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The look on Frankie’s face as he was cornered, like a rat, in St Peter’s Square is priceless. He pretended not to understand the journalist’s question about his verified attempt to divert justice in the Grassi case, and he denied the accusation. A double lie by Christ’s so-called ‘Vicar’.😂

The institutional RCC is truly rotten to the core, along with its mooching, parasitical priests, who place loyalty to this festering organism above obedience to Christ.

When will the Catholic plebs learn that Romanist moochers actually hold them in contempt? When will they learn to reject the scroungers who abuse them?

There is one, very heartening fact about the current lockdown: the Romanist moochers are running short of cash; they’ve even been reduced to beggary on Facebook. I have to confess that I laughed heartily at that. It’s good to see the moochers on their knees, begging not just for money, but for social relevance.

Frankly, who gives a damn? 😀


12.06: Magna, who give a a damn? You certainly don’t, can’t and never will care. You are still pourung forth your bucket loads of vomit. Are you still in recovery from drunken rage, anger and indignant, faux outrage…all talk is our hate queen. Nothing worthwhile to offer beyond uselessness.



Are you one of the Romanist paraites/scroungers/moochers still propping up this rotten institution? 🤔

I admire the ex-Benedictine monk in the documentary, Patrick Wall, who, at the age of 32 years, had the moral integrity to dissociate himself from a criminal organisation, the institutional Roman Catholic Church, and devote his time to helping its victims.

You would probably condemn him.


The High Court of Australia will hand down its decision on whether Cardinal George Pell’s final bid for freedom has been successful at 10am next Tuesday, 7 April.

Surely they will not let the fiend out after the latest allegations, Bp Pat?


I think the ‘latest allegations’ are allegations that have been around for quite a while, even before his trial. And, the appeal that is currently under consideration is an appeal on the charges of the case on which he was tried, not anything in addition. So any decision will be based solely on those charges and conviction, and nothing else. My own view is that he will be released, because irrespective of whether he is guilty or not, the process of the trial was flawed in such a way as to make his conviction unsafe. The appeal court may well direct that he is retried on the same charges by a new court. Or they may quash his conviction and release him. Or it may uphold his original conviction. We will see next Tuesday.


I’d like to highlight three devastating observations from this important documentary made in 2017. Firstly the comment by the French priest and therapist that the Catholic clergy are so disconnected from sexuality and ordinary human life that they are conditioned to think that it is their own dignity which has to be protected rather than vulnerable children. Secondly the former American Benedictine monk and now activist who rightly came to understand that he was complicit simply by remaining in the system. Thirdly the actions of Bergoglio when in Buenos Aires: not only did he do nothing on the side of the victims, he actively sided against them by commissioning a mendacious report in support of the abuser Grassi which attempted to shift guilt onto the victims – questioning for example their sexual orientation – i.e. blame the gays again. Bergoglio is now Pope, and we still imagine he is going to change his own perverse system? NOTHING has changed nor will it change given that the Church operates outside ordinary human society and standards of decency. The case of the vile Father Matthew Jolley recently convicted in Liverpool is a case in point: a young recently ordained priest whose views and behaviour screamed dysfunction – you can still view his Twitter account – and yet none of this was picked by his seminary or Archbishop; indeed he was marked out for further study and promotion within “the system”.


I thought the same when I read it the other day. Are the sems going to take advantage of the special “quarantine” offer from PornHub now they are back home in the back bedroom with Ma and Pa? So Paul Keane is now Rector of Oscott? Another smooth operator with his eye on a bishopric, so don’t expect much there.


Yes absolutely. I feel the first of these is the most dangerous and you see why in the furious reactions we see on here to any criticism, no matter how it is phrased. These men are literally their own narcissistic Gods and nobody else comes into the picture.
I find your comment about formation missing out on dysfunction interesting, because the real purpose of formation is to form members of the caste into the mob mindset and get rid of them if they won’t put the mob first. Dysfunction doesn’t even come into it, in fact it is impossible to stay in the system if you have a healthy moral sense, mature sexuality and healthy relationships.


@2:53 pm you make an excellent powerful point in response to my earlier post @11:34. I entirely agree with you that understanding of “dysfunction” WITHIN clerical formation has a very different meaning from that which obtains in “normal” society. This is how a seminarian and priest like Matthew Jolley can get away with, for example, dismissing the utterly sane and level-headed James Martin SJ while holding views which are required by “the system” but are regarded with contempt or at best ridicule by the rest of society. The RCC is the enemy of the common good, and has no intention of reforming; indeed it cannot without admitting its errors and moral dereliction.


12.57: More nonsensical hyperbole. Typical if Mr. Bitchy Perfect, infused with hatred. Pope St. Jihn Paul 11, pray for us.


12.45: Magna, the only people to be condemned are haters, like you. Hater supreme.. Thankfully, I am out and about trying to help parishioners, within restrictions. It is galling that specimens like you seek only to belittle, condemn and villify good priests. But God is with us strengthening us in our limited ministry and keeping us safe from the poison of empty haters like you. The witness of Christian charity which I see each day is in stark contrast the darkness you pour forth.



You’re being evasive.

What of the criminal institution that you are helping to prop up and that is continuing to allow Romanist moochers like you to rape and molest children and to relocate (the geographical solution) to avoid legal accountability? Have you nothing to say for yourself?

Did you bother to watch the video? What did you think of your leader’s lying to the French journalist? Doesn’t it concern you that the so-called ‘Holy Father’ should be telling such manifest and outrageous lies?

And you boast about being out among your parishioners? You shouldn’t be anywhere near them, regardless of restrictions.

But I suppose money is running low for you, and you’re hoping that your gullible sheep will make it worth your while putting their health at risk. This is the real reason you are out and about.

But you’re not honest enough to admit it. 😠


And you Fr are a complete clown for even responding to MagnaTroll. That’s what it craves and you just served it another delicious slice. Wise up. Arguing with a troll on the internet? You’re pissing in the wind.


1.17: Ignore the vicious troll. He’s only happy when given a atfirm like this blog to spew out his crap. He isvthe typical cyber bully, the type that would run miles from real needy people. His seminary rejection hurts still and that retained hurt, jealousy and anger will eat him one day – soon…..


Well done Magna. The minions of the hierarchy don’t like hearing it like it is.
How dangerous is that priests behaviour! Another disgusting man who only thinks of himself.



No comment to make on the fact that your priestly confreres continue to kiddie fiddle and that others help them evade justice by internationally relocating them?

No comment to make on the fact that the ‘Holy Father’ lied on camera? 🤔


Why don’t you ignore Magna’s an easy thing to do.
But you can’t, u just love to comment on his post, don’t you ?


A few more highlights from the video:

@12:20 the priest accused of abuse in Canada, when confronted by reporters, is asked a simple question-‘have you sexually abused children? The priest replied’ , ‘I refuse to answer’.-When asked why? The priests replies’. You’re not my confessor. (That is Telling)

Fr. Joulain, the priest/therapist, mentioned he ” ..thought the practice of moving priests around the world was a practice that went on 100 years ago but had stopped. It clearly isn’t the case. 802 victims that could have been avoided. The dynamic is to move them far away. Sending them abroad is TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND CRIMINAL. Canon law provides for this. The man should be expelled from the priesthood. There’s a belief that if a priest who has preyed on children is sent to Africa or Latin America its not too serious for the children over there. Its not acceptable today.”

“It is IRRESPONSIBLE AND IMMATURE but I also think many bishops and other clerics are so disconnected from all that is human that they are incapable of understanding the violence of sexual abuse on children The Church forgives the abusers but shows little compassion to the victims. What kind of system is that? A PERVERTED SYSTEM. AND THAT SYSTEM HAS TO BE CHANGED.”


Very good @3:09. The conclusions to be drawn from Fr Joulain’s deadly accurate analysis of the foundational problem of clerical abuse SHOULD BE shattering for the Church, were it not for the useful idiots among both clergy and laity who try to deflect attention from the institutional evil by asking John Paul II – of all creeps! – to pray for us, and pointing to the good that some priests are supposed to do – that their claimed selfless heroism is sadly not apparent to the rest of us, but rather quite the opposite, speaks for itself.


Re : 3:09pm

Will the good priests make their colleagues and bishops aware of Fr. Joulain’s comments.


Whatever you say, say nothing, when you talk about you know what
For if you know who should hear you, you know what you’ll get
They’ll take you off to you know where for you wouldn’t know how long
So for you know who’s sake don’t let anyone hearing singing this song

You all know what I’m speaking of when I mention you know what
And I fear it’s very dangerous to even mention that
For the other ones are always there, although you may not see
And if anyone asks who told you that, please don’t mention me


Good news today. My Bishop has written to all Priests and said we can take Easter Offerings out of Parish Funds this year, based on amount received last year, plus £1000 a month. That’s my Sitges holiday in the bag for later this year thanks 💪😍😇


Begorra hi yall. Twas a proper job getting into this new profile. Me poor auld finger. Anyways I hope ye all are safe and well. I’ll be back now I be opened the door hi


Begorra Hi Fly.Tis yurself.Proper job so it twas.
Good to know you found the key to the door.
Don’t lose it.
Good nit hi fly.


3.17: Magna I and many, many priests both in our parishes, in radio and on media outlets have expressed our disgust at all revelations of criminal abuse. You only hear what you want to hear. I couldn’t care what you think as even if Jesus appeared and knelt before you begging for mercy, forgiveness and offering a healing for all, you’d kick him over. That I know. You are unbalanced. Sick mentally and potentially dangerous in behaviour. Recently you’ve questioned the professional scientific validity of the CORONAVIRUS and like many a reckless fool, you fail to realise that this is not a normal flu. Your hateful musings must now fill many a huge barrel in your cave. Time to flush it away – not on this blog but thrown instead into the dark hole you inhabit. Sleep with your hatred. It creates a blanket of comfort for you. Some animals devour their own dirt!!



Produce the evidence for what you have said, you Romanist parasite, scrounger, moocher, AND LIAR. 😀


Pat, thank you for providing a forum for priests to show their true colours in comments like this one 👆, their hatred and entitlement, and lack of Christian or even humanly decent response.



No comment to make on the content of that video, priest? No shock at the lying on camera by the ‘Holy Father ‘?

But-but aren’t you one of the good priests? Didn’t you just declare yourself as such? You, and the ‘many, many’ priests you referred to in your post? And yet none of you wants to comment on the video.🤔 Can’t say I’m surprised. 🙄 You all hate the truth. 😖

Here’s another truth: learn to read. I never said Coronavirus was just a normal flu virus, but that it belonged to the same family of viruses. 🤧Which Indeed it does. 😀

So either learn to read, or to stop lying. 🤥

And give your Pope the same advice. 😀


I think Dr Michael McBride should resign. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Magna Carta is the man to save us from this pandemic! MagnaTroll for Chief Medical Officer Subito!


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