The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church says:
That sex outside marriage is a serious sin.
That homosexuality is a grave disorder and sin.
That masturbation is a serious sin.
That pornography is a sin.
That the use of condoms is a sin.

When you become an RC priest you represent the Church and its teachings.

You make a promise of celibacy – which just does not mean you will not get married – but also means you will not have a sex life.

The RC Church grants you ordination on the basis that:

You will be celibate and be chaste.
That you will obey your bishop or religious superior.
That you will pray the Divine Office every day.

You cannot grab all the benefits and privileges and forget about the responsibilities you have taken on and the vows and promises you made.

If you do that you are a HYPOCRITE and a PRETENDER.

When I first visited the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour I remarked that there should be a similar statue built opposite it – THE STATUE OF RESPONSIBILITIES.

Many RC priests nowadays are living double lives.
And that goes right to the top with Benedict and his boyfriend George.

The RC priesthood is now being used by those who would not do well anywhere else in life. They use it for the “THREE HOTS AND A COT – a roof over their heads and three hot meals a day.

People have seen through them and are walking away from them in droves. Quite right too!

I would have more respect for them if the observed the Catechism they promote and preach and practice what they preach.