Mullingar parish has admitted that the Coronavirus crisis has “obliterated” its income – and left it fearful of not being able to pay the bills.

“We have made big cutbacks in spending, but we still have to run the parish and maintain the vital service we offer to our community and the local hospital,” Fr Derek Darby, parish administrator, told The Westmeath Examiner today.

The parish employs a number of staff – but depends completely on the voluntary support and generosity of people each week in the offertory collection to fulfill its obligations to its staff and priests, and to pay the parish’s bills.

“We have already received calls from parishioners who are mindful the parish’s working reserves are now under pressure, wanting to donate or make a contribution,” said Fr Darby.

Stressing that he was aware that in these uncertain times everyone is now under financial pressure, he said since Masses are suspended and the church locally has no income source, any donations will be gratefully received.

“We would appreciate your support,” he said.

There are three ways of supporting the parish:

(i) Weekly envelopes: continue to drop in the weekly envelope to the cathedral. There will be a secure donation box inside the main door of the cathedral.

(ii) Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer to Mullingar Cathedral Current Account

Please include your name or envelope number (if you have one) as a reference so the church can acknowledge your donation.

(iii) Cheque or Cash Donation

Donations can be left into the parish office or the cathedral in the secure donation box inside the main door of the cathedral.

Donations received by post will be acknowledged by email/phone call.


The Roman Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest entities in the world.

At a time when are worried about the possibility of millions dying world wide I think it is disgraceful that a parish is worried about its collections and canvassing donations.

We are living through times where millions might die.

And the PP of Mullingar is worried about his bank balances going down.

This is disgraceful selfishness.

Let him sell his ostentatious cathedral to be turned into a night club or casino and give the money to the poor, the sick and the dying.


Daily Mass, 7 days a week, will be broadcast from The Oratory at 12 noon everyday from tomorrow 23.3.2020.