In 1941an innocent little baby boy called Joseph Pike was born to an Irish couple. For whatever reason, they could not, or would not keep him and bring him up. So, Joseph ended up in Saint Philomena’s Home in Dublin for unwanted babies. He grew up with a strong Dublin accent.

When he was only seven he was sent from Dublin to Tralee, Kerry to a so called industrial school operated by the Irish Christian Brothers. From the moment Joseph arrived in Tralee he was hated by one of the Brothers = a man called Brother Conor Lane. Brother Lane took exception to Joseph’s Dublin accent. From the day he arrived in Tralee Brother Lane beat him day in and day out.

At the time, St Joseph’s, as it was called was a hotbed of abuse. The boys were abused physically, mentally and sexually every day. Three of the Christian Brothers were particular abusers – Brother Conor Lane, Brother Roberts, who are now dead, and another brother who we must call Brother X who is still alive and against whom various actions are under way.

Boys were beaten every day to within an inch of their death. They were mocked and belittled by the Brothers. They were the object of severe mental persecution. And, every day boys were sexually abused – in their beds and in secret and dark corners inside and outside the building. Brother Roberts specialised in abusing boys at his teacher’s desk in the classroom while other boys looked on in fear. The suffering of the boys in St. Joseph’s in Tralee and akin to the suffering of the inmates in Hitler’s concentration camps. But all this happened in the name of God, perpetrated by so called servants of God and in Catholic Ireland where the government, the Garda and the public simply looked on!

In 1958 Joseph Pike was 16. Brother Lane was still beating him every day as he had done for 9 years. This particular day Joseph was unwell. He had a large boil on his shoulder. He could not eat the greasy food that Brother Lane put before him. Brother Lane beat him in his chair causing the boil on his shoulder to burst internally. Poor Joseph fell to the floor where Brother Lane continued to beat him until he became unconscious. Joseph was taken to the hospital where he later died!

After his death two death certificates appeared – one saying that he had died from “senile dementia”! Imagine a 16 year old boy dying from senile dementia? A second certificate said he had died from septicaemia – blood poisoning. Blood poisoning would be consistent with Brother Lane’s beating causing Joseph’s infected boil to burst internally. After he death the Christian Brother claimed he had died of leukaemia.

Brother Lane admitted he had beaten and kicked Joseph but denied killing him.

In 1996 the Garda launched an inquiry into Joseph’s death. The accumulated dozens of statements from former pupils of Saint Joseph’s. Those men are convinced that there was sufficient evidence in those statements to bring forward public prosecutions. This has not happened.

Friends of Joseph remember him having a very hurried funeral and being buried in an unmarked grave. Brother Lane hypocritically prayed aloud for Joseph’s eternal happiness!

After Joseph’s death, whenever they were asked, the Christian Brothers released Joseph’s surname in a miss-spelt form – calling him Pyke instead of Pike. Some say this was deliberate and it certainly frustrated those trying to search for any relations he may have had


John Prior, a classmate of Joseph’s, who himself was sexually abused in St. Joseph’s, has been championing Joseph’s case for many years now. Through John’s good work, a headstone was erected here in this cemetery. Joseph’s case is still open with the Garda and the happenings are gradually coming into the light,

I am here in Kerry today celebrating this Mass because John Prior could not get any priest in Kerry to celebrate it! When he asked the Bishop of Kerry to provide a Mass he was told “No priest is available”. When he asked the Tralee clergy for a mass they refused and told him that a Mass is available at the cemetery once a year for all those interred there. In the last few days the Bishop of Kerry has claimed that John never asked him for a Mass,

Joseph Pike is not the only child that was abused and killed by the Brothers and Nuns in Ireland. Other children died in St Joseph’s Tralee and were buried in unmarked graves. We don’t even know if death certificates were sought or issued. Some months ago the nuns in Hyde Park Convent in north Dublin sold their former convent and Magdalen Laundry for millions of pounds. To facilitate this financial bonanza for the nuns the bodies of the 150 Magdalens were removed from the convent graveyard and cremated in Glasnevin Crematorium. In this way of course any possible forensic evidence is destroyed. It also emerged that there were no death certificates for many of the dead women. More victims dying in suspicious circumstances, buried in unmarked graves and no death certificates issued. What was going on? And how is it that even now that this information is publicly available the government and the Garda are letting the religious orders away with it?

Every year when we celebrate the feast of the 2000 Holy Innocents killed by Herod on December 28th, we should remember the Holy Innocents that perished in Irish Catholic Institutions at the hands of the so called servants of God. And all these goings on were known to the Irish clergy and bishops and religious superiors did absolutely nothing except to cover it up!

And today they are still covering up. Instead of reaching for their Bible and reading the words “LET THE LITTLE CHILDREN COME UNTO ME” they are hiding behind Canon law, Civil Law and Ruro 5000 a day lawyers. They are using all their resources to cover up the truth, resist victims and survivors and shelter the abusers. They have conveniently forgotten the words of Christ – “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”.

The purpose of this Mass is to:

  1. Remember Joseph Pike and his sufferings and pray for his eternal happiness.
  2. Remember all the other victims that were abused and even killed within institutions owned and run by the Irish Catholic Church.
  3. Highlight the unjust and cynical way the Irish Catholic Church is treating victims and survivors as they hide behind a battery of lawyers and call upon the Irish Bishops and clergy to stop being Pharisees and legalists and approach the whole area of abuse with the truthfulness and compassion of Chrisyn- whose disciples they claim to be.
  4. Call upon the Irish Government to order a full judicial enquiry into all the deaths that took place in these Church institutions and the practice of burying people in unmarked graves without birth certificates.
  5. Call upon the Garda here in Tralee to intensify and renew their enquiries into the murder – for it was murder – of Jspeph Pike.


Throughout this tiny island,

In graves unmarked and cold;

Lie broken bones of boys and girls,

Their stories never told.

Men in black with collars white,

And Brides of Christ as well,

Sent these angels up to Heaven,

But made their short lives Hell.

No teddy bear, no lullaby.

No loving mother’s kiss;

But each night as they closed their eyes

They entered the abyss.

With eyes closed tight no sleep would come,

They listened for the sound;

The hob nailed boot out in the hall,

The handle turning round;

Oh don’t take me take someone else,

They prayed with all their might;

The leather strap the bamboo stick,

The screaming in the night.

And when they left they were not free,

Their minds were never right;

Still God can hear them as they pray,

Please let me sleep tonight.

(Leo Magee. Old Coombe. Dublin.

When I arrived in Tralee to celebrate the Mass at Joseph Pike’s headstone. We discovered the clergy had locked the graveyard gates to stop us getting in.

We got ladders and climbed the wall and had our sad Mass.

Joseph Pike’s fate shows the very evil that is at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church.

I hope God has devised a suitable punishment for all these Brothers, nuns and priests.

For in my wildest imagination I cannot think of one severe and monstrous enough.

Gardai to Quiz St Joseph’s Inmates

By Simon Brouder
September 3, 2009

A MAJOR garda investigation into the physical and sexual abuse of children at Tralee’s notorious St Joseph’s Industrial School is now underway, The Kerryman can reveal.

Senior gardai from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who are investigating revelations contained in the Ryan Commission Report, are due to interview a number of former inmates of St Joseph’s in the coming weeks The Ryan Commission Report detailed horrific physical and sexual abuse of boys, perpetrated by 12 Christian Brothers, in the Tralee school in the 30 years prior to its closure in 1970.

A special garda unit, set up by Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern, following publication of the report is now investigating abuse committed in Kerry. Though the 12 brothers who carried out the majority of the abuse at St Joseph’s were not named in the Ryan Commission report it’s known that all but one are still alive. They are understood to be the primary focus of the new investigation.

Several former inmates of St Joseph’s, including the longest serving inmate John Prior whose early testimony about abuse in church run schools helped expose the scandal, have been contacted by gardai and will be interviewed in the coming weeks.

The former inmates assisting the investigation are currently residing in Kerry and Cork.

A major plank of the St Joseph’s investigation is expected to be the death of 16-year-old school inmate Joseph Pike. Pike died in the mid 1960’s just a few days after allegedly being brutally beaten by a brother for eating too slowly.

The special garda unit, commanded by Assistant Commissioner Derek Byrne Ireland’s highest ranked operational commander, has been tasked with investigating claims contained in the Ryan report to assess if criminal proceedings can be brought against the perpetrators of the abuse.  

Christian Brother taught after breaking child’s jaw

Tue, Jan 10, 2006, 00:00  THE IRISH TIMES

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A Christian Brother who broke a child’s jaw was allowed to carry on teaching for nearly a decade, it emerged today.

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is examining allegations about St Joseph’s Industrial School in Tralee, which was run by the Christian Brothers up until 1970.

Brian McGovern SC, representing the tribunal, said there had been documented complaints about a Brother who had been moved to the school despite a series of horrific complaints against him.

The man known as Brother X broke the jaw of a child he was teaching at the Christian Brothers Industrial School in Glin, Co Limerick, in 1961, after earlier pulling hair from a child’s head and beating boys with a leather strap at another Christian Brothers school in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

He was then moved on to St Joseph’s where he continued to teach.

Mr McGovern asked Br Seamus Nolan of the Christian Brothers if the failure to remove him from teaching duties immediately showed a remarkably uncaring attitude by the Order. “It certainly does. The efforts made weren’t sufficient. It isn’t good enough,” he said.

He told the commission that to his knowledge the gardaí were not informed about the Brother’s activities and that although the Department of Education was aware of him, it eased off after he was eventually removed.

Other Brothers had warned as far back as 1960 that Brother X was unable to control his temper and was capable of doing the most foolish things. He was eventually removed from classroom duties in 1969 and transferred to a Christian Brothers institution in Dublin.

There were eight deaths of boys at St Joseph’s including that of Joseph Pike in 1958. The young boy died in hospital due to pneumonia but had earlier received a severe beating from a Christian Brother at the school.

St Joseph’s received a limited amount of funding from the State and was forced to make up the shortfall through other activities carried out by its staff and pupils, such as farming, carpentry and bakery.

Br Nolan said that in the 100 years of St Joseph’s existence the effort of generosity by the staff there lasted throughout.

He said there had been regular inspections which showed, by and large, there was great satisfaction all round and added that some of the surviving Brothers were still friends with the former pupils. “So it wasn’t all a grim and bleak story though the building may have given that impression from the outside,” he said.

However the commission is investigating several complaints of sexual abuse made against Brothers who worked in the school.

One complainant, John Glynn (60), said he had entered the school in 1949 at the age of two and was sexually abused by a Brother after his first Communion.

“What disgusted me today was that there wasn’t any word of apology. I just find it horrendous they’re still hiding, that the cover-up is still there and that we still have to keep speaking out,” he said.

Mr Glynn plans to give evidence to the commission about the one surviving Brother who abused him.


Boy died after being beaten by industrial school Brother

January 11 2006 12:11 AM

Fergus Black A YOUNG boy died in hospital days after he was beaten by a Christian Brother in an industrial school, it was revealed yesterday.

And another Christian Brother who broke a child’s jaw was allowed to continue a “catalogue of mayhem” in three industrial schools before he was eventually removed from teaching.

The details emerged at the Commission on Child Abuse which is examining allegations about St Joseph’s industrial school in Tralee, which was run by the Christian Brothers until its closure in 1970.

But Brother Seamus Nolan, a member of the Christian Brothers provincial leadership team, said the history of the school was not all grim and bleak and it was regarded as a worthwhile venture.


The commission was told that the boy from St Joseph’s who died in 1958 – named in extensive press reports in 1995 as Joseph Pyke – had become a “cause celebre”.

Brother Nolan told a commission hearing yesterday that it appeared the boy died in hospital. Stories later emerged about a beating he received in the school by a Brother who was in charge of the kitchen. Efforts had been made to find out if the incident in the school had affected his death, but the death certificate later referred to septicaemia and pneumonia.

The commission also heard how an “out of control” brother, referred to as brother X, who broke one boy’s jaw, was allowed to continue to teach in three schools, including St Joseph’s, before being withdrawn from teaching in 196


Brother Nolan said that the man originally worked at an industrial school in Clonmel in 1956 where it was alleged he had pulled a boy’s hair. He was then moved to Tralee in 1961 and then to Glin, Co Limerick the same year before returning to Tralee in 1963.

The incident where the boy’s jaw was broken occurred in Glin and he had also been accused of pulling another child’s hair while he was “out of control” in the Clonmel school and beating boys with a stick or leather strap.

“We have no defence either for his actions or [for] not stopping it,” said Brother Nolan.

When the brother was eventually removed, it was far too late, he said.

Counsel to the commission, Brian McGovern suggested that the methods in dealing with the brother showed a “remarkable uncaring attitude” towards the children in the care of the Christian Brothers. Gardai

Brother Nolan admitted it certainly did. Their efforts in dealing with the problem were not good enough.

To his knowledge, no reports about the abuse were sent to the gardai and while reports were sent to the Department of Education, the department “eased off” and did not really press the matter once the Brother was not involved in the school.

Brother Nolan also told of allegations about two other Brothers, named as L and M, who were over-severe in their use of corporal punishment.

While there were also allegations by former residents of the school of sexual abuse, he said there were references to some “peer abuse” among the boys themselves, but there were no references about allegations against the brothers.

Commenting about the Tralee school, Brother Nolan said an “effort of generosity” prevailed during the school’s 100 years of existence. There had been regular inspections which showed by and large there was satisfaction and some of the surviving Brothers were still friends with the former pupils.

On occasions things were not right but the general impression was the work of the Brothers and the boys in the school was praiseworthy and worthwhile.


In not being part of the RCC I know the Freedom of the Sons and Dayghters of God. Alleluia.


Repeat, repeat, repeat… nauseam stories from the past. Used purely to elicit vicious anti church hatred. I too am very free as a child of God and Catholic. No confusion, no burden, just feeling free as I focus totally on Christ. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia……Pat – Less of your arrogant self righteousness.


Any comment on the murder of Joseph Pike by Brother Lane?

Or do people like Joseph not figure in your Cathollic “freedom”?


We can only navigate the present and the future by knowing and understanding the past. These stories are vitally important and should be known. We can be sorrowful for them, but the best thing we can do is to learn from them and ensure that similar things do not happen in the future. Rather than ignoring them, covering them up, working around them, not challenging them. As happened in the past. And look where that got us. So, + Pat, I am very happy to be told by you about these things. Keep focusing the light of exposure and transparency on things and people like this.


Thank you. The killing of Joseph Pike, and many others, is a blasphemy in the eyes of God.


Don’t forget ‘stories’ from the past are still current and still covered up. Fact.


You are not God Buckley so leave the judgements to Him alone. You are like a broken record and a sad, bitter and twisted old man.


During all the inquiries into the physical and sexual abuse in the orphanages, industrial schools, laundries, mother and baby homes, etc., you often read that “everyone knew it was happening.”

By “everyone” they meant everyone in the republic as I had never heard anything about Ireland growing up in the UK during the fifties and sixties, let alone all the horrors that were going on there.

It was only after the late Mary Rafferty exposed the church on the programme, States of Fear, that it all comes tumbling down for the RCC in Ireland.


Where are all the GOOD CATHOLICS AND CATHOLIC PRIESTS this morning?
Speak to us about the killing of Joseph Pike by one of your religious icons.


10 o’clock and they are probably doing their self-isolating streaming Mass ?! Once that onerous duty of the day is out of the way, they will no doubt settle in to a day of self-isolation in the presbytery, watching a bit of Netflix, browsing some gay porn, followed by a light lunch and then a siesta, and then out for some ‘exercise’, which in reality will be floating by a local open air cruising site looking for a bit of action, then home, nice dinner, few drinks too many, gossip on the phone with their clergy friends, more TV and porn browsing, a formulaic Compline, and so to bed. A perfect clergy day ! I’m spot on, aren’t I, Fathers ?


10.14: You are absolutely right: priests are carrying out their ministry every day: saying mass for parishioners who avail of webcam facilities: visiting the sick in their homes when asked by families: assisting many bereaved families who have lost loved ones, some through covid 19: saying mass for them, going to crematorium or cemetery…..Yes, Indeed, we are working. In last 4 weeks our parish has had 26 deaths, mostly elderly, a number, far too many, covid related deaths. We have 4 already for next Min and Tues, 2 being covid related. Do you think this is useless, easy work? Cynics abound on this blog, people who have axes to grind. Good for you all if this blog is a forum for your anger but i will, with God’s blessing, continue ministering to parishioners. Incidentally, Many, many clerics condemn all abuse. All. And – only a small handful contribute comments to this blog. Sensible, intelligent people!!!


They have better things to do than reading this toxic blog and your toxic mentality Bucko. I suspect they are not all sitting on their hole like you are and staring at your screen with feck all else to do. I’m just looking in to see what shite you are going on about today and it’s predictable as ever


1026: Is your day as described by 1014 ? Probably. Attack is the best form of self defence and you seem a master of it. Hiding all sorts of things. Obscuring what you really are. Trying to fool yourself. + Pat’s question still hangs in the air: Have you any constructive comment to make about the killing of Joseph Pike at the hands of an angry, drunken, abusive man ? The Brother concerned was very lucky he was not prosecuted for murder / manslaughter, because he had the protection of his Order and the police. He’s be in the clink if he were still alive today. Rightly so. And he was only one of the mean bastards that lorded it over poor kids during those times. So, bring it on + Pat and tell the world about what happened. The victims deserve to have their stories told.



Who asked you not to minister? Isn’t that your livelihood.
The vast majority of people condemn abuse.
Have clerics condemned abuse perpetrated by fellow clerics, publicly?
I’ve never heard any priest condemn clerical abuse in a public forum. Never.
Do you know all the priests who contribute comments to this blog, to make the statement you made about priests contributing? Nonsense.
You unwittingly discredit yourself, in more ways than one, in your own post.


There aren’t any good priests.
There are many who have had to somehow explain in their own head that the Immaculate bride of Christ is rotten to the core. This is particularly difficult if you have no private income or professional qualifications.


9.56: Pat, you have nothing to do in your confinement except to incite hate speech. Like many priests I condemn all acts of criminal abuse by clergy and have no difficulty with perpetrators facing the full rigour of the law. I have every empathy for survivors – my brother in law is one such human being. I have spent much time listening to him. I know the reality of his hurt. He has given me the information I need in my ministry by way of helping survivors and also with all the therapy he’s been through he gas given me the right language and insights to use when speaking about victims/survivors. It is totally as I g to take cheap shots at all clergy. It is not acceptable to do so. Most priests with any self respect wouldn’t be bothered about this blog and its content. We are trying to act out our ministry in very challenging situations. It’s ourcwirk and Thank God we care of support to many, many bereaved families at this time. We don’t require the validation of Pat’s blog. We do our work in the name of Christ. Every time I meet my brother in law I do feel a great shame for what he suffered but he is an inspiration to me. He knows that.


Father, I notice you dont mention Joseph Pike ONCE in what you say. Can you not even say his name? Why not?

We are not taking cheap shots. We are exposing the dark evil underbelly of the monstrous church you daily support by your actions, inactions and continuing service of.

Every member of the Nazi party was as guilty as Hitler.

You are the daily face of evil.

You do not work in the name of Christ. You are the local branch manager of RCC INCORPORATED.


11.19: Now you are stopping low Pat, getting enraged, being ignorant. The vast majority of priests are genuine in their ministry, flawed, sinful, full of failures but we are not the face of evil. That’s way off mark and a siundbytevyou use when beaten in argument. Don’t allow your vengeance and vindictiveness get in the way of truth.


This blog was published 12 hours ago. We are still awaiting a good Catholic or good Catholic priest to mention the name of Joseph Pike. His very name is a rebuke to their Phariseeism.


11 27: Pat, I condemn the murder of Joseph Pike. I abhor all abuse, all cover-up and all abusers should face the fullness of law and imprisonment. We should not however play games with those who have died. Seeking clerics to condemn this murder is futile. Does it occur to you that his family and relatives may not be happy wuth you using his abuse experience for your own agenda? Survivors are furious when this happens by people other than the true survivors. Of course we condemn this brutal murder of Joseph Pike. Also you should realise that you do not have a huge clerical following. More useful work to do than waste their words on this site.




You condemn Joseph’s murder?

A pity the condemnation had to be shamed out of you, priest.


11:11 am

Your brother -in- law along with thousands more like him.
Covering up by ‘the powers that be’ in the church continues.
The credibility of the Gospel is literally being undermined.
Accusations of inciting ‘hate speech’ …another way of saying…. ‘shut up’.
Did you ever hear of righteous anger?


11.28: I well understand righteous anger and very well because of my brother in law. Righteous anger is very different from using hate speech to condemn all clerics. Some of the commentary supposedly of righteous anger elicits only hatred. Facil8tating hate speech does nothing for survivors. My relative is very involved in healing and advocacy programmes and from him I have learned much.




No, priest: evil acts by a supposedly good institution elicit hatred for it, and for the clerics who serve it, defend it, and protect it.

Men like you, priest.


Just because someone wears a clerical collar or religious habit or veil doesn’t necessarily make them a follower of Jesus Christ and His gospel.


‘Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the one
who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven.’ Matt7:21.


11.37: Mire of your nonsense theology Pat. You do not have a monopoly of Christian Ministry or Service in the name of Christ. Indeed no one can be slave of two masters – whom do you serve first and foremost? Like the majority of priests I trust it is GOD alone, at least in our efforts and idealism. .




Then why did you vow or promise obedience to the institutional Church through a bishop and not Christ?

Is that why you kept quiet when Noel Treanor spent millions on doing up his home?


Where you been all day MaggieTroll? Out round your parish was it visiting the shut ins with the Book of Common Prayer? Strolling on the pier walking off last night’s Brandy and Benedictine?? 😆


Fr. Richard Rohr in his video on ‘Contemplative Prayer’ says, Church people are
convinced they are right. They are egocentric for God. They have the most clever
cover for their egocentricity, being egocentric for God or Church or morality or piety,
or whatever.

It is part of the problem, symptomatic of the false self and toxic religion.


Dear Patrick

It is a shame you abuse and use the memory of Joseph for your own gratification. Truly disgusting.


1.02: Truly disgusting indeed that Pat uses other people’s tragedies to further his vendettas against the Church. That in itself is abuse. Do you , Pat, have permission to use these stories?


Poor Joseph Pike is 62 years dead. Brother Lane saw to it that he could never give his permission to anyone. You have not said how you feel about his murder?



Permission to use these stories!.B.S. Stories already in the public domain.
God forbid you might feel discomfort due to these stories mentioned on this blog.
The covering up of abuse/ corruption / crime, is as great an injustice as perpetrating abuse/ corruption /or crime.


Even in the days when the general approach to childcare was that a bit of random violence was good for you, beating a child to death was considered too much. That is why murder and manslaughter are crimes.

I have read this blog on and off for several years and never once have I seen an appropriate response from the apologists of the Catholic Church. While there is an occasional expression of regret at the trauma directed as basically anyone who couldn’t defend themselves and the complete failure of the hierarchy to make any effort to stop it, these rare expressions of regret are always accompanied by criticism of any person daring to criticise and defence of the dignity of the institution. Other efforts are made to justify this situation such as saying that abuse happens in other churches and in wider society.

Come on Fathers, you’re really going to have to do better than this. Would this be the response of the Christ in whose person you claim to act? Or are you merely doing an impersonation of him when it comes to waving bread and wine around?


1.19pm. Your comment was fine until the last few words…”waving bread and wine around..”. This alone deserves contempt. How can any priest properly and fully express their revulsion at abuse, which many of us do and expect to be believed when we face this cynicism? I have never defended the indefensible. Incidentally, only a handful or clerics respond on this blog, so you cannot judge priests, as you just don’t know all truth.


Classic. Totally classic avoidance technique of making out you can’t express your revulsion properly because I haven’t asked right.
This is of course bollocks.




How do you know that ‘only a handful of clerics’ post on this blog?


ABC produced this powerful documentary about the Christian Brothers novitiate in the 1960’s – remember we are talking about 14 year old boys taking vows they did not even understand.

The products of this insane and abusive system are presented in two powerful films, “The Devil’s Playground”, Australia 1976, and “The Boys of St Vincent”, Canadian TV 1992. We know that the reality was far worse. The Orders involved and various apologists usually claim that all this was regrettable but in the past, yet the same vicious and twisted attitudes to sex and sexuality are not in the past. They were at the heart of the psychopathic culture that obtained in these hell-holes. Today, though few, thank God, live in fear of the strap, the same absence of personal integrity and wholeness, which is what is meant by chastity, is still apparent in religious life, promoted by men, and a few deluded female camp followers, who prefer outward appearance to lived reality. In America particularly, there is a growing gruesome cult of seeking to beatify teenagers, seminarians and priests who have conveniently died in order to promote “purity” and piety. I am afraid that just as having given up alcohol is not the same as sobriety, so celibacy is not equal to chastity – as we all see that demonstrated every day on this blog.

One of the long time exponents of this spurious Theology of Body, entirely invented by his predecessor, is still very much alive, and 93 today. Like Amy McDonald, Emeritus of Southwark, Benedict XVI is, contrary to expectation, in no hurry to throw off this mortal coli after all.


Dear Bishop Buckley
Thank you very much for not letting my death at this fiend’s hands be buried. This is a sin crying to heaven for vengeance.


This is immortal and sick Buckley. How anyone takes you seriously is beyond me. You are mentally very sick.


2:50 pm

Are you bestowing god like qualities on Bishop Buckley?
You must hold the man in great reverential awe.


Freudian slip?
Seems to me some of the priests posting may secretly love and admire you Pat.


What a twisted value system where it is immoral to bring attention to a manslaughter and its cover up.


2.18: Your comment, sir, is utter bollocks and silly. You do not understand the English language properly.


6.43: Go raibh maith agat! Go deas alainn!! Du bist auch sauer, dummkopf! Lerne die wahrheit uber diesen blog hinaus. Je t’aime votre francais…


Any violence to another human being is unacceptable. And wrong.

However, the reporting and conclusions of the amalgam of pieces here would not lead to a court conviction.

For a start, the Christian Brothers never ran an industrial school in Clonmel, Co Tipperary. The Rosminians did. It would be extremely unlikely that a member of a religious order would have been appointed to a school run by another in 1956 or 1961.

It was a tragedy that Joseph died. The death certificate cited septicaemia as the cause. Recently, a healthy mother in her 20s died of the same cause in an Irish hospital. It happens.




Another apologist for Romanist Church evil.

Are you thick? Septicemea may officially have been the cause of Josephs death, but the primary responsibility for it was that brother, whose beating of Joseph led to his death


Somehow I suspect that most of the comments attrunited to priests today are written by one or two only. The wording and content are the same. There is no need for any nastiness, cynicism or vicious condemnation towards anyone. This approach is an injustice to all who have died and to all survivors. The crime of abuse is horrendous and must be answered for by civil law. The murder of Joseph Pike and others is a denigration of their dignity and an appalling memory for any family relatives to carry. We cannot forget.


In the ‘Finne’ documentary broadcast on Tg4 last October, the clergy in the locality mentioned, didn’t visit the families of the victims. They visited the families of the perpetrators. This documentary primarily concerns Fr. Eugene Greene and his legacy of abuse of children, including the alleged covering up by a number of bishops. It is still on Tg4 website under documentaries S2 E5 Mairtin Mac Con Iomaire.


Can I just say, Bishop Pat, that I much prefer your blog without the continual whining of priests and other Cathbots. Perhaps you should publish the doings of their ilk more often.


6.53: Pat, no need for any nastiness. You know that only a small handful of clerics contribute to your blog. Some of them are crazy an disgruntled and do not represent the majority of priests. Sime clerics caught the moaning bug too early in life but most of us get on with our lives and attempt to do our best, as you do. The blog issue for today re: Joseph Pike is very disturbing. Truth needs to be found.


And that oily bastard in Rome, Pope Francis, cotinues to ignore complaints from abuse survivors that he helped notorious paedophile, Fr Grassi, who sexually molested deaf children.


It’s pimples on th asshole of humanity. There has to be something unnatural about institutional life that makes these buggers church included so vicious and vile. We remember Jesus who died for us- great fella. What about those who were abused and those who still suffer in a society where some don’t give a shit until it suits them. The Kingdom of God is greater than those who think Jesus said you own God now I sorted it lads hi


Some years ago, I came across a copy of the Universe newspaper. I would not normally read such a paper but as my great uncle at one time owned it I took a look. The headline was ‘The Christian Brothers are on the way to Calvary’ or some such obscene quote. The source was the then Archbishop of Cardiff. Thinking that he had been miss quoted I called and left a message. The following early morning I got a call from the Archbishop saying not only that he had not been miss quoted but that my terrifying experiences at Prior Park, Cricklade were in my imagination. I called him a liar and put the phone down.
I did not experience the damage that poor tragic Joseph suffered but he deserves justice. There is something of Ireland of that era that stinks to high heaven.


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