour. How can you deprive humanity now – and its future generations – of the expertise you and you alone possess?
The world is collectively going insane led by asses – world leaders and so-called scientific experts – who are shutting down our society – over this itsy bitsy little piss ant virus that you can’t even see! And we’re all going along with it. I can’t even go down the pub this Friday night!
We need YOU Magna to put them straight about their lack of perspective and their scaremongering. Please for the love of God, Magna! The thoughts of stuck in this house with ‘er indoors and her damned soaps and constant nagging??
Show some pity. The world awaits you, Magna Carta. Stop hiding your light under Buckley’s bushel.


Damned right! Buckley and the Pope cancelling Masses? Bumbling Boris and all the other circus clowns putting us in lockdown over a stupid virus?
For crying out loud! Magna Carta for Supremo of the Universe!


9.44 & 10.31
(Ahem😧) Do you really think so, like? Me as a sort of Messiah figure? Now most of all?
I suppose I could… (Straightens tie in self-conscious anticipation of global glory )
You’re not pulling my leg, are you? (Sudden reservation 😕)
I mean…I’d look good in…
What title should I have? 😎


Bishop Pat, I read today that the Covid 19 virus was spread by the communists, freemasons and jews to destroy God’s holy church. What with no holy sacraments and no Easter services, we are doomed. No blessed sacrament to receive Jesus on our tongues. What shall we do bishop Pat? There was never a time in history where the holy church went along with such restrictions on it’s devine work. What has become of the pope and bishops that they prevent the sanctification of their people and deny them the blessed sacrament. The freemasons are in the church itself working with the jews and communists. O Mary, mother of the Trinity, pray for us!


I’m inclined to agree. Mind you there’s lots of other ones to consider too!
I’m continually struck by the banal vacuity of those who comment here in aggressive critical terms, {ie just blasting off negatively and hostiley, mostly against Magna} and the much more intelligent comments such as recent ones distinguishing between the validity of criticism of certain comments per se and the individual posting them, again, mostly pertaining to Magna. It’s really quite noticeable how limited in intelligent articulation the “hostile ” ones are by comparison with the more insightful analytical ones.
And the hostile critics simply regurgitate their opinions for they simply don’t understand.


Don’t fret, bro (or sis). 😐
I’m stepping up to the plate at the insistence of others here. 👤👥👮👷👶
I shan’t be found wanting. (Drunk, perhaps, but not wanting.😖)


Jesus was Jewish.
Mary was Jewish.
Joseph was Jewish.
Most of the early disciples were.
The apostles were.
Jesus is with us until the end of time.


9:45 pm 10:37pm 10:53 pm
Don’t be concerned about fulfilling obligations particularly at this time.
Don’t put yourself or relatives at risk of contracting covid 19.
Why not spend an hour or two or three in prayer this weekend instead out of love for the Lord.
Why not read scripture? Why not do both ?
Too many honour God with their lips but their hearts are far from the Lord.
God is love! Love the Lord with your total being and love your neighbour as yourself.
God is with us. Fear not little flock…!


Oh, get over you and your obligation ! Surely you have other important things to be worrying about – such as your responsibility to contribute to the greater common good by not congregating with others and facilitating the spread of the virus, by thinking of others rather than just your narrow personal interests. You are the religious nut version of the panic, selfish shoppers that we have to put up with in the supermarkets – me, me and me again. My needs above all. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Our Lady of the Holy Trinity will take care of us. There is no need to worry about the sacraments or Easter. Our Lady can celebrate the sacraments too and she may be waiting for this crisis to come to our rescue. Remember her message at Knock and Ballinspittle.


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