Assessment of Vos Estis Lux Mundi on Its First Anniversary — Statement by Anne Barrett Doyle, Co-Director, (781-439-5208 cell)

May 9, 2020 –  A year ago, Pope Francis enacted new procedures for investigating bishops accused of abuse or of covering up clergy sex crimes.

Last Thursday, on May 7, one year to the day since Vos Estis Lux Mundi was promulgated, we learned of what might be its first removal of a complicit bishop.

two-line announcement in the Vatican’s daily bulletin noted that the Pope had accepted the resignation of Bishop Joseph R. Binzer from the office of the auxiliary of the Cincinnati archdiocese. The lay Catholic online publication Crux cites an unidentified Vatican source as confirming that Binzer had been subject to an investigation under the norms of Vos Estis. This raises the possibility that Binzer was found guilty of violating Vos Estis’ norms pertaining to reporting or cover-up or both. We can’t be sure, however; neither the Pope nor his proxies have made any comment. 

Assuming that Binzer indeed is the first complicit bishop to be removed under Vos Estis, some might point to the case as a sign that Vos Estis is working. Seen differently, it reveals serious flaws in the Pope’s plan. 

Despite repeatedly concealing allegations against a priest now slated to be tried for child rape, Binzer remains not only an archdiocesan priest, but a bishop, with the prestige and financial benefits that status entails.

Is this what passes for ‘accountability’ under the Pope’s new law? An opaque process, Vatican control, papal silence, and the softest of landings for an official who twice ignored allegations against a priest?

This looks less like progress than business as usual. Yet Vos Estis was touted by Vatican spokespeople and commentators as “landmark” and “revolutionary.” Archbishop Charles Scicluna called it a “watershed,” adding that “the silence, omertà and cover-ups can now become a thing of the past.”

An end to cover-up is unlikely, given Vos Estis’ insularity from start to finish. Few recent papal decrees underscore as clearly the subordinate status of laypeople. Vos Estis requires every decision-maker in the accountability process to be at the level of bishop or higher. No priests, and certainly no laypeople, are permitted to have an authoritative role. Vos Estis even prevented the USCCB from initiating a permanent lay commission to review allegations against bishops. 

In a piece praising the new law, canon law expert Kurt Martens observed that Vos Estis re-affirms the hierarchical structure of the Catholic church and so “reminds us what it means to be truly Catholic.”

“Independent review boards for bishops go against this fundamental principle of Catholic ecclesiology, and would set our Catholic Church on a slow but sure course towards fragmentation and, ultimately, Protestantism,” Martens wrote.

Canon lawyer Edward Peters noted that Vos Estis reflects the fact that “the ecclesiological obstacles to authoritative ‘lay involvement’ in episcopal disciplinary matters are formidable and, in my view, ultimately insurmountable.”

 “Christ founded his Church on popes and bishops, and He knew what He was about when He did so; the solution to the clergy sexual abuse, and to the hierarchic failings related to that abuse, must be found within that structure, not a new one,” Peters explains.

Active Vos Estis investigations

If Binzer was indeed a Vos Estis case, it’s the only one that, to our knowledge, has been concluded. We are tracking five other bishop investigations that are ongoing. Two have been verified as Vos Estis cases by the Vatican; two are possible Vos Estis cases; and a fifth is a potential Vos Estis case, with an investigation that’s been requested but not yet authorized by the Vatican.

What’s known of the cases so far does not inspire trust in the Vos Estis process. The cases exhibit inappropriate fraternal loyalty, Vatican stalling, and a lack of transparency. 

Cardinal Dolan after being tasked with investigating the bishop of Brooklyn: “I love the guy”
In January, the Vatican directed New York archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan to investigate an allegation that Brooklyn bishop Nicholas DiMarzio had sexually abused an altar boy in the 1970s. Dolan made no effort to appear impartial. On his radio show in February, he discussed the challenge of investigating his friend and neighbor. “I love the guy, he’s a good friend, he’s never had an accusation against him his whole life,” Dolan said. “But in November, somebody made an accusation from way, way, way, way, back — 48 years or so ago — and, as much as Bishop DiMarzio said ‘This is preposterous, this is ridiculous, this is unjust,’ darn it, we have to take it seriously.”

Polish cardinals publicly support bishop accused of sexually abusing a girl
In Poland, in another active Vos Estis case, Krakow’s auxiliary bishop Jan Szkodoń is being investigated by the church for alleged sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl. Two of Poland’s most prominent churchmen went public to voice their support — for their colleague, not the victim. Warsaw archbishop Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz expressed “great empathy” for Szkodoń, saying that the accusation “doesn’t fit.” Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, former archbishop of Krakow, powerful ally of Pope John Paul II and protector of Father Maciel and Cardinal Groër, released a statement saying that he sees the accused bishop as “a priest of deep inner life, prayer and sensitivity to man… The allegations … hurt many people for whom Bishop Jan is an authority, father and friend.”

Still no Vatican ruling on Crookston bishop despite his admission under oath to mishandling cases. 
Last September, controversial Crookston bishop Michael Hoeppner became subject to what reportedly was the first Vos Estis investigation for cover-up, after Vatican officials green-lighted Archbishop Bernard Hebda’s request to launch a probe. Hebda sent the Vatican his report on Hoeppner in November, around the time that Hoeppner’s deposition in a civil case was made public as part of a settlement. In the deposition, Hoeppner admits to mishandling priests accused of child sexual abuse. Despite his admission and other strong evidence, along with growing public demand for his removal, Hoeppner remains in office. In February, the Vatican directed Hebda to investigate further. It still has given no word on when a ruling will be issued. 

In New Zealand, laity is given no details about accused bishop’s removal
The people of the Palmerstown North diocese in New Zealand know only that Bishop Charles Drennan had to resign due to “unacceptable” sexual behavior with a young woman. They’ve been told nothing else about the bishop’s wrongdoing, his current whereabouts or his future standing with the church. 

The Vatican ignores deadline for responding to request for Nienstedt investigation.
Vos Estis stipulates that the Vatican must respond within 30 days to an archbishop’s request for an investigation. It’s been nine months since St. Paul MN archbishop Bernard Hebda asked the Congregation for Bishops to allow him to investigate the actions of his predecessor, the disgraced archbishop John Nienstedt. Hebda has received no response. We know of the stalled case only because the archdiocese’s court-appointed ombud decided to go public. Former prosecutor Thomas Johnson told the online publication Crux that the Vatican’s delay is “unacceptable” and “risks undercutting the trust and transparency that the [Vos Estis] protocols were intended to help restore, particularly among victim survivors.”



Founded in 2003 and based in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a large online archive of documents, reports, and news articles documenting the global abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. An independent non-profit, it is not a victims’ advocacy group and is not affiliated with any church, reform, or victims’ organization. Its online priest database tracks more than 6,500 U.S. clergy who have been accused publicly of sexually abusing minors.

Contact for

Anne Barrett Doyle, Co-Director,, 781-439-5208 cell
Terence McKiernan, Founder and Co-Director,, 508-479-9304


Francis punishment for cover up bishops is early retirement to a luxury villa with full pension rights?

How is that a PUNISHMENT for cover up?

Safeguarding should be absolutely separate from the RCC.

State agencies should do safeguarding, not he RCC mafia.




In a piece praising the new law, canon law expert Kurt Martens observed that Vos Estis re-affirms the hierarchical structure of the Catholic church and so “reminds us what it means to be truly Catholic.”
Note hierarchy includes the new movements, whose top people are technically laity.
With “praise” like that, who am I to damn?


The RCC can’t be a democracy because it doesn’t catechise and doesn’t teach or use discernment. The good bishops and priests get their efforts hampered and countered from within the hierarchy, from what I’ve seen.


Bishop Buckley, despite his declared hatred of censorship, exercises this privilege regularly, and arbitrarily. I have far less respect for him on account of this, since it smacks of utter, moral cowardice, not to mention disengenuity.
This vile, Latino, Romanist pope is a filthy, pot-bellied LIAR. He has as much intention of transparency as Buckley has of… of conversational openness. 😕


12.02: You, Magna, are an embarrassnent to yoyrself but your moral and spiritual blindness is so complete that you are now st the bottom of your gutter. All you seek here is attention. You become the crying, nasty little baby when you can’t get your bullying way. This blog enjoyed some wonderful few days when you were absent. All civilised, intelligent and interesting commentary. You need to grow up, little bully boy.


It is much more pleasant when he is not lurking about, seeking attention, domineering, ranting and Wikipedia copying.


12.02: What a horrid little creep you have turned into, Magna! Your comment reveals an inner sickness of mind and soul, a decaying spirit. On return from retreat after a week or less, you want your own commentary to dominate. Perhaps if you allowed some human decency and rationality flow a little, Pat might accommodate you, as he has done too often, to the detriment of his blog at times. Why so much narcissistic cravings, the need for domination, the unquenchable attention seeking, the propensity to mock, tear down and condemn all before you? These are not inspiring traits in your multi layered, troubling personality. Don’t inflict yourself in its unsuitability and ugliness on us, ever again. Start your own blog. Then you can be a right, nasty brat ad infinitum!!


12.02: Pat, you should “defrock” this monster bigot and hater. There cannot be any acquiescence to this person again. Delete him for eternity since he has ridiculed you in an unkind and unacceptable way. This composite of a person is horribly wounded and in need of professional therapy. May he seek this soon.


I have been very indulgent of Magna. And much of his material during the day is good. But I just cannot publish some if his nocturnal stuff.


When the drink’s in, the wit’s out.

Expect to see a toe-curling apology from MC to Pat when MC has sobered up a bit.


Top tip: never post on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any other public forum if you’ve been on the sauce.


Magna might need to hear cunning baffling powerful. And say I cannot control people places or things.


9.18: Now Pat you finally admit there is a pernicious side to Magna that does not deserve any publicity, day or night. This is a dangerous man. He us an abuser, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. His rhetoric is inflamable. It us underpinned by a vicious hatred of all things Catholic and he is the greatest inciter of hatred I’ve ever witnessed. Bin him forever.


Magna writes many erudite commentaries. But some of the phrases he uses, especially during his nocturnal emissions are not for publication. I have never liked the use of the word “scum” in relation to human beings. There are many evil human beings in the world and indeed in the RCC. But no matter how low people sink I cannot call them scum.



Reading your post made me think of Jesus of Nazareth. He was all those things you say of me. And his rhetoric was even more inflammable than mine: consider where it finally landed him.

Historically, movers and shakers (those who have diverted time’s meandering course) have never been conventional: they’ve always upset guardians of the status quo, people like you ‘Faaather’.

And you know what I think of people like you priest: it’s a four-lettered word, but Bishop Buckley’s moral sensitivity will not allow its expression.

But you know it anyhow, don’t you? 😄


Bishop Pat, it is your blog, which of course allows you to publish, or not to publish, according to your taste. But is it honest, then, to say that you ‘HATE CENSORSHIP’? You actually stated this on your blog, some time ago; and you stated it in upper-case (‘capital’) letters.
Sometimes certain words or phrases are the only ones that can fully and specifically express a person’s reaction to a horrid event or people, even though these words and phrases might be considered socially impolite, and unacceptable.
Do you remember what you said to the husband of the lady who complained, interminably and insufferably, about a friend of yours who was smoking a cigar in the ‘Smoking Section’ of the Europa Hotel, in Belfast? This was its giste:
Tell your mother and father that I wish them well for their marriage.
It was a cutely polite, but socially unacceptable way of calling the irate gentleman ‘bastard’.
I detest, more than words can express, Romanist priesthood and Romanist priests; and for understandable reasons.
The words ‘scum’, ‘vermin’, ‘parasites’, ‘leeches’, ‘spongers’, ‘moochers’ are the only apt words I have to express not just the detestation I feel for these s… (Oops! There I nearly went again.), but actually what they are, in part, doing to their so-called ‘flocks’ (unjustly living off them financially, and in other ways).
Since you object to the word ‘scum’ (and, I think, ‘vermin’), I shall stop expressing it, but every Romanist parasite who reads my posts henceforth will know that this is what was subliminally intended by me.
God bless us everyone.😅


Dear Magna, I understand how strongly you feel about certain matters. But the very worst of people are made in the image and likeness of God and hopefully will enter eternity through God’s mercy. I think there are some words that we should not use about human beings and you have such a good command of the English language at your disposal. You might be surprised to how many nasty comments about you I bin including three today.



Bishop Pat, Lucifer, too, was made in the image you described. Should we be polite about him? Because he will not be polite about us.


What is it with Francis and abuse? The secular media lets him get away with stuff they would have devoured Benedict for, if he had done it.

He harbours Zancetta, said the accusers of Barros were liars, rehabilitated Inzoli (who abused again), brought back McCarrick, held a useless talking shop in Rome and intervened to stop the USCCB from introducing tough new sanctions, including for bishops.


Pat, I read this morning that Archbishop Polak who is head of the Church in Poland has asked the Vatican to properly investigate the cover up of Clerical sex abuse in Poland. I’m not sure where that will lead. What worries me as a Priest in England is that there are SOME Polish priests in the UK, Ireland, the USA and many other countries who left Poland in the past 30 years and until recently under a cloud and secrecy. I fear this could be another scandal. I know some who left Poland overnight and never to return home.


Yes. Someone submitted a comment / info this morning which I’ll publish tomorrow. We could have been the new home of Polish paedophike priests!


Likewise, Ireland could have been the exporter of Missionary priest paedophiles and womanizers to the foreign missions who’ve since returned home.


You reckon? I should coco! The Postulator for the cause of JPII assures us that he had investigated every angle of the “saint’s” life and found not a shadow of doubt regarding his alleged cover-up of characters such as Maciel. In a surreal instance of shooting himself in the foot, the Polish Monsignor admits that he based this “assurance” not on the Vatican’s own records, which are conveniently sealed off for the next 75 years, but on assurances he had received from Cardinals Sodano and Bertone at the Secretariat of State. See Frederic Martel’s book for character references for the probity of these two.


10.40: Mire innuendo and slander. Print and validate your allegations and sources. Outrageous comment. I bet you won’t print that some believe we import terrorists through Islamists!! You wouldn’t survive a day….


English Priest I agree. You must desist immediately from providing Patsy with tittle tattle. You are only helping him to attack the Church. You are damaging your soul and helping Satan who only wants to attack our good priests and bishops. You must make immediate reparation and a confession. I will pray for you. Do not send anymore info. Ave Maria.


Father, dont listen to oul How do you solve a problem like MARIA.
Keep the Intel flowing 😝


Well! If it isn’t Barking Bellarmine back to bite…whatever. 😩
Satan (God bless ‘im!) can’t attack ‘good priests and bishops’… because they don’t exist, except in your ever-so-tiny, deferntially subservient mind.😩 Instead, he, and his demons, are laughing themselves into high, and good 😇, humour at the moral self-harming of dirty Romanist clergy. They have never had such fun!💃
Hell has never been so…heavenly? 😕


Tittle tattle, sir? I recall the wise observation of my old mentor, Dom Athelstan Rutherford, over the port at the Travellers’ Club, that there was something about the Vatican that wasn’t quite cricket.


There’s something not quite right about you 2.18pm. Maybe too much port perhaps and your tedious name dropping and your clubs. You’re the boring twit that keeps going on about Ampleforth and the English Benedict’s zzzzzz. As they say here, away and catch yerself on.


No flies on you, Lottie! You should go on Mastermind. Special subject: stating the bleeding obvious. And BTW I have no interest in Ampleforth and have never made any reference to the place.




I’m quite taken with Dom Athelstan Rutherford and his lettered urbanity.

And the Benedictines do a wonderful line in fortified wine (Buckfast), which poor fellows like me, down on their luck and revenues, can comfortably afford.

Ahh! There is nothing quite like a Saturday night’s under The Arches, with a brown-bagged bottle of Buckfast, and no need to move to toilet oneself.



The Tablet hated JPII and Benedict and they worship Francis. Everything in that declining publication is written from those perspectives. Therefore, whatever is in the Tablet has to taken with a massive pinch of salt.



Presumably then, you worship at the slipper-clad feet of two priest-paedophile protectors/facilitators, of whom the second is a dirty ex-Nazi.

Oh! Don’t take too much salt in those pinches of yours: it isn’t healthy.

On second thought, idulge your sodium appetite to your heart’s discontent, because the sooner the Church is rid of Catholics like you, the better.

Pax vobiscum. 😄


Alcoholics, on the whole, fall into three categories when they are in their cups: jovial; maudlin; or vicious. Poor MC is vicious. He needs help.

If Pat was a true friend he’d take him into the Oratory to dry him out, though alcoholics need to want to get better or it is a waste of everyone’s time.



Well, at least I’m not maudlin. (Always look on the bright side, eh?😉)

And I am, occasionally not just jovial, but jocular! 😃 Have you read ALL my posts today? Side-splittin’ humour … gratis. 😆

But vicious? I love vicious, because in so far as Romanist priests are concerned, these utter, life-draining parasites and moochers deserve little else. Ho ho ho 😄😄😄

(Ack! I’m a rascal, so I am. 😛)


2.24: Magner Carter, by 5.45 (below), is too blink-ered to unmask your nifty reverse ad hominem (admitting to truth spoken by the “wrong” people).


After reading that @3.15pm I’m off this blog. When we are struggling with lockdown and trying to stay positive then who needs this toxic and vicious nastiness. It’s totally put me right off and I personally blame Pat. If this is your attempt at being controversial then it’s very bad taste.



Oh, don’t be so affronted, priest: your mock shock doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

I’m sure you’ve done much, much worse, or have known of much, much worse by your colleagues, when you nevertheless looked away.

You utter hypocrites!


I shall pass on Magna’s kind compliment to Dom Athelstan, who is at present toiling selflessly in partibus infidelium.


The reaction of “Magna Carta” to being “censored” in the early hours is indicative of what a really sick puppy the is creature behind all this trolling.

It must have been really off its trolley and out of its tree though for Pat Buckey not to publish for he very rarely spares us any of the apparently “erudite” unveilings of the twisted little mind of this faceless and spineless cyber phantom.

Get over yourself “Carta”. And seek help because your hatred and bitterness has obviously totally unhinged you.


Precisely 7:53pm – you can just imagine the sad old git hunched over its tablet – furiously typing its invectives – coming back every so often to ensure its “erudite” diatribes of hate speech are published – whilst flitting between various websites which cater for its *ahem* other proclivities and interests 😉🙄


Carta’s behaviour over his “censorship” puts one in mind of a boorish drunk, mooching down the local and propping up the bar, glowering, growling and muttering at everyone who comes in, butting in obnoxiously on peoples’ conversations, getting louder and more aggressive as the evening wears on, until eventually getting so drunkenly nasty that the barman has to kick his fat ass out on to the street. 😆😁



Are you the one in ‘…puts one in mind…? Of course you are. God bless the one…’one’. 😅

Actually, my ass is quite fit, not fat, like those of most Romanist parasites, scroungers, spongers, leeches, and moochers… (I do so much love eulogising these guys.)

I mountain-bike, regularly. And I am one fit son… That Americanism. You know it. 😃


Maggie at 8:18pm – yeah you “mountain-bike” in your dreams – the same dreams you have about slim, blond, blue eyed young gents 😁😆😂


That’s the usual pattern. Once again Pat allows him to hijack the blog and make it all about him.

Maynooth has many flaws but at least it stopped his ordination going ahead.


Was MC an seminarian? Surprised cos his language doesn’t fit the image and also, stereotype of an seminarian. I would rather guess that MC would be better off not as a priest.
Moochers are apt also romanist.
Thought occurred to me that RCC can’t have a monopoly on God. God is for everyone.


Magna wants attention ignore the drunkard. He still lives at home in his parents house. That says it all really. The failed seminarian who rants about the church every day and lives with his leg father…what a pathetic life. No wonder he drinks 😂


9.09: You are right. Thus pathetic composite in all its danger, Magna, is best ignored. How sad he lives at home….His father must feel very threatened by his ugly presence. We’re I a neighbour I’d report this sod.. to Age Action…He is an endangerment…


9.04: Aren’t we all glad that Mags Saggy was flipped out of the seminary. The church would be facing many lawsuits because of his bullying, abusiveness and intimidarory tactics. He is one big coward hiding behind a laptop 8r whatever machine devises to spew iutbhis venom. My God, wise men saw his dysfunctionality, unsuitability and dangerous personality and since then he has sunk deep into drink, self loathing and psychological sickness, almost to the point of emitional retardation and death. All that he despises about himself is projected onto others. A deeply hurt Magna is now a danger to his own well-being.


Magna is a wannabe sapiosexual. I am sure the only one who finds him witty is his dear old dad. Time to fly the nest magna. Get a job and get a life. The irony of calling priests parasites when it is YOU who is the parasite all your life. That intellect you say you have never got you anywhere did it? No job, no home of your own, no friends, no boyfriend and yet you seem to think we care what a loser like you thinks? aw bless 😂


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