Ukraine church offers premises for Covid-19 patients

by Jonathan Luxmoore THE TABLET

Ukraine church offers premises for Covid-19 patients
Ukrainian border guard officer wearing a protective suit as a preventive measure, standing inside a train with Ukrainian citizens after the evacuation. The special train from Kiev to Moscow evacuated Russian citizens to Moscow on 27 March 2020, and brought back Ukrainian citizens from Moscow to Kiev on 29 March 2020, after Ukrainian authorities shut the country’s borders amid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

The special train from Kiev to Moscow evacuated Russian citizens to Moscow and brought back Ukrainian citizens from Moscow to Kiev after Ukrainian authorities shut the country’s borders amid the spread of the COVID-19
SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church has agreed to re-purpose its buildings as hospitals and care centres during the coronavirus epidemic, as other religious denominations also stepped forward with practical help in containing the crisis. 

“The Church’s primary purpose is pastoral care – and our medical chaplains are already working in hospitals at this tragic time,” said Fr Lubomyr Javorski, the Church’s patriarchal economist.

“But we also have many property resources which can be used during the pandemic. These can be converted into hospitals, but also made available to physicians away from their workplaces and to people returning from abroad with nowhere to quarantine themselves”. 

The priest outlined the proposals in a video message, after a Sunday homily by Ukraine’s Greek Catholic leader, Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kyiv-Halych, offering to turn parishes, churches and monasteries into health facilities and rehabilitation centres.

The Church’s Information Department confirmed the offer had been welcomed by the country’s premier, Denys Shmyhal, during talks with the archbishop, who had now set up a special Church centre to co-ordinate the initiative.

It added that its cathedral at Ternopil was already being used to store and distribute “protective equipment and essential supplies” for city hospitals, while young Church volunteers were also collecting funds for Ukraine’s health service. 

In a homily, Archbishop Shevchuk said his Church would “do everything possible” to prevent doctors “having to decide who should live and die” due to a lack of medical supplies. However, he added that the Ukrainian authorities should also “declare a political quarantine” by avoiding “decisions likely to cause social tension” during the pandemic, and “resist the temptation to use quarantine measures to harass or repress political opponents”.    

“If needed, the entire ecclesial and spiritual space will become hospitals for saving human lives,” the archbishop told Ukrainian health workers. “You must teach us how to do it – but we can learn quickly and well, so we can save lives with you”. 

Ukraine’s newly created independent Orthodox church and its Moscow-linked rival have both also offered premises for treating coronavirus victims. 



So, while Amy Martin is mincing around the streets of Armagh with her liturgical equivalent of THE HARRY POTTER WAND the decent bishops and clergy in Ukraine have offered ALL their buildings to the government to be put at the disposal of people affected by COVID 19.

The Irish Catholic Bishops are selfish bastardos – thinking only of themselves and their money and collections.

Another reason, on top of the global sexual abuse scandal, to make sure these guys NEVER get back to having any power over us in the future.  


Will still be under

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The selfishness,narcissistic preoccupation with themselves, and defensive protectionist mentality of the clergy and hierarchy is staggering! It’s evident on this blog daily.



Ah,now! C’mon or that wi’ y’. Didn’t Archbishop Eamon and his priests do their bit by wandering around the housing estates of Catholic plebs carrying big monstrosities with wee bits of unleavened bread in them?

What more do you want from them? 🤔


11.54: Hi Marge dearie, how’s the hangover going? Is your virus of hatred abating yet?


You got to factor in much of their time is occupied by thinking about… well, you know, MEN, and how they’re going to get “at bit” without anyone else knowing about it. Or should I say, without Bp Pat finding out about it.


If the clergy and hierarchy had to be told by Pope Francis to be living with the smell of the sheep, what smell do they live with or have they been living with?


I am sure that there is a lot of local church community activity and help going on. It is local, quiet. communitarian, and not centralised. That is good. There will be much more going on than we know, and it is being done by good people working away quietly. That is where the Church really is, thank God. That is where the Gospel is being lived out.

I, too, am somewhat underwhelmed by the presence and leadership of our current crop of Church leaders, bishops, archbishops etc. About the only things coming out of Armagh and Westminster that I am aware of, and which have brought our so called leaders out of their episcopal bubble, is the eucharistic show-walk of Armagh and the online rededication of England as Dowry of Mary by Westminster. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. Or, rather, you would make it up if you were writing a Monty Pythonesque sketch show of our leaders’ activity during this crisis !

There is a real sense of our Church leaders / bishops making themselves irrelevant. They have, by and large, lost their integrity by their handling / coverup / lies / blindness in the abuse scandal of the last couple of decades. That is bad enough. But, to show themselves irrelevant to the real life of the Church and the Gospel that is going on amongst the faithful – well that is their death knell. We don’t believe them anymore. And we don’t listen to them anymore. We barely notice them anymore. Their game is over.


Anon@9:39: “Their GAME is over” Hurrah, for that’s all it is for them; a game. Unlike Henry who “dissolved/stole” the monasteries for his own personal benefit, it would be good if the state “nationalised” church assets and used them for public benefit, eg sell off the bishops palaces and use the equity to fund health and social services .


1.28pm. MMM – are you for real? What the crap are you doing to help any caring agency? Oh…I remember, you have to isolate – OAP – Old, Aged Pissyhead. Like your hating sister, monster Marge, please Mournie Maisie, stay shut up for ever.


You are quite wrong. There are many rites within the Catholic Church and in full communion
with the pope.
There are many variations of orthodox churches. Greek, Russian etc. There is the Greek orthodox, AND Greek Catholic Church. The latter is in full communion with Rome


Anonymoussays: 1st Apr 2020 at 4:34 pm No it’s RC not Orthodox.
Both Churches are doing it.


Bp Pat, Amy will be putting pressure on other Irish bishops to strike a pose on the streets of their diocese like her.


If it weren’t for their mincing skills being adjudicated on here, they’d probably all go for it, Bp Pat.


It’s a pity they don’t come out like Amy, Bp Pat, because most bishops are great at mincing, it comes natural to them.


I am disgusted that our hierarchy have not as a group made any significant gesture by way of solidarity with us at this time. While individual bishops in their dioceses are connecting with parishes and their respective caring agencies, (fact), I believe a united gesture would be very welcome. None of us knows what people are doing individually, so let’s not have a blanket condemnation. I have liaised with the local HSE and the Gardai to offer the services of our large parish centre and school halls.. etc…and made contact with the local social services: Meals in Wheels…I asked the Gardai if I could help them by way of bringing food to the housebound. There are ways we can each help individual but there is a limit to these practical actions because of health guidelines. All of us, however well intentioned, must work within the guidelines, but we should offer our help and whatever material support (financially, property..) where feasible. I have made contactbwuth our own Archbishop to make known my disappointment, while acknowledging the good wirk of our Diocesan caring agencies. We are in this effort together.


I appreciate much work is quietly going on in many parishes.
Where’s the leaderships from the hierarchy as a united body ? It’s deafening. The Archbishop of Armagh was on Rte 1 news at the weekend going on about money and collections!! At a time in history when 400,000 people in Ireland are out of work due to this unprecedented historical pandemic, he’s banging on about money ! Unreal.Cringing. God help us.



Do you lack self-esteem? 🤔

Why, then, do you refer to the Romanist episcopate as leaders? They are mooching SCUM.

Seriously, you regard Noel Treanor as giving ‘leadership’? In what? hedonistic self-expenditure?

If you see these mooching, scrounging PARASITES as leaders, you’ll get from these vermin everything you deserve. 😀


Whether I lack self esteem is immaterial. Brass knobs aside, these people are in positions of influence to make a practical difference to very vulnerable people in our communities at a time of great crisis.


12.16: More of Magnaism….has all the hatred but little of imagination about what we can each do. Were this goof Carta to be given a cent for every hate narrative we’d have sufficient funds to purchase all necessary medical equipment. Then of course, this goofie piece of uselessness doesn’t believe the medical evidence about the coronavirus. A dangerous thing is our Mags..thank God it’s in isolation.


I believe parishes should have one concern only at this point: to be of practical help in whatever way possible. If we have charity funds, use them NOW. If we can offer property that may be of use, offer it to the local HSE. Money should only be requested if it is for the very needy families, not Church funds. I know there are winderful gestures if kundness and support being given by our parishioners for those what are alone in their area. Good Christian neighbourliness…


Hello +Pat.
MAY I intrude somewhat just to mention that in relation to the present pandemic there is one Catholic prayer that I think is very underestimated – the Litany for a Happy Death –
Back when I was a schoolboy it was part of the prayers we had in chapel every first Friday.
I’ve parts of it memorised and I’ve always found it great help when I’ve been hospitalised myself (it was only found out by chance, when I was seventy-five, that I was born with internal deformities that make me very vulnerable to infections) or when I’ve spent time at the bedside of dying relatives – it helped me to help them.
I most definitely recommend it.


Pat, Bringing Jesus to the people on the streets was a good thing. It helped the faith of those people. I don’t agree with the approach of the hierarchy on many occasions but I am inspired to see AB Eamon do that and the other ones who did that too. The lack of money will be a purification. The Church in Ireland has lost its mojo, it doesn’t preach the Gospel. It gains hardly any converts. Maybe God the Father is stripping away the comforts for something more authentic and faith based



Come again? 🤔

Bringing Jesus to the people??

That prick, Martin, didn’t bring Jesus to anyone, you Romanist.



Theology 101- Jesus is present body blood soul and divinity in the Eucharist host. Hence the Archbishop was blessing people with Jesus in the Eucharist host


3.53: Your theology Miss Carta, is bogus. Your Christ likeness, zilch. You have a barren heart and spirit, devoid of morality.


3.53: Magna provides evidence, yet again, that he is dead to Christ. He is his own god…..but alien to the GOD OF JESUS.


Anon@ 5:48: No doubt as an intelligent person you will be able to explain the reasons for what I assume to be your belief. I’d be greatly obliged if you could explain it for me.
Thank you.


Yes he did indeed bring Jesus to the people. He went out on the street with Blessed Sacrament showing people the real and true presence of Christ. I don’t really agree with him but he done something good and I will commend him for that!


Yes he did indeed bring Jesus to the people. He went out on the street with Blessed Sacrament showing people the real and true presence of Christ


I thought it was only Abp Turtle who came out? Mind you, most of them walk as if wearing a pair of invisible high heels.


Oooh! Our resident ‘expert’ is back making a name for himself…the retired A&E nurse.

🎶God has everything under control.🎶


Look, I think we all have to recognise that by and large we are not led in our Church by men (and, yes, sadly, they are all men) of any stature. In World War 1 they talked about ‘lions led by donkeys’ to describe the appalling leadership of the generals. It could be said of so many of our bishops.

So, let’s stop complaining about them, and just sideline them in their irrelevance, and concentrate instead on the undoubtably wonderful work of charity and love that is being done by so many people (an in some instances by their priests) in their local communities. That is where God is. Tell us about that, rather than telling us about something that we already know – namely, that our bishops are by and large an embarrassing irrelevance that will lead us nowhere. The Holy Spirit and the presence of God is to be found elsewhere.


An old London proverb – There were never any atheists when bombs were falling.
Who cares what the bishops are doing.
God is always in charge, and whatever He does He does for His own purposes.


Off topic. Ronan Mullen has topped the universities poll for re-election to the Seanad. Fantastic and a slap in the face for all those nasty journos and left wing politicos who tried to stop his efforts in their horrible cynicism and intolerance. They tried to demonize this honest, good person of integrity. It backfired spectacularly. The huge vote he received speaks for itself.


Is there a great ‘hero’ who believes, in their own mind, they may save the day for the Devil and his disciples this very month?
There is an old saying: ‘‘Give them the rope: let them hang themselves.’’
In the third chapter of Genesis, we hear the account of the serpent in the garden; this account is a clear warning, illustrating just how cunning the evil-one really is.
Scripture consistently warns the Devil wonders the earth in hope of foiling the Creator’s perfect plan: a plan of love and perfection for His beloved children: love, happiness and safety.
Unfortunately, there are some who do not care for God’s plans; but thankfully, Scripture is very clear that God has everything in check… God is eternally prepared; He is all-knowing; He has the Whole world in His hands.
To those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see… Please do not hang yourself.


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