13th August 2009

By Paul Teed Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Two men and a woman who were with a trainee priest when he fell 20ft from a loft window will not be charged with attempted murder, police have said.

John Paul Lyttle, 28, was left fighting for his life in a coma after toppling from a ledge where he sat smoking at 4am in Clifton Road, Isleworth.

The three witnesses, aged between 18 and 21, had earlier met Mr Lyttle in a pub on June 14 before he invited them back to the terraced house where he was staying with Reverend Ray Lyons.

Officers arrested the trio on suspicion of attempted murder and later released them on bail. A spokesman for Hounslow Police confirmed this week that detectives have decided not to take further action.

The speedy recovery of the talented pianist, who has been discharged from Charing Cross Hospital, was hailed a “miracle.”

He had smashed his head on a concrete patio in Rev Lyons’ garden, and ambulance crews arrived to find him with a fractured skull and back injuries. He was rushed to hospital where his family, originally from Belfast, flew to be by his bedside.

Rev Lyons, who has lived in Isleworth for 29 years, said: “I can only say it’s miraculous really, it has been an answered prayer. We just hope that (his recovery) continues.”

Ben Colangelo, manager of the Ards Friary, in County Donegal, Ireland – where Mr Lyttle worked in 2007 – said: “(John Paul) is a living, talking, walking miracle.

“He was expected to have a 18 to 24 month recovery at the least. Five weeks after the incident he is back home.

“I have spoken to him and he awaits a plate to be inserted into his skull, quite literally, to hold his brain in. It has been a blessing and we are just absolutely delighted with his incredible recovery.

“All our prayers were for him and they have been answered. We hope now that the final operation goes smoothly.”


So, let’s see. JP fell through a window at 4 am at a priest’s house where two young men and a young woman were “socialising” with him.

At first the police suspected foul play and considered charging them with attempted murder.

Then there were no charges brought.

But nobody has ever properly explained what happened?

A Franciscan representative says JP is “a walking miracle”.

Father Ray Lyons, if he is still a “Father”, agrees with the walking miracle theory.

Two questions arise:

1. Is JP a walking miracle or a walking disaster?

2. Why was there a female there?



The amount of red flags in this article alone 😱. The guy jumped from diocese to diocese until he was ordained.


Fell 20ft… I always wonder why anybody but a priest goes up a stairs in a presbytery… reception rooms are down stairs bedrooms upstairs. Ans where was the priest at 4am when there were 4 people gathering in the upstairs of his presbytery?



Skinheads, the lot o’ ’em.😕

What is the bloody point of shorn heads. Really? How does that serve Jesus, ffs!

That’s Romanism, the Strumpet. It’s all about externals. Just keep the heart hidden; keep up the pretense of holiness, of being ‘Christmen’. 😅 CHRIST!

Utterly useless, deceitful, lying…church.😨


Magna, nobody could doubt your heterosexuality after this comment lol. There is a point to a shorn head and it’s very Freudian because it echoes the shape of another head 🤣
Farnborough Abbey monks had hair until the current abbot went for shaved 😉



Symbolic (limp or gorged?) phalluses for the Benedictines?


Given their capaciry for theological and spiritual, er, flaccidity, I suspect ‘limp’.

The Buddhists do it better: they go for the shiny-shorn look. And it looks more virile.


What a mad set-up at Farnborough, yet Egan is promoting this place as a model of Catholic life in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Very touching to see the young monks with young lambs, but I do think the choice of activities in the barn calls to mind a well known trope in gay porn, which might give quite a misleading impression of going down on the farm.


I visited there to see the tombs of Napoleon III and his wife and son. I only encountered one monk from overseas but he was certainly young, decorative and quite camp. Having read the Abbot Extraordinary blog after hearing about it on here, I was certainly, if not concerned, at least struck by him and wondered about the journey which had led him to Farnborough. He’s not there now; I wonder why.


Many many erstwhile members of the Farnborough community are no longer there. There are a number of reasons: Internal conflict, general instability of the community and currently the personality of the abbot. Of the resident community when he joined, Cuthbert is literally the only one left.
There was talk of suppressing it in the nineties and that is what should be done IMHO.


JP might be a walking miracle because he has been able to avoid a whole series of disasters that appear to have followed him around. Most importantly, these should have been red flags to those who had oversight of him during his formation in seminary for the priesthood, and there should have been serious questions asked about his suitability. There doesn’t have seem to have been any serious deliberation about this by those whose job it is to make these judgements about suitability for ministry and ordination. I’m not surprised, because the quality of ability in formation staff in our seminaries is lamentable. The formation staff in our seminaries are amateurs, just there because they fancy a quiet life in the seminary or because they can’t do anything else. It’s a refuge for the useless. So, no surprise the likes of Lyttle and others get through and are ordained. With eventual catastrophic consequences.



Miracle, my arse!😠

Why would Jesus heal such a man as that?😕

So that he could wreak on the Church the damage he allegedly and already has?😦

Is JC thick?😩


What does the Bible say?

God allows it to rain on just and unjust men alike.


10.28: The mongrel is out of its cave. What an ignorant piece of humanity. You need GOD’S GEALING. You do not imbibe anything humanly good or anything of God.




You need ‘GOD’S GEALING’ more than I, not least for your paucity in spelling.😩

A-har-har-har 😅


Yes, Magna, go and get some God’s gealing, whatever that is.
Perhaps it’s a cure for passive aggressive commenting on Internet forums.



I know what the Bible says here, but that doesn’t answer my question.

They (the ever-wise ‘they’) say that love is blind. But is it also thick?

‘ tis a fair question, say the lads down the pub. 😕


“I’m Jake the Peg, deedle deedle deedle deedle. I’m wearing Mags’ daddy’s leg, deedle deedle deedle deedle.


AB let the hospital know about his incident with JP as the diocese had not informed the hospital.


Reading “victim”?? Nothing happened to him! He got drunk of his own accord, refused Lyttle’s advances, turned down Lyttle’s offer of a bed for the night and went home. He’s a grown man and a policeman. He’s hardly a “victim“ for crying out loud. And we are only hearing AB’s side of the story.


What seminary did he train at ?
What Portsmouth seminarians currently in training are connect with him?
What does Philip Eagan say of this?



Lyttle’s unconventional, er, backdoor entry to Romanist priesthood shows both stubborn determination, and even desperation, to proceed to its, well, dishonourable state. That is the only explanation I can offer for such a chequered past: a dishonourable man was drawn to what he perceived as a dishonourable institution through its equally dishonourable priesthood.

Well, like attracts like. Doesn’t it?😕


Also the Transalpine Redemptorists of The Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer on Papa Stronsay, more commonly known locally as walking sausage jockeys.


@9:27pm When the RCC presents it’s priests as ordinary men with appetites the same as any other then I’ll accept your “He’s a grown man and a policeman, hardly a victim” argument. If what is alleged is true, he most definitely is a Victim, a Victim of Spiritual Abuse certainly! Nothing in his hypnotised, cognitively dissonant, indoctrinated catholic life will have prepared him for a priest to behave like this. He knows different now and not just the failings of JP & Co but of the whole corrupt stinking establishment! It will be a miracle if he and his mother retain faith, I hope they do, but I hope they will never support the RCC again and can help warn others as and when others are ready to listen, sadly, likely after they too have been abused.


What Portsmouth seminarians are in English Martyrs Reading? …. follow the breadcrumbs Pat something bigger here……


Go on, tell us! Portsmouth has gone strangely quiet about its seminarians since all that stuff came out about Wonersh.


Pat we haven’t heard anything on Chris Viper / Motherwell connection / oxen seminarian ??? Any updates from Lourdes


I believe the condoms in the meadow are as scarce as hen’s teeth this year?


11.16: Magser, I recall in the past few days having to correct your misspellings – clever as you think you are, you are prone to such abberations, drink related of course. Mine was just a normal slip. Of course the word should have been HEALING but now I would write SEALING – as in sealing your asshole of a mouth…I know the word HEALING is alien to your mind but by God, you need it. Today we have the Muppet and Puppet show again…Patsy and her toyboy, Magsie….



Ooooooooh! Touchy.😕

Did I hurt your jelly-esque feelings with my little riposte?😢

A-haw-haw-haw 😅


The images of the young men of Farnborough form only one section of Viv Voce, a promotional series of the Diocese of Portsmouth which must have cost a fortune. Egan, describing himself as the shepherd of the diocese ( i.e. do what I say ) intends them to show a runaway success story. The impression however is of the kind of publicity-chasing hype which characterized the early years of John Paul II’s lamentable reign: everyone is a hero and a saint in formation. They all look so smug and pleased with themselves that one wonders what they are getting off on, other than their own ego satisfaction. Take a good look at the Portsmouth seminarian now at Wonersh right down to his highly polished boots. He tells us how he gave up life of privilege and financial success in order to embrace the hard and narrow path of priesthood: shouldn’t that be the other way round? And as for that pitiful marriage preparation group: what happens to the couples whose marriages break down, or they realize they have made a mistake, or those whose children come out as gay? Suddenly they discover there is no place for them in Phyllis’s flock. As with so many aspects of Catholic life today, what is missing is honesty, truthfulness and integrity. Not so long ago the living saint John Paul Lyttle was the poster boy on the diocesan website, whereas the reality told a different story.


1.10: What shite. Pompous piousity and obvious shallowness. Charlatanism at its worst. So uninspiring. And yet, despite your vowed fidelity to the GOD of JESUS, you smash people into the ground. You damned hypocrite. Smug arrogant, self delusional spirituality.. The small number of viewers for your masd andecture tells its own story!!


Rather rashly the Diocese of Portsmouth is retaining John Paul Lyttle advertising the glory and privileges of priesthood on their website. The tone in general is relentless self-congratulation. There is a profile of another Portsmouth priest, Chris Whelan, enthusing about how each day he miraculously changes bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, as if this was a power he had acquired as a fully formed wizard. I have often come across this notion of the quasi-magical power of the priest – the “power” to forgive sins is another – and it has always made me uneasy, emphasizing, as it does, the ontological change effected by ordination. Speaking in such terms is a grotesquely reductive view of Catholic theology focusing on self-aggrandizement and delusion rather than the truly Christ-like notion of service.



It’s all quintessentially clericalism (‘pretentious, self-deluding bullshit’, to the man in the street 😅).

The proof that these so-called powers (to transubstantiate and to forgive) are non-existent is come by very simply, I once told a very self-satisfied Romanist priest. I asked whether he knew when a penitent was truly penitent. He reflected, and then wisely said he that he didn’t. I then asked whether an impenitent penitent (beautiful oxymoron) is reconciled when a priest pronounces the words of absolution. Again wisely, he answered ‘no’.

The power to forgive sin rests with God alone. So does the power to transubstantiate.

Remember there were no priests in the early church; just ordinary Simons and Miriams, who met informally to ‘break bread’ in obedience to Jesus’ instruction. Did Jesus fail in those moments to feed them with his body and his blood because no dirty, conceited, elitist-minded Romanist parasite was on hand to ‘work’ his eucharistic alchemy? Absolutely not. Ordained priesthood was never made a requirement for this by JC, but later, by the Roman Strumpet.

Another priest, wise like the other, admitted to me in confession once that what he was doing was just a sign. A sign of what? A sign of what had already taken place in the moment I repented, which was well before that sacramental confession. (And no repentance does not mean going all mushy, and sentimentally sorry, but simply deciding ‘no, I’m not going to do that again…in so far as I am able, of course’. It isn’t freedom from sin that makes ‘saintliness’, but the intensification…the perfection… of the desire for sin’s opposite: a love affair with the virtues.💞)

If a Romanist priest ever insists that he has these powers through ‘ontological change’😅 alone, then tell the fool: ‘I’ll believe you, priest, when you can heal the sick at will, and raise the dead at will. Because Jesus did these things as well. And aren’t you, by self-attribution, an ‘alter Chtistus’?😅

Then watch him slink away. 😕


Excellent, Magna! Your comparison with alchemy aka charlatanry is very apt, and your observation on the nature of forgiveness profound.


3.28: More drunken nonsense Mr. priest hater. What a profoundly disturbed disreputable, sick outpouring from a sickly mind, a sickness from which God alone can free you. If you truly understand repentance or metanoia (not the bullshitty, pretentious, self serving crap posted) , you would be on your knees begging for mercy. Then, your god seems to be the image in the mirror whom you idolise. It’s not confession you require but a long spell in a psychiatric institution, tied to an iron bed (without mattress)!!


MC I think you’ve cracked a nut here. There’s magic, religion and Christianity. In magic the magician owns the power In religion you’ve got to obey the Sargent Majors orders and In Christianity one is a disciple of the Lord. Once one has encountered Gods Salvation there’s yer ontological change boyo hi


Is what @2:16 pm says about JP Lyttle having ALSO spent time with the Transalpine Redemptorists on Papa Stronsay true? I take it he wasn’t taken on for the quality of his Latin. Surprising he never had a go at Farnborough.


Well he would be an extra priest there, as none of the novices ever gets anywhere near ordination. Or does Sadie like to be the only one who has the “power”?


Sadie, in her rare moments of self-awareness actually jokes that she will not be happy until it is a community of one.


Surely if he goes to Farnborough, it demonstrates a story of a man who is desperately trying to seek God despite his downfalls.


I am the vine dresser and my Father is the vine maker - the pruning of the vine 🍇says:

—— The purging of the Body.
Throughout scripture the Lord reveals that He is ready to purge. Purging is necessary so that we can give Him the offering of pure, holy praise and true worship, in accordance with Malachi 3: 3 which says, “He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver;
He will purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness.”
God does not expect His people / priests to be perfect by any means, however, He does expect us all, both Church Community and society as a whole, to genuinely love and protect His people—And that simply cannot, and must not, mean just His priests!
This is a crisis we as a Community are simply, clearly evidently, unable to deal with; the actions—or the lack of taking action—are responsible for the repercussions we are seeing and feeling; repercussions of a closed and failing mindset are what is truly causing the most damage.
Time and time again: same old story, but still no change.
‘’You will know them by their fruits…’‘
—— Mathew 7: 16…
If God is going to judge the world, then could some responsibility have its bearings in the Community as a scriptural reality?
—— The Purpose of Purging…
Purging brings forth fruit, faithfulness, and acceptable worship before Our God. Sure, He wants to purge our sinful ways—the poor attitudes and pitfalls, the rebellious ways—but more importantly, full disregard and disobedience to His Gospel.
Total disregard for His Gospel and His children is Not an odd slip or fall; we are all human after all and by no means gods.
Love In Christ is a must; and love must, and will, conquer all.
…. And if we’re not made that way then a change in our path is certainly what God desires of us…
There are people who believe they are demigods. Interestingly, Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, wine and religious madness, (Including Theatre, interestingly enough… the stage / sanctuary, call it what you will… but the backdrop of a stage is found in Hollywood; the backdrop of a sanctuary is found in the house of The Lord.
“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’‘‘
—— Matthew 9: 35 – 38


Hmm, priest leaves parish/post of ministry without saying goodbye.
Moves to another post, with, possibly, the chance of him coming back to say goodbye… 🤷‍♂️ (Dependent upon them doing a good cover up job I suppose, if not, then no goodbye, possibly? 🤷‍♂️
How very unusual, unheard of even… nothing to worry about I’m sure… 🤢 🧐


I heard today that JP is staying with a good Catholic lady called Mrs T who lives near Lymington in Hampshire. Apparently see is an eccentric lady who is an expert on wild mushrooms.


Pat. I was interested in hearing your homily but need to download an app first. Could you perhaps publish it with a simple link? God bless.


The Maynooth Seminary website, no more than Wonersh, is no longer updated. I wonder why? On a wittier note, I remember Fr Tom Clancy of Maynooth being asked by a female theology student years ago in the refectory why the church won’t ordain women. His reply was priceless, ‘look around you, we’ve been ordaining them for years!’. Tom Clancy is, also, the one who burst out of the line of dignitaries assembled in Maynooth to meet the King of Spain with the infamous greeting, ‘hello, King!’ In his broadest Cork accent.


2 31: Magna, why it it that all who hold a different view than you, frequently more rational, balanced and intelligent, are ridiculed as pretentious, self deluding fools. Magna, there is a psycholigical deficiency in your humanity, something that prevents you from seeing the obvious failings, moral and spiritual blindness that are innate in your psyche. I thank the good Lord for priesthood as in these days of great pain our ministry is called upon much more. The isolation felt by many, the fears, illnesses and grief of many have been graced moments as we accompany many parishioners in these awful days. It’s a sadness/psychological psychosis that you are unable to participate in humanity in a more reasoned, calm and kinder way. Such sadness.


Honestly I don’t know why people post these stupid appeals. Magna Carta isn’t real and so doesn’t have a mind or a heart. It’s a creation whose sole purpose is to be a twat on this blog.



Isn’t ‘Faaaaather’ so heroic as he battles Coronavirus😢 to bring succour to the, well, suckers who actually believe that he can do anything for them except make a general nuisance of himself while hoping paynent for…

…for SFA really.😕

Go and be useless someplace else, you indolent, parasitical, waste of cyberspace. 😠


Bp Pat, JP has had a jolly good innings on the blog, maybe time for a new subject for readers attention. Hopefully, Amy Turtle will do something absolutely stupid soon and we can rip her apart once again.


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