Cardinal Pell speaks of scourge of ‘meth’ in prison

by Mark Bowling

Cardinal George Pell (right) speaks to police upon arrival at the Seminary Of The Good Shepherd in Sydney, Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

Cardinal George Pell has revealed he is ashamed of the Catholic Church for the way it dealt with the “cancer” of child sex abuse in the past.
“There are two levels. One is the crimes itself, … and then treating it so inadequately for so long,” Cardinal Pell has said after his acquittal and release from prison, in an interview to be broadcast worldwide by Sky News tomorrow. 

Cardinal Pell has spoken about the scourge of child abuse in the Church and how the many failures to act still haunt him today.
“I totally condemn those sorts of activities, and the damage that it’s done to people,” he said.
“One of the things that grieves me is the suggestion that I’m anti-victim, or not sufficiently sympathetic.”
In the interview, Cardinal Pell is understood to speak of his 405 days behind bars, before the High Court of Australia quashed five counts of sexually abusing two 13-year-old choirboys in the 1990s.
He speaks of several inmates he befriended including a convicted murderer, as well as witnessing the devastation caused by addiction to “ice”, or crystal methamphetamine, on fellow prisoners.
Since his release from the maximum security Barwon Prison in Victoria on April 7, Cardinal Pell has also penned an Easter message in a national newspaper titled: “In the suffering, we find redemption.”

Cardinal Pell wrote that the sexual abuse crisis damaged thousands of victims.
“From many points of view the crisis is also bad for the Catholic Church, but we have painfully cut out a moral cancer and this is good,” he wrote in The Weekend Australian.
He said everyone suffers, prompting questions about what to do.
“Why is there so much evil and suffering. And why did this happen to me,” he said.
Pell labels his initial conviction a disappointment but says he will turn the prison experience to “good purpose”.
“I have just spent 13 months in jail for a crime I didn’t commit, one disappointment after another,” he wrote.
“I knew God was with me, but I didn’t know what he was up to, although I realised he has left all of us free.
“But with every blow it was a consolation to know I could offer it to God for some good purpose like turning the mass of suffering into spiritual energy.”

Soon after his release, Cardinal Pell was driven from Melbourne to Sydney where he has been staying in a seminary. 


Given the controversy around him would Pell not be well advised to stop making public statements?

Many people still do not believe he is innocent.

Others say he was a  over up bishop himself.
He had had a very good life, has never wanted for anything and in later years went 1st class.

There is just something very uncomfortable about him condemning sex abuse and his church’s handling of it.

There may be new cases against him.


I saw this and it is insane.  What kind of fracturing is done to divorce oneself , non repentantly, from the problem he chastises and does it with legal help. I just don’t trust the selection process of Apostles… with absolute authority.     


Pell came across as an honest and simple man in his interview with Bolt (the bits I’ve seen), and also as a man of basic bedrock faith. It’s the first time he’s spoken in more than a year and you want to shut him up already?

And btw, there is nothing new in what he said about sex abuse and cover-ups. He’s always said that.


I have just run out of Holy Water for the Our Lady stoup by my front door. It is just next to my rape alarm.
It is important we always keep them topped up, I heard recently.
This priest is clearly not aware that Holy Water stoups are not to be used during this crisis!
Water, to a virus, is like handing out dangerous weapons in a prison.
I suppose I will just have to make the sign of the cross while walking in and out. And that’s only when we are allowed to go out! It is a little like a prison sentence, is this lockdown.


Absolutely, Pat. RC clergy are not now in any position to take the moral high ground on anything, and least of all on the subject of child abuse and their church’s promotion of it.


4.56am: Why aren’t you askeep at this hour? Or were you up praying for all who have died from the coronavirus? Your silly inane comment might otherwise be the result of a late night drink fest. I have a moral compass and conscience. Go get a grip…


+ Pat, please, stop sowing seeds of doubt about Pell’s innocence ! He is innocent. The High Court has declared as much by quashing his conviction. Unconvicted therefore entitled to the presumption of innocence. Also, if only you looked a little more forensically at what is alleged to have happened (read the High Court judgement), surely even you would be able to see that the practical circumstances around what was alleged to have taken place given the timing, the other people around, the geography, the vestments etc. simply make it ridiculous to even entertain that this crime took place at all in the way, time and place it was alleged. No matter how convincing the accuser looked and sounded. Just look at and face the facts. Please. Stop disseminating doubt about something that is now crystal clear. Pell is entitled to put his side of the case. He has suffered. He will continue to suffer. Try and find it in your heart to have some compassion for him, and give him the presumption of innocence, as you no doubt do for victims.



You’re a hypocrite and a liar. You call on Pat to ‘stop sowing seeds of doubt about Pell’ s innocence’, whereas you, all along, have been attempting to sow similar seeds, about his guilt, even though he was, unanimously, found guilty in a lower court and his appeal against the verdict was later rejected.

You’re a liar, because the Australian High Court did not find Pell not guilty: it found that, in its opinion, the conviction was unsafe. Not the same.

I believe that Pell committed those serious offences.

I believe that he has repeatedly lied about those offences.

And I believe that he was, and remains, a dangerous, opportunistic paedophile.


2.49: Magna Liar Liar. The perverted and distorted if FACTS and truths. Hatred prevails in your heart nullifying any comment you make. Go back to your cave.


Il Cardinale must have had a wake up in the Nick. Given his profile I images he would be in a vulnerable prisoners section. Otherwise he could have been eaten alive. Still I suppose he got some measure of reality having spent most of his previous life in skirtsville . If he can turn this to good let’s see hi


Perhaps every cleric should spend time in incarceration (and not visiting) to see the other side of their privilege. Mind you, some of them would probably enjoy certain parts of the experience too much and not want to leave.


9 28: An excellent comment. Sadly, Pat Buckley delights in and rejoices in embellishing on stories about Cardinal Pell. Pat’s concept of justice is purely subjective, biased and prejudiced because of his hatred for the Catholic Church. Pat cannot resist any temptation to smash priests into the ground in vengeance. The facts now speak for themselves and thank God Cardinal Pell has received justice. He is entitled to speak about his experience and to offer reflections, opinions and analysis. God bless him now.


9:28 am

Wrong. Criminal clerics and covering up for them is doing a great job of smashing the priesthood into the ground.



And that is where the clericalist Roman Catholic priesthood belongs… in the dirt (the dirt being the perfect symbol for the nature of this priesthood).


10.17am ,
Or maybe +Pat is not afraid to discuss what matters, like the realities and dangers in the world – dangers others would prefer never see the light of day? No?
Do not the blind need guidance lest they fall into a pit?


10 31: Why do you always comment as if speaking to yourself? Pat says to Pat….tiresome. You have commented sufficiently- mostly in a nasty way about Cardinal Pell. You embellish stories, give them your sinister touch and saddest of all: You are not able to accept THE TRUTH of JUSTICE given to the Cardinal. May God bless and strengthen him. The Cardinal will not be silenced by thugs or haters.


To be appointed a bishop under Francis it is essential to have served some time in a parish.

Fr Bartlett has now ticked that box and can await the call.


No pointy hat for Timmy I’m afraid – needs at least 30 odd years of the smell of the sheep about him before he should even be considered


Bp Pat, the wrinkly old holy water hen, Damian Thompson, describes the fiend as “a holy and heroic priest.” Pass the sick bag!


12.48: Thank God Cardinal Pell has the courage to celebrate Holy Mass. You, sir, should put your head into a bucket of your own vomit and do us all s favour. You haters are enraged that justuce has been done for the Cardinal. Maybe attending confession at the Orarory might be good for you in seeking God’s mercy. Stop rewriting history and stop lying.



No,there is not anger among us for the reason you imagine. But there is righteous anger that, in our opinion, Pell ‘s accuser was let down by the Australian High Court.

Proving sexual offences is notoriously difficult : as Pell’ s accuser effectively admitted when he said that the justice system is weighted in favour of those, like Pell, accused of such offences.

I believe that Pell committed those offences against two, terrified 13-year – old boys.

I believe that he has lied all along about his guilt.

I believe that the was, and remains, a dangerous, opportunistic paedophile.

God bless Witness J.

And may God punish Pell for the evil I, and very many others, believe he cowardly committed.


According to The Times, he is understood to be under investigation again after fresh allegations from a new accuser.


You don’t appear to have much going on in your life when you are so concerned about Timio, whoever that is. Sad person.


4.53: Mags the Rag does speak for one other – his mirror image. Another Rat…he’s a disreputable prig.


I have just read in Crux that Pell is now delving deep in conspiracy theory about his conviction for sexual crimes. He’s actually coming across as quite desperate to rehabilitate himself with the world.

Pell alleges that ‘Witness J’, his accuser, was’ used’ by opponents of his attempts at financial reform at the Vatican. He could offer absolutely no evidence for this, of course, because it really is nothing more plausible than a desperate flight of fancy.

Be careful, Pell : if you continue in this self-serving vein, ‘Witness J’ might come out of anonymity to refute you.


He can offer as much evidence, MagnaTroll, as you can, for your hysterical screaming that you are convinced that he is “guilty”.


3.04: Mags, who really cares what you think? Regardless of all reasonable and credible evidence, forensically scrutinised, the courts decided to acquit Cardinal Pell of any allegation. Your tyranny of, bias, prejudice and hatred prevents you from making an honest, rational and intelligible appraisal of the court’s judgment. PELL IS INNOCENT and A GRAVE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE OCCURRED. The alleged accuser should be treated with respect and care and not used for all the wrong reasons. Many media and print media behaved despically and monstrously against Pell. They should put their money towards helping the accuser (s). Given your psychotic hatred and dysfunctionality, evidenced on this blog, you should be banned from commentary. Go and get lost.



You obviously care enough about what I think in this matter to compose, type, and proof-read a fairly long reply. While you were proof-reading, this should have struck you, along with its consequence that you would look very silly indeed.

On the contrary, I have studied the Australian High Court’s judgement, and found it significantly wanting, especially in regard to its opinion on whether Pell would have been able to expose his ‘pecker’ from underneath his robes.

Pell, in my opinion, received not justice in the High Court, but favourable judicial error in assessing the opportunity for him to offend as accused.

Don’t pretend that you care about Pell’s accuser; spare him your pious condescension. I’m sure he really could do without it.

Pell, and the Pellites, had better get used to the fact that Pell cannot leave this in the past, not least because the attention-seeking fool insists on publicly portraying himself as both a marytr and hero.


5.39: You, Marge, are not an adherent of Christianity. You miss all the invitations in the gospel to forgive, to not condemn, to not judge, to not throw stones. What part of CHRIST do you not want to encounter or believe? Your comments are atheistic, in fact worse- they are blasphemous. You worship yourself too much.


3.04: Magna, stop rewriting history. You are lying. With your hatred for the Church you are unable to give an honest, more subjective view. Hatred destroys any integrity you may have. Get over it…and stop pretending you really care for the accuser.


A voice was heard in Belfast, sobbing and lamenting. It was Timo weeping for his wife and the kids he never had, refusing to comforted because it’s too late now and he’s past it.


‘In the suffering (sic), we find redemption.’ Well, according to George Pell. 😕

Do we?

Strange words from a very strange man. He means that ‘we must suffer to be redeemed’. Which, of course, is nonsense.

This attitude to suffering puts him in the category of Mother Teresa, and her kind: the people who make a cult of suffering, but not of love.

Those prayers traditionally recited at the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday are as wrong as George PELL and Mother Teresa : it was not by the Cross that Jesus redeemed the world, but by love of the Father, which issued in absolute obedience to him. 🤓


Magna I am not one of your critics here but I do have a rare criticism which is that I think you sometimes forget not everyone is as intelligent as you are. 😉
The unfortunate fact is that the majority of people are unable to sit with the sort of events that can happen to any of us in life and seek to explain them through religion. It then follows that traumatic events and human cruelty become the centre of religion, and are then projected on to the divinity. This then leads to a foot stamping teenage tantrum God, far from the one you talk of.


7.44: A slightly mixed comment…I have no difficulty relating this present pandemic to God’s presence with me. Not everyone has a religious outlook. I have. Many see this pandemic as nature’s correction in the abuse if the earth. There is so much that is wrong in our world that a moment had to arrive when, sadly, a deathly pandemic is making us all ask relevant questions about how we should truly care for the earth, for all life, for one another. Religious beliefs have much to offer us in this regard.


MagnaTroll, I’m afraid your pedantic, prissy, patronising and risible attempts, at sermonising and theologising, cut no ice for anyone, given your demonic hatred and venomous lies, on a daily basis.

The Cross was the perfect expression of God’s love. It is perfectly valid to say that Christ redeemed the world by His Cross AND Resurrection. You overweening fool.


Has anyone seen the DVD about Tyburn Convent? They start off with the martyrdom thing rather than the monasticism and perpetual adoration thing which leaves a bit of an odd taste.


7.26: A very self serving, convenient theology. Jesus went to the cross as the inevitable outcome of doing the Father’s will. But the Father’s graciousness raised Jesus to new life – RESURRECTION. Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer and so be raised to life again? (Scriptures). Mags, the prayers of Saint Theresa of Calcutta and Cardinal Pell give much solace and comfort to millions who are able to unite themselves with the suffering Christ and believe, as Jesus did, that the Father sustains them in their darkest moments. Jesus cintinued to Calvary in the assurance of the Father’s love. Your crass cynicism and spiritual blindness adds only darkness to life. You should go back to the seminary. Oh, I forgot. You were flung out. After this arrogant comment I know why. Such a bombastic idiot!



Well,what can I say to that? Nothing that probably would not go over your head, in an instant. But heck! I’m nothing if not a trier, so here goes. 😀

God is love, not suffering. Scripture tells this, too.

Had Jesus not been love supreme and perfect, he would never, could never, have ascended to Calvary. Jesus suffering expressed the height, and the depth, and all the other dimensions of his love, but it was love that redeemed humankind that momentous day, not suffering. Unfortunately, small minds and hearts, like George Pell and Teresa of Calcutta, distort this truth into hideous dissemblance. I suppose it is why Teresa sent to the Vatican most of the monetary donations she received (and by which she betrayed the intentions of her donors) instead of spending it on upgrading that shithole hospice of hers, in Calcutta.

Those who preach a gospel of suffering are perverse, and do not know God. The nature and tone of your post makes this clear, you embittered, petulant, nasty, intolerant, judgemental, lying, old, Romanist priest. 😀


And YOU would claim to “know” Him, eh MagnaTroll? You embittered, petulant, nasty, intolerant, judgemental, lying, old, seminary-reject troll? 😆😂 You couldn’t make it up – the delusions of this creature 😆


8.43: Mire nonsense from a supreme hater. Magna, you are a loser in the world of true humanity and living in God’s ways. You conveniently misinterpret comments. You are sick. You need, if you believe, to let GOD into your little mean world.


Cardinal George Pell has revealed some wealthy people “kicked in very solidly” to pay for his defence, as well as some good Christians and Catholics who aren’t wealthy. He also chipped in money from his savings and superannuation.

He actually thinks he’s got off, but I don’t think so somehow.


At one point during the interview, Pell says, Pope Francis “respects my honesty.”

HUH! This is a man who said he was far too ill to travel back to Australia for the Royal Commission, and now says, he plans some “little visits to Rome.”

I am sorry, Bp Pat, but I cannot find the words strong enough to describe this excuse for a man.


8.58: Don’t be getting all weepy about Cardinal Pell. You are a pathetic human being to carry such hatred against him. He is innocent. God bless and protect him from haters like you. Rat.


—— ON the 20th of April 1233, by papal bull, Pope Gregory IX placed the operation of the Inquisition into the hands of the holy Dominicans. Gentle, meek and mild… the Dominicans were the obvious choice for the role.
Recognised by the Community—Circa 1233—the order’s mission was to teach and preach: to employ the power of reason in support of faith; and, It is no coincidence that scholars like Albertus Magnus (St Albert the Great) and Thomas Aquinas, saintly and learned thought they were, were Dominicans.
Dominic had made a point of winning heretics by the force of his holy life and persuasive preaching (tea and biscuits at the back of church, homemade moist cake, baked by little Irene who does the flowers, and, an urn plugged into a dual-socket, boiling away, on a little wooden table next to the Brownie’s collection box—one could hardly imagine a myriad of uses for an electric urn back in 123… no electricity you see 😉 But this backdrop will serve no purpose here!).
The methods employed by his order were not so gentle; in fact, they included torture and execution; usually by burning. Although the instructions for interrogation limited the use of torture, the tendency was to exceed them… (he who sings twice 🎶).
Many Dominicans never participated in the Inquisition. Others were mild in their measures. Some resigned rather than continue the brutal work…! Nonetheless, the good name of the Dominicans was forever stained by their participation in this cruel activity.
Before long the order became popularly known as Domini canes, Latin for “God’s dogs.”
By the way, basic common sense tells us all that children should not be allowed to play near an electric urn: or other dangerous household items for that matter!


How do cardinals acquire wealth? Why do wealthy benefactors support Pell? Has all the money been accounted for or is some of it ———-? If the cardinal wants to take the high moral ground he will need to explain his wealth & the integrity or otherwise of his backers!


5.55am: None of your business. We all deserve support in dark, difficult times. If Cardinal Pell is receiving such support I am delighted for him. Begrudgery is poisonous. Get over your obsession with the Cardinal.


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