Cardinal Pell’s Easter message: We can redeem our suffering by joining it to Christ’s

Catholic News Agency

April 11, 2020 at 10:00 am

Cardinal George Pell said on Friday that suffering can be offered to God for good, and that Christians see Christ in the suffering, and are obliged to help them. His message came days after his release from prison, and amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

“The sexual abuse crisis damaged thousands of victims. From many points of view the crisis is also bad for the Catholic Church, but we have painfully cut out a moral cancer and this is good. So too some would see COVID-19 as a bad time for those who claim to believe in a good and rational God, the Supreme Love and Intelligence, the Creator of the universe,”  Pell wrote in an Easter message published by The Australian on April 10.

“It is a mystery; all suffering, but especially the massive number of deaths through plagues and wars. But Christians can cope with suffering better than the atheists can explain the beauty and happiness of life,” the cardinal added.

Pell was convicted in December 2018 of sexually assaulting two choirboys at the Melbourne Cathedral in 1996. On April 7, the Australian High Court unanimously ruled that the evidence presented during the trial would not have allowed the jury to avoid reasonable doubt and ordered Pell’s acquittal and release after more than 400 days in prison.

The High Court’s Tuesday decision marked the end of a nearly three-year legal process which began in June 2017, when the cardinal was charged with several counts of sexual assault dating back decades. The majority of these charges were dropped before they could be brought to trial.
Pell, who was most recently the Archbishop of Sydney before he left Australia in 2014 for a Vatican position as prefect of the Secretariat of the Economy, has returned to Sydney after his release from prison.

In his message, the cardinal acknowledged his incarceration, writing that “I have just spent 13 months in jail for a crime I didn’t commit, one disappointment after another. I knew God was with me, but I didn’t know what He was up to, although I realised He has left all of us free. But with every blow it was a consolation to know I could offer it to God for some good purpose like turning the mass of suffering into spiritual energy.”

“The only Son of God did not have an easy run and suffered more than his share. Jesus redeemed us and we can redeem our suffering by joining it to His and offering it to God,” Pell added.

In a reference to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Pell noted that in times of plague and difficulty, Christians were unique in the ancient world for their commitment to nurse and care for the sick.
“Too often the irreligious want to eliminate the cause of the suffering, through abortion, euthanasia, or exclude it from sight, leaving our loved ones unvisited in nursing homes. Christians see Christ in everyone who suffers — victims, the sick, the elderly — and are obliged to help,” he wrote.
The Easter message of Sydney’s current leader, Archbishop Anthony Fisher, also addressed hope and the coronavirus pandemic.

“Dare we hope in a world that is suffering? It can seem impossible, even insensitive, to talk of hope when people are sick or dying, anxious or isolated, unemployed or otherwise burdened,” Fisher’s message said.
There is, however, reason for hope, the archbishop wrote.

“Think of the countless acts of selfless service we’ve witnessed of late from health workers, neighbours, families, pastors. Think of the novel pastoral responses to this novel coronavirus. In times like these people of faith and ideals really shine.”

“On Easter night the new Easter candle is normally lit and carried into the Church as a symbol of Christ, our light returned and hope restored. This year there’ll be no congregation to light their own candles from it. But already people are demonstrating Easter light in their works of mercy and prayer,“ Fisher wrote.

Cardinald Pell’s release from prison this week has been controversial, and was met with protest in Australia.

Hours after Pell was exonerated, St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne was vandalised. The cathedral’s door was spray-painted with a cartoon image of a devil, along with the message “ROT IN HELL, PELL.” Other doors were daubed with upside-down crosses and the words “NO JUSTICE,” “PAEDO RAPIST,” and: “The law protects the powerful.”
Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne told Australian media that while he was upset about the vandalism, he was “not entirely surprised.”

“There remains such strong emotions around all of these matters,” Comensoli told Australian news network 3AW.
The cardinal’s Easter message included a proclamation of the Gospel: that Jesus of Nazareth died, and was resurrected bodily. “It was a return of his entire person from death, breaking the rules of health and physics, as Christians believe this young man was the only Son of God, divine, the Messiah…who redeems us, enables us to receive forgiveness and enter into a happy eternity.”

On April 7, the day he was released from prison, the cardinal told CNA that “prayer has been the great source of strength to me throughout these times, including the prayers of others, and I am incredibly grateful to all those people who have prayed for me and helped me during this really challenging time.”

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This isn’t what the Cathbots who comment here say – they say we should shut up about evil and just let people get on with it.
If any good comes out of this, I hope if nothing else that Pell will realise what a loss of power and adulation feels like – something many a priest could do with learning.


12.04: A hate speech stupid comment. Many haters – not truth seekers – should pay attention to their own lives and inaction in matters of justice. It’s easy to gripe, condemn and be vengeful. Go and prove your true concern by ACTUALLY doing something positive, like what I do with and for survivors. Leave Cardinal Pell in peace and we can only trust that all survivors get care and compassion. Constantly condemning all priests is useless and meaningless. It’s a lie.


Translation into English:
Shut up and you’ll never be as good as me.

You learned the lessons of arrogance and privilege well in the seminary didn’t you.


2:33 pm

If you are seeking truth related to Rcc child sex abuse, read the many reports, including the Pennsylvania report from 2018. You claim to be doing something for survivors.
What, exactly?
Are you sure it’s not your own peace that’s disturbed, rather than Cardinal Pells?
‘ We can only trust that all survivors get care and compassion.’
Bullshit. Nonsense. Waffle. Sanctimonious claptrap, from a clerical apologist.


This article claims George Pell was convicted of abusing TWO choirboys.

Is this correct? Didn’t the young man who died state that he had not been abused by him?

An important clarification required if anyone can do so.


He was convicted of 5 offenses in all, and the second choirboy was alleged to be a victim of one or two of them. Here is the summary made by the judge when sentencing Pell to 6 years in jail:

Shortly after this you committed an indecent act upon R, who is now deceased.

This involved pulling R aside, pulling out your penis, grabbing R by the back of his head with one hand and placing R’s head and face in close proximity to your genital region.

This occurred while R was crouched in front of you and you were standing. R was squirming, struggling and flailing while this was occurring. J saw R’s face — R was terrified.

At one point, R said to you, “Can’t you let us go? We didn’t do anything”. R also called out “no” and “help”. This incident with R lasted about a minute or two. This is charge 1 on the Indictment, Indecent Act.

A short time after this you turned your attention to J. You then sexually penetrated J. This involved pushing your erect penis into J’s mouth.

You pushed J’s mouth onto your penis for a short period of time, in the order of about two minutes. J was, to use his words, “freaking out” when this happened.

You were standing and J was pushed down, crouching or kneeling. This is charge 2 on the Indictment, Sexual Penetration.

You then committed further indecent acts with J. You told J to take off his pants and you started touching his genitalia with your hands.

This is charge 3 on the Indictment. While this was occurring, you began touching your own genital area with your other hand. These acts occurred over a minute or two. This is charge 4 on the Indictment. Both charges 3 and 4 are Indecent Act charges.

Once you stopped, J put his clothes back on, and J and R left the room. They eventually rejoined the choir.

Both J and R were present together in the priests’ sacristy during the whole of the offending.

At this time, both J and R were aged 13 years of age.

During the incident J and R were crying and sobbing. J and R called out but it was at a level of whimpering and whispering. At some point you told J and R to be quiet because they were crying.

Now turning to the second episode of offending.

Over a month later, following Sunday Solemn Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, J was walking along the back corridor that leads past the priests’ sacristy. You were also walking in that same area.

You had either just presided over or delivered Sunday Solemn Mass. You were in official robes. J was in his chorister robes. You pushed yourself up against J against a wall and then squeezed J’s genitals for a brief period (for approximately one to three seconds).

You then desisted and kept walking. This is charge 5 on the Indictment, another Indecent Act charge.


This kind of Intellectualization ,false piety and manipulation of Religiousity is the very thing that causes distrust of the Catholic Church with my Soul and mind. Christ also calls for honesty and Repentance to alleviate suffering. He offers no reasons for the abuse and they are many. His mentality is one of them.   What a disaster.


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This kind of Intellectualization ,false piety and manipulation of Religiousity is the very thing that causes distrust of the Catholic Church with my Soul and mind …
… … ….
You’re right.
Who is my neighbour? The victim or the criminal?

But if you take that parable in Luke chapter 10 and reword it as ” A certain altar-boy went to serve Mass for a paedophile priest … ” then people like Pell and Fr Brian Lucas were seeing themselves as Good Samaritans when they aided the criminal.

What the style of Spiritual Formation does that indicate?



Joe, they get feck all spiritual formation in seminaries.
Seminary faculty can’t give what they haven’t got.


Pell’s sanctimonious comments will sicken most people.
But we mustn’t forever be focusing on Pell.
The RCC in Australia had an organised network of paedophile-enablers. The entire squad needs to be rooted out.

It’s likely that there are similar networks in other countries and within other organisations.
And papal diplomats shouldn’t have diplomatic immunity.


2.23: Lollipop Lollard: Your comments are now becoming tiresome and repetitive and sickening….Absolutely. Produce researched and clinical data for all your accusations…


5:15 pm

Oh! The ordained are ontologically changed bestowing superiority. Or so the story goes.
So, prove you’re changed with scientific research, data analysis along with meta analysis to illustrate superiority. It certainly does not bestow moral superiority.


“We mustn’t forever be focusing on Pell.” Yup, change the subject in case we learn anything from this miscarriage of justice. I’m sure lots of people said “we mustn’t forever be focusing on the Birmingham Six.”


You’ll remember the Reports on the Cloyne and Dublin Diocese.
And what’s come out at the IICSA regarding the JWs, the Benedictines, parts of the C-of-E.


3:44 pm

Powerful clip, Joe.
Shame on them. Safeguarding must be totally independent of the Church.
Status, repution, money, plus ass covering, are paramount.
It’s a sick toxic breeding ground for all kinds of corruption, abuse and criminality.
I suspect paedophile networks are another strand of this nexus of rottenness.


Sorry — , — “the Reports on the Cloyne and Dublin Diocese” should have read “the Reports on the Ferns and Dublin Dioceses”. Apologies


How does a Cardinal like Pell or former Cardinal McCarrick accumulate such wealth as to be considered rich?


ROMAN CATHOLICxPublished 20 hours ago
Archbishop calls for mass exorcism: ‘The Evil One has gone into a frenzy’

A Catholic leader is calling for a mass exorcism amid the coronavirus pandemic, as Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week in isolation.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of Rome called on his fellow clergy to perform a mass exorcism on Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday, Jesus’ crucifixion, and Easter Sunday, celebrating his resurrection.

A Catholic leader is calling for a mass exorcism amid the coronavirus pandemic, as Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week in isolation.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of Rome called on his fellow clergy to perform a mass exorcism on Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday, Jesus’ crucifixion, and Easter Sunday, celebrating his resurrection.

The archbishop called on fellow bishops and priests to join him, noting there is strength in numbers, and recommending they wear a “stole, the sign of your priestly power,” along with having holy water accessible.


Exorcism has become abused in many places and seen as a magic tablet that solves every problem , and nothing else needs to happen . That is pure fiction . The times when real exorcism are needed are not that many . This Bishop is totally wrong to suggest this .I do not believe it is even allowed for in his own church rules . Normally a Bishop or one Priest authored by the Bishop , or in the East for example a Monk who who seen to be more advanced spiritually would have this ministry in a monastery . It is not allowed for Priests just to put stoles on and pray exorcisms all over the place .And there is no rule that allows for mass exorcism like this . It is very stupid what he has said , potentially dangerous in some cases , and far of the mark of what our Christian message of hope should be at this time . It also shows in my opinion his character , and how he views the world . Which is very worrying for someone who holds his position .The prayer he is sudgesing to be used in my understanding was never authorised to be prayed in this way as a mass exorcism .


Will Tom Deenihan be performing an exorcism on live television tonight instead of the customary baptisms?


5:54 & 12:46

I don’t recall the Pope saying Vigano was telling porkies.
Maybe Vigano’s more credible than many want to think or believe.


5.25: Get over it, you fool. Cardinal Pell was acquitted of a crime not committed. He’s entitled to speak about the injustice and suffering inflicted in him – by a lynch press mob and ither unreliables. And you, sir, get to grips with this JUSTICE. God bless him now.


—— While forgiveness and reconciliation are central themes in the Christian proclamation of the gospel; superficial understandings that separate them from reality, justice and repentance have serious consequences for Christians: and society as a whole.
Ministry to survivors and perpetrators of abuse, and for the Church’s witness to wider society—including the protection of children and vulnerable adults—are fundamental necessities which simply cannot be neglected under any circumstances.
… Safeguarding the vulnerable must take priority over safeguarding of propagation, agendas: and other hocus pocus… This is my prayer, a prayer I am confident has reached God’s ear.
Now, why I know God’s ear to be ever attentive, I am at the same time confident my above prayer will never pierce the greatness and loftiness of the that part of the family who believe they have a monopoly on the whole game… yet they cannot even get their stories straight!
—— Below is an excerpt from a Christmas sermon I recently read:
‘’Our God doesn’t play around with us by keeping secrets, he is a God who surprises us at every move, and none more so than tonight, when the anointed one comes not in power and in splendour but as a child in a manger. Quite scandalous really – but it caught us by surprise, despite the prophets and other hints that God had given us. We don’t get any fuss tonight – just a child in a child in a manger.’’
—— I know I like to go on, but please allow me to finish with the first part of this poem by George Herbert: CHAP. XXIII. The Parson’s Completenesse.
—— ‘’THE Countrey Parson desires to be all to his Parish, and not onely a Pastour, but a Lawyer also, and a Phisician. Therefore hee endures not that any of his Flock should go to Law; but in any Controversie, that they should resort to him as their Judge. To this end, he hath gotten to himself some insight in things ordinarily incident and controverted, by experience, and by reading some initiatory treatises in the Law, with Daltons Justice of Peace, and the Abridgements of the Statutes, as also by discourse with men of that profession, whom he hath ever some cases to ask, when he meets with them; holding that rule, that to put men to discourse of that, wherin they are most eminent, is the most gain full way of Conversation. Yet when ever any controversie is brought to him, he never decides it alone, but sends for three or four of the ablest of the Parish to hear the cause with him, whom he makes to deliver their opinion first; out of which he gathers, in case he be ignorant himself, what to hold; and so the thing passeth with more authority, and lesse envy. In judging, he followes that, which is altogether right; so that if the poorest man of the Parish detain but a pin unjustly from the richest, he absolutely restores it as a Judge; but when he hath so done, then he assumes the Parson, and exhorts to Charity…’’


An interesting Australian debate on Pell’s acquittal (discussion lasts 13 minutes). It ends with the following comments by panellist Adrian Piccoli.

Former Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said (of the Catholic church): “If there were a private company that had staff that was involved in as many offences as the Catholic church has been involved in over the last thirty years, if it was a public company, it would no longer be able to operate within Australia yet the Catholic church still does. It still runs all kinds of things, including schools, but if it was a private company, if this was Microsoft, for example, and a thousand people from Microsoft had been convicted of offences against children then Microsoft would not be allowed to operate in Australia.”

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6:09 pm

It seems the Church is as much a facilitator, enabler and protector of crime and criminalaity
as much as anything else at this stage of the so called ‘scandals’.


Very moving interview with Fr Timothy Bartlett in today’s Belfast Telegraph. It would take a tear out of a stone.


“I have experienced very, very deeply the pain of not being married and not being a father… I have literally grieved over the wife and children I never had… ”

Have you ever heard such utter drivel, he couldn’t dip his wick for all the tea in China.



Oh no!
Not the pain of not being married with children he never had narrative.
God bless his imagination.
Who does this narrative bring to mind?
What does he want the public to do?
If he’s so pained by the wife he never had, just leave, find her and get married. Give us a break!


Dear Bishop Pat,
My poor heart is broken. The Roman system is so heartlessly cruel.

My darling Timmy interviewed in that newspaper and forced to deny the existence of his beloved wife of almost 40 years for we were childhood sweethearts.

There he is, forced to go through a whole charade of grieving for the wife and childer he never had and here I am forced to hide myself away.

We did try to have childer and Timmy did get tested and go for treatment but, alas, it wasn’t to be and we both accepted it as God’s holy will.

Oh Pat, it’s so hard not to be able to appear on his arm and forced to be the love that dare not speak. Nothing would make both of us happier than me to be at his side when mounts the throne as a bishop.

Anyhow Pat light a wee candle for me in the oratory. I have to get Timmy his Easter eggs. He’ll be in shortly from his holy hours. He’s never off his knees. Prayer is the one thing that he thoroughly enjoys and finds exhilarating.


They must still be watching the Thorn Birds, but now we know what was really going on in Australia at the time.


5.38: What are you talking about? What innuendos are you implying? It seems to disturb you and many other church haters that priests are still out working – and glad to be of assistance to the many bereaved families and reachingnthoussnds through their parish websites and webcam facilities. Begrudgers, get a life. The isolation is turning you lot into total crackpots….go and pray to the good Lord!



Your comments are becoming ultra tiresome, repetitive and boring beyond belief.
Lollipop, are you in the lavender mafia by any chance?
( Just wonderin, like) 😲


Poor auld Buckkey – raging with much vengeance and encouraging outpourings of hatred. I wonder why you bother to celebrate the Easter vigil. Your behaviour disfigures further the broken body of Christ. Please, try to rise to new life..and cease all bitterness and vindictiveness.


Nothing on Mullingar here 😦 can we have an update please seeing as the eyes of the nation are on the cathedral this evening. Bishop Buckley, you had various blogs on Mullingar in the past can we even have a ‘Reeling in the Years’ type blog on the parish and the priests there?


8 44: The comment of smug arrogance and self righteousness. Horrible. You’re been found out as a fraud.


Easter Sunday 2020: Can we literally RISE with CHRIST to newness of life for today? Rise to hope, light, healing, peace, compassion, tolerance and goodness of heart. Our lives are turned upside down these days with sadness in the air, seriously ill people, families distraught, many dying in great pain with indescribable grief by families. I have witnessed all this at five virus related death and face 2 more early this week. Today let us pray to the Risen Christ…I wish you, Pat, the blessings of this great feast.


9 43 and 12.02: Tough s**t. Cardinal Pell is entitled in JUSTICE to speak. Do you and your merry band want him entombed for something he’s been acquitted of? He did no wrong. He has every RIGHT to express his opinion. Get a life, you haters.


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