A former altar boy and the current altar boy organiser has complained to the bishop of Portsmouth, Philip Egan that Fr. Lyttle attempted to seduce him in the presbytery after dinner and wine.

The complainant has also reported the incident to the police who have interviewed Fr. Lyttle.

A separate complaint has been made about Fr. Lyttle distributing photographs of his genetalia on a gay dating site.

The dating site pictures were sent to all the Catholic parishes in Reading by an anonymous source.

The first complaint was the subject of a report by the Portsmouth Safeguarding Officer, Angela McGrory.






Monday 20th May 2019 I was visited in the safeguarding office by a male – this male AB is 28 years old and is a police officer by profession.

I have known AB since 2011 when he travelled as part of the Diocesan Group to WYD in Madrid, AB stepped up as a group leader and a first aider on that pilgrimage although had initially registered as an Over 18 Pilgrim.

AB had requested a meeting with me to discuss a safeguarding issue.

Friday 25th January 2019

AB was informed that Fr Michael Dennehy was not happy with his performance/ progression of the Altar Servers in English Martyrs Parish.

Sunday 27th January 2019

AB emailed Fr. Michael Dennehy and Fr. JP Lyttle that he is taking time out due to this comment and feels hurt because if they had a problem they should speak to AB directly.

Thursday 7th Feb 2019

Fr JP Lyttle invites AB over to the presbytery for a catch up due to AB not being at church.

Re  Fr  Michael  Dennehy

AB first discussed how he and his mother have been active parishioners at English Martyrs, Reading for nearly 20 years. AB has been Altar Serving since 2006 (mostly Sunday 9:30 & 11:30 masses) and recently been the Master of Ceremonies in the parish and also organising a Youth Christmas party with no support from other parishioners/ priests.

AB’s mother has been involved in the being the readers co-ordinator, choir, SVP, being a welcomer and organising Tea/ Coffee after mass to help raise money for the construction works in the Parish.
Sunday 17th March 2019

MD was very distant in the Sacristy and was very snappy with AB and an Altar Server, that Altar Server asked AB what was wrong with MD to which AB replied “I don’t know but he has most probably has a lot on his mind so give him some space and I will do the same.”

Just before the 11:30 AB asked Fr. JP Lyttle (JP) for clarification as to what was wrong with MD as it effecting/ making some of the servers feel uncomfortable in the sacristy before Mass and AB thought he had done something wrong.

JP responded no, on that occasion it was his fault as he explained MD was annoyed at him as he had failed to return to  Church yesterday (Saturday 16th in the evening) as expected to  hear  confessions because he was out  drinking in Reading town centre. 

AB thought this was not a good admission by a newly ordained priest that has come straight from the Cathedral but at least  it  wasn’t  him that  MD  was annoyed at.


Saturday 23rd March 2019 (text messages between AB & MD)

09:54 hours from Fr Michael  Dennehy  (MD ) saying “ are you able to meet JP and I today regarding the role of MC and altar serving? Would 3pm be OK? You are welcome to bring someone with you. Fr. Michael.”

10:31 AB replied “I cant today – I am on a bike ride. Whats on the agenda?”

10:40 MD wrote “The role of MC and altar serving. Tomorrow afternoon?”

10:51 AB replied “I might be able to do tonight around 8pm. Can you itemise what you will be bring up during this meeting to allow me time to prepare.. please”

12:09 MD wrote “ The current arrangements are not working.”

13:30 AB replied “ tonight 8 o’clock will be better for me I wont have time after Mass tomorrow please can you send me an itemised agenda of what you want to be discussed beforehand that be great.”

15:26 MD wrote “ 8pm is fine. The only item is the failure to address shortcomings already identified in altar serving and inadequate preparation of the liturgies in the parish.”

16:08 AB replied “see you at 8.”

AB attended English Martyrs at 8pm on Saturday 23rd March 2019 with his mother. Fr JP Lyttle was also present in the meeting.

When this meeting started MD asked AB what is this all about to which AB was confused, MD went on to say that AB is giving off a lot of animosity towards him to which MD turned towards JP and said that JP has witnessed it. AB asked when and how?,

AB also mentioned to MD that there is no animosity at all, AB reminded MD that he asked if MD was available to meet up for a beer? However MD had given up alcohol for lent. AB asked MD if there was animosity then why would he invite MD out for a drink?? AB asked JP for examples, of when this animosity occurred that he witnessed, JP could not provide any evidence for this.

MD had indicated he was not happy  with  the altar  servers and told AB that he had failed his ministry and failed the Altar Servers. MD was very aggressive, leaning forward in his chair, pointing with his pen and very abrupt.

This was very alarming for AB and his mother. AB asked MD why he hadn’t responded to any emails that AB had sent and had a list of times and dates when AB sent the emails – which was from January 2019. MD had no reply. MD stated that he was sick of being the Altar Server, Sacristan and Priest, he went on to say that he is fed up of setting up for mass, having servers that do not know what they are doing and then said in relation to children that serve “If I am honest they are quite frankly crap!”

MD saying this about 8 year olds up is completely out of order.  MD went back and said why is he having to set up for mass? AB replied “I get here at church at 8:30-8:45 before the 9:30am Mass to set up and everything is done. What time do you want me to get here? I cant get here any earlier otherwise I will be sleeping here the night before.”

The meeting finished at approximately 8:45pm.

AB said to me that the behaviour of MD in this meeting was completely unnecessary and would not expect that from a Priest & Vicar General especially when AB is volunteering and has given up every possible weekend to be there, put his personal life on the back foot as this potentially could be a vocation that he wants to go into.

AB’s mother who was very involved in the parish has not returned to that Church since she thought that MD behaved in a way in which she cannot accept that priest would do and that he was bullying her son.

Especially when AB & Mother had catered for both of them for dinner. AB felt really aggrieved by this as he waited in the car park of EM for 2 hours when Fr. George passed to make sure MD was okay when he arrived back at EM.

AB feels this behaviour is not acceptable to a young volunteer in the parish, even if not  performing to the standard  expected and MD not happy  with  him this should have been shared with him (and had amble opportunities) in the spirit  of  formation  and cooperation, not  as an angry, unprofessional & offensive outburst.

Saturday 13th April 2019

Altar Servers practise at English Martyrs MD very briefly said that you and quickly moved on. when AB was saying goodbye to the servers at the end of the practise, there was no sign of both MD & JP. This felt very upsetting after all the time and effort AB has put in over the years.

Sunday 14th April 2019

ABs last day as Master of Ceremonies and MD did not even say thank you for all the work, effort and ignored AB all morning. Did not even bother to say or show any gratification and this made AB feel that everything he has done in the parish for the Altar Servers and 20 years of being apart of that community is all worthless. This is completely unacceptable from a Parish Priest/ Vicar General.


Re: Fr  JP Lyttle

Since JP arrived in the Parish AB has felt the need to challenge JP on how he interacts with some of the servers.

One instance when JP was not happy with the servers he spoke to them in the middle of mass over the microphone and that made the young servers feel extremely small and very embarrassed.

More recently AB and JP have been getting on and on occasions had a drink together.

Thursday 7th of February 2019 Fr JP invited AB to the presbytery telling him on a Whatsapp call at that  MD  would not  be home. AB was travelling back from working away so it depended what time he arrived back home. Due to AB not being at church for a couple of weeks due to the comment made by a parishioner, ABs mother said “go and have a chat to Fr. JP and talk things through.” That was the reason why AB then attended to presbytery at English Martyrs. AB arrived at English Martyrs at 8:02pm.

JP cooked dinner, Salmon and veg. After dinner JP suggested that they go upstairs in his personal lounge as its more comfortable. AB mentioned that JP’s lounge has two leather bucket type seats to the left of the door. 1st bucket seat is a single seat where JP was sitting and there is a coffee table that is in the middle of the 2nd bucket seat which has room for two people. The pair consumed a lot  of  wine – AC says 3 bottles.

During their conversation AB mentioned that he had considered the priesthood at times but did not feel that he would not be accepted. JP kept insisting AB to tell him why he did not feel he would be accepted.

AB described this as very intense with JP  telling  him to hold his hand and look at him. JP went on to say we are normal and JP went on to say “I wank and I watch porn, I am constantly horny’

AB feels hindsight that this statement was said to make it ok for him to say whatever he wanted to, although  AB was shocked at a priest making  such a statement to a parishioner.

At roughly 11:40pm (AB knows this time as mother text him) after saying this JP moved from the seat where he has been sitting all evening and sat next to him on the left hand side. JP repeatedly said “I think you are amazing.” And after the third time of saying this JP placed his right four fingers on AB’s left thigh roughly in the middle but towards to outside of his leg.

JP moved his hand briefly when AB moved his thigh away then placed it back in the same position on AB’s left thigh.

AB believes he was “testing the waters.” JP then kept saying that he should stay the night, eventually saying that they had a spare room. AB said no as mother is collecting him and is on her way.

AB texted his mother twice to pick him up and told JP that AB’s mother is on her way. As AB was walking down the stairs JP followed behind still encouraging AB to stay the night.

When AB was at the bottom of the stairs JP was on the landing half way down, and fell into the side table knocking an ornament on the top then said “tell your mum, the parish priest says stay and she will let you.”

AB looked at him in a strange way after this comment and JP replied “well not the parish priest but you know what I mean.” AB laughed this off said “goodnight” and left. ACBs mother had not arrived so AB started walking up the road.


AB considers Fr. Jon Paul Lyttle’s behaviour predatory and it raises serious causes for concern in how he would behave with younger/ vulnerable men in a similar situation especially with his role within the Royal Berkshire Hospital as the Catholic Chaplin.

AB reported JP to Berkshire hospital and schools.


When Portsmouth refused to properly engage with AB he contacted me.

I emailed Safeguarding:

Dear Sir​/Madam

I have been sent a copy of the report, composed by Angela McGrory, into the complaint of AB against Fr. John Paul Lyttle of English Martyrs Reading – a complaint that says that Fr. Lyttle tried to seduce a parishioner who happens to be police officer.

I am further informed that others complaints against Fr Lyttle have been received with regard to him distributing naked pictures of his gentalia on the internet.

I want to ask for a statement clarifying

1. What is the diocese’s response to these complaints?

2. Is the diocese, Fr Lyttle and the PP VG of English Martyrs willing to give the victim a written apology?

+ Pat Buckley

07488 375364

I received the following reply

Thank you for your email received via​​ raising this concern re Father JP Lyttle.​

This is to acknowledge safe receipt.

Angela McGrory no longer works for the Diocese of Portsmouth.​ Ruth Attfield is our new Safeguarding Coordinator.

Ruth will be able to look into this and come back to you re the points raised below.

Thank you and kind regards

Soraya​ ​

John Paul Lyttle has a long history of unfortunate incidents.

Fr James Donaghy, the convicted paedophile, tried to seduce JP when he was a seminarian in Down and Connor.

Reports of JP in the Belfast seminary.

JP left Down and Connor and joined Portsmouth diocese.

Strange goings on in Oscott seminary.

Removal from Oscott by Bishop Hollis of Portsmouth.

Spent 6 months with the Franciscans in Donegal.

Then went to Africa.

Suffered head injuries when he fell from an upper story window while residing with a Fr Ray Lyons in London.

Suddenly reappeared in Portsmouth.

Suddenly ordained on a Friday evening by Philip Egan bishop of Portsmouth.

Curate at cathedral.

Moved to Reading.

Now problems in Reading.

What is going on and who is everybody involved.


Dear John Paul,

I have been sent a copy of a report into the interactions between you and AB in Reading.

I wanted to ask you for your side of the story.

+ Pat Buckley
07488 374364

Egan of Portsmouth is an arrogant old fart.



I believe there are other victims out there involved in these goings on. People can contact me at

07488 374364



There goes another one – and under the watch of none other than that scourge of deviance, Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth. How much longer must we put up with these charlatans? For me, a purely rhetorical question, as I now happily do my own thing – its’s called integrity. NB the phoney piety of the Day with Mary brigade – there is quite a list including old regulars from Westminster such as the Viper and poor pathetic fat Monty. JP’s PP also comes across, unsurprisingly, as a nasty piece of work.


John Paul is a typical predator. Who invites a parishioner to stay the night? We all know what would have happened and that young man is lucky. JP should have never been ordained as his sordid behaviour and history is widely known.


And who ordained him? None other than his old “prof” at Oscott, Philip Egan, the well known scourge of honesty and integrity in clerical life – is not Sadie, Lady Abbess of Farnborough on his protection committee? It all comes out eventually, but still it goes on, enabled by the usual suckers.


The order should have been closed down and its assets confiscated, Bp Pat. Vicent Brown at the time recommended the whole RCC should be put into liquidation in the republic.



The QUEER Roman Strumpet.

Jesus Fucking Christ!

Does any REASONABLE person believe that this satanic entity was founded by dear, ever-so-gentle-and-meek Jesus?

Or was Jesus just a dirty queer PERVERT?


You’re a dirty queer pervert yourself MagnaTroll. I’d say your little nasty secrets wouldn’t bear public scrutiny.




Oh, dear! You’ve let the cat out of the proverbial bag with THAT comment.

Come out of the closet, queenie love.👄


10 46: How right you are. The ones that shout in protest against other perverts – in faux outrage – are often queerly perverted, weird and dysfunctional, all of which fits the Magna personae. A moral degenerate is this whore Mags.



There is nothing ‘faux’ about my outrage.

Do us all a favour: if you insist on posting drivel, find a pseudonym for ‘faux’ : it’s now a cliché on this blog.


The Parish Priest sounds a nightmare to live with, I feel sorry for JP he’s caught up in some bad habits and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon


Parish Priest will help cover up and protect the church – I know this because of how he behaved in Waterlooville


JPL is an alcoholic, a bully, a nasty piece of work, in Waterlooville parish he completely divided the parish. Only interested in people who have a bit of money.
PE loves him will not have anything said against him PE very good friends of his parents.
JPL as you can tell I have no time for, will never call him a PP, I left my Waterlooville parish due to him. He set up a men’s club only drinking in the pub, yes I’m a man but never invited, but that has nothing to do with my compleat dislike for him.
One day a friend of mine was in the pub drunk and JPL was in there drinking and asked for confessions JPL said yes but he wasn’t even a Priest then only a Deacon.


Safeguarding should focus on Fr Ray Lyons.
BIG scandal involving police, Fleet’s Parish Priest, a london secondary school AND Fr Lyttle.


After watching that pervert preach, I thank God for that obese, lecherous FUCK, Henry VIII.

But hey! At least he was straight.😕


I knew “canon” Micheal Dennehy when he was a governor at Oakland 6th form in Waterlooville – he wasn’t the most pleasant and was a bully


Well maybe he will be moved out of the parish? There is a vacancy for rector at Wonersh! Although he hasn’t had the experience of Rome yet! He would be better qualified if he had fouled the nest there and in his own parish. Then he would be first choice for the job!!!


BBC Scotland just aired a programme filmed at the Scots College in Rome. It’s a must see!!! It’s called ‘Priest School’ and now available on BBC iplayer. By viewing it you will not only see what’s wrong with the current Scots bishops but it’s future priests to be. Alcohol plays it’s part amongst other things. It should be called, “spot the bumboys”.


Those Scots boys are so hot. I was hard from the beginning. Wouldn’t mind an orgy with the lot of them and the hot Rector.


Silly boy, getting so drunk and coming on to a parishioner.
Like another comment above I would be more bothered by the PP’s behaviour. Although it seems the complainant is not happy with either but more bothered by JP’s behaviour.
I personally think JP comes across as a human making a mistake here, although there are some obvious crossing of boundaries which should have given him a warning he was on thin ice. I feel for the young man working as a copper, which is never easy.



Wow! Such model sympathy with Lyttle.

Have you committed a, er, similar, alleged indiscretion, ‘Father’?

(Just askin’, like. 😀)


Lol no Magna and I’m not a priest. I am however a health professional and was thinking how I would approach that in another health professional.
I was thinking that on the basis of this post the PP needs a good slap because of the way he apparently routinely speaks to parishioners.
We are told more about JPL’s situation and I was thinking that in a professional situation there wouldn’t be anything wrong with him having a gay orientation, masturbating, using porn etc, as long as that doesn’t affect his work life.
When he crosses a boundary to getting drunk with, revealing private life to and finally making a pass at a service user, that is different territory and would have to be explored. It may either be a matter for discipline or management supervision.
I was not primarily looking at a church or spiritual point of view and my intention was to say that the post gives the impression the PP routinely badly behaves but it gives the impression of boundary or personal or professional issues with JPL.


Priests are human and the ‘young man’ wasn’t so young! He clearly needs to leave and not be part of the church, but not dragged over hot coals.



It is my understanding that you have followed John Paul Lyttle for some time. Did you know this would happen?

He “wanks, watches porn and is constantly horny”. He can add “I like to get young men drunk and bed them” to that statement. Vile.


John Paul Lyttle’s behaviour should not be given the benefit of the doubt. He is KNOWN for this. When he fell from the balcony many years ago, the men who were brought back to his parish flat said they did not know him. Alarm bells!



John Paul tried to get me drink in Valladolid. I was 18 and he tried to pull me into his room. I pushed him away and ran.



RDS stalked Gorgeous and Landers in Valladolid. The vice rector had to tell him to stop.


RDS is a good guy. He was friends with gorgeous and landers. The person saying that he “stalked them” is trying to cause trouble Pat. I believe his story about John Paul Lyttle. RDS was the youngest seminarian and John Paul does like them young.


Gorgeous and John Paul were fierce rivals in Valladolid. Gorgeous was weary of John Paul Lyttle for some reason and he protected RDS from him.


No Pat, RDS is not a whistle-blower coming under attack. He was creepy, and when you were in bed a night, you would here him wandering the corridor at night, listening outside people’s rooms. Mind you, he was allowed to go on to Oscott (from where he left). JP was not recommended to go on further (which if advice the Advent of Birmingham took)


Hi Pat,

Its RDS again. JP Lyttle did try to pull me into his room after drinking with him in the common room. I ran away and told M. Byrne and G. Landers as I was crying. They gave me the courage to go to the rector. JP only got a slap on the wrist. Thankfully I had two good friends who supported me because JP turned most of the seminary against me.

He is a vindictive and evil human being.


Pat, JP didn’t turn most of the seminary against RDS – as JP was not that popular. He was arrogant and thought that Valladolid was way beneath him – which didn’t win him much friends.


Was Gorgeous ever at Valladolid? That place is rolling in endowments with sod all to do. No wonder there are smouldering passions among the “lads”.


Glad to hear Michael Byrne protected RDS. Again we hear of Michael’s kindness, and I’m sure he is a valued ministry in Cork.


Diarmuid sent Gorgeous to Valladolid in 2011 with one other Irish guy. The class had 32 people. JP Lyttle was in that class too. They notoriously did not get on well with each other and Gorgeous publicly challenged him and his behaviour on numerous occasions. RDS looked to Gorgeous for support because Gorgeous was strong enough to take JP on.



M. Byrne is back working in a Dublin hospital. By all accounts he is doing well and I heard he is working closely with Covid-19 patients who are dying.


This whole thread is a perfect demonstration of the queeny bitchiness which forms the atmosphere of seminaries.
Magna, in reports on investigations of US seminaries I have read that they don’t want them to be completely dry so that they will mirror the real situation in the world outside. I do not imagine that this wouldn’t prevent the concealed behaviour of full scale alcoholism.




I did not drink in my seminary days, but I knew of guys who did. The experience for one of them was a gradual descent into alcoholism. He had, of course, to leave (or, in Maynooth parlance, ‘to cut’).

I should ban alcohol altogether in seminary had I the power to do so, cos most sems aren’t responsible enough for themselves to drink responsibly.

I should ban also from seminary anyone under the age of thirty.

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Bishop Egan is hugely unpopular amongst most of his clergy .They view him as distant , not willing to to connect with them ,and authoritarian .” The Pope of Portsmouth .” His pastoral letters are seen as complicated , and going over the heads of the people in the pews .Many are looking at a way out , or to retire early to escape his dictatorship . Bishop Egan is seen as being far to conservative , and reversing the previous regime of Bishop Hollis who was hugely popular ,and loved by clergy and people alike .


Who is the young priest that concelebrate Mass with him in his private chapel? Strangely Egan and him were both dressed casually under vestments. The priest was wearing a black tee shirt with the small of his back showing.


Sounds like a crop-top.

Crrrikey! 😨

Hear no evil; speak no evil; see no evil.😇

NO! 😱


Why with a Priest shortage in the parish has Bishop Egen got a full time Priest Secretary with him at Bishop ‘s house ? So a Parish goes without a Priest as Egan builds his empire around himself ?


Surely anybody could have seen this coming ? The alarm bells have been screaming around this young man JP for many years, and still nobody seems to have got the message that he has problems and is going to be trouble. No least his bishop of Portsmouth, who seems to have pushed through his ordination at all costs. The young man needs help, and let us hope he gets it, but his future in ministry is nil, and he will need to move on to other things. It is right that JP takes personal responsibility for his behaviour, but equally there should be some very serious questions asked of those who had oversight, direction, and formation of him over many years. Why was this man allowed to be ordained ? It is indicative of what we already know, that by and large the system of formation for priests is not fit for purpose and is dysfunctional. No other organisation would allow this to happen and would have a root and branch review of what it is doing, how it is doing it, and what it is producing. It’s shocking. I’m astounded. + Portsmouth and others have big questions to answer.


In that dreadful Day with Mary homily JP is wearing a stole embroidered with an image of his patron, the bogus saint, John Paul II. Absolutely typical of these characters that they identify publicly with the bonkers Theology of the Body, whereas there life “upstairs” tells a very different story. I also think the nice person should get out of church life now he knows what its really like and just to be himself. If he is happy with mother, that is absolutely fine too, but if he want to find a nice girl or cute bloke, then go for it! I just hope that his brush with the reality of the clergy – including his highly unpleasant PP as well as John Paul’s wandering hands – has convinced him not to go anywhere a seminary! Good luck, mate!


Have John Paul’s antics been reported to Egan’s safe-guarding committee where they will be dealt with by none other than the Lord Abbot of Farnborough, who is an acknowledged expert in such matters?


It is astonishing that such behaviour by priests allegedly continues after so many expositions of inappropriate conduct: you would think not that the behaviour would stop, but that priests would now be much more circumspect about it.

That’s alcohol: it lowers inhibitions. But it does at least bring out a person’s true nature.

If what is alleged against JP Lyttle is reliable, then he ought never to have been ordained, like most other Romanists.


I have to agree, MC. It is incredible this kind of behaviour continues. Why the seminary system has not been overhauled is equally incredible. I think it’s indicative of the sheer arrogance of the hierarchy. Either that or sheer stupidity coupled with immobility.



Good comment.

What puzzles me above all else is why these men are drawn to the priesthood. It cannot be because they truly seek discipleship of Christ, otherwise this desire would predominate in their behaviour.


Ha ha! That photo of Egan’s secretary says it all! A bishop’s choice of secretary is pretty revealing. Back in the day, Heenan’s secretary was the irreproachable Monsignor Miles, who was quickly replaced by Hume with a series of young men. Egan’s choice looks as if he will set the ladies’ hearts aflutter. It just gets better- great blog today!


Philip “Pip” Carroll.

Philip Carroll, Propaedeutic Year at The English College, Valladolid

‘Traveller finds his right road
(taken from an article in ‘Portsmouth People’, April 2009, by journalist Colin Parkes)

Philip Carroll’s journey from Hampshire schoolboy to 26 year-old student priest has taken him twice round the world – and along quite a winding road inside his head.

Philip, ‘call me Pip’, is part of a supportive Catholic family of two boys and three girls from near Basingstoke.   ‘They were delighted when I told them about my vocation, my mother especially,’ he says.

Pip didn’t shine particularly at All Hallows School in Farnham, and spent a year studying aeronautical engineering before deciding it wasn’t really his thing.

It was during a trip to the Holy Land when he was 18 that he felt the first glimmers of a vocation.  ‘I didn’t feel called to the priesthood,’ he says, ‘but I felt alive to the Holy Spirit.’

But the glimmer was submerged as Pip embarked on years of travelling that took him all over the world.  ‘I lost my sense of faith in Greece.  I went to Kuwait, Thailand, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, America, working in bars and building sites, living a life of casual drug use, chasing wine, women and song.’

But he never completely lost touch with his Catholic roots, and he went on a pilgrimage at Medjugorje in Bosnia.  ‘The talks and seminars there helped me back to faith.  I got some discipline into my prayer life, instead of just saying a prayer as and when it seemed a good idea.  I found myself praying and fasting more and more, and began to discern a vocation to the priesthood.

‘I ran into a priest and had discussed the idea with him.  But it was during a service of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that I just became convinced.  That was the defining moment.’

Another round of travelling was already booked, but Pip – by now aged 24 — got in touch with the Director of Vocations for the Diocese, Fr Gerard Flynn.  ‘He advised me to go ahead with the trip, then take it from there.

‘Travelling again, the old temptations were back, and I slipped up. I was torn between two lives.  When I came home I still felt I had a vocation and went through the application process.  There was a series of interviews with Fr Gerard, psychological assessment in Manchester, and a selection conference at Wonersh (St John’s Seminary near Guildford).

‘At the end of it all I was told to go away and improve my lifestyle.  I was disappointed, couldn’t understand it.  But it was good advice.  If I had gone ahead at that stage, I would never have lasted.’

Pip spent a year at home, ‘sorted myself out’, and applied again.  This time he was successful, and he found himself on what’s called a ‘propadeutic’ year at the Royal English College at Valladolid in Spain.

‘It’s a great course.  You study the same sort of things you do at Seminary, but in a very condensed form, so there’s time to read, pray and discern your vocation.  There are 17 other students from the UK here, and the course is becoming increasingly popular.  The staff are very supportive’

Pip says his vocation is ‘still 100%’, and hopes to be accepted to start at Wonersh in September.  After that?  ‘I just want to be a parish priest.  I’m hands on, sociable, a people person.’

And advice for anyone who thinks they might be called to the priesthood?  ‘Take your time.  Don’t be too worried about the time scale.  If there’s something you think would be your ideal job if you weren’t going to be a priest, give it a try.  Pray.  Keep an open mind.  The priesthood is a lifetime commitment.  It’s a choice that has to be taken seriously.’   


‘Sort myself out.’ ‘Improve my lifestyle.’

Such innocuous – sounding phrases. Could have come from one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.

What do they really mean? 🤔


“Wine, WOMEN and song” eh “Pip”??? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 Who do these twats think they’re kidding??


10:38 am

A good friend of mine who was ordained a priest in the 1980s but subsequently married and now ministers with the Episcopalians, once told me, some guys were entering the seminary to avoid the consequences of the recession at that time.
Spirituality was non existent in his seminary.
They were, as he put it, ‘in for winter, to get off the dole,’ There was also a homosexual subculture in the seminary. Students were of the opinion, a particular seminarian who had been involved in sexual acting out with other seminarians, became a snitch on students
who had broken rules. This snitch was subsequently ordained.
Of course, he might have been doing more that snitching to curry favour with the faculty.
This behavior has been going on for years. What’s incredible nowadays is its sheer blatancy considering the world wide exposure of abuse, corruption, and crime within the Rcc. Have some of these people no healthy shame ?
When will ‘the powers that be’ acknowledge celibacy is unworkable, needing to be made optional for those who feel called to be celibate.


I see that the Valladolid College has Fr Gerard Fieldhouse-Byrne on staff offering psychological support. All I remember of my encounter with him is he giving a retreat to priests and all he could talk about was masturbation. I skipped the talks in the end. It was embarrassing. Talk about focused on below the navel.


Good way of putting it.

The word has cropped up before on the blog. I had never heard it. It marks a course that I would liken to the Postulancy.. but for the diocesan priesthood.

I think it’s purpose, among other things, is to weed out early those with no serious, so-called ‘vocation’.


A priest once invited me to stay overnight with him, after having had a drink or two. Said he had a spare bedroom. Said also he was bisexual. Reading that stuff about Lyttle brought it all back.

I’m traumatised; I really am.

I didn’t stay. 😀 Cos I knew what he was after.

Oh, for a good Romanist priest! But the buggers are as rare as hens’ teeth. 😨


Ahhh Magna you could have got your hole! Give in to your homosexual desires. You are unbearable at the moment. A good ride will sort you out.


Get off the blog moron. It’s not all about YOU today and YOU dominating the blog as per usual. Go back to your bottle and p**s off



Listen here: I’m a prima Donna and a diva, and I Will have my limelight. 😀

You can be my understudy. 🤧


I think you may need to apply quite a large alteration, Bp Pat… if you follow my meaning.


Phylis apart, fancy great big, rampant, full-blooded men like these trying to remain celibate. It’s impossible, Bp Pat, no wonder there are problems.

A rent-free house or flat in London or Brighton plus £25,000 a year is probably the only solution. Worked for Rory.


I’m very well Magna, thanks. Was out on the mountain this morning for my exercise quota and counting my “blessings”, or rather my good fortune since I don’t believe in any of that holy water sprinkling nonsense! I’m fortunate in having excellent neighbours who regularly drop off any shopping needed so haven’t been near a shop for several weeks. The garden has never looked better and yesterday was delightful with lots of bees in the apple trees.
Keep safe yourself.


Anon@ 10:15 refers to the hierarchy in saying they are either arrogant or stupid.
Wrong, wrong wrong!
They’re typically both, with a few exceptions.
The arrogance stems from a general innate belief that having been selected as bishop, simply and appropriately recognises and confirms a superiority of knowledge and ability. Furthermore, surrounding themselves with placed yes men and dependent clerical fawning and general stage managed cathbots’ adulation adds to a general delusional self image.
Their stupidity? Well in essence it’s a conceited failure to recognise any or all of the above factors.
A huge over riding consideration applies as much to bishops as clergy in general. This is their entrapment into a relatively cushy life of clerical preferment and power. With few alternative skills to offer in the general workplace, what would an opting out bishop do in the real life cut and thrust of business and commerce?


MMM @ 11:18am- I posted at 10:15. I honestly believe the hierarchy are actually arrogant, stupid, as well as immobile to change. They are prisoners of the past. Their arrogance comes from the accumulated power acquired from the past including the wealth of the institution and the deference of the laity. Some of what needs to change is obvious, but they seem immobile to change anything, unwilling to break with tradition, due to fear from a backlash from the laity particularly the ultra conservative brigade in the Rcc.
As individuals, some are extremely intelligent, well educated, capable individuals.
As a collective, forget it! They are saddled by the past afraid to do what needs to be done fearing the backlash that would ensue. They have (had), a privileged existence which is part of the problem. Many of these people feel they owe so much to the institution including their undying loyalty. Isn’t that the problem-loyalty to the institution was put before all else.


What a strange collection of clerical photographs on today’s blog – Lyttle, Dennehy and Carroll…..non of them looks in the slightest like holy men. They excuse seduction (in the case of Lyttle and Carrol) and power in the case of Dennehy. I see trouble ahead…..!


Yes they do!
I get the same impression from some pictures of Thomas Merton – to be frank I have never taken to his writing – but he comes across as very hyper masculine and sexy.


JP wanted to go to Allen Hall by choice but they knew it would be too much of a temptation for him there. It was a glorified gay sauna not that long ago and JP liked the idea of the knock three times policy. Sems just kept going back to him for more and more because he left them more than satisfied just saying.


What is the knock three times policy at Alice Hall? I heard JP was not just big but a HUGE attraction for many Sems.


I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he now discovered a monastic vocation. Rumour has it Sadie likes candidates with a past, presumably so that he can hold it over them. Of course now that he has the role he has been fishing for for years, Sadie has the ability to try to edit records of his own past, but I know at least one person with copies of letters about him who will come forward when he hits the papers to say that they knew about him all along.
Pat I understand you may edit this.


Good to hear positive reports of Michael Byrne’s work in Hospital chaplaincy. I admire him for sticking to his guns, as well as for standing up for himself and others.




Always (I say ‘always’) doubt a seminarian’s motive, especially when it presents as altruism.

Perhaps Byrne, allegedly himself a predatory queer, wanted that other bloke all to himself.

Grooming masquerading as altruism?😕

I get the impression RDS had a not-so-little crush on the heavily eyebrowed Byrne.

Am I wrong, goddammit?!😠




Has he time for this work, given his propensity for self-adulating selfies?

How could such a sel-loving spirit know God? He wouldn’t make time for him either?

And how are patients benefitting from his ‘experience’ during whstever time he condesdends to give them?





Ack! Yer jist coddin’, like. 😁

I’m like dog poop on a public pavement 💩: y’ can’t take yer beady eyes aff me. 👀


I think this blog might now keep an eye on Father “Pip” Carroll. He declares a past of “wine, women and song”, which temptations might still be available. When I was in the seminary, no women were allowed in the rooms lest the lads forget themselves and turn straight.




Subsitute ‘ale and brandy’ for ‘wine’ and ‘mucky limericks’ for ‘song’, and I’ll join y’ fer a right oul time. 😎


I’d say the same. The men and boyz around him on the other hand…what happened with his collection of books on homosexuality he had in his room when he was a student at Wonersh?


English Martyrs.

“At this time of coronavirus and Covid-19 Catholic patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital or their relatives or friends should make clear to staff that they request a visit from a Catholic priest in cases of serious illness.

Current procedures make clear that priests can respond to urgent only call outs i.e.

imminent danger of death.

When a priest is called, an assessment is made regarding his safety to attend a patient and correct PPE is given to the attending priest in order to carry out his duties safely.

We are fortunate to have a team of willing and able priests here in Reading who have made themselves available for this ministry. Through their generosity and faithfulness, it is to be hoped that no Catholic patient at the RBH will die without being fortified by the rites of the Church.

The on-call priest can be contacted through the hospital switchboard:- 0118 322 7105.”




Unbelievable! Jaw-droppingly unbelievable. 😨

‘We are fortunate to have a team of willing and able priests here in Reading who have made themselves available for this ministry (attending Covid-19 patients in hospital on the point of death).

Isn’t ‘Father’ so noble? So heroic? So self-sacrificing? A true ‘alter Christus?

The angling for praise in that bald, self-aggrandising statement about the ‘available’ Reading priests (Where are the remaing scroungers? Cowering in a corner?) is as subtle as JP Lyttle’s alleged advances. And as sophisticated, too.

If there is a requirement to call ‘Fr’ Parasite to the bedside of such a person, don’t look to Jesus for his motivation: look to mammon. Assure him of a mention in your will, and watch him come a scrounging, Covid-19 or no.

So don’t die intestate. 😄


Why do Priests who are part of the Day with Mary weirdo lot and who have preached at their events on Youtube have many skeletons in their cupboard?


Let’s hope you didn’t see the Piggy Fr Montgomery YouTube sermon at the Day with Mary. It’s totally cringe beyond belief. I wasn’t aware he is also an ex product of Valladolid as he boasts about in the video. Also wears a ridiculous looking gong/medal thingy round his neck. Is there a connection here with certain priests and the Day with Mary.



I watched roughly half of that saccarhine documentary, Priest School, before requiring a break. It wasn’t the overflow of ‘call me Bob. I want to be your chum, not your Father’ condescension among that motley of seminarians that had me gagging for an expresso, but a couple of comments from two of them, Chris, and the ex-DJ.

Chris was asked if Jesus was his role-model. Par excellence, he answered. A, er, textbook repky. I had a question of my own at this point: Then why will you promise obedience at ordination to a man who is not Christ?😕 Chris?

As for the DJ, in Homiletics class he spoke of priests’ being the link between God and humankind. JC!😩

I forsee trouble if either of these navel-gazing clowns is ordained.

Nothing in seminary formation has changed.

The ship continues to sink, while the band plays on its cacophanagous repitoire.




(Sigh😧) Name me, then. I promise that should you do so correctly, I ‘ll confirm it immediately.


3.44: Two misspellings – reply not repky: Repertoire – not repitoire!! Otherwise, your infantile, drunken crap is boring. Shithole. Go bury your head where it’s just come from – the loo bowl.


Pat, are you sure that Fr JPL has been “removed” from ministry? It is said that he concelebrated Mass this morning. And how can you be sure that this AB isn’t acting maliciously against him? It’s one word against the other and they are both adults.


He is not at Reading – or anywhere else according to the diocesan directory. Reading is his postal address. No does he appear on the Reading parish website. He is in hiding.


4.14: How true. Marge is delusional about his likeability. FFS – we remember this Missy from Maynooth who was even afraid to look at himself in the mirror, such was his self hatred. His mirror was removed from his cell because the reflection always screamed in horror at what it saw!! Poor Marge, ever since, fantasies about clerics in jocks. That explains his prolific outpouring of fantasies at the sight or mention of a cleric in heat or in shorts!!! Marge, dream on. Even a hog wouldn’t let you on its back.


You’re well remembered Maggie. A bespectacled munter with a savage tongue and a malicious spirit.




Well remembered?

Well, then, it should be well easy for you to remember my name.




An’ there’s more about that Scottish documentary. Yes, there is.😆

Priest School, that heavily sanitised, scripted, manicured, existentially opaque, Scottish pseoudo-peep-show about Scotland’s finest Scottish male persons as they train how to become professional parasites, scroungers, moochers, with a marked aversion actually to doing something worthwhile in life (financially sponging off others does not count here), raises a disturbing question (well, one of more than several in my mind):

Why does the institutional Romanist Church in Scotland send its proverbial flowers to Rome to train for a career in genteel indolence…when not one of them can speak da lingo? (Answers which speak of ‘tradition’ will laughed at uproariously.)

How do these self-weening types get round the Italian-language barrier? By obtaining the lectures in typed English notes. So why TF do they have to be in Rome for this very expensive junket? Why can’t they train for such utter uselessness in Scottie land?

And guess whose money is used to finance this massive, hedonistic self-indulgence? It ain’t the bloated Scottish episcopal blobs, that’s for sure. Because not one of these works for a living, but predates the wealth of those who do.

Of course, it’s the brainless sheep. As always.



4.58: Repeat, repeat, repeat, boring……more stupid nonsense….that of a dysfunctional, infantile, useless fool.




Repeat? But-but…!😦

My post was about a ‘documentary’ (more a sycophantic portrait) on male Scottish persons in training for professional layaboutery, and the ‘documentary’ was never screened before.

So how could my post repeat anything, you runamoked haggis?😄


I knew that documentary would send you round the twist MC. Toal seems to have put on masses of more weight and Glasgow seems to jave piled in the pounds too. One of the Scots Sems was so interested in his lecture at the Greg he was watching wrestling on his laptop instead. Mind you, just as well that’s all he was watching.


When I was in Rome the Greg was a great place for socialising and catching up with people. Little work was done, except in the few weeks before exams when we got a copy of the North American College notes, dutifully taken down by some dork from the NAC, memorised them and then regurgitated them. The Scots lived so far out of town that we saw very little of them, except for stage managed invitations out to their college on the outskirts. They were bused in and bused out and hadn’t really got the freedom that others of us had ! Young and boring is how I remember them. They started at 18, fresh out of school, and as innocent and naive as they come. Now, the Irish College was much more fun !

I’ve dipped in to that Priests’ Story about the Scots College. What saccharine, gag making drivel. Do they not realise that corralling young men like that in a semi monastic all male environment is bound to be damaging to any form of balanced, mature formation ? it’s a joke. When is the Church going to realise this ? All those guys learn is how to live double parallel lives and how to fool others and themselves. JP Lyttle knew how to play the game of being all conformist and pious etc. But it seems throughout his formation he was up to all sorts of things with all sorts of people. And nobody knew ? And still they judged he was suitable to be a priest in ministry. Well, they have certainly been disabused of that notion now, and hopefully they will not work some sort of fiction to try and get him back in to ministry. Please don’t !


JP is hot and he can ask me to stay over anytime, I always fancied him in Oscott but it wasn’t to be. It was a well known fact in Oscott that JP shagged M Byrne when they were in Spain together. Byrne liked them big. Clever trick earlier used by someone or some people to falsely make out they both hated each other. It’s the perfect cover story. Wake up and smell the coffee bitches.


Don’t try to drag Michael into this. He is a far cry from JPL. He is doing good work as a hospital chaplain. I should certainly be glad to see him at my bedside rather than some old fart or desiccated nun.


Didn’t take you long to defend Byrne yet again and spin us this crap about him being in a Dublin Hospital. Some people are easily fooled.


M. Byrne was only close to Daniel Stanton.

JP Lyttle was close to Henry Longbottom. Don’t believe this 5:11 troll Pat. He does not a clue about Valladolid and who was there.


Longbottom. What an appropriate name. Tell us who Longbottom and Stanton were and what has happened them?


Re @5:55 pm defend Byrne from what? Not only has he nothing to do with the scandal concerning JP Lyttle – despite desperate efforts such as @5:11 pm to connect them – I do not see what Michael has done to justify such relentless attacks on his probity and integrity on this blog. He may have behaved foolishly, as young men do, but no more so than many characters who subsequently got themselves ordained without any trouble at all – including JP Lyttle. In fact many – even on this blog – have attested to Michael’s strength of character, tenacity, compassion and readiness to defend the weak. He has never abused anybody – far from it – and the fact that he is still in ministry without the “kudos” of the priesthood is greatly to his credit.




Jesus! What a fawning eulogy to Byrne, that monument to …to…

Predatory queerness?😕


5.46: There are some, Pat included, who like them junkie skeleton!!! Easier to get round…and over!




Looks a typical Romanist parasite, scrounger, sponger, and moocher: a lazy, self-centred, work-shy layabout.

Does that sound fair? 😕


Byrne is bottom when the mood chooses. We seen evidence of it in a picture on this blog from Barcelona of him taking it and it wasn’t a tiddler either.


Why has this become about Gorgeous? I think people are trying to deflect from the REAL issue which is JOHN PAUL LYTTLE and his predatory behaviour towards a parishioner.

+Pat, I think people bring up Gorgeous to distract you. I have noticed this insidious behaviour on a few separate blogs that you have written now.


With respect at 6:02, I rather think people are bringing in Gorgeous in order to implicate him in something which has nothing to do with him. As for Henry Longbottom, you cannot be serious!


Pat. Plenty to come out about Glasgow Priests and a grooming ring in to 90’s – Priests inviting late teens to the Pub, introducing them to other Priests, who then invited them back to their houses for a shag. Some still in Ministry, some not. It will all come out, so to speak.


I think you really do protest too much and you are further making Byrne’s involvement with JP more plausible. What have you to hide?


Henry Longbottom – according to the photograph of his ordination to the diaconate by Nursie – is very hot indeed, even outflanking Gorgeous. I cannot then believe we might not have something on him. Today has been the best blog in ages.


People were told in the the parish news letter J.P was taking a leave of absence , and at the end of it he would not be returning to the Parish . There is another Priest that has taken his place .


I imagine a confidentiality agreement in return for a resettlement grant has already been exchanged, Bp Pat.


Oh please! The only thing worth saying about “Gorgeous” is that he has a great heart as well as deep compassion for the underdog. Concerning “Pip” I have no opinion – only that I doubt he is what he seems.


I actually have a raging crush on Magna Carta – just because I love the sarcy way he puts priests down. And if he isn’t full of himself well that’s better than many a cleric mentioned here.


Magna Carta has responded to every comment thread today. No one cares what you think you old hag.

How is Brendan Kealy? Do you still meet for a gin?


I’ve only watched half of the BBC Scotland documentary, Priest School, but I will watch the rest tomorrow, Bp Pat.

Apparently, footage of Pope Francis holding up a gift of a bottle of Scotch and proclaiming ‘Questa e la vera acqua santa’, which means ‘This is the real holy water’ was censored by the Vatican ahead of broadcast.

It is available on the BBC iPlayer for 11 months.


I am all in a tissy here pat. I hate sinning but cant help it. I have been going to Mass in a Parish and it has a black priest and I have been getting myself all hot and bothered listening to his sexy voice and looks. I stopped going because my tissy fits were getting worse and I was constantly horny. My hormones were going crazy. I found another church and lo and behold another fine sexy black priest. Oh my goodness, I think I am losing my religion, I cant seem to avoid these black priests. Oh I am in such a tissy. Now it seems I have it bad for black women too, the skinny type. Oh I am in such a bother. St Augustine pray for me.


Satan is enraged with all who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Our Lord at the Judgment bar of Christ! Satan knows he does not have much time left and he knows he needs to kill everyone who is loyal to God. We can see that Satan is enraged with those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ engrained on their hearts.
It is clear that anyone who keeps all the commandments of God and has the testimony of Our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus, is indeed loyal to God because they worship God with what they do and with what they say. They are completely loyal to God—and likewise…
—— There is a question I’d like to ask of thee,
Thou who art Christ refusing;
‘’What will thy fate at the judgement be,
With all thy sins against thee?’’
How wilt thou stand at the judgement bar?
Judged by the Christ rejected?
You must accept Him, for as you are,
O sinner, thy soul is lost!
Often has pardon been offered thee,
Yet thou dost spurn the pleadings;
Eternal death must thy wages be,
If thou hast life rejected!
Yet there is hope; wilt thy break away?
Simply believe on Jesus;
From death to life thou canst past
Freed from sin’s condemnation.


You have absolutely no way of knowing it is JP’s willy unless his face is clear in the picture. If the john thomas is identifiably JP’s appendage then he is well and truly f**ked.


I am sure John-Paul has the means to put readers’ minds at rest, Bp Pat… about being a power bottom I mean.


MagnaTroll is asking to be named. Your name is legion, troll, for you are many.

You are every nasty, vitriolic, disaffected, dysfunctional, little meanie queenie who was ever shown the door of a seminary, or who jumped before they were pushed.

You could be any single one of them. They all had certain traits in common – gay as the sugar plum fairy / malevolent / devious / spiteful / vindictive / grudge-nursing / green-eyed monsters …. the list could go on. Dangerous individuals.

There was a guy in Maynooth in the mid 80s from Co Meath – a Frank ……. who had done a tour of various Irish dioceses in pursuit of guys he fancied.

He came to Maynooth from some regional seminary and ended up in Rome before he got the boot. Now he was some piece of work.

You could be him. He could be the author of your “Magna Carta” scribblings. He’s nasty enough – and smart too.

You could be an ex monk also. There’s one now with the CofE who matches your type. You do have a smattering of theology, troll, and you do claim to be educated to doctoral levels.

You could be Declan, or Brendan, or Gerald, or ….. who gives a f***.

You’re clearly a deeply dysfunctional and embittered man who has little to do all day except spew hatred on a blog.

You might as well fart in your own face troll for all the difference it makes to anyone or anything.

See ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya 😉



All of which means: ‘you ain’t got even the remotest clue’.



Listen up, everyone!

This is an extraordinarily rare occurrence, so please, your undivided attention.

I have been utterly withering in my denunciation of Romanist priesthood and priests; but, for now, a hiatus.

I thank, here and now, in the presence of God (presumed almighty), those Romanist parasites, scroungers, spongers, and moochers who prayed for my father. He had his left leg amputated recently, below the knee, but he’s a hard bastard (ex Royal Warwickshires and gillie… sniper), and he’s doin’ superlatively well.

So, my humble (this may be stretching it) THANKS. 😀 ♥️


You have serious mental health issues. Get some help please. No one cares here cares about your one leg father. Hop to it 😂


Wikipedia- “The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, previously titled the 6th Regiment of Foot”

You could not make it up Pat


Rumours abound in Guernsey (JP Lyttle’s childhood home) that he has now be liasised and not before time many will venture to suggest. But where and what next for him as becoming or being a priest has been all he has known since his late teens.


I had no idea about any of this conduct…I read some comments and then I stopped…the only thing i have to say is…thank God father phil is out of here…..i wouldnt want him to be part of any of this……even though I miss him…..I’m still not able to attend Mass….but do say my daily prayers.fir my family and all at St John’s cathedral…I’ve made a lot of friends and I miss them all… to all at portsmouth ..
Xxx peggy.


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