Many, even those with no particular interest in Roman Catholicism, are watching the religious politics to see who will replace DM in Dublin.

Favourites include Paul Tighe in Rome, Leahy in Limerick and Nulty in Kildare.

In my view, something interesting happened recently when DM withdrew Ciaran O’Carroll from the Irish College in Rome and made him Vicar for Clergy in Dublin.

Diarmuid, Tighe and O’Carroll are all friends.

Tighe and O’Carroll holiday together.

I think it is possible that O’Carroll might get Dermos job.

If he doesn’t, I think he will be made an auxiliary to the new archbishop.

Tighe is now 62 and an ideal age for Dublin with 13 years to serve.

But I’m told Tighe likes Rome and would prefer to go further there?

Leahy is pastoral enough, a Dublin priest and a good theologian.

Nulty is a light weight run about..

I’ve heard Phonsie’s name mentioned. He has Opus Dei connections. He’s basically a neurotic borderline psychotic personality. But it would not be the first time a looney climbed the RCC ladder.

An outsider, I think, in the Jesuit provincial Leonard Maloney. The pope is a Jesuit and met Maloney in Dublin. Mind you  Maloney made a dog’s dinner of the recent Paul Prior Jesuit allegations. But reward for incompetent is right up there in the RCC.

The appointment is very important for the Dublin priests who have not felt cared for by DM. I accept this as being a fact but cannot understand it as DM is very human and compassionate to others. What was behind DM’s poor relationship with the Dublin priests.

Who ever gets Dublin will be of interest to those of us who are RCC watchers from the sociological and humourous points of view.

But it will make no difference to the cancerous decline in Irish Catholicis. The RCC has already lost most of the battles and indeed the entire war.

The new archbishop of Dublin will simply co-chair the handling of the fallout from RCC implosion alongside Her Grace of Armagh.