Sadly  the Roman Catholic priesthood is now the biggest club in the world for sexually active bishops, priests and seminarians.

There’s more casual sex available in the RC priesthoid than their is available in the Red Light districts of cities like Amsterdam.

And no matter what your particular kink is, you will find an answer for it in every diocese and seminary in the world – from “Vanilla” to BDSM.

And, all of this happening in a church whose catechism says that homosexuality is seriously disordered and a grave sin!

Do they mean it’s only disordered and sinful for non clerics?

Presently  we have;

Seminarians being considered for diaconate and priesthood who are having sex like rabbits.

Seminarians and priests – and probably bishops – looking anonymous gay sex on apps like Grindr.

Seminarians and young priests acting as rent boys for senior clergy.

Seminarians and seminary staff having sex.

The presence of poppers and drugs in seminaries.

Priests attempting to seduce young men in their parishes.

Bishops appointing priest secretaries on the basis of their looks and sexual orientation.

Active and non active gay bishops allowing ordinations to take place because they have the hots for the ordinands.

Diocesan cliques of gay priests.

Seminarians expelled from seminaries over gay sex activities been taken on by bishops and being sent to new seminaries.

Many, many bishops turning a blind eye to the strange goings on among their seminarians and priests.

I have often said that the RCC was the Roman Empire Mk 11. And now we see the existence of the sexual anarchy in the RCC that played a major role in destroying the first Roman empire.

Sexual anarchy is not good for any human being, group of human beings or for society.

Sex is a wonderful gift from God but all gifts come with their accompanying obligations.

Sex is primarily a gift that allows us to show love, affection, attraction in a special way.

But sex should not be about hurting, using or abusing.

When that priest and seminarian had sex on the Kildorrery altar God was hurt. The believing community that gathers there was hurt. Christianity was abused and belittled by those who have set themselves up as the champions of Catholic Christianity.

When Catholic bishops “force” young priests and seminarians to do them sexual favours they are using and abusing those young men. They are using their position in the Christian Community to prey on the “vulnerable”.

When seminarians and priests engage in orgiastic sex with each other they are betraying their faith, their vocation and the community they serve – and the community who pay for their lives and in return expect authenticity and standards from them.

They are saying to the community: “Give us your money. Give you your respect. Put us on your pedestals, acknowledge us as “Alter Christus”, live as we tell you to live – but when it comes to expecting certain standards from us – fuck off”!

The RCC priesthood and episcopate is now full of gay sex addicts.

Put addicts in charge of your organisation and what do you get ?

You get anarchy, destruction and a tsunami of human misery!