Polish paedophile film mars John Paul II centenary

After the film “Hide and Seek” was seen by almost 80,000 people on YouTube, Polish archbishop Wojciech Polak called on the Vatican to “launch proceedings” into the cases in question.

Polish archbishop refers child abuse negligence case to Vatican

Joanna Plucinska and Alicja Ptak

Bishop Edward Janiak attends an event in Wroclaw, Poland May 12, 2006. In an unprecedented move in religious Poland, the Catholic primate on Saturday notified the Vatican of a Polish bishop accused of helping shield priests who were known to sexually abuse children after a film was released depicting his actions. Picture taken May 12, 2006. Pawel Koziol/Agencja Gazeta via


FILE PHOTO: Archbishop Wojciech Polak speaks with media representatives after extraordinary sitting of Polish bishops, at the Polish Episcopate headquarters in Warsaw, Poland May 22, 2019. Agencja Gazeta/Slawomir Kaminski/via

WARSAW (Reuters) – The Polish Catholic Church’s most senior archbishop notified the Vatican on Saturday of a Polish bishop accused of shielding priests known to have sexually abused children.
The referral, unprecedented in the deeply religious country, will test procedures introduced by the Vatican last year to hold to account bishops accused of turning a blind eye to child sex abuse.

The Vatican is now expected to assign an investigator to the case.

“I ask priests, nuns, parents and educators to not be led by the false logic of shielding the Church, effectively hiding sexual abusers,” Poland’s Primate Wojciech Polak said in a statement published on Saturday.

“There is no place among the clergy to sexually abuse minors. We do not allow for the hiding of these crimes.”

The case came to prominence after a film by brothers Tomasz and Marek Sekielski, released on Saturday, showed how bishop Edward Janiak, based in the city of Kalisz, failed to take action against priests who were known to have abused children.

Janiak, who is still practicing, has not commented directly on the allegations. He did not respond to a request for comment by Reuters.

In Janiak’s defence, the Kalisz curia said the parents of one of the alleged victims portrayed in the film did not follow the right procedure.
“The recording in the film doesn’t show the whole conversation. It doesn’t show the part where we say that the parents should’ve expressed their concerns to the prosecutor immediately,” it said in a statement.

The Sekielski brothers released another film last year that suggested that known paedophiles were deliberately shifted between parishes. The film has over 23 million views on YouTube.

Victims of sexual abuse have long called for measures to make it easier to report alleged cover-ups by the Church.

Poland’s Catholic Church, an institution with close ties to the ruling nationalist Law and Justice party, has faced accusations in the past of shielding priests who abuse children.

A Church official told Reuters that Janiak’s referral was partly the result of the Vatican’s new procedure.

“I believe that this is just a facade,” said Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska, a co-author of a map marking child sexual abuse by priests around Poland.

“For the last year, the Catholic Episcopate has known that there are bishops who covered up paedophilia cases, and yet none of them have been dismissed.”

Poland faces tension between liberals who feel the Church wields too much power and conservatives who see the Catholic faith as a key element of national identity that must be protected.

A Polish documentary on child abuse by Catholic clerics put a damper Saturday on centenary celebrations of the venerated late Pope John Paul II’s birth. 
After the film “Hide and Seek” was seen by almost 80,000 people on YouTube, Polish archbishop Wojciech Polak called on the Vatican to “launch proceedings” into the cases in question.

It is the second documentary by Tomasz Sekielski on child abuse within the church, and focuses in detail on two brothers who are alleged victims of a priest who was protected by a bishop.

“The film ‘Hide and Seek’ which I have just seen, shows that protection standards for children and adolescents in the Church were not respected,” Polak said in a video broadcast by the Catholic news agency KAI.

The archbishop added that he had asked the Vatican to launch proceedings under the auspices of an Apostolic Letter issued by Pope Francis in March 2019 on the protection of minors and vulnerable persons.

In May 2019, Sekielski released “Tell No One”, a similar documentary that has been viewed almost 23.5 million times on YouTube and sparked a national discussion of sex abuse by Catholic clergy.
The issue then faded however, and neither film explores a lack of action by Saint John Paul II, who was pope from 1978 to 2005 and who is widely venerated in his native Poland.

Sekielski has already said however that he will release a third documentary on the “role of John Paul II in the dissimulation of crimes committed by priests.” 

Poland has scheduled church services, events and online concerts to celebrate the birth of John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyła on May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, southern Poland


We are only beginning to see the avalanche of abuse that will explode in Catholic Poland.

One of the worst specimens Catholic Poland ever produced was John Pole 11.

He was a cover up merchant par excellence.

The fact that this stuff is coming out on his 100th birthday is absolute KARMA.

Tom Dooley and the Wild Colonial Boy would make better saints than this Polish cowboy!


I watched the film right through today.

It describes another Ireland, another USA, another Australia etc.

It’s the usual

1. Widespread abuse by priests.

2. Widespread cover up by bishops.

3. Wide failure of Catholic civil authorities failing to robustly tackle the RCC.

The victims are right. The Polish bishops and priests are destroying the church from within.

40 replies on “Polish paedophile film mars John Paul II centenary”

Isn’t it wonderful? 😃
Isn’t it glorious? 😆
Isn’t it almost orgasmic to discover that the institutional Romanist Church is on the hoof, in so many ways, these days? And – it – is – losing. (Oooooh! The surge. 😨)
This VILE (I shan’t use THAT word.😉) church is being held not just to scrutiny, but to account, even in the homeland of that emetic, Polish, so-called saint, JPII?
Thank you , Jesus.
(But hey! Look on the dark side: it’s gonna get a whole lot worse! 😅😅😅)


A Catholic parish in Texas opened on May 2. Now, according to the parish’s website, three priests have tested positive for Covid-19. “One of the individuals who tested positive has been active in celebrating public Masses at Holy Ghost since the Church reopened on May 2.” The church has closed again.


A Roman Catholic priest in a US city is using a water pistol in a bid to maintain social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Photos posted on social media by St Ambrose Church in Detroit show Fr Tim Pelc shooting holy water into a car window as it stopped by the steps of the church on Easter.
He wore a mask, face shield and rubber gloves as further precautions against spreading coronavirus.
Fr McCafferty will be killing himself because he never thought of this.–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM5Ni4zMTA3MTQyODU3MTQz/–~B/aD03ODc7dz0xNDAwO3NtPTE7YXBwaWQ9eXRhY2h5b24-/


Beautiful picture, not for its colour quality, nor for anything else photographic, but rather for its showing up, yet again, how utterly clownish, useless, and irrelevant these spongers are. (Yes, I noticed the collection basket. These men have no shame. Street beggars.)


Dear Bishop Pat is there any way you could record your mass for people to watch later in the day if they miss it ?


Well, that’s pretty serious stuff and allegations with named individuals. I doubt if this young man would have named people unless he was absolutely sure of the ground and which he stood. I would be interested to know if the named priests have any intention of suing him. These are pretty serious accusations. If as he says the Archdiocese was so useless in investigating these matters then that is a serious issue as well. I do think that Bishop Pat should look into this matter and see what has gone on. I have a sense that all is not well in the Archdiocese of Liverpool and with Archbishop McMahon on a number of issues.


“I have lots of evidence and am committed to exposing this corrupt organisation.”

He should get in touch with Bp Pat at once.


That priest in FB should have gone to the authorities at the same time when he reported it to his Bishop. Just to make sure it covers both ways. Church have been known for not reporting to the authorities.

Then he should get a lawyer to represent him as there is no need for him to go to schmistic Bishop Buckley. It should be all over the board and be professionally about it. Go to papers not FB if it needs to be. If that doesnt work, seek the advice of his lawyer.


Was Buckley excommunicated by his Bishop?
Is he valid just wondering that’s all when I came across old news piece re him ordained as a Bishop by Bishop Cox. What did the institutional romanist Church say?


The weekend after my consecration the Dublin Catholuc Press office said that my consecration was valid but illicit (unlawful)


By Nick Squires, Rome
1:47PM BST 25 Apr 2014
Pope John Paul II should not be made a saint this weekend because of his abject failure to bring to justice sexually abusive priests and the bishops who covered up their crimes, victims of clerical sex abuse said today. The late Polish pontiff could have prevented “thousands” of children from being raped by pedophile priests but instead chose to ignore the scandal in the interests of protecting the image of the Catholic Church, victims from three continents said on the eve of his canonization. Up to a million Catholic faithful from around the world are expected to pour into St Peter’s Square on Sunday to see Pope Francis canonize not only Pope John Paul II but also Pope John XXIII, an Italian pontiff who reigned in the 1960s.
But campaigners say that John Paul’s refusal to tackle the sex abuse crisis that exploded during his papacy means he is not worthy of sainthood.
“It’s time for the Vatican to stop honouring those who enabled wrongdoing,” said Barbara Blaine, the president of the Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), which represents 18,000 people from 79 countries who were sexually abused by members of the Catholic Church.
“There is irrefutable documentary evidence to show that John Paul II refused to take action that would have protected children during his 27-year papacy. Thousands of victims were abused because John Paul refused to read the reports he was receiving,” said Mrs Blaine, from the US.
Supporters of the late Polish Pope say he was slow to wake up to the enormity of the sex abuse scandal because in his homeland he had witnessed the Communist authorities use trumped-up allegations against the clergy to attack the Church.
They also claim that his aides may have known of the scandals but kept them from the Pope – an argument discounted by victims’ groups.
While the abuse done to victims in the past cannot be erased, campaigners say the Church needs to take concrete action now in order to prevent children in the future from being sexually abused.
“We will never know what it may have been like to grow up not being raped. We cannot go back, but we can try to prevent others from enduring the same hardships that we endured,” said Mrs Blaine, who was abused as a child by a priest.
The campaigners will hold a candle-lit vigil on Friday evening on a hotel roof overlooking St Peter’s Square in order to “remember the victims who lost their innocence under the regime of John Paul II.”



No pope from roughly the mid-nineteenth century should be canonised; all operated a policy of cover-up.

I have only one reason to visit the tombs of any of these vile paedo-protectors; these tombs are open sewers.

And what does one deposit in a sewer?


RIP faithful servant. Gawd knows the damage that +Kelly is doing to that Archdiocese. A complete control freak with zero people skills I hear. As unpopular as a dose of the clap. Any Liverpool Clergy wish to add to this?


Just checked out your 17th February 2020 post with video about horrendous Chicoutimi situation. Methinks (following Reich and Kinsey) too many eggs got put in the “orientation” basket per se, when it is WHAT you orientate – such as obsessions, and deviousness – that matters more.
What a horrible bishop who possesses clergy as so many lifeless chess pieces and doesn’t acknowledge they have minds once they got processed for his “use”, and a common culture that’s no better – and accusing the girl; and his successor just as bad.
As for today’s, the smirk on Janiak’s face at the ceremonies and the adulations is pure poison.


My name was removed from comments of yesteryear . It should not have been.
Various inaccuracies have been published in my regard.
However, I wish to contribute the following:
The Bishop of London, a woman of learning and repute, not without episcopal ambition I am sure, two weekends ago, stated that she did not expect the churches to open before Christmas .
Clearly, someone who cares, without other agendas, sad that others are no so altruistic.
As Yeats put it : Appearances mock reality.


Bill, someone in Google HQ Dublin removed your name from comments on the old blog. I had to leave Google blog because of a lot of interference like this.


Bishop Pat Buckley, thank you for the clarification. I have a few friends, three is very lucky in Biblical terms…and I have many enemies.


The biggest enemy you have Billy is yourself. Just like Buckley you bring it all on yourself then you have the audacity to cry out – I AM A VICTIM! Grow up.


Liverpool + McMahon is a great big arrogant, overconfident, lump. Of course, one reason he’s not liked in Liverpool is that he’s not a Scouser or some from from up north. He’s a Cockney, ex of London Transport Bus Company. I reckon he’s 71 now so they will only have him for another 4 years or so. So, dig deep Liverpool, keep calm and carry on. He will go eventually. In the meantime let us hope he doesn’t do irrevocable damage.


The Auxiliary there +Thomas Williams seems to have been sidelined. He has been in the Archdiocese for nearly 50 yrs. Such a prayerful and caring man and scouser through and through. Not a brown nose so never promoted. Not heard anyone say a good work about Kelly. Out of his depth and a complete disaster of an appointment.


Sorry my memory. The current Arch there is McMahon. He’s the man that I can’t tolerate.


I don’t think Liverpool should necessarily expect one of their own to be appointed Archbishop, any more than any other diocese. No doubt they can thank their lucky stars they never got Elsie, who would have regarded returning to Liverpool as very second best – as did that other charlatan, Derek Warlock (though he had regarded himself as heir to Westminster). Since that great Irishman, Richard Downey, they have all been absolutely ghastly – Heenan excepted, of course!


7.59 thanks for the correction Fr WW. I know clergy get confused after 7pm when the gin kicks in. Don’t expect any feedback
on here re McMahon – only about 10 Irish and 3 Scots post on this blog, all Priest haters or failed Seminarians. They won’t have a clue about Liverpool Archdiocese.


You wish, Canon! As a matter of fact I attended an OF Mass at St Anthony’s, Scotland Road celebrated by one of your priests, Matthew Jolley, only weeks before his arrest and subsequent conviction for the vilest paedophile crimes.


This man is vile and it raises questions about his assessment before being accepted for training and then throughout his seminary years. Nobody is telling me that there weren’t any red flags. I pray that he gets the treatment he needs and I thank God that no children were harmed. Good undercover work by the cops. I doubt if the Archbishop of Liverpool will be offered raising an inquiry into this man.


Etymology of victim

A quick trawl;

a person harmed, injured or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

late 15th century ( denoting a creature killed as a religious sacrifice; Latin, victim )

If it fits…….


8.21: Mullie, you should be deleted for good. You’ve had your time on this blog. Don’t subject us yet again to your pseudo babblings!


The documentary film on today’s blog exposes in Poland, homeland of the emetic JPII, not just paedophile Romanist priests and the continuing cover-up and obfuscation of their crimes, but the unhealthy and unjust hand-in-glove nature of the relationship between State prosecuting agencies and the institutional Romanist Church in that country.

This is why the institutional Romanist Church continues to transfer priest-paedophiles to countries where it has such intimate status with their legal systems.

It is still going on, folks.😕


8 21: Mr. Mulvihill, I hope you now fully understand the true meaning of the word ‘victim’. Lest you forget, you have victimised many in the past with your boorish and mad commentary, projecting all blame for your ills on everyone else. Now perhaps you might look up the etymology of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY… .



If you are going to pronounce, perhaps best to deliniate between a word and a concept….


9.32: You need to return to English and philosophy classes, Mulvie. You ain’t smart: far from it….you are pedagogically challenged!


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