Cardinal George Pell: Victoria police to assess unredacted royal commission findings

Solicitor who acted for victims at inquiry says police must investigate findings that Pell knew priests were abusing children but failed to act

Melissa Davey The Guardian

Thu 7 May 2020

Victoria police will receive a copy of the unredacted child abuse royal commission report findings relating to Cardinal George Pell.

“We will then undertake an assessment of those findings,” a spokeswoman told Guardian Australia. “At this time it would not be appropriate to comment further about any possible action.”

The comments follow the publication of previously redacted parts of the child sexual abuse royal commission’s final report after its five-year inquiry into abuse within institutions, including churches. The findings regarding Pell were not released with the rest of the commission’s final report in 2017 due to legal action against the cardinal and fears the report would prejudice a jury. Pell was acquitted in April of child sexual abuse charges and released from jail, clearing the way for the report to be made public.

The commission found that Pell was aware of children being sexually abused within the Archdiocese of Ballarat by the notorious paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale, and it was “implausible” that other senior church figures had not told Pell abuse was occurring.

A solicitor who represented victims during the inquiry, Peter O’Brien, said police must investigate the royal commission findings that Pell knew priests were abusing children but failed to act appropriately to stop them.

“At the very least there must be a criminal investigation,” he said. “The findings are extremely damning and suggest criminal, not only immoral, misconduct.”

To date, no one has been convicted in Australia for the crime of concealment of child sexual abuse. New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory have concealment-related offences but they are difficult to prosecute.

In a statement issued on Thursday afternoon, Pell said he was “surprised by some of the views of the royal commission about his actions”.

“These views are not supported by evidence,” Pell said. He maintained that he did not know of Ridsdale’s abusing children at the time or that this was the reason for him being moved between parishes. He also said a meeting he had with a delegation from Doveton parish in 1989 about Father Peter Searson did not mention sexual assaults, nor did the delegation ask Pell to remove Searson.

However, Pell confirmed when he gave evidence before the royal commission he was handed a list of incidents and grievances about Searson at the meeting, which included reports Searson had abused animals in front of children and was using children’s toilets. But Pell told the commission this was not enough information for him to act.

Shine Lawyers’ national practice leader, Lisa Flynn, who represents the father of Pell’s alleged victim, now deceased, said Pell did not deserve his cardinal title.

“In my view, his position as Australia’s highest-ranking representative in the Catholic church should be reviewed based on his choice to protect paedophiles over innocent children, at the time the abuse occurred,” she said.

“Pell’s preference to protect paedophiles over the safety of children is deplorable. There are no excuses for someone who conceals this disgusting behaviour towards innocent, young children.”
Pell has always maintained his innocence in response to allegations against him, and was acquitted of his convictions by the full bench of seven judges of the high court in April. He has previously said he had been made a scapegoat for the Catholic church’s failures.

Pell told Sky News in April: “I’m the scapegoat that’s copped most of this.” He said his actions setting up the Melbourne Response – the scheme established by the Archdiocese of Melbourne in 1996 to respond to allegations of sexual abuse within the church – had not been adequately recognised and showed he took abuse allegations seriously.
Dr Cathy Kezelman is president of the Blue Knot Foundation, which provides specialist phone counselling to survivors of abuse. She said the royal commission’s findings were not the result of a “witch hunt” but were “the considered findings of a thorough highly professional Royal Commission examining the facts”.

“The commission found it implausible that Cardinal Pell was not aware of child sexual abuse activity,” she said. “It identified that not only was he aware that children were being abused, but that he failed to act – not once but on numerous occasions.

“Not only did he fail to act but was allegedly complicit in covering up and potentially concealing crimes against children in Ballarat and in Melbourne. His lack of action arguably caused irreparable harm to countless innocent children.”

The In Good Faith Foundation, which provides independent advocacy to people who have experienced abuse, said the commission had revealed that as early as 1973 Pell knew that offending was occurring within the Catholic church and he had failed to act.

“There were numerous opportunities for Pell as a Priest, a Bishop and as a Cardinal to do the right thing and at each point he appeared to show more regard for trying to maintain a shroud of ignorance, than protecting the most vulnerable in our communities,” said the founation’s chief executive, Clare Leaney.

“These failures to act have resulted in countless lives being devastated and too many lives lost. Not only was this a failure of competency, it was and abject failure of decency and care.

“These findings ultimately highlight one simple fact: George Pell has always known more than he’s claimed and done less than he should have.”


It comes as  no surprise to learn that Pell was knowledgeable and complicit on paedophile priests.

It deepens the sense of disgrace around him.

I wonder will Big F meet him when he goes to Rome?

Or is he too tainted and cause them bad PR?


Poor, pooooor, Pell: he’s impaled on an unimpalable hook.

Here’s laughin’ at y’ PELL, you repulsive, Christ-betrayin’… ROMANIST! 😖


I haven’t the faintest regard for such a sub-human as PELL.

He will, one day, rot in Hell.

And he will. 😀


11 37::::Rot in he’ll….as will You, Magna, you hating, repulsive, nauseating madman. A man who vomits out hatred day after day…usually in a sickly drunken manner. More of his faux outrage….For your hatred, hell awaits you. There is no light of God in you but a dangerous satanic darkness. Cardinal Pell, if guilty of any crime, will be dealt with by the courts.


11.37: Whatever about Pell, all too often on this blog, Magna has proved how horrible a sub human specimen he is. it’s a specific sub humanity full of stinking caca of hatred, violence, madness and pretentious rage, simply because of a teenage experience of rejection and the consequences of unresolved and unconfronted personsl dysfunctionality, all being a dangerous combination, producing this madness of vile hatred.


9.24 & 9.23

Ooooooooh! 😙

I get a buzz y’ couldn’t put a price on when I elicit from Romanists and Cathbots the type of comment (beautifully hate-filled) for which they hypocritically castigate me.

Again, oooooooooh! 😄

Georgie Pell will be meeting his maker soon. That should be interesting. 😅


What are the clergy and hierarchy about?
How can they claim with integrity, to authentically represent the Gospel,
be moral and spiritual leaders, when they systemically knowingly conceal criminality contrary to human decency, not to mention Jesus Christ and His teaching and memory.

How do some of these characters live with themselves.
Is the priesthood a lifestyle, mealticket and another form of racketeering?
Would Jesus Christ condone the rape of children and abuse of vulnerable adults
by priests and it’s cover up by colleagues in the priestly fraternity?

Do clerics think the laity should take them seriously because they claim
to be gifted? Gifted at what? Deceit, duplicity and hypocrisy?

All that now concerns them is protecting assets.
Another diocese in America filed for bankruptcy recently due to sexual abuse of children by priests. Watch that space. It’s only a matter of time before that tsunami hits Britain and Ireland. Covering up continues.

It’s disgusting, and it’s equally appalling to rationalize covering up clerical crime
‘for the good of mother church’. Bunch of wishy washy moral cowards, if ever.


Very well put and of course they can’t plausibly do any of the things you list at the start of your comment.


7.01 Thank you for flying the flag for vulnerable adults including even certain bishops, curates and seminarians. Those two relics (one of them guess where) are they reading this? It wouldn’t even have meant dipping into “assets” at that stage.



Excellent, well-thought-out comment.

Your innate inclination to truth and justice is almost palpable.


“Time to leave [ enter bishop/diocese/priest/seminarian ] alone …” , “Obsessed with [ take your pick ] … ” , and “We know who you are … ” ( my favourite as “We” suggests a gin-fuelled queer clerical cabal ) are favourite though transparent attempts which appear regularly to divert attention from perpetrators. NB the sense of hurt indignation!


11:27 am

All faux hurt indignation.
What frightens the caca out of the cabal is being caught.


7:28 pm

Ah, now, don’t be so dismissive.
Never, say never!
Ah, come on! Why not? Why is Cardinal Pell not Papabile?
In fairness, look at the experience he has to bring to the position.


7.36, 1996 was time for Pell to stop his persecution of the kids. Even the rest of the Australian crew couldn’t bear to set up as bad a “response” as his. He actually would have looked state of the art if he had joined with them.

And in canon law in its best sense, a metropolitan has ultimate power to shop emerituses and suffragans.

But, before then, as auxiliary he can’t pretend he couldn’t say to his boss, like a few others did (too few), you put this right or I’ll resign and publicly explain.

So yes, 32 years and counting. And not doing anything about it. Time after time he missed a chance to genuinely make himself look good. To harm others out of modesty is the sick side of cynicism.

Eyes were on him in the US and look what a bad example they followed.

This report was coming and it had to be put off till a distraction could be foreseen, hence a scheme to plausibly annoy crooks in Rome followed by a too wonky charge which the boss of prosecutors didn’t bother to get thrown out early enough.

Has the original investigating detective been reinstated yet?

Pat, no-one is too tainted for “Big F” – who is he to judge?

I’m not “in communion with” anyone that’s not in communion with me. To my conscience first, and to the Pope (take your pick) after – St John Henry.


8.53: Go on, repeat your already printed hate speech…I’m sure we’ve read your filth before…


The signs of the church are that it is one, holy, catholic and apostolic.
The signs of the RC ‘church’ are crime, facilitating crime, abuse, the pursuit of power and riches, and claiming persecution whenever anyone catches it out.
All disguised as a religion.


George Pell made a very telling remark towards the end of his Sky interview with Andrew Bolt that he was sure Gerald Ridsdale now regretted his actions! Secondly, it beggars belief that Pell did not consider it necessary to act against the satanic Peter Searson whose vile actions included obscene violence and abuse of children and animals in a primary school! Later in his career, however, Pell did think it necessary to speak out against Gay Pride in Sydney as an abomination. His priorities call to mind another appalling cover-up merchant, Joseph Ratzinger, whose latest book sees gay marriage equality as indicative of the Anti-Christ, but not, apparently, the abuse of children by clergy under his watch.


Peter Searson was a vile and vicious man. I have little doubt that his cruelty towards animals in front of primary school children was a deliberate tactic to cow them into submission. Violence or the threat of violence against a child’s pet has been identified as part of an abuser’s grooming in order to render the victim helpless. Yet George Pell thought there were no grounds on which he should act. As Magna in particular reminds us again and again, the moral universe of the Catholic priest is very, very disturbing. Yet, perversely it is Magna who gets the flack from those who claim to know “many” good and gentle priests who labour tirelessly. If you say so, Father.


Magna Carta is a twisted troll – the disguise of a priest more than likely. He tells us nothing we do not know – nothing he says is surprising.

However, many of us see the wider picture – the good and the evil alongside one another – not one to the exclusion of the other. It is how reality is.

This Magna Carta troll (Buckley too very often) focuses solely on the evil which is not the full story. And then you have silly priests indeed who argue poorly and talk unconvincingly about all the “good priests”.

There are good priests and bad priests and middling priests – just like the rest of humanity.

Some of us can differentiate perfectly well. The nasty extremism of Magna Carta and the nauseating nonsense of some of his critics – the truth lies in between.


5:43 pm

The uncomfortable truth :
a policy of cover up of child sexual abuse was Vatican policy for years.


About yesterday’s battle of “The know-it alls” please tell me what’s the difference between signing Russia’s non-aggression pact , the Pope’s Concordat Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement and voting to remain in the European Union whose boundaries so closely resemble the 1943 Third reich?


The difference is the Third Reich itself, which obtained during the first three examples and certainly does not exist today. If you are going on about Germany’s economic dominance within the EU, then consider firstly that Germany has preserved its manufacturing sector – which the British were content to allow to be destroyed in the interests of Thatcherite asset-stripping, and secondly that Germany from the beginning has been the EU’s principal both gross and net contributor. Furthermore, the UK was allowed an extraordinary latitude in maintaining its currency and freedom of movement – viz Schengen – exemptions. Presumably you are languishing in a whisky-induced sense of nostalgia and entitlement on VE Day, but consider that the UK came through only thanks to the Americans and Russians.


At 6:33pm – cover up of child abuse was the “policy” of the entire human race and every strata of it since time immemorial! It’s still being covered up and denied today – and not by the church.


9:07 pm

What a ridiculous comment. The entire human race and every strata has not been covering up child sexual abuse.Even if that was the case, it does not make it legally or morally right. The entire human race does not claim to be mediators between man and God, nor ontologically changed, nor ‘other Christs’. lt was Catholic Church written policy to cover up child sexual abuse. Cognitive dissonance is difficult to deal with but stop deluding yourself.


The report findings have rendered him a social pariah, Bp Pat. Despite being the most senior Catholic in Australia, he will not receive any official invitations from the government of the day or royal representative in Australia.



Priests of the Archdiocese of Dublin are having their salaries cut by 25%!!!

The 70k+ pastoral workers will not be taking any cuts to their wage. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will also remain on the same wage along with those in administration.


They will still have free food and lodgings, electricity and heat, telephone and internet broadband, television licence, and (perhaps) a car, car insurance, and petrol. Not bad going!


5.00: Not news as priests have known this since April. Just a formalizing of information and decision. Don’t you go panicking.


I do think if the priests are taking a hit so should everyone in the diocese including Dermo. I’m sure Dermo has tidy savings?


Dear Father,

The Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc across the world. Added to loss of life and serious illness, loss of work and uncertainty about the future leaves very few untouched. As priests, we are walking and working with many traumatised people. Since the crisis arose, and public gatherings of the faithful for the Sunday Eucharist have not been possible, the revenue that pays our stipends has collapsed. At a meeting of the Vicars Forane on Friday 20 March 2020, a suggestion was made from the floor that priests accept an immediate reduction in the monthly stipend. This was put to a vote, accepted by all, apart from one Vicar Forane who abstained. The Common Fund decided however to continue full support through the months of March and April. The resources of the Common Fund are now greatly depleted, putting in jeopardy the possibility to maintain current stipends for the next months.

1. As an emergency measure, for the period of the lockdown, having received the financial statements of the fund, the Executive Committee, with the approval of the larger Management Committee and with the approval of the Archbishop has reluctantly decided that from May, priests will have to receive a 25% reduction in their monthly payment. This will be reviewed one month after Sunday Mass celebrations can resume. If a priest experiences any particular difficulty in his personal financial situation, he should contact the Moderator of the Curia or the new Episcopal Vicar for Clergy.

2. From the beginning of May, the Common Fund will no longer refund parishes for the payments made to priests for the supply of Masses. If a parish has a particular difficulty, it should contact the Finance Secretariat via the Moderator of the Curia.

3. The Executive Committee strongly urges you to make contact with your parishioners and outline the collapse in the available funding to support their priests. Please appeal to them to contribute to the Easter Dues (Offering). Why not send them a short letter, enclosing a Dues envelope and a stamp addressed envelope? You might be surprised by people’s generosity, just as I have been.

4. The Common Fund Management Committee asks you to attach to your Parish Website as soon as possible the “Donate” facility organised by the Office for Financial Development. This facility, especially for younger people, offers an easier way to support financially the priests of the parish, the parish itself and the SHARE collection. Facilitating “cashless giving” is not only safer and healthier, it allows what is generously given by the people to be credited to them, and enhances the “Tax back” opportunity for the parish.

While we are in a crisis situation, we are also in a moment of opportunity. The Executive Committee will, over the next few months, develop a scheme to incentivise you to promote the income of the Common Fund through the First Collection at Mass on Sundays along with the Christmas and Easter Dues (Offering). The Executive would warmly welcome your comments, suggestions or ideas on how we can develop a greater awareness of how important the Common Fund is in sustaining priests.

I recognise that “Alleluia” may not be the first sentiment that comes to your lips as you read this letter! It is certainly not a joy to have to communicate these difficult decisions to you. So many families and individuals throughout our land and around the world are in even worse situations because of this Pandemic. As we seek to minister with generosity of spirit, and the Lord’s unfailing support, let us continue to frequently thank the People of God who support us. Do not be afraid to share with them your dependence on their generosity. In a sense we are all in unchartered waters.

May what Saint John Henry Newman wrote on June 16th 1833 be our sentiment too; “I do not ask to see the distant scene, – one step enough for me.” (The Pillar of Cloud)

Yours sincerely,

Fr Paul Taylor.


I would like to say that alternatively these spongers could go out and get a job of work – but even without coronavirus restrictions and a collapsed economy nobody would employ them.
Perhaps since we are forecast to be going into the biggest recession ever it will cause people to rethink donations.


5:17 pm

Ejaculatory prayers were once very popular.

Maybe such prayers are making a come back.


Paul taylor was given a nice parish and a big job by diarmuid to keep his mouth shut! That is the real scandal pat


6.55: Is being a Parish Priest a big job, dear mr. nasty? Hoe easy it is to lie and lie and lie…..



He was given one of the most affluent parishes in the diocese for a REASON. He does need the money to pay for his house in Spain and his “friend” who resides there. See, I don’t lie, I tell the truth 🙂


6.08: Thanks Magna…same old narrative or someone plagiarizing…Try to be original, Miss.


“If you have a financial problems go to the vicar for priests“

Oh you mean go to Mgr. Ciaran O ‘Carroll for help? Really!? Tell me, did he help Conor Gannon when he needed help?

The whole thing is rotten pat


Yeeesss! Heello, Daarrling! I am the puppet master and it seems my strings have finally been severed. Howww terribly awwwful.
… Jesus! Mary! And Joseph! Imagine if the poor old dear still had her prescription book?! Like seriously!?
I’ll change the subject…anyway. When I had my little visit to the bobby shop I was placed in a Perspex room with a bloody rubber door handle… suffice to say it was Divine providence they already knew my face in there otherwise I would most probably be in Wentworth Detention Centre, now, with the wonderful and fabulous Miss Erica Davidson and SAINT Meg Morris! (I seriously think Meg should be Canonised a SAINT. SAINT Meg, Patron Saint of HAPPINNESS and ETERNAL OPTIMISM).
I can only imagine what you, we, the local family are thinking… the weird and the wonderful …
But on a serious, and pastoral, note: we cannot choose our family; family is important, especially in times of need. Like serious illness and that kind of thing, yeah!?! Clear? … Good… It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
… But laughter is better than crying so here are some jokes to get us all through the day-to-day dreariness of lockdown…
How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one to hold the bulb… because the whole world revolves around him. BOOM!
A political assassin, a cabinet secretary, and a narcissist walk into a bar…
bartender says, “The usual, Paul?” (This joke is what you could call ‘Two birds with one stone’ and comes with a legal disclaimer: All characters/names are purely fictional 🙂

— Now, as we are still in Eastertide, we will close with something spiritually nourishing…
Throughout Eastertide it’s easy to get caught up in all the distractions that any major Christian season may bring; however, we are starkly aware of the concurrent crisis of COVID-19. However strangely different these times may feel and seem, they are paradoxically linked…
Although Easter Sunday heralded the end of Lent, Our Lord’s journey in the wilderness, we are still in a kind of ‘wilderness’ owing to the concurrent crisis, loss and uncertainties of COVID-19. But as Christians, we know, for certain, (”In sure and certain hope of the Resurrection of eternal life, through Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour” seems a fitting verse here) that the darkness will turn into light, just as the night turns into day… (Something pertinent to my own journey at this time…).
The end of Winter – Spring – brings forth new life — Resurrection: the whole of nature, trees, flowers and even dormant/animate creatures, mysteriously, amazingly unanimously, Resurrect from their deathlike homeostatic state. Roses burst into bloom, just like Christ burst forth from the dark tomb! Trees blossom and baby chicks hatch forth from their tomblike eggs of shell.
The caterpillar and its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly (the caterpillar is also beautiful of course) is the perfect example here… in God’s intricate design and creation of nature, whereby the butterfly emerges from the cocoon is called Ecdysis…
Technically, it is a three-stage process: first stage: Apolysis – the separation of the cuticle from the epidermis – akin to entering a long and deep sleep if you like. Second stage: secretion of new cuticle materials beneath the old – literally the mystical process of God’s Holy Spirit in action — the same spirit which ”Hovered over the waters” in Genesis. God doing ‘His thing’. Thirdly: Ecdysis: degradation of the old cuticle – not necessarily doing away with the old – but transformation – nothing is wasted by God. ”God saw all that He had created, and it was very good [beautiful even?].” Genesis 1: 31. Completion of His plan… New life – Resurrection! Alleluia!

”I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us [remember: sacramentology is God revealing Himself in the world: that means He reveals Himself in you and I, too]. For the whole of creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration [and don’t we know it lol] not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.”
Romans 8: 18 -21

”What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (pack it in, now, lol).
Romans 8: 31
Paul [the Apostle that is] is essentially telling us that the whole of creation is yearning and groaning – travailing even – to reveal God in the world. God’s plan, His blueprint, is eloquently and beautifully revealed in the world; in the seasons, our lives and our experiences on the journey. Even in the chaos!
I don’t know about you, but I have travailed until the cows come home. But there is always hope, there is always hope… and I still have plenty of energy drinks in the fridge.

Sauline, Sauline, why persecutest thou me?” ( that was the cat on the keyboard, honestly. Anyway, this is an anonymous platform and you have no proof ).

God bless and Happy Easter x


Hi +Pat, would it be alright to remove the rev Dr that I put up yesterday please. He is quite unwell.
God bless x


6.08: Of course It’s obvious to all clergy that miney will be scarce…We know that and are prepared to take whatever cut is asked. That you rejoice in such mockery and jeering tells much about your silly, infantilic mind.


7.02: Brilliant wit. Now if only Mags Rag would attempt such this blog might be more alive.. Thank you Rev. Dr. Supply more of the same.


🏳️‍🌈 🐶🐤 🔪 🔪 🔪 🤣 🤣 💒 Sister Contracepta of the Order of Silentium Victimassays:

Dear Sister Mary Gondotti, I am glad my prescribed post enlivened and titilated, I will write another prescription. Same medicine – MORE WIT! The knives are well and truly OUT 🔪 🔪 🔪 🙊 🙊 🤣 🤣 🤣
— Carry-on – Vilification of Victims — Subtitled: When in Rome…
Cast: Alex B.A. PsyCh: St Mary of the VVoolton parochial society and Head of Covering-Up Dpartment. Revd Dr Nancy Narssisisist: Port Sun-night, roving patron of the great amateur Actors’ Society, currentt role: false-flower arranger and Dr. Big Fat Woodern SPOON (We must make him look crazy, that is the only way we have a chance in hell of getting away with our charade and facade… CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM! LET’S TRY SEND HIM OVER THE EDGE! IF HE KILLS HIMSELF WE CAN THEN SAY: ‘WE DID SAY HE WAS CRAZY!’).
Archbishop Erstwile of the Underground: if it’s broken, Don’ fix it: Ordain it! If it is slimey and devious: Consercrate it to the state of bishop! Canon Paulus FarrarDay of the Spanish Torture-Chamber, and member of the Teeside’s Amateurephotographers’ Society, including, Teeside’s Anger Management Unit. Fr Gant Padlock, foot fettish, panty wearing, parish priest in Dydiate… Cosy nights in, pleaauring one’s self on the sofa: whilst not alone.
… Not forgetting, Precious Precila Preston (telling big fat fibs in Police Statements and getting innocent people arrested… only to be released without chsrge!) Including Presious’ Private Secretary, CHAMPion-VVillians – fit as butcher’s puppy! 🐶 VD 🐤 Chicken chaser priest misbehaves… Errstwile decides to make her Sliritual Director at major seminary… what could POSSIBLY go wrong… 🏳️‍🌈Especially after G&T fueld late-night sessions at Chalie Barley’s Borremeo house of formation. “Give us a Pup… We’ll give you a dog!” Woof! Woof! Grrrr!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pulpit…
They have admitted liability, aswell as bei g found guilty of negligence by external professional bodies, however, tbey are relying on a gagging order to silence the victim.
However, there is an American site which will receal ALL coming VERY, VERY SOON.
Now, a UK Civil Court gagging order is NOT recognised in the Americas… link to follow…
Haplpy Easter and God bless.
If I may finish on a very serious note: these people need exposing because tgey are extremely DANGEROUS and are destroying the Body of Christ.


Re Fr Paul Taylor’s letter to priests, the clergy have absolutely nothing to worry about! They live in large houses with every expense covered, so whatever they “earn” is pocket money, which they spend on God’s knows what. Their biggest concern is the loss of the Easter “offering” and the terror that this might continue until the next hand-out at Christmas. Well, sorry about that, Father, but I am taking a 40% salary cut thanks to Covid-19 and am cutting my cloth accordingly without broadcasting my “plight”. Meanwhile a relative in London has just lost her job owing to Covid-19 and is subsisting on support from the appalling Department for Work and Pensions which doesn’t even cover the rent for her room in a shared house, which is smaller than the average London presbytery. As Father Jack used to say, Feck off!


9.13: You are totally wrong about salary and financial arrangements for priests. You need to locate truthful information and not this kind of deliberate misinformation. No point in bursting your lies with fact and truth!


7.55: You are correct. News to me…Should you not be more accommodating by using BEND OVER instead of Ben Dover? Guess you like the former very much…very suggestive pseudonym.


The Bishop of Galway has moved an abusing priest to a new post only in the last two years, cover up, cover up, cover up, smoke and mirrors.


The commission didn’t call Pell a liar but it might as well have.

There will be no “little trips” to Rome, Bp Pat.


I have a few points about Dermo “alfa romeo” Martin

1. He should have signed the letter.
2. He should have written the letter as a pastor to HIS priests.
3. He should have taken a pay cut too.
4. The pastoral “lazy” workers and admins should have taken a pay cut too.

It should be fair.


Diarmuid Martin’s downfall will be spectacular. The priests have their claws out. All the dirty laundry will come out!


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