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Brilliant! I remember coming across Matthew Fox’s “Original Blessing” thirty years, and then somehow allowing myself to believe what was being put out about him by Ratzinger and his tame press – as for example the Catholic Herald was becoming – that Fox had gone so far as to be estranged from mainstream Christianity altogether. As Fox points out, it was the resurgent Theofascists who were reorientating the Church so as to marginalize a truly prophetic voice such as that of Matthew Fox. What became normative then was a Church led first by a man who had been a CIA operative for 25 years and – contrary to his murderous actions in South America was still accepting their money when Pope to fund political operations of his own bias; he is of course now a “saint”. His successor embodies another related scandal, which was presented yesterday in Part I, the toxic culture of the self-loathing queen in denial which permeates the clerical world from top to bottom. Actually I am not sure that “self-loathing” is entirely accurate. It’s true that clerics such as Ratzinger hound anybody who seeks to integrate their sexuality into normal life – and these days, as Fox observes, who wouldn’t? – but just as lesser clerics are pretty unfazed about parading their boyfriends in public, so Ratzinger has quite openly lived with his blond German guy for decades. Gay, dear, me dear? How very dare you?



Matthew Fox’s books, amongst many more,can be accessed on www. for free.
Ten books can be borrowed for up to two weeks, if you have an account, which is free. (Name and email required for account). Enjoy!


Wait until the start of Ramadan and the following feast of Eid……our Muslim cousins are not going to be held back by any restrictions on gathering together for celebration and prayer….and there will be little attempt to stop them…indeed, already the CV is alive and kicking in ethnic religious enclaves where there is a cultural emphasis on gathering, and this is in part the cause of disproportionate infections, illness and deaths in some of these communities…but you won’t hear anybody in authority, least of all government people, saying so because there would be an outcry…..the SSPX should know better though….


Bishop Pat, thank you for introducing me to Matthew Fox. I love what he says. Keep up your wonderful work. You are a prophet.


Matthew Fox in his new book, “The Tao of Thomas Aquinas” (2020),
makes a very important distinction between spirituality and religion.
Spirituality, according to Fox, is our experience of the Divine.
Religion, on the other hand, is defined primarily today as a sociological category, a matter of buildings and numbers and money and hierarchy and institutional one-upmanship.
Fox believes the Divine can be experienced through spirituality.


I have just been watching The New Statesman (1987) starring the wonderful Rik Mayall. His accountant has just told him he has hidden his money in the one country where even the bank accounts of notorious criminals are safe from scrutiny.
Of course it is Vatican City.
It has been notorious for decades.

The reason the Cathbots aren’t out is they’re not allowed to think about Matthew Fox.


I’ve been a bit bored with the blog, Bp Pat, the last couple of days. The videos are over two-years-old. Even MC has been scarce.

Hopefully, a priest or seminarian, who has been cast aside like an old boot by their bishop will tell all.


Hacking phones and baking cakes…! Just a few of their favourite things…!
But, when the boys in blue are on to you, you may find it’s all about you…!
You may find that YOU are the one who has been the centre of attention; and I a willing participant in the official situation…!
Sleep sound and well, and remember! It will ALL come out in the wash… All the filth and dirt, that is… 🧼 🚿 πŸ’¦


Pat: Can you please arrange the “back button facility” to go at the BOTTOM of each blog’s comments. Using the “month/calendar” facility is cumbersome and tedious on tablet or phone when seeking to go back to a previous blog, and regularly fails to work.
Additionally can you readjust the box where the author of a comment types in their name/nom de plume. I’ve found my name/nom de plume sometimes coming up as ‘anonymous’ and notice the same with other regular comment makers. I ask this as I make a point of looking out for and reading some of your regular comment makers interesting contributions.
Thank you.


For example Pat: when typing my comment at 10:33 above I was very careful to type in my name as MournemanMichael very carefully. Yet it comes up as anonymous. I have seen Magna’s also come up as Anon and that he’s taken to prefacing his comments with his name.


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