April 14, 2020 T Dermody Catholic Herald.

Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria took to the skies via a helicopter on Good Friday, April 10, to offer a blessing to the entire Diocese of Peoria as well as to pray for all affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was happy to do something that may give some comfort to people, especially those folks who, on this Good Friday, are scared about their relatives in the hospital,” said Bishop Jenky moments after landing near the Gen. Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport.

“This kind of illness brings an enormous fear for our people and our country,” continued the bishop, who donned a mask before climbing into a medical transport helicopter at about 1 p.m. for a 12-minute flight to downtown Peoria and back. “And prayer, no matter who’s saying it, can move mountains. I really felt blessed to be praying with and for the diocese today, and for everyone else in Illinois, our country and the world.”

The aerial blessing was first proposed midweek by Tomas Wojtowicz, a pilot for OSF Aviation — a branch of OSF HealthCare, a system based in Peoria that is owned and operated by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. When OSF leaders approached the Diocese of Peoria with a suggestion that a priest take a flight to pray for protection against COVID-19, they received a quick response that Bishop Jenky would like to do it.
“OSF is one of our greatest Catholic institutions,” said Bishop Jenky of the system that includes 14 hospitals and employs more than 23,000. “Anything the Sisters ask me, I try to do.”

Bishop Jenky was joined in the OSF Life Flight helicopter by Msgr. Philip Halfacre, vicar general of the Peoria Diocese, as well as the pilot and a flight nurse.

Though favourable weather factored into the decision to fly on Good Friday, Bishop Jenky said the day was appropriate.

“This is one of the holiest days of the year, at a time when we’re living something like we’ve never lived through,” he told The Catholic Post, Peoria’s diocesan newspaper.

During the flight to downtown Peoria and back, Bishop Jenky offered a prayer composed by the Vatican for a “Mass in Time of Pandemic.” The prayer reads, in part, as follows:

“Almighty and eternal God, our refuge in every danger, to whom we turn in our distress; in faith we pray look with compassion on the afflicted, grant eternal rest to the dead, comfort to mourners, healing to the sick, peace to the dying, strength to health care workers, wisdom to our leaders and the courage to reach out to all in love, so that together we may give glory to your holy name.”

Once the helicopter reached downtown Peoria — above OSF HealthCare St. Francis Medical Center and nearby St. Mary’s Cathedral — the pilot turned to the north, east, south and west. The bishop then offered a blessing out the helicopter window in each direction.

“We blessed, at this holy time of the year, all the faithful and in a particular way those suffering from the pandemic and those who care for them,” said Msgr. Halfacre, who was taking his first helicopter ride. He and Bishop Jenky expressed gratitude to OSF HealthCare leadership for not only making the flight possible, but more especially for the care they are providing and the advice they are giving the Diocese of Peoria.

“They’ve been partners with us all along in how to respond to the present moment,” said Msgr. Halfacre.

“We are not experts on contagious disease,” said Bishop Jenky. “It is a huge comfort to have prudent advice from medical experts and, in our circumstance, from a Catholic hospital system that I completely trust.”

Steve Mattern, vice president of mission services for OSF HealthCare, said the system’s staff is “doing great work” during this uncertain time when there are still “a lot of unknowns.” The OSF facility coping with the most COVID-19 cases is the newly acquired OSF HealthCare Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Chicago. Mattern said April 10 that hospital has 160 COVID-19 patients, but also has treated and sent home 186 patients.

Whether or not the virus will spread to a greater degree in central Illinois is uncertain. But on Good Friday, the region was covered by prayer from the air.

Bishop Jenky said that, despite a stiff wind, the flight was “very easy and very safe. The pilots and the nurse and everyone were very kind.”
Tom Dermody is editor of The Catholic Post, newspaper of the Diocese of Peoria


When Jesus preached to the 5000 the apostles wanted to send the crowds to the neighbouring town and villages to find food to eat.

In response to their faithless request Jesus said to the apostles


And we had the miracle of Jesus using five loaves and two fish to feed the 5000.

AND, there was food left over.

I’m a bit pissed off with bishops and priests blessing people from helicopters and pope mobiles and running around the streets with monstrance- like Harry Potter swishing his wand.

The RCC is one of the richest organisations on the earth and most western dioceses are fantastically rich.

At the weekend we saw that the diocese of Down and Connor has an annual turnover of nearly £ 20 million.

Why have we not seen any Irish bishop or diocese donating a VENTILATOR, a respirator or personal protection equipment to their local hospital?

Instead these men are taking to the skies and the streets with their useless blessings.

Why would anyone want a blessing from the area managers of a corrupt multinational – also responsible for worldwide child sexual abuse and cover up?

We all need GOD’S BLESSINGS.

And we get those blessings directly from God.

And we feel very blessed when we witness NHS heroes putting their lives on the line.

And we feel very blessed when we see Christian’s and others putting their money where their mouths are!

During the last great social tragedy in Ireland – the Great Famine – the Irish Catholic Church engaged in the biggest church building campaign in its history.

Facts like these tell us the truth.

Where a man’s treasure is, there will  be his heart”.

The heart of the RCC is betrothed to money, property  wealth and power.

Bishop Jerky – keep your sky borne holy water!


I want to donate towards your ventilator campaign. Can I still do that? What happens if you don’t reach your target?


I will not reach my target at all. I have raised £ 778. I have decided, after watching 99 year old Captain Tom in the news to give it to the combined NHS charities.£ 778 is only a drop in the ocean – but if every Irish priest raised £ 778 we would raise more than £ 2,000,000.


Pat I have lost all faith in Emaon Martin to manage his clergy and seminarians. Eamon failed to manage Rory Coyle and Stephen Wilson. Yes Pat it’s confirmed Rory had connections with Stephen Wilson.



Do you remember the video of Thomas McHugh, Rory Coyle and Brendan Marshall. They loved their afternoon tea parties. 😂


That ex Maynooth Sem that continually harps on about Wilson, Marshall, Mullaney etc NEVER has any proof whatsoever. We had this discussion for a few yeats now and still it continues. Clearly fixated on a few bods from his Seminary days and often posts whilst sozzled. You killed his posts earlier by asking for proof and that usually works.


Unless accompanied by her former MC, I don’t think Abp Turtle would fancy a ride in a helicopter, Bp Pat. Noele Treanor, on the other, would probably think nothing about going up himself.


Another expensive, attention-seeking stunt by a Romanist quack.

When will people tire of this chauvinism? 🤔

The Romanists are making themselves increasingly irrelevant by making themselves look ever ridiculous in the 21st century.

This bishop, and his costly gimmicks, reminds me of all those bishops of bling to whom money (other people’s, that is) was never an object. Such men as Michael Bransfield, the German bishop forced to resign after spending multiple millions on his home, Noel Treanor, etc.

When will all the good priests we keep hearing about (but never see) openly object to this extravagant, episcopal peacockery? Oh, I forgot: we don’t have any good priests: we have bishops’lackeys instead.

Har har har 😂


8 58: Quack, Quack, Quack…Magsie is awake….Quack, quicker and quackest. ..Oh poor Marge… such quackery….🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖..couldn’t find a duck emoji!! 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷…


11 38: A great laugh at Mags expense. The troll is quackery. She’s a laugh a day….


MagnaTroll, were you ever into the Benedictines? Not ye olde Brandy and Benedictines – that I’d say you’ve necked many’s a one down your gullet – but the actual OSBs? 😉😆


This helicopter whirring blessing bishop in the USA is a load of irrelevant nonsense, full of the usual Roman Catholic clerical ‘look at me’ syndrome. Just like + Martin of Armagh mincing around the streets with the monstrance. They need to be turning their minds to more important things, like how to contribute constructively and meaningfully to the real needs of real people out there, rather than just grandstanding.

In my diocese, I have heard from some diocesan lay workers, most of whom are on pretty meagre wages and many part time, that the diocese is asking them to be furloughed, in other words laid off temporarily so that the government and the tax payer pick up 80% of their income, and the diocese might deign to provide the other 20 %, but no guarantee of the latter.

The employees will probably not be that much worse off in the end, but I do have a concern about the morality and rightness of this diocese piggybacking on a government tax payer scheme to divest themselves of employment obligations, particularly when I know that this diocese is rolling in money, assists, capital, and is totally credit worthy with its banks. The furlough scheme, surely, is to support businesses and institutions that need short term support in order to survive in the short term, rather than an opportunity for businesses and institutions that are well capable of surviving to take advantage and protect their assets at any cost? That seems to be the way the diocese is going, intent on milking the system at the expense of the taxpayer in order to protect what it has already in abundance.

There are real moral issues here. Bishops should be exercising their minds over this issue of morality and economic and social justice, rather than prancing around in grandstanding gestures. The government has already told some businesses and institutions to dip in to their own reserves first before coming to the tax payer for a hand out, rightly so. And so should this diocese do the same. We hear so much from our bishop about being on the side of the poor, fundamental option for the poor, walking alongside the marginalised, having a care and concern for those who are struggling, being aware of the social justice issues at the heart of any issue. But, it seems, as soon as the patrimony of riches is threatened in the slightest, all that goes out of the window, the workers are put in to uncertain positions, and everything is done to protect the overflowing diocesan coffers, all at the expense of the taxpayer who is going to have to fund this.

I’m sure this is happening in so many dioceses. The words about social justice, morality and the right thing to do are so readily ditched in order to protect the institution. We have seen this before, haven’t we, with an other issue…. ?

I can’t name the diocese because I am a priest of it, and it will be known that it is I who am speaking out, and the knives will be out. Because, they are determined to cosset themselves and protect themselves for the future, and will do so at the expense of their lay workers and anybody who stands up against them. Shame on them. Shame on you, bishop XXXX of XXXXXXXXXX !



It’s a pity more priests don’t speak out. I can understand the knives being out.
That, in my opinion, is a big part of the reason why this utter mess in the Church continues to roll on. Fear of reprisal, repercussions and punishment seems to silence dissenting voices, viewed as disloyal to the institution.The institution seems to comes first and last. It’s beginning to look more like a cult.

The Gospel can, has, and is, frequently ditched when it suits. There are no end of real moral issues ignored when the patrimony, finances and reputation of the institution is threatened.

Option for the poor….a great theory to peddle,along with justice, mercy, compassion and love!


9.23: We know who you are. Your utterances are a complete giveaway. You should try to camouflage your identity a little bit better, Father!!


The church is not primarily a religious body but a mediaeval state and its clergy are the functionaries at various levels which correspond to the strata in a mediaeval city.
That is the reason the mess keeps going on.

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Anon@ 10:23:
The barely concealed threat in your comment demonstrates the point made by Anon 9:23. But I reckon you’re either too stupid to realise that or don’t care, just so long as your cosy cartel is protected.
But maybe it’s not either or: both may be more relevant.


1020 – Oh really, please do say. I’d love to know who I am ! Otherwise, piss off !


9.23 I very much doubt you are a Priest. If you were then you don’t have the courage of your convictions to grow a pair and confront your imaginary bishop. Your post is just fantasy


11:24 am

Most priests don’t have the courage of their convictions. Most are moral cowards.
The poster at 9:23 am is correct.


Would it not be true to say that most people do not have the courage of their convictions. People feel safer in the herd. As Cahal Daly once said to me: “When I look out on the sea of priests I dont want to see your head above the waves”.




Yes, most Romanist priests are indeed moral cowards.

Spineless, useless charlatans who offer ‘blessings’ (and, of course, expect cash in return) to the ‘Faithful’.

I once asked a Cathbot: ‘What is a blessing?’

He wasn’t the brightest (most Cathbots aren’t) so, naturally, he took his time to answer. (And how!) But I’m a patient man, so I waited impatiently, but in a patient-looking way.

Then came the moment: ‘Father’ moves his right han’ up and down and across the ways. And then we give him money’.

‘Why would you give him money for that?’, I asked.

‘Coz Father expects it.’

‘Yes’, I nodded. ‘But what did he do for you?’

‘I towl y’. He moved his han’ up and down and acoss the ways.’

We really do need another reformation, because the last one was much too benign and anodyne. 😕


I agree with MMM re the pathetic implied threat at 10:20. “We know who you are” crops up quite regularly not of course as part of any informed response, but the stock reaction of an entrenched clerical clique, who know that despite their inadequacies as priests and as men, nothing and nobody is going to challenge them – least of all their spineless Bishop.


@9:23, I wouldn’t worry a whit about being IDd as the threatening eejit @ 10:20 implies. His is a comment from one feeling threatened by your truth. In desperation his response is a blind scattergun attempted threat aimed more at anyone breaking ranks from the clerical self preservation society.

And, as said here recently, their futile and at times barely literate or intelligible retorts on this blog simply serves to demonstrate how much they’re out of touch with reality.


6.30 and 6.34: The sleepless mistress of gossip is up early. You should be praying not engaging in infantile gossip, speculation and utter inanities while the country is in a pandemic. You shameless hussie!! Get a real life. Grow up.


Even a helicopter stunt couldn’t top Amy’s mince down Windmill Lane township waving her monstrance between her hands, Bp Pat, that was my favourite blog of the year so far.


I enjoyed that blog, but I found the recent blog on Timmy Bartlett’s ridiculous and overly-dramatic self-analysis of his sad and worthless life also highly amusing.


11 56: For God’s sake, stop always focusing on yourself, you self indulgent, self righteous and arrogant fool. Stop blaming everyone else for your past travails. You contributed to them by your own bullying and intimidarory behaviour. Get honest. Why don’t you try to do and say something positive, prayerful and inspiring, the way priests are presently doing in their communities, albeit in limited ways, but still making the effort.



What?😰 Romanists are being ‘positive, spiritual and inspiring’ in their mini-fiefdoms?😕

Of course they are.

With the customary platitudes.💤


1.32: Yes, Magna.. Undoubtedly, many many priests are positive, spiritual and inspiring. You just need to look outside this biased, hateful and bigoted blog. Yes, you will find such priests. Just open your eyes.


John is Elphin Diocese. He hates normal people in parish. Coughlan is Mullaney’s puppet in the Irish College.


John didn’t stay too long in Parish he hated the morning Mass and the trouble of attending to the sick.


Anon@ 2.31, many of us have had our “eyes opened” about the RC church not only by the abuse of individual priests, but particularly by the many and continuing cover-up activities of the self preservation society that is your church’s clergy.
Put plainly: we don’t like what we see.


Devious Habits of Highly Toxic Narcissists (And just a few ideas on why they do what they do).
1: They project their own malignant qualities onto you. Everything that makes them toxic (their rage, their envy, their selfishness) is assigned to you as they try to paint you as the unhinged one…
2: They rage excessively when challenged. When done by a pathological person, this is what is known as narcissistic rage. It occurs when a person feels slighted or when they feel their sense of superiority is negated in any way. Raging at the perceived offender allows the toxic person to reclaim some measure of control and reaffirms their sense of superiority.
3: They rarely take accountability for their actions or say sorry. Apologising would mean sharing in the consequences for their behavior or taking part in evolving from it. That’s why toxic people never do it.
4: They attempt to sabotage you in areas where they know you’re flourishing. Whether it’s creating chaos before a major job interview or ruining a celebration, toxic people are always on the lookout for how they can prevent you from achieving a level of success and joy that could threaten to overtake their power over you.
5: They gaslight you. They try to make you believe that you are unable to see your own reality clearly. They deny abusive things they’ve said or done. This sudden “abuse amnesia” works to undercut your perceptions and make you doubt yourself. ‘‘I didn’t’’ but when found out ‘’I can’t remember; I may have done.’’
6: They show no empathy for you when you’re suffering. These sadistic individuals are indifferent to your suffering; they lack empathy and some even take immense pleasure in seeing you suffer. The most malignant of narcissists even drive their victims to suicide! (I did say they were crazy…).
7: They gossip about other people and engage in relational aggression. They enjoy pitting people against one another. They like spreading rumors. They thrive off of excluding people and socially ostracizing those they feel threaten their power or evoke their envy. They assassinate your character both publicly and privately (the latter ensures you don’t catch on). They want to feel like they are the ones in control of managing everyone’s image so that they come out on top.
Here endeth the lesson!


1.15: I was about to log in to Psychology Today – a brilliant resource site – which, through professional psychologists, much light is shed upon major dysfunctional behaviours, much as you outline in this brilliant piece. The site is excellent for its worthwhile essays on coping mechanisms at this time and also on a myriad of related issues for personal use. Very often it’s only when we get this kind of clarity, as you outline, that we clearly recognise our own crazy behaviour. We see the personality type you define on this blog all too frequently but none of us is free from dysfunctionality of some kind.


Thank you, I did borrow a few wordings from a book given I am not qualified or indeed licensed in this area ( however I could write a book! ).
It were my own experiences and observations which encouraged me to put pen to paper—or thumb to screen.
Yes, we do have some amazing and eccentric characters on this brilliant online community: some a little more eccentric than others.
However, then we have people, fair to say through their personal and various hurts and pains, are searching for that pain to be alleviated in some way. Remember! Just being a sounding board is the first thing they teach you on a counselling corse! To listen, to acknowledge.
So next time +Pat allows a person to sound their hurts and pains on this blog, even if they sound angry or what not, we try our best to acknowledge that hurt and pain. You don’t have to totally agree… but you can be a sounding board too!
I for one know that a sounding board can be a lifeline!
+Pat, don’t ever let anybody discourage you from your ministry of light.
‘’Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.’’ — Luke 12:3


From Wikipedia. I was trying to think of the word for the church’s system – it is feudal obviously:
‘A fief (/fiːf/; Latin: feudum) was the central element of feudalism. It consisted of heritable property or rights granted by an overlord to a vassal who held it in fealty (or “in fee”) in return for a form of feudal allegiance and service, usually given by the personal ceremonies of homage and fealty. The fees were often lands or revenue-producing real property held in feudal land tenure: these are typically known as fiefs or fiefdoms. However, not only land but anything of value could be held in fee, including governmental office, rights of exploitation such as hunting or fishing, monopolies in trade, and tax farms’


Pat for the good of your international audience go all out on what is happening with the gay sex network in Maynooth and Irish College Rome.


What an inspiring and delightful comment from 4:40. Obviously a man, possibly, of few but pithy words put. The inspirational vocabulary and choice of words are truly impressive, especially if from a cleric.


2:31 wrote
‘Undoubtedly, many many priests are positive, spiritual and inspiring.’
So how come only the hectoring, threatening, devious, deviant, dependent and narcissistic ones post here?


6.21: Many, if not most, commentators on this blog are non clerical who have, at times, made worthwhile comments, but some have axes to grind. This blog is their forum. There are undoubtedly some clerics, disgruntled and disillusioned and ex seminarians too, who are full of craziness and vent their disappointment on this blog. Some are sincere but many repeat commentators are just nasty, devious and narcissistic. Many clerics are doing their best in ministry, sometimes against great hostility but this makes me more intent on staying with Christ alone.


Because the vast majority of priests are not on this blog. Simples!

For reasons of basic mental health, they don’t come here.

Why would any self-respecting priest come into such a highly poisonous, viciously abusive den of diabolical hatred, dominated by MagnaTroll et alia?


The Liverpool situation will be be out on the open very soon.
It is an absolute mess. Very sad situation.


Pat what is your response to any member of Maynooth the Irish College Seminary Council who would regularly attend a Gay Sauan venue.


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