A number of years ago, about four in the afternoon, I went into an RC parish church to say a quiet prayer.

I was impressed to see a teenage boy, in his school uniform, in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, praying earnestly. You dont see many teenagers doing that these days.

When the young man finished his prayers he passed by my pew and we exchanged a friendly greeting.

I told him I was impressed to see him there praying. He answered: “I’m hoping to be accepted for the priesthood in the diocese  Father. Would you say a prayer that I will be accepted and be a good priest”?

I assured him that I would and kept my promise.

A year or two later I saw that he had been accepted for the diocese in question and was sent to Maynooth.

I spoke about him to his former curate who told me was a wonderfully sincere young man and from a very devout family.

He went into Maynooth full of prayerfulness and with the idealism that resides in a pure heart.

Within a year everything had changed. He began featuring in reports of the Maynooth seminarians who were active on Grindr.

He had a new gay Maynooth nickname. Let’s call him “Lusty Leo”.

He had become a full blown member of the Maynooth Gay Circle.

He was a very good looking first year – a “chicken”, as they call it in gay parlance.

The older “Chicken Hawks” spotted him a mile away and got their claws into him straight away.

He was introduced to heavy drinking and poppers. Very quickly, the hawks had him literally “de-briefed”.

Before he knew it he was head over heels into the sauna lifestyle.

He slept (stayed awake) with many other seminarians.

These seminarians quickly brought him to the attention of their older, clerical sugar daddies.

The sugar daddies wined and dined the new chicken, bough him expensive gifts of clothing and cologne, brought him on hotel stay overs and on holidays.

They lavished money on him.

Soon  he was their captive.

Things went from bad to worse and in a whole complicated series of events he found himself out of seminary and back at home.

One or two of his old clerical friends keep in touch with him and still meet him and support him

But he is not only losing his boyish good looks  more sadly he has lost his innocence, and perhaps his faith.

He is no longer found praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus described himself as the Vine and us as the branches.

Jesus talked about pruning, but he never mentioned PHS – maybe it was not around in first century Palestine?

PHS is plasmopara homosexualitatis suapte – avid homosexuality pathogen.

Its equivalent plasmopara heterosexualitis suapte is to be found in the world but has now became a rarity in RC clerical circles.

It is a destructive fungus that attacks Jesus’ vines, destroying the fruit on the vine and rending the fruit sour and poisonous.

Vines infected with PHS cannot be made into the wine Jesus spoke of – the New Wine we will drink with him in his Kingdom.

The liquid made with PHS infected grapes can only be made into the type of bitter vinegar on a sponge the soldiers held up to Jesus to drink on Calvary.

In the last few days on the blog we have been discussing the growth and spread of predatory homosexuality that is now in all our seminaries and dioceses.

This is widespread PHS.

It is destroying the vineyards of the Lord on earth.