If you hear of a priest opening a church before that report it to the police.


By Jorge Fitz-Gibbon New York Times

May 3, 2020 

Adolf Hitler with the Vatican ambassador in 1935Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Germany’s Catholic bishops have acknowledged that they were “complicit” in allowing the Nazis to rise to power and stood by while they launched World War II, according to new reports.

In a 23-page report made public this weekend, Germany’s Council of Catholic Bishops said it didn’t do enough to oppose the rise of Nazi power and even cooperated with Adolf Hitler’s regime during the Second World War, according to a report originally published in the UK’s Sunday Times.
“Inasmuch as the bishops did not oppose the war with a clear ‘no,’ and most of them bolstered (Germany’s) will to endure, they made themselves complicit in the war,” the report said, according to the Times.

“The bishops may not have shared the Nazis’ justification for the war on the grounds of racial ideology, but their words and their images gave succor both to soldiers and the regime prosecuting the war, as they lent the war an additional sense of purpose.”

Although the Vatican condemned Hitler’s race laws in 1937, the German church largely looked the other way during the war, which raged from 1939 to 1945, the Times said.

The report notes that the Catholic Church cooperated with the German regime during the war by converting thousands of churches and church property into military hospitals, while nuns were dispatched to work as nurses for the German army.
Priests also traveled to the front lines during the war to provide comfort and spiritual guidance to soldiers, the report said.

The church also denounced the post-war Nuremberg Trials as an un-Christian act of revenge.

“There is no need to conceal that this is not an easy task for us,” the Rev. Georg Batzing, chairman for the bishop’s conference, told the Times. “We know that presiding over our predecessors as judge and jury does not suit us. No generation is free from judgments and prejudices that are shaped by its time.”

“But those who come later must confront history in order to learn from it,” Batzing said.

The report comes to light after Pope Francis in March opened the archives of the tenure of Pope Pius XII, who was pontiff from 1939 to 1958, the Catholic News Agency reported.

One researcher found evidence that Pius may have even lied to the US in 1942 after the country entered the war, claiming then he could not verify reports from a Jewish agency that the Nazis were committing mass murder of Jews in death camps, the outlet said.

However, some experts caution that the 1942 report by the Jewish Agency of Palestine may have contained rumors and unverifiable information at the time.


We’ve always known the the RCC was complicit with Hitler and the Nazis.

Now the German bishops are fessing up.

The RCC always hated the Jews.

And they did not want Hitler to take their buildings and money.

So they stayed quiet while 6 million died.

Jesus wept!


Yes report them to the police they are putting peoples life at risk but also email the diocese’s concerned to warn them.

Some are allowed funerals with family but social distancing in place.

Stay at Home protect the NHS and Save Lives.

Someone please tell these priests and bishops.


I know that a minority of Romanist priests in Nazi Germany were outspoken critics of Hitler’s regime, and that most or many of them ended up in a special wing in Dachau concentration camp for their courage and morality.

Fr Richard Henkes, a German priest, was beatified in 2019 for his consistent and principled opposition to Hitlerism throughout the regime, so much so that he was virtually ostracised by his embarrassed, Nazi-conforming order of priests.

What a moral far cry he was from Josef Ratzinger, and his equally gutless older brother Georg, who both were members of the Hitler Youth, an organisation of the Nazi Party; both, therefore, were Nazis, enthusiatically so or not.

I expect the usual Cathbot apologists to defend Ratzinger on the ground that he was only 14 years old (‘a child’, if you will 😅) when he WILLINGLY joined the Hitler Youth. Yes, he was conscripted, but unresistantly so; and he remained a willing member of the Nazi youth wing until going on to serve in a German anti-aircraft battery, and afterwards, in the German infantry. This was Josef’s heroic contribution to anti-Nazism: he aided its aggressive war effort. 😨 Such a marked, and personally enlightening, moral contrast to those German clerics who had the integrity to oppose Nazism, even to the point of their deaths. In terms of good moral example, we are talking here of giants in relation to pygmies. I suppose dear Josef considered his life worth preserving, and he probably consoled himself with the rationalisation that God did so, too.

Josef Ratzinger had begun his spiritual journey to Romanist priesthood precisely as he continued in it once ordained: as a morally spineless, odious little man who would go on to protect Romanist child-sexual abusers, in order to present his mentor, Pope JPII (and ‘Holy Mother Church’, of course) in a totally disingenuous light.😆


Magna, genuine question, had the RCC stood up to Hitler and the Nazis what do you think Hitler would have done?


Hitler would not, could not, have done what he did, since a great proportion of his armed forces comprised Roman Catholics; these, in sufficient part, would likely have followed the moral lead of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Germany had it been less nationalistic and had it more aggressively opposed Hitlerism.


At the time 40% of Germans were Catholic. Did you know the future Pius XII signed a concordat with Hitler in 1933 agreeing that the RCC would stay out of German politics in return for RCC rights. That concordat opened the door to the Holocaust.


Bulgaria aligned itself with Germany at some point during WWII, but the Orthodox Church told people not to cooperate with the Bulgarian government regarding the Jews, and all the Bulgarian Jews were saved.

Very sadly, it seems neo-Nazis groups are on the rise in Bulgaria nowadays, especially at football games.



Yes, I did know.

The act remains highly controversial, though I believe that the majority of academic historians today would consider it more sympathetically: as an attempt by the Vatican merely to protect the welfare of Pacelli’s fellow Catholics in Germany. However, the signing of the concordat unquestionably emboldened Hitler, since he undoubtedly construed it as having got the Vatican on side.

Pius (or Cardinal Pacelli as he was then) theologically belonged to a church that was triumphalistic, and which regarded itself as the only safe means of salvation in the world. This led him, and the Vatican, to place greater emphasis on the protection of Roman Catholicism, principally, in Germany, and of course, the Roman Catholic population there. But this was religious sectionalism, since it astutely avoided any expression of concern for other Christians in Germany, and for Jews. The Vatican’s interest was too parochial, and too sectarian, to see the broader picture, which any Church leader who had read Mein Kampf would likely have been able to predict.

There is no question that the signing of the concordat facilitated Hitler’s designs, both in Germany and, later, in wider Europe.

It is absolutey paranoid nonsense to argue, as some have, that Hitler would have enacted reprisals against the Catholic population in the country had the Vatican been less accomodating: the Catholic population there was simply too large (some twenty million) and the German armed forces too dependent on it for manpower.


Magna you have reminded me that when Cathbots defend Ratzinger, at that age he was well above the ‘age of reason’ and thus supposed to know right from wrong.


Just as worthless as yours @12:41 Anon when you have neither the wit nor wisdom to indicate to whom you are addressing your comment.
Do try harder.


Pat, you should read proper researched history instead of depending on the all knowing – Wikipedia- biased and prejudiced interpretation of history by Magna. Go and read history books and researched articles. Asking MAGNA is like asking Satan for a history on God!!



I’d very confidently say that Satan knows much more about God than either you, or anyone at the Vatican.


10.25: Magna, stop depending on Wikipedia and other dictionaries for extensive information. Stop also following blind man Pat whose narrative on all things Catholic is forever tainted by his excommunicating himself out of the Catholic Church. The world’s problems are, in Buckley’s sjewed view all the Church’s fault. When you start from a biased premise, logic and truth disappear.


I dont believe the worlds problems are the church’s fault. But I certainly believe the church’s problems are all their own fault.


10.25: By your words alone, Snake, Poisonous Hater Magna, you are not on God’s side. You couldn’t be. Hatred gets in the way. So the analogy of asking you about God resembling Satan talk about God stands. You cannot claim to be a God loving, moral and spiritual being and still pour out tonnes of hate speech, often blasphemous, always bigoted and judgmental. You either believe in and profess love of God and to live in his ways – or you stop pretending.



Can you produce a rational, RELEVANT counter-argument to my post? Or do you just throw statements about, without any regard for their truth or falsity, as a tantrum-throwing child might randomly toss his toys around?

Come on: present me with a counter-argument, and then wallow in being raised in my estimation of your intellectual ability and your knowledge, even should it be but a little.

Come on.

Rise above your inadequate self; it shouldn’t be difficult, since your already at ground level of personal ability. 😕



Of what words of mine today are you thinking? Tell us what they are, and why you believe them to be untrue. Because speaking the truth, whether about the Vatican’s relations with Hitler’s Germany or about anything else, places me on God’s side.

Perhaps your criterion for making such grave spiritual judgement (which, incidentally, God alone is qualified to make) is dependent not on veracity, but on your personal taste. Which is scarcely mature.

Mind, your post does not make you sound mature; more a brat, really.

You could always prove me wrong…if I am wrong about you, of course. 😆


Typical reactionary comment which doesn’t address the issue – a description which fits most of your worthless contributions.,



You’re confused, and unintelligible😢, as always, aren’t you?😕

Fear not: I shan’t tell a soul. 😄

Perpetual confusion, like yours, is a clandestine gift.😆


All was not right in the dealings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Nazis, both before and during the war. However, hindsight is a great thing, and I am not sure that at this distance we are able to make definitive judgements about how the bishops and laity did or did not collaborate with the Nazis, how much or how little they knew about the Holocaust etc. etc. I am sure that at the level of the Vatican there was much diplomacy and politicking going on at various levels with odious individuals in the Nazi government. Indeed, most countries, including the Vatican, still deal with morally obnoxious people and regimes simply because they have to. You have to deal with what you are presented with, and hopefully make your point and some way forward by doing so. Diplomacy is so often talking to people you find morally repugnant. The history of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany in the 1930s and throughout WW 2 is a very murky business and still not fully studied. I believe some new archives have been opened by the Vatican Library and I’m sure that will help to clarify things a bit. I think I take a slightly more nuanced view to + Pat, who does seem to simply start from the established position that whatever the Church and Vatican did in WW 2 and with the Nazis has by definition to be suspect and judged wrong. I would rather try and understand the complexities of the situation, and come up with a more balanced judgement, that will include both bad, and good. In addition, the institution of the Church may have acted imperfectly, but there is clear evidence of so many individual Catholics and Christians who did give heroic witness and sacrifice during these times.


“I would rather try and understand the complexities of the situation, and come up with a more balanced judgement…” And that includes the Concordat. In and of itself it does not mean the it was in every respect wrong. You do rather take black and white views without taking in to account the broader landscape. I’m not especially defending the Vatican’s actions and decisions, I’m just saying it is rather more complicated than a single judgement of it being good or bad. Like most things we have to consider.


Many counties signed them Pat. Even Ireland offered their support to Hitler in return for guns and support to defeat the brits. Don’t be such a short sighted one issue person.


I understand that many countries signed concordats. But none if those countries claim to speak infallibly for God!


The Vatican state does not speak with infallibility…the Pope does in a particular set of circumstances.

For many years Hilter tricked countries into working with him like Russia. He used the fear of war to get what he wanted then double crossed them. He would have done this to Vatican too. Its is easy to sit on a blog and judge the Poppe for signing a concordat but maybe he thought he was protecting his flock?

The vatican also saved thousands of jews. Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty being a prime example of this. It is interesting to note that both Hilter and Stalin wanted to be priests.


The Vatican saved thousands of Jews and watched 6 million perish? Not great odds – for the Jews!


They hardly had the power to stop Hitler. They just tried to manage the fall out. Many Catholics were killed. Many homosexuals were killed. Many gypsies were killed. I agree with the poster who said you only see thing in black and white Pat. Your blind hatred has made you a one issue person.


The GERMAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS have this week accepted that the church was complicit. Is that black and white enough for you?



Are you really so naive as to think that the Vatican wasn’t using Hitler for its own ends in the signing of that condordat in 1933? This was realpolitik for the Vatican, not a symposium for agreement on higher moral principles: the exercise was entirely political, whatever the supposed moral motives of the Vatican.

The Vatican did not keep its part of the bargain, since it did intervene in German politics. For example, as today’s blog makes clear, the Vatican opposed the Nazi’s racial ideology and their subsequent race laws.

It was foolish, in the extreme (and morally repugnant), of the Vatican to have assured Hitler of a political free run in the signing of that odious dicument. A church, any church, which believes it can make a political agreement , without moral boundaries, is being unfaithful to its own historical moral code.

Once the Vatican began politically criticising the Nazi regime, Hitler was, of course, free to ignore any agreement he had made with it.



Why are you raising a strawman argument?

Who suggested that the Vatican should have stopped Hitler militarily? No one.

Your point literally isn’t the point. The Vatican knew Hitler’s anti-semitism; to a degree, it shared it!

The question shouldn’t be alone what did the Vatican do to oppose Hitler?, but did it do enough? . Yes, it helped many Jews escape certain death in concentration camps; no one is disputing this. But could it have saved more? The honest answer to this is ‘yes, it probably could, had it acted earlier, more courageously, and less in the interests of catholics alone in Germany. By seeking an assurance from Hitler on the safety of Catholics in Germany and no one else, the Vatican abandoned the bulk of Jews, and others, to their hateful fate. And while not knowing the full nature of that fate, especially for the Jews, it must have known that it would not be bright.

Pat is right: the concordat opened the door to the Holocaust , perhaps not completely, but certainly that much wider.


10:51 am

“The Vatican state does not speak with infallibility”

Except when Ouellet decrees that criticising the adminsitration of the enclave is Blasphemy!


The Papal Ambassador signed a Concordat on behalf of the Holy See with the elected government of Germany, he was fluent in German and ghost wrote Mit brennender sorge, subsequently elected to the Papacy precisely because he understood the Nazi regime not because he was sympathetic. If he was ‘Hitlers Pope’ he could have spoken very clearly in support during all the years that the Fascist powers were successful , why wasnt there an audience with Hitler in May 1938 when he visited Rome ? It would have been the obvious courtesy but neither party was interested, Hitler was angry that he had to meet the King of Italy and ride in a horse drawn carriage, his vision was was always to his interpretation of the ‘modern’ not relics of a ‘defeated’ Europe.



The Vatican’s selfish self-interest here is not a revelation of hindsight, but a motive for signing the concordat that would not have been obvious at the time only to those afficianados with a psychotic lack of self-insight. So there is no danger, from today’s perspective, of making unsafe judgements, at least about this aspect of the affair. Yes, there was both darkness and light involved in the act on the Vatican’s part (morally mixed motives), but it is the obvious and darker motives that people like you want to call ‘indefinitive’; it is, unsurprisingly, never the lighter ones.

As for ‘odious individuals’ and ‘morally obnoxious people’, you would have found plenty of them in the Vatican at the time, as you will now.

It is not ‘the established position that whatever the Church and the Vatican did in WW2 and with the Nazis has by definition to be suspect and to judged wrong.’ How did you come by this conclusion, since most academic historians today are sympathetic to the Vatican on the matter? Even John Cornwell, the author of the highly unsympathetic ‘Hitler’s Pope’, has since revised his point of view.


12.45: Rise above your ugliness of mind Magna. Just rise above. Find it in your heart to rise above your bigotry, prejudice and your hatred of clerics.



I met your identical twin earlier.

I’ll do as you suggest when Romanist priesthood is thoroughly reformed and transformed.

Deal? 🤔



“May 1917, Pacelli set off for Germany via Switzerland in a private railway compartment, with an additional wagon containing 60 cases of special foods for his delicate stomach. The Pope at that time, Benedict XV, was shocked at this extravagance, but Pacelli had favored status as the Vatican’s best diplomat.

an early letter to the Vatican, however, he revealed himself to be less than enamored of Germany’s Jews. On September 4, 1917, Pacelli informed Pietro Gasparri, who had become cardinal secretary of state in the Vatican—the equivalent of foreign minister and prime minister—that a Dr. Werner, the chief rabbi of Munich, had approached the nunciature begging a favor. In order to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles, beginning on October 1, the Jews needed palm fronds, which normally came from Italy. But the Italian government had forbidden the exportation, via Switzerland, of a stock of palms which the Jews had purchased and which were being held up in Como. “The Israelitic Community,” continued Pacelli, “are seeking the intervention of the Pope in the hope that he will plead on behalf of the thousands of German Jews.” The favor in question was no more problematic than the transportation of Pacelli’s 60 cases of foodstuffs had been a few months earlier.
Pacelli informed Gasparri that he had warned the rabbi that “wartime delays in communication” would make things difficult. He also told Gasparri that he did not think it appropriate for the Vatican “to assist them in the exercise of their Jewish cult.” His letter went by the slow route overland in the diplomatic bag. Gasparri replied by telegram on September 18 that he entirely trusted Pacelli’s “shrewdness,” agreeing that it would not be appropriate to help Rabbi Werner. Pacelli wrote back on September 28, 1917, informing Gasparri that he had again seen the rabbi, who “was perfectly convinced of the reasons I had given him and thanked me warmly for all that I had done on his behalf.” Pacelli had done nothing except thwart the rabbi’s request. The episode, small in itself, belies subsequent claims that Pacelli had a great love of the Jewish religion and was always motivated by its best interests”.

John Cornwell. Vanity Fair 2013


I see Papa Francis has declared a Teen who died in 2009 as venerable. It is on the catholic news website.


10.56: Bishop, the word ‘disgraceful’ which you indiscriminately throw against everything CATHOLIC and against priests, often unable to validate accusations, is a word more suited and apt for you alone. Behaviour and attitude: ALWAYS DISGRACEFUL, morally, ethically and spiritually.


I believe I have an above average understanding of the period and issues involved, and have often asked myself what I would have done. I honestly don’t know, but I think it highly unlikely I would have stuck my neck out like Franz Jägerstätter. Most likely I would have gone along with what was happening like most people, but I also have a horrible suspicion that I might have been an actual enthusiast – not for the atrocities, of course, but I think I might have talked myself round those. What is clear is that the whole nation was so morally paralyzed for a whole generation after the War that nobody was even able to start tentatively talking about responsibility and culpability until the seventies at the earliest.


Dangerous times in Armagh. They have retreated to the confines of Tor Browser. It’s gone beyond grindr to selectively targeting young men on the Dark Web Chat Rooms. The age profile of their prey is questionable. Pat what action should Eamon take.


Eamon must open up all archive and current files on Clergy and his seminarians. Before it’s too late, the network will attempt to destroy all evidence.


All materials and files must be disclosed to the State Authorities or did a senior figure destroy the files. A campaign for concealment.


If these goons writing about Armagh, dark web, seminarians, etc., have concrete evidence would they present it and stop their nasty games and speaking in riddles.


Five Priests and one Seminarian is involved in this online network. All under the jurisdiction of Eamon Martin.


Pat if I may ask in your own Words what does Eamon say to you in emails. Please just a few comments.


He said and I quote – “Brendan Marshall will be out that door tomorrow. Thank you Bishop Pat for all your hard work”.

-Archbishop Eamon



What are we to make of the relationship between Pius and Kass? He is the only monsignor buried near the popes.


Pat, the Bishop of Raphoe has issued guidelines about opening churches and wants certain safety measures in place by next Wednesday. Get you up to Letterkenny Pat and make a citizens arrest. Take him down in a rugby tackle. You’re our saviour from the virus, Pat. Stop them’uns opening their chapels.


1.51 Can you please give us your source for this information.

As it seems it is false.

Bishop Alan McGuckian SJ has no plans and he works with the HSE and the Government in going forward.


Who wants to know?
How do you know what plans Bishop McGuckian has or has not made?


12.45: Rise above your ugliness of mind Magna. Just rise above. Find it in your heart to rise above your bigotry, prejudice and your hatred of clerics.


2.41: I am delighted that I can now support my parish and Diocese through this facility which incidentally is not a new concept. Parishes have had such facilities for years….and understand that many will not now be able to contribute as they wish. But I am glad to support our priest, parish and Diocese.


The Armagh 5 and the Maynooth Seminarian all coordinate together to gain trust of young borderline Male Adults. That’s their method.


It’s the before pill Magna. Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. The after one is Post Exposure Prophylaxis, PEP for short. PrEP will only prevent HIV infection, not any of the other STIs such as new forms of gonorrhoea.



Thank you.

I had read the expression (Prep) before, but I didn’t understand it: I thought it was a contraction of ‘preparation’ ; you know,… 🙄

What does the ‘after’ pill do? 🤔


It’s several intensive doses of HIV medication to lower the risk of becoming positive if you have been exposed to the virus, such as a condom breaking. You take it as needed but PrEP you take regularly.


The comments from the Cathbots are very funny today, as always especially when they try to engage with Magna Carta and just end up looking stupid. A close second is the person telling Pat how he excommunicated himself.
Come on guys, face it, your religion is the state religion of a city state which is always driven by temporal power and never by the Christ it claims to follow.
What was that quote from Napoleon about being tired of church people who say their kingdom is not of this world but take every thing they can get?
Pat and Magna you’re doing a great job today 👍


We call people like you PatBots. Patbots are are people who are small minded, nasty, vindictive, gossip mongering Pat enablers. They are normally people who say they don’t need the Church, but like Pat, they spend every day and every hour talking about it on blogs, just like an obsessed girl who can’t get over her ex-boyfriend for leaving her. Patbots can also be old queens who display faux outrage at sex scandals yet they secretly love the idea of priest and seminarians having sex. They come to this blog to have this fantasy lived out. You also have people like Magna who are homosexuals in denial and/or failed seminarians who come here every day to lament the fact that no one was interested in them. Once again they are called Patbots.


I dont need the Roman Catholic institution. I need Christ and HIS church – which in my opinion the RC organisation has increasingly abandoned over the centuries.
I highlight the corruption of the RCC as part of my ministry to persuade RCCs to abandon the RC idol and find Christ again.
I love the idea of people in love expressing their love sexually.
I dont like clerical sexual predators who use and abuse people for their own end and priests and seminarians desecreating altars with their semen.
I am in love, have a loving partner who is very interested in me. I dont mind being called”an old queen”. I have always had a great sense of humour enen when it comes to sexuality, including my own. So, Father, back onto the bdsm rack to be tickled by whatever trolley dolly you are with 🤣


Stopped coming to this blog cos of gay gossip, attacking person character. That was unchristian. It made me wonder if gay world was like that re bitter, acrimonious, loathing ot jealousy or sex obsessed mind etc.

On the use of ‘romanist’ which was interesting cos I detested being called as roman Catholic cos they Vatican seems to imply or view us as a Johnny foreigner.

Now on different tack during coronavirus, churches closed down completely as we have no access to it. Rcc was selfish and didn’t think of us as people or their famous word such as ‘community’. There is no such community in Catholic Church. Stopped giving money to them long ago. Think some churches in ireland may close down due to lack of money but they are RICH in assets but cash?

It made me realise that bishops don’t care or don’t give a damn about us when closing all churches down without any thought for their people. They have shown their true colours especially bishops.

Forgive my ignorance re the connection between pope pius xii and Ludwig Kass??


Are you suggesting a hint of homosexual relations between these two? Yes it’s quite unusual for a monsignor to be buried under St Peters Church as all popes were buried there. Is there any truth re pope Paul xi and his homosexuality?


Deaf Lad at 7.20

Such burial is not only unusual, not only unique: it is unprecedented for all ecclesial past time.

Were I of a sensitive disposition, I’d be shocked. 😱


7.04: Deaf Lad: I am sorry that you feel that way. The Churches had no option other than to close when requested by relevant authorities, which was the correct and responsible thing to do. Initially Churches were ooen but with just a minimum if 10/12 at a time. It became potentially dangerous for all, so churches had to close. Many, many people feel a great loss not being able to visit their local church and hopefully we will be in a position to do so soon. I regret you are made feel unwelcome in a Christian community but remember you are who you are: No one can take your truth or identity away from you. You may feel justifiably angry by the treatment you received but you are YOU. God, I believe takes and accepts us as we are. Sadly, on this blog you will read very ugly, perverse, violent and hateful language about gay people, especially about gay priests. There is far too much tolerance for crushing gossip, innuendo, name calling, speculation and personalised attacks on this blog. It is horrendous but do not despair as it is reflective of the malicious malcontents, weird and infantile freaks who frequent this blog bringing it to gutter level at times. Keep your head above all this.


They were “lovers”. Whether that involved sex, who knows except P and K – and the housekeeper Mother Pasquelina.


They had a particularly close friendship. Whether it was particularly close, in a particular way, is anyone’s guess.


I’m sure that Mother Pasquelina, that nun-drudge, had stories to tell that would have flushed the faces of Daily Star readers.

But she was loyal to Papa Pius XII. 😀


They related, like John Henry, and his Ambrose. Whether they related, relationally, is conjecture. But they do seem to have been in love, that Eyetie and his Teuton, just like John Henry, and his dear, dear Ambrose.


There certainly were hints of such, er, familiarity.

I could put it this way: relational, they were a kettle that was brought ALMOST to the boil. 😀

Does that sound fair? 🤔 I think it does. 😀


MC at 8.26pm

Yes it’s unprecedented re burial as I have never heard it before until Buckley mentioned it today. It was news. It would make us sit down and think, what’s going on there? Something was fishy there allright.

Surely mother Pasquelina brought her secrets to the grave.

Liked your term ‘romanist’ as it’s very apt. You have way with words maybe wordsmith?


What did churches do when they were open. Were people fed a nourishing diet. When schools visited church in the past I recall everything was called a Maaass They came to church did what they had to do but I wonder if it connected with real life. Doors is one thing Hearts and minds are something else hi


Anonymous up there: not true re Hitler was a seminarian or had aspirations of becoming a priest. His true aspiration was to become a full time artist which he failed in that regard.

Stalin did train as seminarian for few years before he went into criminal activities.

Signing the Concordat gave Hitler the strength and courage to do his way cos deal was that the Vatican won’t get involved in any way. It enabled Hitler to eliminate the Jews as Vatican was standing by watching it.


“Magna Carta”, as usual, badmouthing poor wee 14year old Josef Ratzinger for joining Hitler Youth.

I wonder how “Magna” would have fared in Nazi Germany had the SS come knocking on his door with his application form? Isn’t Mags the stuff of which martyrs and heroes are made?

Oh that’s s right, “Magna” is a gutless, faceless, Internet troll. “Magna” would have Scheiße in seine Lederhose!! 😆


Eamon Martin did infairness take action against Rory Coyle, however it’s more difficult with xxxxxxx xxxxxx due to his age. The rehabilitation centers for Priests are designed for actual ordained older men compared to young seminarians. There is no current rehabilitation facility in the UK which is catered for a young seminarian with grooming and sexual predator traits. In short Eamon has no where to put xxxxxx.


At 12:26pm – ARE YOU CRAZY???

If even a fraction of what is alleged against that “seminarian” is verifiable then he shouldn’t even have time to pack his bags! OUT THE DOOR WITH HIM!


Eamon Martin would kick everyone out if he had proof.

Remember Eamon is a Company Man and looking for the promotion that was maybe coming in June but Covid 19 stopped that.

The Archbishop of Southwark was due to go and collect his Pallium.

You have a lot of information on these so called clergy and seminarian have you told the Archbishop or his Assistant Bishop because he will be looking for his own diocese.

Pope Francis has merged a diocese so same will be coming to Ireland too many dioceses.


That guy should be gone on account of the amount of rumours and controversy swirling around him. Something is very amiss there.


I totally agree with comment of no centres catered for a Seminarian offender. The US and Canadian centers to rehabilitate offender Priests are designed for a collective age related therapy setting, meaning the offenders usually are middle age or older men which can foster common ground in group therapy sessions. There is no current facility or designed therapy programme for a young seminarian who has developed deep predatory behavior patterns. In short this young man could possibly be a testing initiative to find the root causes for young adolescents engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior against young males.


A sad new Phenomenon within Armagh and Maynooth. Wilson slipped through the net and got in.


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