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Pat, may you use your Stations of the Cross as a means of eliciting stirrings of mercy and tolerance. Some of your flowers need a filling up of lost gospel values. Cardinal Pell was hounded by a vicious press. The Highest Court acquitted him of all allegations. Today we are called to have mercy – it’s Good Friday.


The court did not acquit him of all allegations. They found his conviction unsafe – leaving the way open for a retrial or for prosecutions of new allegations.

If course Jesus died for George Pell too. If he is innocent the Lord will hold him up. If he is guilty and sorrowful the Lord will forgive hi..


The Cathbots still want a free pass even though it’s Good Friday.
It is reading this blog I can see why people say catechesis has been a train crash for decades.


1.08: Pat, stop this nonsense. You are about to Celebrate a SACRED MOMENT…Let Cardinal Pell get in with his life.


2.56: Thank you Pat for your response to my 2.36 comment. I believe we must find a place for mercy, acceptance and healing. Thank you for your holy week services. It’s amaxing looking into so many different parish webcams….some beautiful settings, music and prayers. All of us need this kind of positivity, prayer and hope in darkness.


Crucified Lord Jesus, touch the hearts of haters given a forum on this blog to splutter out their dangerous words. On this Good Friday, O Lord, help each of us to imitate the act of total self giving of Jesus. May we truly be your disciples of mercy.




Gentle Jesus, Meek and Ever-So Mild, beg our forgiveness for placing so-called ‘shepherds’ in charge of a so-called ‘Flock’. These men, perverts, have ravaged and savaged the Flock. And you watched as they did so. And you did nothing about it, supposedly all-powerful and all-merciful God. And you said nothing about it, not even a word of comfort or kindess for the lambs attacked by Romanist priests. You didn’t even say ‘sorry’.

And Your Ever-So Blessed Mother, no matter where she popped up on Earth… in statues in Ireland, Akita (and all the hilarious rest);on mountainsides or mountain- tops, wherever it was least convenient for the Flock to access… held her ever-so holy tongue on the fact that her ‘sacerdotal souls’ were raping or sodomising the little lambs.

Why, Gentle Jesus, Meek and Ever-so Mild, are you such an attention-seeker, looking narcissistic, sentimental piety every Good Friday over your o-so-painful and perpetually bleeding wounds?

Why don’t you, just for once in your eternity of navel gazing, look upon the suffering of your Flock rather than your own, especially that of the lambs, that you and your blessed mother allowed to happen by placing Romanist priests in charge of the vulnerable?

Why don’t you, for once in your eternity of perpetual self-consideration, say ‘sorry’ for the incredible pain that you have allowed to be inflicted on the world.?

You evil, self absorbed BASTARD!

(Just sayin’ what others would love to say, like.πŸ˜„)



Did you get that prayer from a 1950’s Roman Catholic devotional pamphlet? You know the type: all mawkishly sentimental quaisi-piety; all nueuotic, morbid fixation with the Five Wounds of dear, Gentle Jesus. Of course you know. And I’d bet tears were coursing down your fat, flushed cheeks as you typed it, because you were praying as you typed, weren’t you? And that was the measure of pious stirrings of devotion, wasn’t it? The production of tears? If you didn’t cry, you didn’t care about Jesus’ agony.

Well here’s something more topical, more up to date and more corporeal to cry over, you fat, Romanist priest: the children your kind preyed upon, and that dear Jesus abandoned.

Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild gave himself totally for… Well, not for the children he allowed Romanist priests, like you, to rape or sodomise. And not for the same children when he placed in authority dirty Romanist bishops who covered up the crimes, and pissed on the psychologal and physical damage, these scumbags had done. Worse, Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild configured things so that the same Romanist vermin could go on to abuse, again and again.

That’s what you scum Romanists speak of, isn’t it? That Jesus called you instead of others to serve him as priests? It made you feel special, didn’t it? Even superior to others?

You spoke of this privilege in terms of ‘vocation’, didn’t you? God called you all, especially those who enjoy the so-called ‘fullness of priesthood’ (the bishops) to positions of leadership and authority in the Romanist Church. But he didn’t call you out, did he? The Bastard. For the sick, perverted crimes you were committing against children? No; he kept quiet, didn’t he? To protect you all? After all you were his ‘sacerdotal souls’ and…And what the fuck did children matter!

Can you cry over this, Romanist? Can you? Instead of some useless, lifeless metal figure hanging on a cross in the pretense that he was giving himself for ANYone, never mind for everyone?


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