13th August 2009

By Paul Teed Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Two men and a woman who were with a trainee priest when he fell 20ft from a loft window will not be charged with attempted murder, police have said.

John Paul Lyttle, 28, was left fighting for his life in a coma after toppling from a ledge where he sat smoking at 4am in Clifton Road, Isleworth.

The three witnesses, aged between 18 and 21, had earlier met Mr Lyttle in a pub on June 14 before he invited them back to the terraced house where he was staying with Reverend Ray Lyons.

Officers arrested the trio on suspicion of attempted murder and later released them on bail. A spokesman for Hounslow Police confirmed this week that detectives have decided not to take further action.

The speedy recovery of the talented pianist, who has been discharged from Charing Cross Hospital, was hailed a “miracle.”

He had smashed his head on a concrete patio in Rev Lyons’ garden, and ambulance crews arrived to find him with a fractured skull and back injuries. He was rushed to hospital where his family, originally from Belfast, flew to be by his bedside.

Rev Lyons, who has lived in Isleworth for 29 years, said: “I can only say it’s miraculous really, it has been an answered prayer. We just hope that (his recovery) continues.”

Ben Colangelo, manager of the Ards Friary, in County Donegal, Ireland – where Mr Lyttle worked in 2007 – said: “(John Paul) is a living, talking, walking miracle.

“He was expected to have a 18 to 24 month recovery at the least. Five weeks after the incident he is back home.

“I have spoken to him and he awaits a plate to be inserted into his skull, quite literally, to hold his brain in. It has been a blessing and we are just absolutely delighted with his incredible recovery.

“All our prayers were for him and they have been answered. We hope now that the final operation goes smoothly.”


So, let’s see. JP fell through a window at 4 am at a priest’s house where two young men and a young woman were “socialising” with him.

At first the police suspected foul play and considered charging them with attempted murder.

Then there were no charges brought.

But nobody has ever properly explained what happened?

A Franciscan representative says JP is “a walking miracle”.

Father Ray Lyons, if he is still a “Father”, agrees with the walking miracle theory.

Two questions arise:

1. Is JP a walking miracle or a walking disaster?

2. Why was there a female there?