Coronavirus graphics you may have been sent on WhatsApp are not actually from Unicef

11th Mar 2020


The new coronavirus is 400-500 micro and for this reason wide enough to be stopped by masks.


The virus is 50-200 nanometres wide, and a mask, although sometimes necessary, won’t guarantee that you don’t get Covid-19.

Claim 1 of 7

We’ve seen a number of tweets showing graphics which make claims about the new coronavirus. The graphics have Unicef branding and are reportedly spreading on WhatsApp.

Unicef in the Philippines has said that the graphics are not from them. Most of the claims here are unevidenced or just plain false.
The claims seem to have been lifted from a Facebook post which we have checked before. The original text of the post, which has been edited since we first fact checked it, makes some of the same claims about the symptoms of Covid-19 and ways to prevent the disease.
It seems that at one point, MSN had an article on its website repeating the claims and attributing them to Unicef though the article has now been deleted.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) calls the disease itself Covid-19, and the virus that causes it SARS-CoV-2, and we will use that naming system here.

“Corona virus (Covid-19) is large in size where the cell diameter is 400-500 micro and for this reason any mask prevents its entry.”

The SARS-CoV-2 virus itself is around 50-200 nanometres wide. “Any mask” will not prevent you catching it. The WHO says masks are only effective when combined with regular hand washing. Viruses like this can enter through the eyes even if you’re wearing a mask.

“The virus does not settle in the air but is grounded so it is not transmitted by air.”

It’s not completely obvious what this means. The virus that causes Covid-19 certainly can spread through cough and sneeze droplets in the air, which can in turn enter someone else’s system.

“Corona virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes, so putting an alcohol sterililzer in the pocket meets the purpose of prevention.”

As we’ve said before, it’s not clear exactly how long the virus can ‘survive’ on your hands, especially not down to the minute. Using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is a good way to prevent the virus from spreading, if washing your hands with soap and water isn’t possible.

“Corona virus when it falls on a metal surface, it will live 12 hours, so washing hands with soap and water well enough.”

We don’t know exactly how long the virus can last on surfaces yet. The WHO says “Studies suggest that coronaviruses (including preliminary information on the COVID-19 virus) may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days.
It’s still good advice to wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

“Gargle with warm and salt water kills the tonsils germs and prevents them from leaking into the lungs.”

As we’ve written about before, gargling with salt water is recommended by the NHS for adults who have a sore throat, but only to relieve symptoms once you have caught it, not as a preventative measure. The WHO has said that there’s no evidence saline can prevent Covid-19.
Other fact checkers have also written about this claim, which was attributed to respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan, a key figure during the SARS outbreak. The hospital where he worked debunked the rumour via a post on social media site Weibo.

“If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27ºC. It will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Also drinking hot water and sun exposure will do the trick and staying away from ice cream and cold food is advised.”

We don’t yet know what temperatures the virus can withstand, but it’s worth noting that several of the countries with confirmed cases have warmer climates where the temperature can reach 27ºC. Sun exposure is therefore unlikely to protect you from or cure Covid-19. There’s no official advice from the NHS, WHO or CDC to stay away from cold food like ice cream or drink hot water to kill the virus.

“Coronavirus when it falls on the fabric remains 9 hours, so washing clothes or being exposed to the sun for two hours meets the purpose of killing it.”

We don’t know how long the new virus can last on fabric, especially this soon after it was discovered. In a blogpost, Harvard Medical School’s instructor in medicine Todd Ellerin writes: “So far, available evidence suggests it can be transmitted less easily from soft surfaces than frequently-touched hard surfaces.”
The CDC advises that soiled clothing from Covid-19 patients should be handled with disposable gloves, but can be washed using normal detergent. There’s absolutely no evidence that leaving clothes in the sun can kill the virus.

By Grace Rahman

Hi there Friends –

Herewith a 2020 Science Bulletin put out by Unicef on viruses like Corona –

1. The Corona virus is quite big in its size and cell proportions, measuring at between 400-500 micros for cell diameter, so any surgical mask will prevent it entering the body;

2. Not an airborne virus, as it tends to prefer liquids, so it is not transmitted by air;

3. If it falls onto a metal surface it will live there for up to 12 hours, so regular washing of kitchen and other surfaces will kill its outer protein casing;

4. If it falls onto a fabric surface, it will last up to 9 hours, so as it does not like hot temperatures, washing or exposure to the sun for 2 hours does the trick;

5. If it falls onto the hands it can live there for 10 minutes, so hand-gelling with an alcohol sterliser is important as a preventative measure against any super-spreading;

6. If exposed to temperatures of from 26 to 27 degrees Centigrade, this kills it, by rupturing the protein outer casing of the virus;

7. A regular nightly gargle with warm water or salt water kills the germs on the tonsils and this will prevent the virus getting into the metabolism;

Adherence to these preventative measures will deal with many viruses.


Ideally I wish NOT to celebrate any weddings during the current crisis.

But in those cases where I deem it necessary to celebrate a wedding I am employing the following conditions:

1. I will wear the mask above.

2. I will impose social distancing – everyone except bride and groom be 6 feet apart.

3. A limit of 6 people at a wedding ceremony – including the bride and groom. This is to allow the couple and their parents to be present.

4. Before and after ceremony those present will sanitise their hand with 80% alcohol hand sanitiser.

5. Wedding ceremony will be very short – no Mass or Holy Communion.

This may of course change, if the government registrar’s office closes, leading to no Marriage Schedule (licence) being issued.


I am hoping that today at 12 noon I will make a first attempt to broadcast my daily Mass from The Oratory.

It will be a simple mass without music and a short reflection instead of a formal homily.

Todays Mass may not be perfectly technically – but will be a beginning that we will perfect as we go along.

The plan is to have Mass on Sundays at 12 noon and weekdays at 6.15 pm.

We will keep the times under review.

The link is



My local shop has a cluster of big spray bottles at its checkout. Over £6 a bottle. Did I buy one? Phooey!🙃 I’ve better things to spend my money on (hic😳) than get sucked into Coronavirus hysteria. 🙄 Granted, some have to be more careful, but thankfully not Magna.
Off topic, but I am halfway through a new book, ‘God and the Gay Christian’, by Matthew Vines. In a word, a brilliant read. Scholarly, superbly well informed, and written with the clarity of crystal and the intellectual precision of… well of me sober, I suppose .
I HIGHY recommend it. 😀


”Granted, some have to be more careful, but thankfully not Magna”
I’m assuming out of concern for your father you won’t be visiting him over the coming weeks and months.


11.45: More proof of a fool in action. We’re you to be struck down with this awful virus, I wonder woukd you be so flippant? Or try to be comedic about it? You are – pooey – a joke and a shitty one! Get off this blog. 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐗🐗🐗🐗🐴🐴🐴


symptom free? you could be asymptomatic and give the virus to your dad. could you not cut out visits for the moment in the interests of his health and well being?


What way are priests paid during the outbreak? Can someone explain the following please. Who gets the money that gets taken up in the plate during the offertory? Who gets the Offerings that go around some parishes at Easter and Christmas etc? Are you supposed to get a receipt if you book a mass for a loved one and hand over money?


That is a terrible state of affairs.

How will Bishop Deenihan be able to fund his trips abroad now, like the recent one to Bucharest for the installation of the bishop there?

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Mindset needs to change 12 21. Sacraments are not business transactions. How much did Jesus charge for the crusifiction. The church needs money and needs to account properly for what comes in and goes out. The flow of God’s Grace is not controlled by a cheque book. What do priests do with themselves all day. There should be some sort of job description and annual report required from all priests which is signed by parish council and then sent to Bishop


If you had faith you wouldn’t need masks or distancing. Sprinkle some holy water uttering the holy name of the Trinity and our blessed Lady and you will banish this virus just like our holy national apostle banished the snakes into the ocean. And if our devine Lord chooses to let you have the virus, be grateful for the challenge to engage in spiritual warfare against this pestilence sent by the communist Chinese with the jews and free masons help. Our Lady of Ballinspittle and Little Nellie of Holy God, pray for us!


1:39 am
If only… if only… if only…..
Be responsible by considering your neighbours. They may not have your depth of faith.


And thank God they don’t.
Snakes in Ireland? 😂
That ain’t faith; that’s superstition. 🙃


Ah but, have you not considered that errors of spelling may be deliberate? Devine = Divine as in 4th Divine.


” The Churches are closed ? ”
I read time and time again the churches are closed with no services .
It is time to arise children of the light wherever you are , and proclaim that you are not closed !
You are the church and I am the church .
The light is in you and in me .
The Church is Christ in us drawing us together wherever we may be , and whoever we may be .
In all our different paths there is communion beyond a building that maybe locked .
It is rather ironic that institutions that have have for centuries corrupted Christ’s message of welcome and shut people out can not in the current health crisis hold services as they did .
But still the church is not closed .
Today it is alive !
Hermits and Solitaires will still go to their chapels to celebrate their offices and liturgies .
Christians in their homes will gather to pray together and where a Bishop or Priest is present Eucharist will be be celebrated .
Christian families will still read the Bible and pray together .
The treasure of the church is present in the sick ,suffering , and dying .
Prayers will be whispered at their beds .
Do Clergy ever stop to think , and ask such people to pray for them as they walk their way of the cross ?
Those who are closer to Christ then them because they are on the Holy Cross with Him in their sickness , pain ,and isolation.
The church is not closed .
All over the world today people in their hearts will think of loved ones sometimes many miles away and hope they will be alright whispering a secret prayer to God for them .
Messages of support and fellowship will be sent via social media.
Masses and Liturgies will be broadcasted .
And you are telling me the Churches are closed ?
I take the book of the Gospels and read again some simple words that tell me that the churches are not closed today even in the midst of the current health crisis.
Buildings may be closed today .
No public worship offered in them .
But Jesus said ” Where two or three of you are gathered I am their in your midst . ”
Father Richard


Fr Richard The Church is closed. Now is the time for people to trust and pray and work for a more enlightened future when the Churches re open. Many people don’t attend anyway. So like the early disciples in the Upper Room Easter and Pentecost is round the corner


Great! Thank you, + Pat.
For sound information on covid-19, please check Dr. John Campbell YouTube videos. He has been posting on coronavirus since January. Take a look at yesterday’s 6 minute video on ‘how to avoid environmental viruses.’
Accurate informed knowledge will literally save lives.Take care.


YOU’RE Dr John Campbell, aren’t you? Looking for subscribers?
There’s no flies on me, I can tell y’. 😡


Nay. 👎I belong to the Heinz clan. 😅Gottya! 😜One fly on ye.😱 Quashed.😇


11.52: You’re right Magna in one respect – no flies in you but an anagram of thisword would suggest differently – but there are FILES on You! Better be careful, O hateful one!!


A couple of weeks ago, a professor on Vanessa Feltz (Radio London) said washing hands with ordinary soap and water was better than hand sanitisers, that tend to be sticky afterwards. I have been frequently washing my hands at home, especially after I have been out anywhere (but not very far). No problems at supermarkets or any queues (Edinburgh).

Good Luck with the new webcam.


Sanitizer only needed when no washing facilities after exiting your food store.
I still can find any-in any establishment.
Tobeeffective santizer contains60 %alcohol.


Submitted, obviously by a “good Catholic” or one of those “good priests” we keep hearing about.
This a perfect example of what Roman Catholicism, in it’s most virulent form, creates.
Roma Locuta Est – Causa Finita Est

“Rome has spoken. The cause is finished” 😰


Erasmus – you really should be ashamed of yourself for your virulent and nasty sentiments. I appeal to you to temper this bit of your character and to try to be more kind even towards those that you disagree with. If you can’t do that, then just stay silent. Please. You do not do yourself any credit with posts like this. + Pat is pretty tolerant in publishing posts, but with such as you are posting he has a perfect right to delete them. For the Common Good – hich you might like to reflect on sometime.


This is the fall of Maynooth and Mullaney’s regime . The pandemic will wipe out the population in Ireland. This virus targets young and old. The cull has started, this is the end of Maynooth and the abuse.


9.46: Your comment suggests that God or the virus is somehow focusing on particular groups is absurd, stupid, nonsensical and illogical. Get a brain.


Pat, the comment at 7.38 is ignorant and undeserved. I hope you and your partner are well in these days of worry and anxiety. If the writer of comment is a priest, shame, shame on him. I wish you luck with your broadcasting of mass. Thankfully all parishes have webcams which at times like this are invaluable in keeping in touch spiritually with all who regularly attend mass, which in our parish is normally 1600 + at 5 w/end masses. I have found some beautuful reflections by Pope Francis for these times. I6rrespectuve of your views of him, he has written some beautuful, reflective prayers and thoughts for our consideration. I will be using them for our webcam mass today. Since it is Sunday and everyone is in isolation of some kind, can I suggest that for this day alone, you accept and invite only helpful, inspiring and uplifting material. The tit for tat expletives of horrible commentary recently between cyber gangs is unpleasant and unnecessary. There are plenty of days for that. With God’s blessings let us be kind and positive at this time of great fear. The amazing sense of solidarity is one we need to build with words, poetry, prayer and gestures that fill us with light, hope and inner peaceful calm. All the best Pat. Somehow, whatever differences we have are irrelevant just now. “Let us not fear the terror of the day nor the dark of night…”


My partner and I am very well thank you. I sought personalised medical advice this week and was told that I an no extra danger than anyone else my own age and the public in general. Thank you for your sincere concern.

I wish you well with your broadcast Mass.

I cannot not afford a normal church streaming service as I was told it costs £3,000 to £ 6,000 to set up and then £ 100 – £ 150 a month to maintain.

I am attempting to broadcast on Facebook today and hopefully will tune for better as I go.

Your parish is doing very well to have 1600 + at the weekends and from your comment above they seem blessed with a good pastor


Really Pat? What a rip-off! It’s a wonder they don’t charge per word spoken! How much doesit cost to train a camera and leave it alone?


Thank you, Fr.
An email ministry is another means of maintaining contact with those near and far.
Take care.🙏


Be Not Afraid
From the Album “Earthen Vessels”. St. Louis Jesuits. (1975)
Bob Dufford SJ
You shall cross the barren desert,
but you shall not die of thirst.
You shall wander far in safety
though you do not know the way.
You shall speak your words in foreign lands
and all will understand.
You shall see the face of God and live.
Be not afraid.
I go before you always.
Come, follow me, and I will give you rest.
If you pass through raging waters in the sea,
you shall not drown.
If you walk amid the burning flames,
you shall not be harmed.
If you stand before the pow’r of hell
and death is at your side,
know that I am with you through it all.
Be not afraid.
I go before you always.
Come, follow me, and I will give you rest.
Blessed are your poor,
for the kingdom shall be theirs.
Blest are you that weep and mourn,
for one day you shall laugh.
And if wicked tongues insult and hate you
all because of me,
blessed, blessed are you!
Be not afraid.
I go before you always.
Come, follow me, and I will give you rest.
Isaiah 43:2-3, Luke 6:20
Bob Dufford S.J.


Oh ye of little faith. If only we had a St Charles Borromini now. He drove the plague from Milan, more than we can say for that jew loving freemason in the Vatican, that argentine imposter.


Oh for the love of God and his Holy Mother and St Rita of Cascia! If Our Saviour and his Blessed Father sent the virus to test and cleanse us, why can we not accept it with open arms like St Francis receiving the stigmata. We all have our appointed time to die. The Lord giveth and taketh away. We should embrace this Divine Gift and be grateful that we in this time have been chosen by Our Divine Lord to share in the sufferings of his Holy and Victorious Cross only to enjoy the eternal peace when we are wrapped in Our Blessed Mother’s mantle and taken up to paradise.


It is not God’s will that the virus is killing people. And not God’s glory that is being made known by your claim that our heavenly Father sent it.
Some Father he’d be if that were true.
Educate yourself 11.38


hopefully the numbers pick up, it didn’t go beyond 12 viewers at one point, and we ended up with just 8 at the end



90 people joined us for Mass.

355 people looked in.

These figures will go up as people watch it late


Pat, hate to disappoint you but we can all see the numbers of people watching on the side of the video. unfortunately your figures are exaggerated beyond belief.


I am only repeating what the man running it former says.

The Facebook page says


327 people reached”

I am not IT savvy. Maybe you can explain views and people reached to me???


I didn’t hear much about the church steppin up to the plate hi. Probably caus theres fek all on it. The real virus is sin. The cure is to recognise reality and not always put the me particle at the centre. I dont know if the virus did come from rats or whatever. I do know God is good and ordinary people arent ejits hi. The Pat Channel is a great idea hi


Good Afternoon hi fly,
Begorra fly what’s this about the Pat channel. Number what on the box.
Fek all on plates today but plenty gathered for yonks.
The real virus is sin coupled with ignorance or lack of consciousness.
No mattering today where the virus came from. Time now to fight the good fight.
Not only is God good but God is Love. Par Excellance.
May the Force be with you.+
Bye bye fly hi.


12:52 pm
+ Pat, I watched Pope Francis live private Mass from the Vatican last week.
Initially live viewer numbers max. around 700 to 750.


he broadcasts on a number of platforms; facebook, YouTube, Vatican TV, EWTN, etc A lot of the older generation don’t really do social media


Whatever the figures, well done + Pat for being proactive and doing what you can in the time and with the resources you have. I quite understand that an outlay for the professional stuff is considerable, and that you have not been able to do it, but hats off to you for coming up with a workaround and at least bothering to provide this service. In the diocese in which I live, there is not live streaming from the cathedral. They are a dead loss. There is little happens there anyhow, but you would have thought that the cathedral should have a live feed anyway in normal circumstances, and most certainly they should have been proactive and at the top of their game in the weeks before when it was absolutely clear that there was a likelihood of churches closing down. But, no. Just sat of their hands and their fat arses and did nothing. So, we are told that nothing is possible for the next couple of weeks and they might be able to get something in by Easter. I bet not. They are a dead loss. They couldn’t hold down a job anywhere else. They would be out on the ears. But, because they are priests, and sooooo important and special, they think the they can just glide on regardless doing as little as they can. The Anglican cathedral is all up and running. But not our Catholic one. I notice that many of the Traddy places are all set, but then they have another agenda and will be seeing this as an opportunity to recall the country to traditional devotions, Latin Mass, and the old ways. They are probably delighted ! I’ve even heard the odd sermon about the wages of sin.


The OPs in Dominick Street in Dublin invite everyone to join them for the Rosary on Wednesday at 12 noon, the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The prior hopes there’ll be a big take up and says that we all need to come together on this joyful feast. They will pray that Our Lady take away the scourge of the virus and will consecrate the world to the Sacred Heart of Our Lady of Alcantara and blessed Juan Diego de Corro a Hora, OP.


Would such a gathering, Reverend Father at 2.27. not be contravening the directives about people assembling indoors in one place?
There’s no engagement with the surrounding area, so I think this invitation is a hoax.


when the coronavirus pandemic is over, will the oratory host an open day/evening for people to come and greet. have a look at the chapel and maybe a little garden party?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but lockdown is very likely soon, followed by social distancing for months.
It’s unlikely a vaccine will be available until early next year.


2.55: I think you are right. We will be asked to practice more social distancing and restrict all our movements. This is a serious situation, more than some realise. Small spaces of gathering should be out of bounds. Pat, be very careful about visitors to the Oratory. While our Church is very large with opportunity with good space for distancing, nonetheless I am beginning to worry about leaving church open all day even though people want it and seem to be responsible. Already 3 funerals for this week and I am really concerned, though I have reasonably good health. It’s natural to be concerned. We will have prayer at 12 noon this Wed. 25th, as asked by Archbishop Eamonn Martin to unite as a nation in prayer. I trust you will join on this Feast of the Annunciation in your Oratory in solidarity with one another. For many, many people, prayer is a great comfort..On Mother’s Day, may God bless all of them, even those who have died, and may we always appreciate their gift to us.


Corro a Hora OP? That sounds like I ejaculate now OP. It’s crude Spanish disguised in a name. Oh dear Pat. What is this blog coming to…no pun intended?


This is a very serious situation globally. The medics estimate between 50%, up to possibly, 80% of the population will contract the virus. The morality rate is about 2%. There’s about 7. 7 billion population worldwide.
It is estimated 50% of the population world wide may contract the Covid-19 virus. Do the maths!


I kindly suggest,Archbishop Martin and colleagues Nationally, organise practical, as well as prayer support, pronto.


Dear Friend, thank you for going to all that trouble for me 🙂

If I am going to do this daily I am hoping to find a fairly straight forward was.

I did speak to one streaming hosting person. An initial camera etc might cost £300 and a monthly hosting management c £30 a month – which I can afford.

I’d be truly grateful for any advice or helpers readers can offer.


2.50: Pat, what desperate measures – begging!!!! I think you demean yourself in doing this. I’m surprised that you are doing this. Surely your congregation must come to your support?


I think 3:13 and 5:00 are creating a deliberately cynical interpretation. In my reading Pat was asking for technical help and advice. He said he could already afford the costs.


that was a lovely mass earlier. I must say, I don’t normally get up that early on a Sunday, but this morning I was up at the crack of dawn – 11:45! Shocking!


Canon Joe Cooney, who ran the Knock marriage bureau has died. he was a lovely man with a good heart. God rest him.
Pat, I was just thinking. there would have been a market in past times for such a marriage bureau, not so much nowadays. However, as a young gay man, I find it very difficult to meet someone for a date/drink. gay dating apps are more geared toward sexual encounters and that’s just not me. maybe you’d set up a ministry to introduce gay people who are interested in dating?


Totally hear what you say. You can of course specify what you are looking for on apps. Or it might be more productive when cv19 is over to go to some of the LGBTQ things in your area based on your interests. I’m lucky to live in a city but where I live there are a theatre group, book group, film group, gardening group and a ramblers group.


131 Views when I watched it, although I had to turn my laptop on its end!
You will also have to do live “fireside chats” occasionally, Bp Pat, especially about any new strange goings-on, or other secrets-and-lies associated with priests and seminarians.


As regards troll Magsy Carta at 2:59pm and its imaginary visit to a fictional father: you won’t be so funny “Carta” in a month or so – probably less – about the Covid 19 virus. You will be snickering on the other side of your face. Unless rigor mortis prevents your sniggers. I shit you not.


7.53: I woukdn’t wish this virus on anyone. It is horrible and very scary. As for hoping Magna might be more perceptive – you can’t ever get through to a drink deadened brain. Ever. However Magna has enough to worry about. Just being Magna is an incurable, poisonous virus, with, in and through him for life. That to me is a pain enough and I would not wish it on anyone. We make life good or bad, light or darkness, contentment or misery, love or hatred by our decisions and behaviour. We know the negative, destructive ones of M.C’s life and they ain’t positive.



Fictional father?

He is to have his left foot and part of his lower left leg amputated tomorrow.

I’ll tell him it’s all fictional.


Magas at 7.28: The comment at 5.48 is very apt. You are an idiot in these scary and anxious times. You belittle even more the small person you already are and diminish even further your self imposed fractured humanity. Thank God you are not married and have no children or were never foisted on God’s Holy People….


8.00: Parishes are doing their utmost to help and to be of assistance but there is inly so much we can do. However we are arriving at a situation where contact with others will be reduced to only what’s necessary. Even volunteering may be restricted except in health and medical care provisions. Let us remember these groups in our prayers. They are the real frontline saviours. They deserve our support from all of us observing all guidelines. It’s sad that some people think they’re invincible and are being reckless in associating in groups.


Why was there Mass in a Church in Armagh diocese today with people in attendance and Holy Communion handed out to those who turned up. Wreckless actions by a wreckless PP.


I saw that on webcam earlier today if it’s the one you refer to – Fr Martin McArdle. At first I thought it was an old recording but it was actually live today and with a congregation.


I’m asking the Archbishop’s and their colleagues to quickly organise practical support.
There’s still time to act.


“Magna Carta“ at 10:04pm I’m not a “father” – well at least not in the sense you think. Yes FICTIONAL Troll. The “amputation”, the hospital, etc. – all the projection of your febrile imagination and frantic typing. The sad, pathetic, hate-filled little imaginary universe you have created, the toxic sewage from which you daily download on to this blog. You’re pathetic 😆


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