Cardinal George Pell needs to be removed from the priesthood after the full details of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse findings were finally released, acknowledging he knew of child abuse in the Ballarat diocese. 

Pell allowed Gerald Ridsdale and others to continue to abuse children in their care for decades by simply moving them around to continue abusing 

I was a victim of Ridsdale over a period of years, living in the presbytery in Mortlake where he abused nearly every Catholic boy in the town, as well as number of young girls.

George Pell accompanied Ridsdale to court in the ’90s as a character reference. He claimed he did not know why he was going to court that day.

I ask Pell be dismissed from the clerical state and defrocked, or in the very least resign immediately. 

Pell attended consulters meetings in Ballarat Diocese were Ridsdale’s and other child abuse offending was discussed in Rome Pell quoted “ it was not of interest to me “ 

Please, help me get Pell removed from the protection of the Catholic Church in Australia and Rome.

The Church needs to face survivors and offer fair compensation, not the dismal offers you have made in the past 

The Pope needs to set an example, showing child abuse and the cover-up of child abuse is not acceptable and will be dealt with by the law of the land, not your canon law! 

Please, sign and share my petition and stand with survivors of child sexual abuse.

Paul Levey
Survivor of Gerald Ridsdale 

About my life and my abuse by the Catholic paedophile priest Gerald Francis Ridsdale

For those who don’t know my story here it is. Paul Levey


In the early 80’s my family was introduced to Gerald Francis Ridsdale, he was a Catholic priest from the Ballarat Diocese, he was studying at The National Pastoral Institute (Catholic study institute). A nun introduced him to my family.

I was going to St Bedes school Mentone Melbourne. We went on a camping trip to White Cliffs NSW with him and some of his family (Nephews who later I found out he was abusing as well and his brother) and some other adults. This was around 1980. The abuse (sexual and mental) started in the shower block at the local caravan park. This went on for two weeks. We then returned to Melbourne.
Over the next few years he would pick me up from school and abuse me at NPI (National Pastoral Institute a Catholic study institute in Melbourne. A part of Star of the Sea Catholic college) and at home we also went back to White Cliffs several times.

In late 1981 I was asked to leave St Bedes because my behaviour was getting out of hand, I was belted by de la Salle brothers daily.

In early 1982 I was caught not going to school, Ridsdale found out I was wagging so he suggested to my mother who was recently separated from my father that I should come up to Mortlake to live with him (Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale) at the presbytery. My father and he arranged for me to move to Mortlake with him, my mother was struggling with the separation, she was a practicing Catholic as she comes from a very strong Catholic family.

I lived there for approximately 6 months where I was abused on a daily basis. No one was there to help me.

I was a 13 year old in the country town without my family or friends, I got to make some friends in Mortlake and would always try to have them around as Ridsdale would not do anything to me in front of other kids.

I was later to find out he abused most of my young male friends and one girl. This also eats at me as I feel guilty for putting others in harms way with this monster called Father Ridsdale.

My mother hounded the then arch Bishop Ronald Mulkearns of the Ballarat diocese to let me go back to my mother but the bishop continually told her he could do nothing as the agreement about me living at the presbytery with Ridsdale was between him and my father!

Eventually some other parents and teachers (nuns from CRC – Catholic Regional College) from Mortlake went to Mulkearns and complained to him that Ridsdale was acting and doing inappropriate things to their children, so finally I was moved out to a family on a farm in Mortlake.

Later a nun from the Catholic Regional College Noorat rang my father and told him I needed to be picked up and taken back to Melbourne because I was not behaving and I was not in a good environment.

She knew what Ridsdale was doing !!!!!

So I went home to live and Ridsdale was moved to Sydney where he kept offending and he was moved to Mexico for help with his so-called homosexuality (pedophilia).

The church called it homosexuality FFS. Over these years Ridsdale kept in contact with my father, he even offered to marry me in the early 90’s !!!!
He also gave evidence at my mothers annulment which the church never gave her, she never spoke of this abuse to anyone.

This abuse took place over 3 years; I was an innocent child from a broken family !!!!
Around 1992 when I was 22 years old Derryn Hinch named and shamed Ridsdale on national TV, my father then contacted me and asked what went on with Ridsdale so I told him. I was then marched up to Sunbury police station where I made a formal statement.

My case was then handed over to the Warrnambool police; he was charged with hundreds of counts of sexual abuse to a child under 16 and received 22 years with an 18 year minimum sentence. He has been charged with 100s more and will never get out of jail. His list of victims and survivors continues to grow.

I never spoke of the abuse again until recent years.
I am now 48. Over the years he never hid the fact I was living at the presbytery. Most of the priests and bishops knew I was living at the presbytery; this has been proven at the Royal Commission into institutional Child Abuse. I have given statements at the Commission several times so has my mother.

There was documented proof the Ballarat diocese and Mulkearns and other priests knew I lived in the presbytery.

When the Royal Commission started I was known as “The Boy in the presbytery”.

I never spoke to my mother for years as she believed that it should be kept quite as she did not want to hurt the church.

When my children came along my partner Michele East got us speaking again, my mother came to Melbourne to give her statement and to listen to mine and many others who also gave their statement. She stopped going to church at 75 years old as this destroyed here faith as she could not return to church after hearing the priests and bishops lie, she also listened to other survivors and police statements.

All my statements have been proven in two Courts of law so to all of you who question my abuse you can go #^* yourself.

We started a Men’s Support Group in Sunbury to give survivors from Salesian support with their emotional turmoil and also give survivors from all childhood abuse that now live in the Sunbury area the real support they need both medically and legally.

After going to Ballarat and the Royal Commission I thought it was all about survivors supporting survivors but I have since learned not all survivors and their supporters think this way !!!!!!

After Rome this was destroyed. I have since seen and experienced the attacks on Social Media towards me. Maybe they need to have a good look at themselves.

No more lives need to be taken away !!!!
I have had numerous attempts to take my own life, sometimes it’s been because of what others have said; it’s that easy to push someone over the edge and if other survivors and their supporters are attempting to do this it’s a disgrace !!!!

Ballarat is not the only place this type of institutional childhood abuse was going on. Some people think Ballarat was the only place this abuse went on, some people need to wake up.

Last of all I do not protect pedophiles nor do I support pedophiles , I think they all deserve to be punished to the full force of the Law.

As for the Catholic survivors they need to remember that Catholic Cannon law protects pedophiles by allowing them to confess their crimes like child abuse in confession and the priest hearing this is not obliged to report it to anyone including the Law of our land !!!!!

I also do not condone what David Ridsdale did to another child abuse survivor! !!

if others are out there they need to come forward and press charges; I know this is not so easy but if you have the right support it can be done. This is not saying all Ballarat survivors are like this but only few.


Signed! Oh and Pat. Please ask to your followers to pray for Bishop Paul Swarbrick of Lancaster Diocese who has a fractured skull and nasty ear injury after falling off his bike whilst exercising. He has spent some time in hospital, but has now been discharged to recuperate at home. Our Lady Health of the sick Pray for him.


I am really sorry to hear about Bishop Paul. Word on the street was that he was a lovely man. A mixture of prayer and high intelligence.


And so the persecution of an innocent man continues .
Another set up that will result in the Cardinal being found
innocent of all charges .


I suppose it depends on one’s definition of innocence.
I’m told that in the eyes of the naive, the stupid or the indoctrinated cathbots the RC clergy can do no wrong. Would you agree with that statement Anon@ 5:54?


Paul Levey’s own father hadn’t the faintest idea his son was being abused by the priest. There is no evidence that Pell had either.


Once the father wasn’t there, the villain wants Paul as domestic accessory. His mother, a good woman in some ways, had problems with it until she decided to become a non-catholic. Is an authority figure, deemed qualified to be raised to consultor, supposed to be that pie-eyed? Is he not supposed to be alert and shrewd? Shrewd in perhaps right ways more than wrong ones? A balance? Perhaps the other local clergy had so despaired not only of police but of their own hierarchy, they cynically ignored the situation: they mostly didn’t have other homes to go to, and oaths darken the mind.

What I don’t seem to be getting during the well over 20 years this has been worldwide, is Pell having been pointing to “I told my boss and he told me to *i*s off and when I was promoted I told my new boss all this and I insisted he know where I stood on this” and he seemingly can’t point to that. He’d surely have been very vocal on these lines before 1996. Some Canadian laity and some US clergy were vocal about it long before then.

4.13, listen to Paul, “I was from a broken family”. Is your claimed lack of mercy when a child has got picked on, just a specific kind of trolling?


Edward Hauschild, seminarian for Portsmouth (what a surprise), studying at English College, Rome, is an interesting case study.


A cursory look at his Twitter account suggests a man who is in thrall to Cardinal Burke ! Bests experience of Rome ? Meeting Cardinal Burke ! Really ?!!!!


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Those Tweets scream alarm bells! Attending the EF – how soon before he’s celebrating it? – another High Mass with the ICSKP, swooning over Old Mother Burke, and the excruciating posts indicating his approval of his Bishop’s expression of his love affair with Mary, and how Humanae Vitae was a prophetic document – it was that alright but not in the way Phyllis imagines. Haven’t we been here before?And one can only wonder what he’s really like! Another one to watch indeed! We really need a Portsmouth checklist to keep track of things.


The red flag is on his own saying: join priest career path = conversion (even from a decent job). I understand all those “conversion” stories now.

He doesn’t have much grasp of Scripture – Jonah thought he was too holy, not too unholy. And Moses’ problem was different again.

We don’t need to be prospective clerics to cultivate mission focus. I don’t see bicycling campaigns (for example) to drum up vocations to laity.

He should have just saved up for fees for some studies on the side, preferably wider than just theology.


Bishop Buckley, how can possibly justify publishing mischievous and dangerous comments such as the above – from the spineless creature at 7:05am – and call yourself a follower of Jesus?


We allow free speech on here. Portsmouth is a diocese in the news for all the wrong reasons.


Well, it seems to me that 7:05 am has alerted us to someone who is exhibiting all sorts of strange tendencies and is not afraid to express them in his public Twitter account, and no doubt elsewhere. Why should they not be scrutinised by us ? This man is putting himself forward for pubic ministry and we have a right to know what he believes and what his churchmanship will be like. He may consider that he is following in the footsteps of his bishop in Portsmouth, but we all know what strange and odd ideas he is all about. The ministry is a public ministry, it is not a private little love affair between the seminarian and whatever pious devotion or liturgical or pastoral style he feels attracted to. It is quite right and proper that what he says and what he does is subject to scrutiny. After all, we will be paying his wages, and we are already paying for his training ! So, wind your outraged neck in on this one,1:39 pm !


Buckley at 1:42pm – malicious gossip and mischief do not fall under the ambit of “free speech”.

As a so-called, self-described “Christian” surely you are bound by the law of charity and the 8th commandment?

What you allow and encourage is a ‘free for all’ of the most vile, lurid and wicked commentary.

Even in the cases where there is sin, what you do here is similar to those who would have stoned to death the woman caught in adultery. It’s a disgrace.

The way of the Christian is not to expose a sinner to public shaming and public shredding by a baying crowd of unseen wolves. To do so is – in itself – a very grave and deadly sin and, ultimately, it will all recoil upon your own head.


What was mischievous and dangerous? The seminarian chooses to advertise his predilections on Twitter, and, as he is offering himself for public ministry, surely it is not only legitimate but very necessary to ask some questions about his views and associations?


These days the Dominicans give me the creeps, and I wouldn’t want them anywhere near chaplaincy work.


Reckon precedent of defrocking for covering up won’t happen.

Potentially hundreds would/could be defrocked.
You would end up with more frockless than frocked before very long!


11.32:MMM – please give us visions and roadmaps for better living. Please tell me where I can find testimony to your good without God legacies…you must have plenty to write about. The world needs a new vision for humanity, for our interaction and our interdependence with and for one another. How can we all be cared for and equal in your vision?


Anon I have no personalised individual prescription devised or specific to myself, so make no claim in that respect. I simply follow a way of thinking and action predating organised religions developed from when humankind became conscious of our mutual interdependence.
Its ethos has been incorporated into many religions: so much so that many devout religious believers assume it as unique to their creed. “Do as you would be done by.”


I can well see why the Royal Commission’s comments on Pell were redacted while his trial(s) were happening. They are so comprehensively damning that they would most certainly have muddied the waters of justice in his trail(s).

I accept and respect the decision of the High Court to quash Pell’s conviction. That, de facto, is now past history and there is no point in rehearsing it again. it is simply not going to be repeated and in terms of the criminal justice system in Australian Pell is not going to be convicted. I doubt if new charges, of which there is talk, will get past the first couple of hurdles, and won’t end up in the criminal courts. As for civil claims against him, they may well occur, although they will not result in criminal conviction.

That leaves the role of Canon Law and the Church’s responsibilities in this matter. I have no doubt that the right way to proceed is for the Church to undertake investigation in to this whole business, and even if, as is likely, they arrive at the conclusion that there is no criminal case to answer, they should still look closely at the Royal Commission’s evidence and findings in respect of how Pell dealt with cases when he was in a position of responsibility. That may well suggest that he was culpable of ignoring, covering up, not taking seriously enough the abuse cases that came across his desk. If found wanting in this area, then it is not impossible that the Church could take some action against him, including removing him from the College of Cardinals, perhaps even removing him from ministry. Pell may well have no case to answer in the criminal courts, but he does have to answer for his actions in other areas and other cases. That is right and just. The Church has to be seen to look at these matters.


I think you need to be fair to the Church. Quite rightly they have had to wait until the criminal process in Australia had run its course. That now being the case, it is the right and proper time for the canon law process to begin. I guess it will take some time, but I’m pretty sure that the wheels will already be turning. Watch and wait.


9:56 & 10:25

I’m speaking in general terms.

It is possible the Church may be seen to do what is right and just in this particular case simply because it is such a very high profile media case.

But look at the McCarrick case and how the Church dealt with him initially until media exposure.


Yes, that’s why Pell needs further media exposure.
Re the comments above about covering up crime and how many would be defrocked – criminality needs to be dealt with by the law because the church thinks it is above the law. A willingness to hide crime has been the standard MO of bishops and this needs to come out, including how recent it has been. The reality of criminal behaviour then needs to sink in with the faithful because people have been indoctrinated to think it is persecution.


Was Cardinal Pell simply following orders from the Vatican in covering up child sexual abuse perpetrated by priests? If so, is it morally right for him to be defrocked? If he is defrocked surely other senior prelates must also be defrocked.


Yes surely they should – however I would venture to say they should continue to be supported by the church – out here we’ve got enough trouble.



Pell knew that for years as he did nothing to correct it. He and all other cardinals and bishops have sworn an oath of secrecy for their lifetime. The less you know the better is for these cardinals and bishops including PF as well.

Pell deserves to be totally defrocked but I amn’t expecting too much from the vatican. The Vatican tends to cover their cardinals and bishops with a confidentiality clause if they want to get out.

Their arrogance, sheer hypocrisy, mental reservations with lies, dishonesty, and what else that could describe them more accurately.

I could sum up here – the Vatican including cardinals, bishops et al can’t be TRUSTED whatsoever in any way, shape or form. Cos they have had known their problems for decades as they are incapable of changing themselves.

I prayed that God would allow me to leave the Catholic Church cos I couldn’t bring myself to support the church saddled with corruption, scandals, hypocrites in any way shape or form. In other words I dont want to be associated with them nor give money to them.


Cormac could have received a quite light penalty from the secular establishment and the worldwide Church would have been so different in so few years.


Though it had its problems with C Smith, Sa-vile . . . So the Church should have taken its own lead.


Any seminarian chasing Burke, lace and latin Masses is unsuitable for ordination, in my opinion.


Saw Burke few years ago in Ireland. Was shocked to see him over dressing with a tail all the way back in Latin Mass which I bumped into a church for quick prayer. It was absurd but bit comical to watch him. He gave me creeps which bothered me. Shades of repressed homosexuality I think although I could be wrong. Lace and overdressing tad way too much and not right in this modern age. It put me off big time re Burke and his overdressing gown.


Pat you need to choose what type of seminarian is acceptable to you

1. An openly gay man, who relates well to people, who may or may not be sexually active.
2. A repressed mother burke type who dresses up, like lace, dictates law and is celibate.


I dont think the choice is that simple.
Many of the Mother Burke types cruise saunas etc when they are not dressed in lace and talking in Latin.
There is a difference between openly gay and being sexually active when you are publicly professing celibacy.


Burke’s fruitflies are werewhores, Bp Pat, who shapeshift into a whore after every Mass. The transformations are invariably associated with heavy drinking and gay porn.


I don’t think it’s that simple either.
I would also wonder how it would be for a man who knows he is gay but genuinely believes the church’s teaching that it is disordered – this man would obviously be celibate. I am sure he would also not feel the need to be open about his orientation, and I think for the sake of consistency he would probably avoid priesthood or religious life. This approach would be one of genuine consistency.
But I think the problem is that the people being taken on are not consistent and certainly from what I have seen here way too young and apparently don’t even believe the faith they claim to have a vocation to represent.
Some may not even be bothered by this.
They certainly give the impression of sowing wild oats which should have been done well before considering priesthood.
The sort of seminarians I would like to see are certainly older, show stability in their personal or professional life and while this would obviously be internal forum, a stability in their inner life.
I think some older people come to celibacy gradually and I also think the idea of having ‘a vocation’ can pressurise people unknowingly to misinterpret experience. The older approach was to see if people could live the life and see their vocation in that.


Pat I do hope Special Branch will be successful in gaining a Crown Prosecution against the 5 Armagh Priests and the Armagh Maynooth Seminarian. Justice will prevail.


History will look back on Eamon Martin as either protecting abusers or decisively acting to protect our young people from online grooming.


4.52 Did you get rejected or something as you keep going on about this gang of 6.

Can I assure you that the Archbishop thinks it is all spiteful gossip with NO facts.

So can you please contact Archbishop Eamon with your FACTS.

As your old record daily about these 6 keeps play No regrets.
Here is the Address:
Archbishop Eamon Martin
Ara Coeli
Cathedral Road
ARMAGH BT61 7QY is his secretary

He awaits all the FACTS.


5.27: All the gurls are quarantined in Larne….pissed out of their minds..🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😄😅😅🦁🦁😆😆😣🤗🙂☺😎…


Damian Thompson has an intriguing comment about Cardinal Pell’s accuser.


Witnesses come way down on the pecking order. Pell was going to admit the witness was used. But Damian isn’t keen to expose by whom. Not impressive for an ex-journalist or a pretend Catholic.


As long as some regard “catholic” to mean more than a denomination, there will always be quibbles over a word like that. When it’s just a denomination, it doesn’t matter.


Well, poor Damian is tormented by his own demons – but I forgive him for his espousal of Joanna Bogle type nonsense owing to his priceless collection in honour of the late Brian Brindley – a masterpiece of compassion and understanding… the book I mean, not Brian himself!


One reply said, “Our jaws can’t drop any further when it comes to child sex abuse in the Catholic church.”


The accuser has a history of mental health problems. But the jury were not allowed to be told such stuff. That’s in the public domain already. I have no doubt to suspect that there are all sorts of strange things and anomalies about Pell’s accusers – damaged and delusional, but seemingly able to put on a convincing act. Anyhow, the fact is, after reviewing all the evidence. 7 High Court judges have decided that Pell is innocent. That means he did not do it. In fact they said he could not have done it.



Just because a person has a mental health issue doesn’t mean the person is telling lies.

Gaslighting is frequently used by an accused to discredit. I know of a situation where a doctor was raping vulnerable female patients. He claimed the accusations they made against him were symptoms of their ‘ illness ‘. Turned out in the wash the women were right, the doctor was a rapist. He was a psychopath, very dangerous man.


7.57: “It” is not the subject of the justified public concern for three decades but an arranged diversion, as you haven’t mentioned.



The intiguing thing about Thompson isn’t his comment, but his overweening, conservative-Catholic pomposity.

In a word, he’s a condescending and supreme bore.


Religious maniacs lorded it over him, implying he’d be a loser if he delayed pursuing his secret idolatry to copycat them. He isn’t even “material”. He should study chemistry (not electronics).


A royal commission is not a.court. It does not follow the rules of evidence nor is it governed by statute law. It is simply an inquiry that delivers findings. If there are clear breaches of the law it refers these to the police or public prosecutor. There was no referring of any matter against Cardinal Pell to the prosecutors. Pell’s testimony was no different than every other member of the Consultors of Ballarat Who gave evidence, namely that the Bishop never informed them that Ridsdale had committed acts against children. They were informed that he needed to be moved. He was considered difficult and at a later stage they were given an oblique reference to his having difficulty with homosexual attraction. It should be noted that most bishops of the time regarded the Consultors as a group that they needed to pass their decisions through, rather than being a group for honest discussion. Cardinal Pell as the youngest priest on the Consultors had no special information and definitely no power to influence. The Royal
Commission reached findings on its own perceptions and maybe bias rather than clear evidence.


A well thought out and balanced comment.
I believe that Cardinal Pell has been set up by atheists/secularists and all sorts because of his opposition to abortion and ssm.


Evidence is evidence for what it is evidence of so “bias” is probably the wrong word. Pell is part and parcel of the unprincipled Victorian secular establishment. Have they compensated Denis Ryan?

Then there is the far more recent case of the housemates of that priest in South Wales who “knew something or other but didn’t ask”. Smith was appointed behind the archbishop’s back – in a strange contrast with the CMOC affair. JP wanted the arch to stay on.

Pell should have used what knowledge he did have – and I believe the unscriptural monarchical stuff – to better effect as he climbed the greasy tree and it was plain from soon after 1986 he wasn’t doing so.



Why should he be examining his conscience? If he believes that Pell is guilty in these matters, hasn’t he a right to sign the petition?

I, too, believe that Pell , for many years, both facilitated and enabled the sexual abuse of minors by perverted Romanist parasites and moochers; for this reason, I signed the petition, and in perfectly quiet conscience.


7:37 pm

How could Pell not know of sexual abuse perpetrated by priests?
It’s not credible.


@5:52 if you like that, you’ll love Luke Bradbury’s facebook profile. Biretta’s, Bitching and Backbiting. Luke is a 4th year Salford seminarian


I can’t find it. Please would you put up a link, if you get a chance. I saw a photo of him on the Oscott page. Not much fasting and abstinence going on, by the look of it. In my limited experience, chubs are the most vicious of all queens.


5.26: Thank you for your response to my comment at 3.14. If only we could debate these matters occasionally with due respect and tolerance what a more enlightened blog this would be. I accept your understanding of pre Christian ideals and virtues but for me, Christ gives a definitive expression to what I believe is the total essence of a good human being and of the God he incarnate and represents. That is my guide while I am inspired by wonderful poetry, philosophy, art and music which have their roots and origins in Christian mysticism, visions and beauty.


8.16: The mighty one who lowers the tone of this blog is back…Repetitive condescending and ignorant as usual. Go back to your cave, you slug. You are the preposterous entity on this blog…🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐴🐴🐴🐴..


The Royal commission has painted a portrait of a concealing, mendacious and deceitful old man, This is George Pell.

To date Pell resides at the Sydney Archdiocesan seminary, If as I now believe all seminaries are homoerotic environments surely it begs the question- Why is Pell there?

The Archbishop of Sydney signed off on this matter and needs to be asked about Pell;s suitability to be living in such a world


+Pat did not publish that video, he merely highlighted its Hyper-Threat Terminal Protocol link to which YOU clicked on…! It is published from a crappy Xeon server which is located in Portsmouth; which, if I may say, is very old… Windows Server 2019 is FAR more secure that WS 2012. Come, Now! Ye sons of Art, Come away!
+Pat is NOT the publisher, therefore he is NOT responsible for its contents.


What’s your reason for mentioning Dominicans?

And why ought they, in your opinion, be far removed from chaplaincy?


Eamon Martin must engage in the reconciliation process with Maynooth Survivors. Pat it’s not about money, it’s about Justice and accountability. Hugh Connolly must face the Courts for his role in the Maynooth systematic abuse cover up. The David Dysky case is one example involving two of Eamon Martin’s Seminarians.


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