9th April 2020

Rev. Francis O’Brien
Parish Priest

Dear Francis,

I received the enclosed letter yesterday in the post.
I had not applied for the COVID 19 small business grant. I did apply for the self-employed assistance package.

I need to ask you a few questions:

Did you make the application for the £10,000 grant in my name and at this address?

Or is this £10,000 the outcome of my application for the self- employed assistance package?

How did it come to be that the grant is in my name and at this address, but the bank details are those of the Catholic parish of Larne?

As the grant is for small businesses – what are you suggesting is the business that is carried on here?

If the grant is for small businesses and my ministry here is that “business” why did the grant go to you and not to me?

Have you applied for £10,000 for the two churches in Larne and the three presbyteries – getting the parish £50,000?

Are these £10,000 applications being made by all parishes across Down and Connor and for all the buildings the church pays rates on – perhaps netting the diocese some millions of pounds?

By the way, Father Eddie McGee, the diocesan press officer has told a journalist that the £10,000 grant was for me and not for the parish.

If that be the case, do you propose to transfer the grant to me?

I need urgent clarification of these matters. You can email me on




Most Reverend Patrick Buckley,
The Oratory,

Dear Pat,
Thank you for your recent correspondence and for bringing this matter to the attention of the Parish.
I am unaware of any application for a grant of any kind, but have forwarded your correspondence to the Diocesan Finance Office for their attention.

Yours sincerely,
Francis (Very Rev. Fr. F. O’Brien P.P.)

The Diocese of Down and Connor can confirm that on 3rd April 2020, as part of the Government’s COVID-19 response, an automatic ‘small business grant’ of £10,000 from the Department for Economy (NI) was received by the Parish of Larne in error. Within the diocese, this was an isolated incident.

Having become aware of this mistake, the Diocese of Down and Connor immediately contacted the Land and Property Services (LPS) to draw this oversight to their attention and to arrange the safe return of the grant.


I did not apply for a grant.

When the details arrived by post I contacted the Government Grant’s department and was told the money went into the Larne Parish Account.

The Larne PP said he knew nothing about it.

He passed my email to him to Bishop Treanor.


The D&C press officer Fr Eddie McGee first said it was for me.

The diocese then issued the above statement.


Isn’t it interesting that the Church is a charity for tax purposes and a ltd company for reasons of grants and liability.

Is there an element of mental reservation going on… perhaps an isolated incident insofar as it is the only application relating to your particular presbytery?

If you had not found out would the money have been returned?


Isn’t it interesting that the Church is a charity for tax purposes and a ltd company for reasons of grants and liability.

Is there an element of mental reservation going on… perhaps an isolated incident insofar as it is the only application relating to your particular presbytery?

If you had not found out would the money have been returned?

I would strongly encourage an application under freedom of information seeking a copy of the application. And then publish a copy on this blog, with the signature clear and visible. Make no other blog narrative that day – just publish the document.




Potentially exposing financial fraud (and further malfeasance) in the institutional Romanist Church is ‘antics’?

What an odd choice of word for the circumstance, and for the known history of systemic corruption in Holy Mother Church!

You seem, well, defensive, ‘Father’.😀

And not a little anxious.🤧


WATSON : ‘Is it as elementary here as it appears, Holmes?’

HOLMES : ‘It does indeed seem so, Watson.’

WATSON: ‘You don’t mean, do you …? That there may be a whiff of institutional corruption, Holmes?’ Impossible!

HOLMES : I’m afraid I do, Watson.

WATSON: Preposterous, Holmes! You’ve eliminated the probable, this time, and deduced the impossible. This is Holy Mother Church we speak of!
Dashed, Holmes! You’ve gone too far this time.

HOLMES: You have discounted, Watson, a significant variable in this conundrum: Holy Mother Church loves money, above all else. And the less she has, the more she loves and covets it. Her priests are indolent, workshy, spongers, scroungers, and moochers, but the Faithful are now no longer faithfully replenishing her fast-draining coffers. In such dire circumstances, Watson, necessity can become the desperate mother of invention… in this case, the lie that Holy Mother Church is, in fact, not a charity… but-but a business selling salvation to the masses for, well, Masses.’

WATSON: Good God, Holmes! You don’t mean…

HOLMES: I do, Watson. I do!

WATSON: ‘… that Holy Mother Church may be attempting to…’

‘ The game’s afoot, Watson. ‘

WATSON: Holmes.

HOLMES: Watson?

WATSON: ‘ Please, in future, allow me to finish my…’

HOLMES: ‘ Your sentences, Watson?’

WATSON: (Sigh😖)


What is the truth – THE TRUTH – as distinct from a sinister interpretation? All very peculiar. We need to know the truth before a torrent of unnecessary abuse is flung around.


Are you taking the piss, like really?
Somebody has made an application for £10,000.00 in +Pat’s name and, used his address! The money went into another’s bank account! HELLO ! ! !
Either you are cognitively challenged (if so then I sincerely apologise in advance), or you are a shockingly deceitful individual attempting to make a serious criminal offence of corruption, involving thousands of pounds, look like a possible ‘slip of the pen.’
Honestly, +Pat, I am never amazed at the attempts to downplay serious issues on here.
I am hoping the Police are aware… Don’t give them ANYTIME to make up any stories! We know all to well what is the agenda of of Holy Mother church.


How does one mistakenly apply for a grant? Had you not received that letter you can bet the diocese would have pocketed the money.


Does that mean that D&C £ 900,000 for its 90 parishes? If not, how did just one parish get it and 89 not?


Presumably, they did, Bp Pat, I am sure Diocesan Finance Office has the means to put your mind at rest.


Pat, that’s only 10 bottles of Chateau Latour for their diminishing stock. You seriously could not make this up.


I think there are about 90 parishes. In fairness, is there some way these Grant’s can be triggered automatically. However, my partner runs a small business that employs people, and he had to formally apply on line?


Also, in fairness to the taxpayer, I am sure Diocesan Finance Office has the means to put readers’ minds at rest.


I think when some of the larger businesses in the UK asked the government for a bailout, they were rightly told to dig deep in to their own profits and pockets first before expecting the tax payer to support them so that they could preserve their riches. Same should apply to the Church. It is, without doubt, wealthy and has resources. Use those first. Then come asking. Dear bishops, you will not be forgiven by the faithful if you are seen to be playing the game to your advantage, and emerge from this crisis still rolling in riches and comfort, while all around you are struggling and suffering. You, too, must suffer and struggle, you must walk alongside the wounded, not just in a pastoral way, but also materially. You keep going on about how priests are accompanying the faithful by their pastoral work. Easy to do when you are comfortable and fat and happy and don’t have to worry about losing your job, your house, you income, your next meal, or worry about your children and family. Let us see you accompany us in a material sense, giving your resources to help those in need, feeling the pain yourselves. Then we might be more inclined to believe you and trust you. Not until.



The circumstances you seek are Christian and utopian, in as far as concerns Holy Mother Church. Naturally therefore, she will avoid them, like the Heaven she preaches. Such self-sacrifice is a self-immolation too extreme for her pampered, cosseted, indolent, workshy, parasitical, sponging, scrounging, and mooching priests.

You don’t believe me. 😱 Just ask her Irish forbears: to a man, each of them ate well during the Famine… while his parishioners (whole families, including children and babies) died slowly, and agonisingly, through starvation. 😡

These good priests certainly have the smell of their sheep about them, and their sheep are rotted corpses.


The diocese is only applying for what they are entitled to. Just like you and your partner are also doing Pat. Don’t be such a jealous hypocrite.


And don’t be a cathbotic fool, Brian B.

Were the diocese entitled to apply for such grants, it is not legally entitled use fraudulent means. Applying for such a grant in someone else’s name, and at their address, while providing different bank details, is fraud. And illegal.

Now go sit on the naughty step. 😡



The property belongs to them. It does not matter who resides in the house. They can claim on the number of properties listed. Fool.



No, Holy Mother Church is not legally entitled to claim such grants in others’ names. That is fraud. And illegal. AND malfeasance.

You UTTER, Romanist fool. 😀


But they have not applied, it seems each D&C parish has received a payment “automatically” in their capacity as a “small business”.

Mind you, Down and Connor Trust income for financial year end 31 December 2018 was £18.9 million. Some “small business!”


It did not claim on his name. It claimed on the property which belongs to them. It does not matter who resides in their house, the house that they legally own.


The £10,000 is for the parish of Larne, Bp Pat, not just one property within the parish boundaries.



Are you the utter Romanist fool at 11.16?🤔

You certainly present as such, since your post is equally ill considered, and vacuous.

First, the Romanist Church is not a business. Therefore, it would have no, er, business applying for such grants; that would be criminal fraud, wouldn’t it? 😳

Second, even if (by the most elastic and implausible definition of ‘business’) the Romanist Church were to be classed as such, it is not conducting any business from Bishop Buckley’s home, now is it? Considering that he is independent of the Romanist Church? Therefore again, there would be criminal fraud in this event.

Even you, fool that you are, couldn’t contest the point. 😀


It is telling how clerics come on here claiming to be caring for their communities during the current coronavirus crisis. Telling because it shows the church’s real priorities which are caring only for its faithful and always accompanied by begging for money. These clerics are quite happy that they are so caring yet are happy to contribute only ever a drop in the ocean and never to attempt to change the systems which cause a permanent crisis of disease and death caused by starvation, which affects far more people than coronavirus ever will:
Clerics your interests are literally far too parochial.


Sugar Ray Kelly has been yacking again, Bp Pat, this time to someone called Joe Finnegan on some obscure radio station, Northern Sounds. Honestly, Bp Pat, you have never heard the likes!

Joe Finnegan was astonished when Sugar Ray informed him upwards of 27,000 tunes into him online every Saturday and Sunday for Mass.

Sugar went on, normally, I get away with 4 songs during a Mass, but this week, due to the coronavirus, I will try to put in three, or maybe four extra songs. Lucky viewers!

Joe tried to quiz him on the financial crisis as church closures mean that there are no weekly basket collections to fund priests’ salaries, which Finnegan described €23,000 to €27,000 for a parish priest as an absolute “pittance.”

Sugar Ray completely ignored the question and went on to discuss funerals.

Pressed again on the subject Kelly responded thus:

“People do love their priests… they really do, Joe, and they do look after them too. I know for a fact if I ever wanted for anything — anything, Joe — all I would have to do was phone around a couple of people, and it would be at my door in ten or fifteen minutes.”

What a complete and utter plonker he is, Bp Pat.


12.41: Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy…myou moron. Goid luck to Fr. Ray….why let him bother you….get a grip.


At 12.41

Folks, if you want to understand why I relentlessly describe Romanist priests as ‘parasites’, ‘spongers’, ‘scroungers’, ‘moochers’, read Ray Kelly’s comment on his parishoners: on the fact that he regards them as his personal ‘Goose that lays the Golden Eggs’. As a financial baleout rather than human beings

I just didn’t know that this leeching was done with such lack of awareness, and with such lack of embarrassment and shame. 😖

(And don’t forget that this scrounger, apparently, has already been paid €30,000 by RTE for his, er, dance routines on its show, Dancing with the Stars.)



It was a silly and exaggerated non-response to the indirect question about €23,000 to €27,000 being a “pittance” to survive on.

Perhaps the interviewer should have asked Sugar directly, do you think €23,000 to €27,000 a year plus free accommodation, food and wine, and non-contributory pension is adequate compensation for a priest in Ireland in 2020?


He was desperate for €30,000 to pay off his recording studio debts recently. It was RTE licence payers, not parishioners that time.


I am not Irish, but is €443.00 to €529.00 a week really a “pittance” for a priest to live on in the republic of Ireland? I thought priests also got free accommodation and good conditions of employment.


No this isn’t a pittance for any working person. You would also think that a man without wife and children could live simply on much less than this but that is not the lifestyle to which the clergy aspire.
And don’t forget it’s the foolish sheep who foot the bill for wine and premium subscription to Grindr.


The new subscription tier, dubbed Grindr Unlimited, will cost users, no I mean parishioners, €49.99 per month or €300 upfront for a full-year membership.


11.33: You, Magna, horrible whore of a specimen. Don’t fall off your moral high rock…doesn’t it just annoy you that people still generously support their clergy. I am overwhelmed by the incredible kindness and generosity of donations being given to our parish through our parish website financial facility. Enough to ensure a good salary…so stuff it Magsy Wagsy, you poisonous piece if caca. Get a life, grow up, stop drinking…you nasty hate filled virus. .


1.01: Whow…But how true. This creature, Magna, is sick. Sick. Deeply sick, mostly with hatred. He deserves all the pitiableness of his broken life. His is a world of moral and spiritual deficiency.


Personally I think Magna is wonderful – fearless in challenging the smug superiority, corruption and crime of clerics and their sleazy supporters. Despite the abuse that these nasty people throw at him – in fact he does the world a charity by contributing to another place (here) where these spongers can demonstrate their total lack of human kindness.
Thank you, Magna.



Why, thank you!

It is exhilarating (especially so since it is a rare occurrence) to meet another on this blog of like-minded and high intelligence. 😀



No, it does not annoy me; it astonishes me. That when all that is now known of the sexual deviancy and criminality of priests in the Romanist institution (and the fact that every one of its priests has willingly vowed or promised loyalty to this institution, not to Christ) people are still disposed to donate money to support what Dr David Starkey honestly described as ‘corrupt, and riddled with corruption’. (There’s a Ph.D for someone interested in probing the mindset of such donors, had he the stomach for it.)

If the Romanist institution changed its name to ‘Mafiosa’, the same people would cease their contributions immediately. Yet, substantially, there isn’t a great difference between the two, except that the Mafiosa might blush at the thought of trafficking children, whether for sex, or for sale in countries like the USA.

But it’s all in the name, isn’t it? That’s the really clever part: just add a theistic title to an institution, however and palpably corrupt, and people will donate to it, unthinkingly and uncritically. The allusion to God seems to dull people’s senses, never mind their innate common sense, to mute incapacity. It may explain why so many Americans continue to support, very generously indeed, pastors who lead, unapologetically, luxuriously wealthy lifestyles, while claiming discipleship of the poor Nazerene.

The allusion to divinity puts ‘snake’ in the phrase ‘snake oil’. And the Cathbots fall for it with embarrassing predictability…while ‘Father’ laughs all the way to the bank😂, all the way from Easy Street. 👍


Magna your comparison of the church with the Mafia is very unfair. Didn’t you see the link I posted the other day to a news article about how the Italian Mafia is giving money to poor people? Giving, not taking. That’s the difference 😉



Mea culpa!😱

You’re right. 👍

I insulted the Mafiosa by comparing it in some ways to the institutional Romanist Church. 😖

As a penance… 🤔, I’ll remain sober tonight. 😀

(Well, I’ll try to. 🤧)


1:56 pm

Meanwhile, Les Cochran in his book,’Thievery: Catholic Church Exposed’, uses actual news stories to illustrate the types of financial mismanagement perpetrated by unethical priests and staff, from 2002 to 2018. It reveals how countless depraved bishops covered up countless cases of theft. It demonstrates how Church officials failed to hold bishops and priests accountable. Estimates of Thievery surpasses 1.2 billion annually in the U.S. Catholic Church.


Continue to be astonished MagnaTroll ad infinitum in whatever fetid little den you hole up in. No one cares in the slightest 😉

I’m not one of the “Romanist” priests by the way 🙂 Unlike yourself, I tried my vocation and decided myself the priesthood wasn’t my calling. Whereas you are still smarting after getting kicked out after all these years aintcha? 🙄 Diddums 😏

Two facts for you:

1. The vast majority of priests are not child abusers or a danger in that respect. In fact, they are among the groups of men least likely to abuse.

2. Priests’ vow of obedience to the bishop in no way, not the teeniest little bit, impinges upon their obedience and loyalty to Jesus Christ. There is no dichotomy there whatsoever – except in your hate-filled, poisoned, dark little mind.

So keep up your diatribes and lies, MagnaTroll, you poor dear. You will continue to be an object of mild curiosity and amusement on Pat Buckley’s blog. Your invectives will go absolutely nowhere except straight up your own jacksy 🤣

No one in their right mind, by the way, takes the pretence narrative of your “composite” on here, with anything other than a pinch of salt.

Your self portrait of a red-blooded heterosexual, ass-kicking, double hard bastard, is as credible as Timo Bartlett’s deeply grieving the wife he never had and the kids he never sired. 😆

Incidentally, if David Starkey made that statement as baldly and sweepingly as you allege, about the Catholic Church, then he has absolutely no credibility as an objective academic historian – for that is the statement of a polemicist not a historian – a statement of sheer prejudice and utter bigotry.


The Catholic Church is the biggest provider in the world of services to the poor, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and dying, Aids sufferers, etc. Fact.


Presumably, your parish will also receive an “automatic” payment of £10,000 if it is in the UK. Do you know how this money will be spent?


If the institutional Romanist Church is, for some utterly absurd reason, classed as a small business, then presumably every other religious denomination has the same status; this might otherwise constitute grounds for legal action under anti-discrimination law.

Is your ministry classed as a small business, Pat?


Whatever, Bp Pat, I think you will get through the next three months just fine without state aid.


12 24: I witness our 2 priests visiting the really sick …. they are normally great workers. Now they are officiating at many funerals – 10 last week of which 4 were virus related. 4 funerals for this week so far. Your narrative of bias and ignorance is astonishingly reprehensible and totally unfair. What is the relevance of your add on article? I belong to a parish justice group and we are linked to a project in The Sudan where irish nuns are working. We raise thousands for their work through parish fetes etc….what do you do for such people apart from excoriate others?



Afraid so.

Death is not such an unhappy affair for Romanist vultures: when they gather at funerals, rich pickings are invariably available. And they are, invariably, rich.

Not even the sanctity of personal grief provides respite from these carrion scroungers. Nor have they the conscience to shame them from profiting here.

There is no moral, no ethical, depth too low for them to plummet, such is the allure of mammon for them.

(Just moralising, like. 😀)


3.42: Thank you for this video. An expose of the lies told by many media and print media. LIES. These liars shiukd be chased after for their evil. They are reckless and act contrary to natural justice. They dederve prison.



Deserve prison? 😂

In the opinion of very many, PELL ought still to be there. 😀

The consolation is that his tattered reputation will remain his clothing until the day he dies. 👻

And perhaps beyond. 👿

Haw haw haw 😂


It suited the church in Melbourne to distract from the Melbourne Response and scratch the back of the twisted justice system that sacked the policeman who investigated the real crimes. Giving Pell the – in the event almost effective – job of scaring the crooks in Rome was, sadly, a booby prize. We’ve seen a Lemony Snicket style series of unfortunate dialectics, from start to finish.


1 54: No yippie at all!! For your information, in our Diocese, perhaps all, no donations are directly given to any priest. Funeral ubdertakers now forward all donations on a monthly basis to parish accounts. Then it is guven to sacristans, celebrant, parish and Diocese. All totally transparent and accountable to Revenue. Aside from your cynicism, it is not a normal experience to watch families grieve so painfully at this time and especially those who die from the covid virus. But I am humbled in my pastoral ministry at this time of the pandemic, though limited and with a certain amount of worry.



So you scroungers tax even death?

But you haven’t the backbone to do it in person; only through an undertaker.

I named you well when I named you ‘parasite’. 😀


‘Father’ also uses the well-worn retort of the clergy, which shows how they justify serving such a corrupt institution to what little conscience they haven’t subsumed to obedience. ‘in my diocese /parish/etc’ merely indicates that they don’t take the cash straight off the grieving and use a middleman.
He has obviously persuaded himself that this makes it OK to serve an international organisation which has money squirrelled away in all sorts of schemes and which is a religious charity which yet manages to run a bank at the same time, and one which is not known for its banking probity.


Pat several ex Maynooth seminarians have received threatening phone calls from the kitten network. Pat its getting more dangerous they are pancing. How can this network be stopped.


4.13: The comment which finally reveals the psychological dysfunctionality of this moral and spiritual pervert. In a drunken state he’s allowed to dominate Pat’s blog. Maggie dear, you are a big loser. The long ago experience of rejection and all unresolved psychological conditions are now so embedded that you must be in real, urgent need of help. Go to a psychiatrist. Go to a therapist. Do stop drinking….it’s destroying you.


I believe you are one of his loyal servants and will do all his biding. Lives of so many young men were violated by his network. You and the Kitten network will be stopped. My advice to you is repent and beg the families of the Survivors for forgiveness.


Talking to someone like this is nothing other than bullying which however is par for the course for RC functionaries and hangers on.



Actually, I’m sober as the proverbial judge. That’s lockdown!

I know it’s never easy to admit fault, especially for the institutional Romanist Church, and her self-promoting, self-aggrandising priests. But do try, through prayer and self-help, to make the seismic, psychological shift from acceptance of the status quo in which the bereaved are ruthlessly exploited, at their most vulnerable point, by carrion Romanist scroungers, like you. It really is immoral, not to mention socially and personally indecent.

Put your faith in Jesus. You do believe in him, don’t you, ‘Father’. Don’t screw the bereaved for money by insisting upon payment (as many of you still do), or by creating an expectation that they must give ‘Father’ a ‘cut’ for his, er, trouble. Jesus will provide. He WILL provide… without any input from you, and your shameless kind.

You do believe in Jesus, don’t you ‘Father’? 🤔

Rise up from the gutter of exploiting others and scrounging from them. Insist upon some dignity for yourself. 😀


4.59: Marge, stop getting your wet knickers in a knot. The tightness is bad for your virility, if it ecists. But worst of all is that hatred is a killer, physically and spiritually. And if I am financially secure (which I’m not, never was and don’t desire to be), praise God…Keep on giving us a big laugh…😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😚😚😚🎃🙂🙂😎😎😄😄😁😁😁.


4.59: Magna continues to expose himself as a fool. All day his comments have become a revelation of a sick mind. Whatever it is, the words convey someone who is unwell psychologically. It’s not the forum of this blog he requires but a spell in a hospital for therapy. I have sympathy for him in his illness and will pray for him.


Pat I am sure you are on top of this but a FOI request should reveal how many of these ‘automatic grants’ the diocese has obtained. And then the charity commissioners will be able to decide whether the diocese is a business or a charity. They really are after every break they can get aren’t they. Personally I think it’s neither – it’s a racket.


I can’t, I’m far too busy out there exercising my preferential option for the anawim and don’t have time to.


4.58: Sorry to disappoint you. All my financial situation is truthfully in the hands of Revenue. I have nothing to be afraid of nor to apologise for. Don’t be worried unnecessarily about ‘Father’ : I am a truly responsible citizen. I stand with a clear conscience before God. So, don’t be getting yourself in knots of hatred. Not good for your begrudging heart, sir!


Another example: as if filling in tax returns makes it acceptable to belong to an organisation accused of torture by the United Nations.


Anon at 6.31: Look to your own conscience. What did you eat for breakfast or lunch? Thistles or poison or too many pills…Stay calm.


5.23: Absolutely true. But it’s a conveniently forgotten fact – that the Church is the biggest provider if help to the poor along with ither faith based organisations. The mucky haters of the Church on this blog, led by Bucks, couldn’t give tuppence for the poor. They are laptop critics, sipping their whiskies or lattes telling the rest of us what to do while they smugly sit on their backsides all day…God help the haters.


Somebody isn’t paying attention. This comment is right up there for stupidity with the person who keeps telling Magna to run a soup kitchen. So since yall are too thick to get it, let’s rehearse it again.
When small acts (such as giving small amounts of food) are done by an organisation such as the RC church which has investments and property in multiple countries, this is not a act of charity, because all this does is perpetuate the poverty of the poor and the privilege of this evil cult.
If you still don’t understand this ask your carer to keep reading it to you until you do.


6.36: Where did your brain get that analysis from? It’s an acknowledged fact by most democratic nations that the Church has provided the best health care and educational services in their countries with many religious and clerics receiving the highest honour a nation can bestow. You need to learn properly the truth and the facts. Stop lying. Research before commenting so ignorantly. Have a read about the St. Joseph of Cluny Sisters; the Holy Faith Sisters: Mercy Sisters: Dominican Sisters: Holy Rosary Sisters: Medical Missionaries of Mary: Apostles of our Lady: Presentation Sisters: Loreto Sisters in India and Rumbah, South Sudan: Franciscan Sisters for Africa..Amazing works for the poor, disadvantaged and disenfranchised, especially for women. Go and educate yourself.


Pat, did ya see Fanny on the RTE last week sayin’ a mass? She was all dressed up in red. She’s a wee stunner, Pat. I can well understand why Chris de Burgh wrote the well known hit about her.


Probably the same as yours if you went to Gaynooth Finishing School for Young Ladies.


Bishop Pat, when I was a boy I used to tell my mother (who would do anything for him) that our parish priest was an emotionally – stunted, self-serving leach. She used to tell me off for that. I would actually have said it to his face but there was never an opportunity because he was straight back into the sacristy after Mass, wouldn’t talk to the parishioners except his small circle of yes men.
It is interesting to see all these years later that priests are as self-centred as then, but in your wisdom you have provided a forum where priests can show the Internet they are emotionally stunted, privileged, and so on, and the Internet can reply.
Thank you.


6.49: A most ridiculous statement. There are self centred people in every profession. I have met them. The begrudgery of some anti Catholic bigots is mind boggling. Get a life, you hating bigots. As for Pat’s life. hmm…hmmm. some if us have memories!


7.29: Was never in Maynooth – so tough luck. I missed people like you T. God. Proper prick now that you’re probably a disgruntled ex sem!


7.29: A great comment. There are numerous examples of such religious receiving the great distinction of merit for their contribution to health, education and social outreach and advocacy for the disadvantaged. We could all follow their inspirational sacrifices now for one another.


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